WWBookclub Prisoner of Azkaban questions

I recently finish a re-read of the Prisoner of Azkaban after getting the illustrated version. I decided to choose a handful of the Wizard World Book club questions for Prisoner of Azbakan and answer them instead of choosing just one.    Why does Lupin ask Neville to face the Boggart? Lupin is one of the thoseContinue reading “WWBookclub Prisoner of Azkaban questions”

What does the Word Home Mean to Harry and Ron?

 The Wizarding World Book Club has moved onto Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. The questions for the rest of book one were alright but none of them sparked any discussion post ideas for me. From the week of August 4th there were two questions that interested me. Both of them centered around theContinue reading “What does the Word Home Mean to Harry and Ron?”

Why I think the Dursleys are afraid of magic.

My obsession with Harry Potter is not a secret.  When Pottermore announced that they were going to start a Harry Potter book club a few months ago I was excited. One of my friends saw the announcement and passed it on to me. It sounded like a perfect place for me to geek out aboutContinue reading “Why I think the Dursleys are afraid of magic.”