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What Makes a Hero? Once Upon a Time 5×5 (Spoilers)

Once-Upon-a-Time-season-5-regina-henry1Emma has fallen far. Emma is not the woman we met back in season one. She is not the woman who would do anything to protect her family and friends. Instead of protecting them from harm she is the one causing that harm. Hope for her redemption is slowly but surely ebbing away. Emma is now focused on making Rumple into a “hero,” though that is a word I am not sure she quite understands anymore.

One of the major moments of this episode was Merlin being released from his tree prison. But what was significant about this whole thing was the means Emma went to, to free Merlin. In the process she did something she vowed she would never do and that was hurt her own son.

When Merlin was released he went to Emma and told her that he can indeed remove the darkness from her but she has to willingly give it up. He can not take what she is not willing to give away. As we know Emma must not have been able to fulfill that requirement because she is currently Dark Swan. She has a choice to make with Merlin and we see that she makes the wrong one just like she did with hurting Henry.

The spell to free Merlin requires a tear from lost love. They at first believe that Regina’s sorrow over losing Daniel will do the trick. They watch the scene again and collect the tear. But it does not work because Regina has healed her heart. She misses Daniel, that is a pain that will never completely leave her but she has learned how to live with it. She has Robin now and her tears are more of a lost memory of love and that is not powerful enough for this spell.

Emma seems to know this, how I am not sure. She knows that Henry is crushing on Violet and she does something that I never expected her to do. When Regina and Emma are watching Daniel’s death Emma wonders how a mother could do that to her child. Then she turns around and does much of the same to her own son.

Emma is desperate, that we know. Despite what Hook has tried to help her with, she is not able to fully fight the darkness by herself. She is desperate for it to be taken away from her. Cora did what she did to Regina because she had no heart, what is Emma’s excuse? I know she is scared and she is running out of options but how does hurting her own child help her fight the darkness?

What she did was allow the darkness to take an even tighter hold on her. Parents are supposed to protect their children, not harm them. I know she said what she did was for the best for Henry but as Regina pointed out to her, her own mother said the same thing. In the end Regina spent much of her life despising her mother. Henry is not going to walk back into Emma’s arms and forgive her anytime soon. In the process of trying to save herself it would appear that Emma has only doomed herself.

The Emma we have now, Dark Swan, has one mission here in this world and that is turn Rumple into the hero she needs. She needs a hero to pull Excalibur from the stone, so that she can rejoin it with the dagger and eradicate all light from herself. She has Merida imprisoned and forces her to train Rumple and make him brave. She believes if she can make him brave that will translate into him being the hero that she needs.

The old Emma would not be making this mistake. The old Emma would have understood that a hero is different depending on the situation and where they are. Teaching Rumple how to swing a sword will not make him brave and will not make him a hero. Even having Merida threaten the chipped cup and the memories of Belle and their life together is not what he needs. He becomes angry but that does not mean that he is now brave.

ONCE UPON A TIME - "Dreamcatcher" - In Camelot, as Mary Margaret and David attempt to retrieve the Dark One dagger, Emma uses a dreamcatcher to look into the past to see how Merlin was transformed into a tree. Together, Emma and Regina figure out the critical ingredient they must acquire to free Merlin, but it's a race against Arthur, who does not want Merlin released. Meanwhile, with encouragement from his moms, Henry musters up the courage to ask Violet on a date. Back in Storybrooke, the heroes break into Emma's house hoping to locate Gold, but what they find will give them a glimpse of Emma's end game. Far from prying eyes, Merida sets about the mission Emma has tasked her with and begins molding Gold into the hero they need to draw Excalibur, on "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand) AMY MANSON, ROBERT CARLYLE

Rumple is being trained to be a hero in Camelot standards. Camelot and Storybrooke are two very different worlds. The great way to understand this is how Violet’s dad interacts with Henry. In Camelot he tells Henry that he cannot be a knight and cannot be a hero in that world. He is not strong enough, can’t fight and has no way to protect Violet. Henry tries to change but realizes that he can’t.

Now in Storybrooke that interaction is much more cordial. Violet’s father is grateful for what Henry did for his daughter. Henry did not have to fight with a sword to defend her, he found her horse and brought it back for her. He did it because he cared about her and that brought about a different response from Violet’s father.

What this all showed is that the term “hero,” is a broad term. The term does not have a set definition. There is no checklist you can make marks on as you gather the necessary elements to be a “hero.” Just like we have seen throughout the series the title of “villain,” is broad and can entail many different characteristics.

We get massive hints throughout this episode that Henry will be the hero. Regina calls him it more than once. In this world, Henry is the type of person who constitutes a hero.

Emma has this idea in her head that Rumple is the man she needs to be her hero. But what she is doing is training him to be a hero by Camelot’s standards. A hero there is someone who is strong, and fights monsters and protects their kingdom and family. While in Storybrooke that definition is much more subtle. Henry is a hero not because he goes into battle but because he helps those he loves and cares about, for unselfish reasons. Camelot’s hero identity is more about fighting and swords while this worlds’ definition is more about going out of your way to take care of those around you and make sacrafices to help those people.

If Emma wants Rumple to be her hero here, she needs to have him put down the sword. Rumple can be a hero but that will take time. He has many mistakes to amend and people to apologize to and gain trust from again. It will take a long time before Rumple can be a hero.

“The more you justify what you’re doing the more you push them away,” – Rumple – Emma has to find a reason of her actions. There is still a part of her that knows it isn’t right what she is doing but she is ignoring that part. She has to find excuses in order to push away the guilt that will take control of her. The people around her only hear those excuses and one by one they are walking away from her.

“You may not be hero in this world but you will be in ours,”- Regina- Again the two world are very different. Henry is not traditional knight material but he is a great person who can be a hero in our world. He is the hero that Emma needs not Rumple.

“Ms. Swan,”- Regina- Just like Hook, Regina is now making distinctions between the two versions of Emma that she knows. Hook calls her the Dark One and now Regina is calling her Ms. Swan again. A name she called her when they were enemies. She has drawn a line and Emma is slowly losing all those she had that believed in her.

Will the group use the dreamcatchers to get their memories back?
What was the dreamcatcher that Emma was crying over?
Something we haven’t seen? Henry’s? The choice she made with Violet?
Why was Violet’s dreamcatcher out on the table?
Can Henry find a way to forgive Emma?
Will anyone be able to trust and forgive Emma again?
What was the real reason that Emma did not relinquish the dark power to Merlin?
What would Merlin do with the dark power?
Did he create it?
Does it always have to exist?
When will Emma realize that Henry is the hero she needs?
Can she use her own son like that?
Is there any line she will not cross now?
If Henry does take out the sword can he use it against his own mother?
Are the decisions that Emma is making come from the darkness only or is it also from a part of her?
Where is Merlin in this world?
How did he approach Emma when she was young?
Why can’t she take out Excalibur?
Who was Merlin’s love? Who killed her? Who was that Dark One that imprisoned him? Why did he do it?
Can Rumple ever become a hero by either Camelot or Storybrooke’s standards?
Can Rumple be brave?
How did Emma get Merida as a prisoner?

Arthur’s True Colors are Showing – Once Upon a Time – 5×3 (Spoilers)

images-2This episode gave us a handful or realizations, a few from characters and a few for us as the audience. Charming realizes that just because they lost one battle with Emma’s darkness does not mean she is doomed. Hook realizes that Dark Swan is not his Emma and he has to stop seeing her as if she is. And we realized that Arthur has some dark plans and is not someone we can fully trust.

The episode starts with the group finding a toadstool in one of the spell books that will allow them to talk with Merlin. (Quick side note, that question mark Regina put in the book was that some subtle hint that she thought something would happen to them later?). Of course this toadstool is in a very dangerous land and Charming volunteers to go off to find it. Arthur asks to join him in his quest.

In the present we see that Charming is beyond frustrated at the situation the group currently finds themselves in. He is blaming himself for not having saved Emma from the darkness. He is feeling helpless.

The real reason for his frustration is seen in the flashback. Charming doesn’t want to be the man remembered for kissing awake a princess. He wants more for his legacy. He wants to bring change to the world. He feels like he is losing that side of himself. He is concentrating on what he has lost and how, instead of moving forward from those losses.

After Arthur and Charming, “lose,” the toadstool Arthur tells Charming that what makes them heroes is that they are brave enough to move forward even when they do experience a loss. They do not give up. Charming learned that in Camelot and he needs to remember it now in the present.

Yes, the group failed to save Emma from succumbing to the darkness inside of her. But they have not lost this battle yet. As we saw last episode the Emma we know is still in this dark version. We have not completely lost her.

Charming and the rest of the group have to stop concentrating on what they have lost and focus on saving the light that still lives inside of Emma. Charming does not remember what happened. He has no idea who is to blame for Emma taking control of her dark powers. No one knows what exactly happened and they have to stop blaming themselves. They have to move past that moment and figure out what they have to do now in this time to not fail again.

Arthur is another man intent on not failing people he cares about. Arthur showed his true colors in this episode. Arthur is not the humble and kind man he appears to be to the group. He has one face he shows the public while the other one is conniving and manipulating in order to get what he wants.

Arthur is not afraid to hurt anyone if it means that he saves his people and Camelot. He steals the toadstool from Charming. He poisons his squire in order to keep him from spewing his secrets to the group.

It is difficult to be able to have a real judgement of Arthur. Arthur has his blinders on. He does not trust our group. He does not trust anyone outside of Camelot. He will do anything to save his people which is a scary thought. No one will stand in his way.

Arthur believes what he is doing is right and what is needed to save Camelot. That is the scariest part about him right now,. He refuses to see that his choices are hurting other poeple. He does not think about what consequences his actions are going to have for anyone else. Nothing else matters at the moment and he is going to hurt someone beyond repair this way. He is going to lose Camelot because he is going to lose everyone’s trust. You can only manipulate a situation for so long this way until things fall apart. People are going to be afraid of him and he is going to fall apart in the process, scared of himself. Our group will understand his actions but they will not forgive those actions.

The other major character that has a waking moment in this episode is Hook. Emma brings Hook to her and tries to pretend that they can be the same as they were before she became Dark Swan. We all know she is manipulating him and he is not dumb enough to believe her. She tries to tell him that she is still the same woman he knew, that all she has lost is her fear. And she does have a point. She still has some of her same traits but that lack of fear is what is hurting her. She no longer fears consequences or her actions or decisions. She does whatever she wants without thinking twice and that scares everyone else.

Once-Upon-A-Time-Highlights-for-Season-5-Episode-3-Siege-Perilous-VIDEOHook tries to pretend for a minute but he can’t. He can’t see Dark Swan as Emma. There is a poignant and important moment in this episode. When Emma asks Hook if he loves her he answers that he loved her and then calls her the Dark One.

This is a huge step for Hook. He has now drawn a line in the sand between himself and her. He will no longer pretend that she is the woman he loved and knew before. He is not blinded by his love. He will not let her play with his emotions.

He has to do this. He has to be able to separate himself in order to find a way to bring back his Emma. In the beginning he was so wrapped up in his emotions and desperation that he wasn’t thinking clearly. I said before that he had to find a way to tamper down his emotions in order to be any help to Emma.

This is one way for him to do that. He had to put the two women in two separate places. Now he can concentrate on bringing back the Emma he once knew. Saving Emma is gong to take some desperate measures and sacrifices and now he can clearly think about what all of that means and be able to take the necessary steps needed to save her.

“Word quest means to seek not to find. The seeking is what matters,” – Arthur – They are seeking a way to save Emma. They are going to go through trials and tribulations along the way. They are going to learn lessons and I think the combination of what they learn is going to be what saves Emma in the end.

What is Arthurs full plan?
What will recombining Excalibur and the dagger do for him?
Will it help or hurt?
How is Lancelot alive?
Is this man really Lancelot?
Why doesn’t Lancelot trust Arthur? What does he know?
The question mark in the book did Regina purposely put it there for a reason? Did she have a feeling something was not right about the whole situation?
Will Arhtur ever use the toadstool?
Can Emam really turn Rumple into a hero?
What would that even entail and mean?
Will Belle find Rumple and be able to still love him and help him?
What effect will Emma being The Dark One have on all her relationships when she is back to normal?
What will Rumple be like now?
Will Zelena’s baby be a rift between Robin and Regina?
Will Zelena be able to ever be in her child’s life?
Will allowing her in its life be a way to change her for the good?

Once Upon a Time- Shattered Sight- 4×10 – Review (Spoilers)

sistersThis episode saw The Spell of Shattered Sight take effect as well as the end to The Snow Queen’s story line. I like that this story ended in a satisfying way without pure hatred and anger as the result.

I was expecting a bit more from The Spell of Shattered Sight. Everyone was channeling the darkest most angry sides of themselves but we saw that we have seen much of the dark side of everyone. The arguing and fighting between Snow, Charming and Regina was just a rehash of everything we have seen and heard before. Their issues were actually more used as comic relief than anything else for the episode.

I found it interesting that there was nothing major revealed while everyone was under the spell. We have seen the dark sides of all these major characters. We know that while Snow can be warm and fuzzy she also has a side that will fight and kill when necessary. We know all about Regina and the darkness that haunts her soul; I am glad they didn’t bring up something else with her that we didn’t see before. I like the forward progress she is making and wouldn’t want to see her thrown backwards for any reason. This spell basically told us that we have seen the worst of Regina and are heading into a new path with her.

GINNIFER GOODWIN, SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTER, JOSH DALLASWhat was most interesting about the spell was not who we saw but we didn’t see. Hook was immune because Rumple still possesses his heart. We did not get to see Hook bring out the darkest sides of himself. We know he is struggling with his choices and his past and I thought it good that we didn’t dive deeper right now. If we had it would have gotten lost in the demise of The Snow Queen. Hook has some demons hat he hasn’t completely dealt with and I want him to get ample time to really fight and win his battles.

We also did not see Robin Hood this episode. I like that we didn’t see him angry and dark. So far he has been this beacon of good and hope for Regina. We know he doesn’t have the best part, that Marian helped turn him around but it isn’t time yet to see that he has cracks in his facade. We need him to finish helping Regina first so she can do the same for him some time soon.

The main part of this episode focused on Elsa and Emma fighting off The Snow Queen. We learn through flashbacks that Emma and The Snow Queen had a very good relationship at one point. Ingrid didn’t try to force Emma to love her, she just formed a connection between the two of them. She acted like a sister to her, exactly what she ultimatly wanted. She just wanted someone to trust her and care for her. We see through the flashbacks her intent wasn’t out of malice or evil. She wanted the tight bond she had with her sisters again.

She could have had that to with Emma but like with Elsa she tried too hard to force the aspect of the power. She so wanted someone like her to be the one to love her. She didn’t and couldn’t form the connection without power being present. She thought that if Emma could use her powers than she would be able to fully appreciate and connect with Ingrid. Instead she scared Emma and pushed her away.

At the end of the episode she says a very poignant line, “….I’m not a monster because of the power but because of what I let them do…,” (paraphrased). She realizes after hearing her sisters letter that she never was without her sisters love. She let her power control her and she was so upset about what happened with her sisters she retreated in her powers. She channeled everything through them and let them direct her actions and thoughts for too long.

Just as I thought before Greta regretted her decision of entrapping her sister in the urn. She made the decision while she was devastated. When in pain and while angry we never do anything we want to do. Most regrets come from decisions during these moments. Greta wrote that she wanted the memories returned to their homeland because she loved her sisters and they all deserved to be remembered.

tumblr_nesiltpDGY1qcns0vo1_1280Hearing the letter snaps something in Ingrid. She realizes that she had let her own anger and pain take control. As she stated her powers weren’t evil it is what she let happen while under their influence. She made the decisions not her powers. She realizes that she made a mistake trying to force what she always had. Elsa nor Emma had to kill her. She ended up killing herself. She had what she always wanted, the love of her sister. She died knowing she would be with them again and not be seen as a monster. We got to see her leave not as villain but as a woman who made poor choices while in pain. This humanized her and made me feel sorry for her versus angry or upset at her.

Next week is the mid-seasons finale which I am sure will set up the second half of the season. Rumples is intent on leaving Storybrooke after he uses the hat and becoming all powerful. What he is going to do in the world is nothing good I am sure. And we are going to get introduce to our net adversaries, Cruella De Vil, Urlsla and Malificient.

“You won’t win, villains never win.”- Hook – He is talking to Rumple at this point. Rumple agrees but he doesn’t see himself as a villain. What will he do when he gets out of Storybrooke? Rumple is slowly becoming the ultimate villain, little by little he is losing all possibility of redemption.

“The love flowing through our ribbons is without equal,” – Snow Queen – The love of her sisters was always there. She just had it locked away because of her pain. When she heard that the love still lived and always had she realized her mistakes and sacrificed herself.

“Family never gives up on each other,” – Ana – Will this come back through with Henry when Rumple’s actions are finally revealed. Can love or family save him?

What is Rumple’s plan when he leaves Storybrooke?

What does he ultimately want?

Can he ever be saved?

Or is he so consumed by power and greed that he has lost all connection to humanity?

Is Hook going to die in some way?

Or will Emma save him with some form of the splitting heart idea like Snow and Charming?

Will Regina continue her hunt for the author?

What will the new villains want and are they working together in some way?
What does he ultimately want?
Can he ever be saved?
Or is he so consumed by power and greed that he has lost all connection to humanity?
Is Hook going to die in some way?
Or will Emma save him with some form of the splitting heart idea like Snow and Charming?
Will Regina continue her hunt for the author?
What will the new villains want and are they working together in some way?

Once Upon a Time- 4×08- Smash the Mirror- Review (Spoilers)

out_s1e02_08In this two hour episode we learned how Elsa actually got into the urn, Emma finally got control over her powers and Regina learns an important lesson with the help of Robin and the storybook.

Ana actually was the one who put Elsa into the urn but only because she had The Spell of Shattered Sight cast on her. She was consumed by her biggest dislike for her sister. Through the lens of the spell she saw Elsa as someone who had left her and forgot about her. The way the spell works is it brings out that deep dark issue and lets it consume you. Ana’s anger at her sister consumed her and the only solutions she saw was to put her sister in the urn. This was not how The Snow Queen wanted the situation to go.

What The Snow Queen actually wanted was for Elsa to freeze Ana. She wanted Elsa to embrace her full power and use it on her sister. But unlike Ingrid, Elsa is not consumed by anger and betrayal. Even with her sister standing in front other telling her how angry she is and how much she hates her, Elsa sees that it is a spell. Elsa knows that this is not how her sister truly feels about her.

hqdefaultAs Ana opens the urn Elsa says, “No matter what Ana, I love you.” Even as her sister imprisons her she will not lose her love for her sister. Unlike Ingrid, who was put int he urn thinking she was hated and despised, Elsa went in knowing that the words thrown at her were not what her sister really felt for her.

As I stated in my last review, Greta made her decision to put Ingrid in the urn out of fear, anger and overwhelming sadness Did she truly hate her sister? Did she really see her as a monster? If she had kept her memories would she have eventually realized what she had done? Would she have understood that Ingrid did not mean to hurt Helga? Would she have stood by her sister’s side? We will never know but I feel she would have ended up much like Elsa at this point. She was upset at the death of her sister (which is obviously completely understandable) but once she had a chance to process what happened and realized that her sister didn’t mean to do it, she would have clung onto her remaining sister. She made her choice while she was blinded by emotion.

Now I know Ana did not witness Elsa kill anyone but when she put Elsa in the urn she was doing it out of pure emotion. She was angry and upset exactly like Greta was. But Elsa left the urn only concerned about her sister. Elsa did not stew in betrayal, she held the love of her sister in her heart. She knows her sister, she knows what happened and held that love as close to herself as she could. She did not let go of that love. Her love for her sister is pure.

Elsa has always said that she can control her power because Ana had faith in her and because she loved her sister. Ana had faith in her and she used to that to keep herself under control. Emma thinks that same logic, her love for Henry, can help her control her powers. But it doesn’t work. She ends up hurting her son and that makes everything worse.

What Emma learns form Elsa is that while the love and support of family is important you also have to have belief in yourself. It does not matter how much someone says, “You can do it,” it won’t happen if you don’t believe it yourself. You will not put the whole effort into it or you’ll make the wrong choices. In the end love and belief in yourself is just as important as love and belief from your loved ones.

Regina learned that lesson as well in this episode . After she spent the night with Robin she showed him the book and tells him that because of the book she can’t have a happy ending. She firmly believes that whoever wrote the book wants to keep her as a villain. She thinks that this is a classic fairytale book which means villains remains villains and heroes are heroes, there is no wavering. She firmly believes that this author does not want to her ever live happily.

39208f3612dc478ec7e07c34877a6185Regina has always put way too much store by the book. She blames the book for her life and the wrong choices she has made. She thinks changing it will fix everything and right all the bad choices she made in the past. She has too much faith in what the book can supposedly do and what is says. She is letting her past rule her present.

The book is just one way her story could have gone. Robin Hood, because he loves Regina, goes with Will to try to find a way of finding the author. While they are in the library a new pages appears in Robin’s bag. This page shows what could have happened if Regina had gone into the pub and met Robin Hood when she first was shown him.

Regina sees this and is at first confused. Robin tells her that the book is showing her hope. If she wants a happy ending it actually is possible, if she believes it is possible. Robin tells her that her choices in the past have led her to this point. Just as in the past her choices now will determine where her life goes.

What she has to stop doing is sabotaging herself. She thinks nothing good can happen so when it does she pushes it away. She makes poor decisions because she assumes that is all she can do.Which is not true. Of course you get a un-happy ending when you make choices that hurt others or hurt yourself. What the pages shows Regina is that if she hopes enough and believes in herself and her potential she will began making choices that will lead her to happiness. The happiness is there, she just needs to take it.

There are also two other quick observations I had about this episode. First I found it very interesting how upset Henry was at being ordinary and not having magic. While Emma wanted to rid herself of the magic and wanted to be ordinary. It is an interesting look at this situation because it shows the everyone wants to change what they have. Everyone, magic or not, sees themselves as inadequate at times. We all want something to make us better. The one with the magic wanted it gone because she thought that would solve her issue. While the “ordinary,’ one thought magic would solve everything. In the end we see that embracing who you are fully who you saw yourself and those you love.

The other thing is that this Rumple possessing Hooks heart thing is not going to end well at all. I’m very afraid to see what he makes Hook do and if Hook survives this problem.

“Our love made us strong, until it didn’t,”- Snow Queen – That is because you both judged the situation after one reaction to the incident. The belief evaporated and instead of understanding where your sister came from you saw her actions through a lens of hatred and betrayal.
“Your royals get to exhaustive lengths to ignore your issues,” – Kristoff- Very true words there.

“Funny thing about magic it can’t be destroyed completely,”- Rumple- This is the second time we have heard this said. What does this mean for something like The Spell of Shattered Sight? It can be lifted but ultimately not forgotten?
“Do You get a quarter from the hope commission every time you use that word?” – Regina- While this is a humorous line, she has a point. Snow lives her life with hope, always. And look how happy she currently is. She may say it a lot but there is a reason for that, one Regina needs to pay attention to.

“Happy endings can take a long time, but they do happen,”- Apprentice – Words that many of our characters should live by and understand.


Is Ana still frozen somewhere? Is she alive?

How long as it been since Elsa put into the urn?

When will Elsa remember what really happened?
What will the ribbons do to Emma and Elsa?
Will The Spell of Shattered Sight be cast fully and if so what will happen to everyone?
If it is cast and everyone hears what others think of them can they forget it and move on when the spell is lifted?
How will Rumple end up using Hook?
How will not having a heart effect Hook and Emma’s relationship?
Did Rumple just doom them?
Will Hook die?
Can/will Emma help Hook?
Will Regina be able to work on getting her happy ending?
Will they still look or the book’s author?
Wha other pages will appear?
Will the book be a saving grace for anyone else?

Once Upon a Time – 4X03- Rocky Road- (Spoilers)

10646-940This episode introduced us to the Snow Queen and gave us a better idea of who we are now dealing with. It also gave us some hope for Robin Hood and Regina’s relationship. Henry and Regina set out on their own mission, mongoose, to help Regina get her happy ending. And Emma yet again showed us that she is terrified of ever getting what she really wants in life.

The episode starts with Marian getting to have ice cream for the first time, and most likely the last time, if this become her memory associated with the treat. The Snow Queen curses it and freezes Marian. Robin Hood is of course upset and devastated by this turn of events. He tries to wake her up with true love’s kiss, which Regina pointedly looks away from, but it doesn’t work. Everyone assumes it is because of the ice that produces a shield that causes the kiss not to be able to really work. But Robin Hood confesses to Regina later that he truly still loves Regina.

This revelation is fantastic and horrific for Regina. Yes, it is great that Regina knows that Robin Hood does truly love her. That his love didn’t disappear just because Marian came back into his life. That his love was true enough that it can’t be erased so easily. Robin Hood trusts Regina to remove Marian’s heart and keep it safe until they can find a way to wake her up again. Regina still means everything to Robin.

But Robin still has an obligation to his wife. Robin lives life by a code. He is not going to abandon a woman he once loved to fend for herself. He still holds some love for her it is just not a strong or as pure as his love for Regina. He is in a very upsetting position. He can’t and wont leave his wife but he loves Regina. This is what is horrible for Regina. She knows that he loves her and he cares about her but she can’t be with him. That is pain.

But now that Marian is literally on ice it begs the question what will happen between Regina and Robin. Robin is going to watch over and take care of Marian but he can’t rebuild his relationship with her right now. Instead of rebuilding his old life he is going to continue to build this new one. He is going to have to work with Regina and spend time with her trying to fix this problem. That is only going to continue to grow their love.

Robin is going to watch his life get even more complicated. He doesn’t want to leave his wife but his heart belongs to Regina now. And when she wakes up what will she find? Robin is going to have to make a true choice between the two of them and I think this situation is going to make his decision plain.

Though will Robin Hood make his decision and choose Regina before she finds the writer and changes the storybook? Regina didn’t hide anything from Henry and that is awesome. She isn’t going to go on this mission for a happy ending alone. Her son is more than willing to help her get what she deserves. She tells Henry everything and he completely agrees with her.

Henry knows that what is holding Regina back is how people see her. The book holds this image that people can’t erase. Henry knows the true Regina. His mother loves him and can be very caring. She deserves to be seen this way because that is who she really is. They set up mission mongoose to be their secret plan. Mother and son set out to give Regina the story she deserves.

Though how will changing Regina’s story truly affect her? Will she be changed in any manner? What about the people around her? Since everyone will view her differently how will that affect her and Robin’s relationship? He sees her for the good she holds inside. Will that change if everyone knows she is good and deserves to be happy? Is this really going to solve her problem? In the process of solving this problem will she create an even worse one?

Emma is another character that may have her happy ending waiting for her but is ruining the possibility of actually live that happy ending. Regina mentions that maybe the savior needs saving and that really hurts Emma. Emma wants to show that she can take care of herself and do what she needs to do alone. She doesn’t want to have justify herself to anyone and explain her mistakes. Making mistakes for Emma isn’t allowed. Emma beats herself up every time to the point she is losing faith in herself and in doing so she is pushing everyone away. She doesn’t want to have to lean on anyone.

She tells Hook that she is pulling away from him because everyone she cares about or loves has died. I was not surprised at all by this statement from her. Emma is scared to lose Hook. Emma is scared to be happy. She is scared that she can’t live up to the name, savior. She is scared if she lets people in then she can get hurt. Emma needs to realize that the heroes, that are the greatest ones, are the ones who use the helping hands that are stretched out to them. Fighting alone and never letting anyone in will only end in you bringing about your own destruction. She can’t give everyone a happy ending and deny herself that same right.

Emma and Charming discover that the Snow Queen is the one who is keeping up Elsa’s ice wall. She was the one who was imprisoned in the urn before Elsa was. She also says that she is Elsa and Ana’s mother’s sister. Though I am having my doubts about that story. Mostly because this woman seems to be someone who takes on the role that is needed. She is someone who can switch masks without too much thought. She is who she needs to be to get what she wants.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Preview-Rocky-Road-VIDEOThe Snow Queen from the original story is just like this. She is cold and manipulating. She has no cares about anyone else around her. We do not know who this woman really is. She is someone who doesn’t let the world ever see her real self. She keeps her secrets and who she is close to her chest. I do not think anyone has ever broken through her shell of protection that she keeps up around her.

You would think she would want to work with Rumple but she denies him. Few people deny Rumple’s help. This action begs the question why does she not accept his deals? Because she believes she is more powerful then him? Or more likely she does not need help. The Snow Queen is strong and independent. She will manipulate and scheme to get what she wants. Whatever she has planned is to benefit herself and herself alone. She will manipulate whoever she needs to manipulate and she will keep that same expressionless look on her face the whole time. For a villain she is going to the harshest and the most intense we have seen to date on this show I think.

“Magic can change forms but never be destroyed.”- Rumple- What does this mean for the person who holds the magic? Do they somehow live on if their magic lives on?

“Anti-Savior.”- Emma – Emma has made a few blunders and all of a sudden she doesn’t think she can do anything right anymore. Emma has very little confidence in herself. She needs to let her family, friends and Hook in to help her build her confidence.

“Some memories are too painful,” – Snow Queen – She tells this to Elsa and tells her that Ana imprisoned her. But what memories is the Snow Queen herself hiding from? How does Emma know her and what does that mean?

“One thing I’m good at is surviving,” _-Hook- Hook isn’t going to let Emma just walk away and hide from him. She has to see that he loves her and that they can take on the world together if she lets him in.


How long will Marian be frozen?
Will that time be enough for Robin to decide he needs to be with Regina?
How will Henry and Regina changing the book affect everything and everyone else?
When will Emma let others help her?
Will Emma ever see that she can’t do it all?
Is the Snow Queen really Elsa and Ana’s mother’s sister?
How did the Snow Queen end up in the urn?
How did Elsa end up in the urn?
Did the Snow Queen put her there?
Why doesn’t Elsa remember anything?
What is the Snow Queen after?
– How does she know Emma?
– Were they friends at one time?
– Know her from before she found Storybook?

Once Upon a Time- S3 E20 – Kansas (Spoilers)

822x         This episode gave us an end to Zelena. Snow and Charming had their son and Regina was the one who defeated Zelena. We seem to be done with the OZ storyline and I like how it was used. We didn’t spend an abundance of time in OZ but the elements of the story were incorporated well. I liked Zelena’s character because she was a very round character and one that we could relate to and feel for. I loved how the brain, courage and heart were used in the storyline. It was all put together very well.

The main theme of this episode was destiny and what it ultimately means. Can it be changed? Zelena thinks she can physically changed her destiny through her spell. She is doing this time travel spell so that she can go back and be given the chance at a life where she is loved and has power. We learn that changing your destiny it not an impossible task, but you have to be dedicated and you have to believe that the change is a possibility. Zelena could not muster the ability to fully believe in herself and in the end that is what kills her. Regina on the other hand is able to finally summon her own inner belief and saves the day. Rumple is going down the path that Zelena took. He can’t completely put the dark side of himself to rest. His decision has consequences that most likely will not end well for anyone.

Zelena is plotting her revenge against Regina when Glinda meets her. Glinda praises her for exposing the wizard and his lies. She tells Zelena about a council of witches that she can join. She explains that they each rule a portion of the realm (north, south, east and west) and they each represent a different idea, wisdom, love and courage. They are missing the West, innocence. Zelena can join them because she is reborn innocence, once she walks away from her past.

Glinda explains to Zelena that the witch of the West is the most important. She is protector of the land. Though there is one catch to Zelena being able to join them. She has to let go of her past. She has to consciously choose to change her destiny. She has to let go of her envy and her pain and join them fresh and new.

In this minute Zelena is being handed the life that she has been craving for her whole life. Glinda is offering her a, “family,” of sorts and she is also being given great power. All she has to do is walk away from the envy and anger that she harbors inside of her heart. Zelena is so excited about this new destiny that she easily walks away from her envy for Regina, but we quickly see that she can’t completely walk away from envy in and of itself.

Glinda gives her the pendant that holds her power and essentially her life. For half of a minute Zelena has all that she has ever wanted. She accepts this new destiny and is ready to live a life of good, helping and protecting OZ. All she had to do was keep this belief in her heart and trust those around her and she would have had a great life. But she could not do that.

822x-2Dorothy shows up and everything crumbles into dust at Zelena’s feet. Zelena becomes jealous of Dorothy, and learns about the rest of the prophecy The witch of the West will defeat a great evil earning her, her spot on the council. Instantly Zelena believes she is the great evil and that Dorothy is out to destroy her. She refuses to listen to Glinda, as she tries to explain that there are multiple ways to interpret a prophecy. Prophecies only come to pass because people listen to them, completing the tasks they are being handed. They hear what is said and instantly believe there are no other possibilities (Dumbledore gives Harry a great speech about this Half Blood Prince). Zelena can’t see any other way and falls back into her dark side and her heart becomes envy filled once again. In the end because she refused to think for herself and believe in herself she loses everything.

This episode shows us that destiny is not set in stone. You are not born on one certain path. You create your own path, but only if you believe that a new destiny is possible. Zelena refused to believe she could be anything but wicked. She instantly mistrusts her new sisters. Envy consumes her. All Zelena had to do was believe in herself and believe that she could be more than just a woman who was abandoned. She can’t look past that wall in front of her and eventually is crushes her.

822x-3Regina on the other hand finally finds belief in herself and her new destiny. Regina struggles for ages trying to move down only one path, the one of evil. She wanted revenge and she let that define her for so long. But when Regina was presented with another option for her life she took it. She adopted Henry and quickly learned that destiny is not set in stone, you can chance your life if you believe that you can. It all comes down to you, and you alone.

Regina is the one who uses light magic to destroy Zelena. She at first, doubts herself but when Henry and Robin Hood show how much they truly believe in her, she realizes that she can do this. Henry says, “Once upon a time you were a villain….but you changed. You’re a hero now,” (Henry). As in any story the beginning generally does not match the end. Rarely does a character go through trials and tribulations and come out the same person afterward. Regina is no longer the “evil” one, not only does no one else see her that way but she finally has stopped seeing herself in that way. With this new found belief in herself she wins.

Her change is completed when she stops Rumple from killing Zelena. No longer is death the answer to a problem. Killing is not a “good” thing to do and is not what heroes do. You can take down an enemy without bloodshed. She offers Zelena a second chance because she knows what a second chance can do for someone. We see Regina come complete circle here and it was extremely satisfying to watch.

Rumple on the other hand has not completely changed. Yes, he does what he does for his family. But he is still doing “evil” acts. Regina prevents him from killing Zelena but he can’t let the idea go. Zelena killed his son and he will not let that go unpunished. He still lets hate, anger and revenge live inside of his heart.

His speech to Belle was very sweet until we saw him confronting Zelena. I honestly thought he was changing. He made a beautiful speech to Belle, telling her that she had all of him now. He proposes to Belle with his knife, signifying that she has control of his heart and mind now. We think he has decided to live with Belle in a life full of happiness and love.

But we learn that he gave Belle a fake knife. He can’t let Zelena live, no matter what it is going to cost him. This is going to destroy Belle. She thought she had changed him. She has worked so hard to help him soften his heart, find love and happiness again and now she is going to see that he can’t fully leave his old life behind. Rumple is going to lose Bell and then we are going to lose Rumple.

Zelena’s death looked to have released her magic, completing her spell. Next week we get a two hour season finale. In this episode I am sure we are going to see Emma fighting with Henry about New York and hopefully realizing where she really belongs. Belle will most likely learn about Rumple killing Zelena, and it is going to tear them apart. And the portal is open and they are going to have to fix that which will ultimately end them up in a whole new mess.


“One thing will remain the same, who you are.” – Rumple- He doesn’t believe Zelena could ever be good. But what about him? Does this apply to him as well?


“Best for him or for you?”- Hook- A question he asks Emma about returning to New York. Henry will thrive best in Storybrooke. But what about Emma?


“If you believe you are evil then that is what you’ll become.”- Glinda- She says this to Zelena, and we see that is becomes true for Zelena. Regina shows what could have happened. It all comes down to who you believe you are.


“Evil isn’t born it is made and so is good.” – Regina – She learned her lesson but can Rumple? You actions and choices define you in the end.


How will Belle react to Rumple killing Zelena?
Will Emma realize that she and Henry belong in Storybrooke with their family?
Henry is not gong to leave so what will Emma try to do?
Where will they all end up next?
What will happen between Emma and Hook?
What is next for Regina?
Can Rumple ever be good while he is still the Dark One?

Once Upon a Time- S3E19- A Curious Thing (Spoilers)

This episode was full of answers. We got revelations about everything that has been going on, one right after another. A quick list of what we learned: Henry’s storybook was the key to bringing back Henry’s memories. Regina’s true love kiss for her son broke the curse and brought everyone’s memories back. Regina, Charming and Snow were the ones who cast the Dark Curse in the first place so that they could get back to Emma. Zelena’s power resides in her amulet and Emma is the only one who can defeat her. And last Neal was the one who sent Hook the memory potion and note about finding Emma and saving everyone. This was a lot to happen in one episode but we learned a lot about our favorite characters and are set up for them to have the fight of their lives.

First Henry finally gets his memories back. I loved how his storybook was the key to him remembering his real life. The storybook was given to Henry when he was at his lowest point in life, when he needed hope and faith in something. This book holds everything that make Henry who he is. The book has faith, hope and belief in the impossible, all key traits for Henry.

Henry confronts Emma before he gets his memories back. He is tired of being left in the dark and he demands answers from his mother. Henry remembered a life where he was very close to his mother, where she told him everything. To be left out upsets and confuses him. He is worried that he is losing his connection to his mother. He knows something is off and he won’t stand around being the naive child any longer. He attempts to return to New York, the one place that he (at the time) understands.

This moment is more significant for Emma then anyone else. She actually yells at her son. Emma is so afraid of Henry finding out about this life that she finally snaps. Again we have Emma saying that once this is all over she wants to take Henry back to New York and their simple life. She doesn’t want him living this life full of danger and tragedy. She can’t even find the book because of her lack of belief in this life. It seems that Emma would rather everyone suffer then for Henry to get his memories back. As a mother she wants to protect her child, even if what she wants isn’t in his best interests.

Snow says something very interesting to Emma. When Emma says that their life in New York was good and happy, Snow says that is because she didn’t remember them, her family. To me, Emma constantly repeating this mantra about life being so great in New York is her way of trying to convince herself that that is actually true. I don’t think she truly believes that anymore. She sees that this life keeps pulling her in, she can’t ever escape it. She wanted New York to be how her life is supposed to be, but that is not the life she is meant to have.

It was much safer and less exciting but it wasn’t real. She thinks that is the life Henry should have but it isn’t the one he gets to have, and not the one he wants. Emma is starting to see that, this is where her family is; this is where love and hope reside, and that scares her. This life isn’t easy or safe but it has everything she was always missing, hope, belief and love. Emma doesn’t know what to do with those elements.

I wonder what Emma plans on doing now that Henry remembers everything. There is no way he is going to want to return to New York and their fake life now. Here he has a family that he adores. He won’t want to leave Regina and all these people he has a built a connection with. Henry loves this life, he fought way to hard for thee people to just walk away now. Why would he want to go back to New York? One good year won’t cancel out the rest of his life, all the love and memories won’t disappear. He is meant to be here and he knows that. Will Emma still want to go back to New York now? Will she try to convince Henry that he should leave Storybook for a normal life? If she tries to force him, he will fight and so will Regina. This is how Henry’s life is meant to be and he won’t leave it without a fight.

We learn in this episode that it was Snow, Charming and Regina who cast the Dark Curse in order to get home to get Emma. Emma is the only one who can defeat Zelena. She is the product of pure love and is full of pure white magic, the only thing that can defeat Zelena’s dark magic.

In order to cast the curse Snow had to sacrifice the heart of the one she loved, Charming. She does it, but Charming was still alive in Storybook so we knew that somehow he had to survive. Regina literally splits Regina’s heart in half and puts half in Charming and half in Snow. The love Snow has for Charming is powerful enough to keep them both alive.

The question becomes what type of effect will this have in the long run. Are they fully connected from now on? Something happens to Snow and it hurts Charming and visa versa? That could cause some major issues later on, but then again for these two it makes sense.

Snow and Charming have a deep and full love that no one can destroy (though we have seen many try). True love is supposed to keep you alive and moving when you have no reason to live. This is the true love all fairytales constantly have us believing in. We see it conquer the dark over and over again. Their true love constantly shows how powerful light is over dark. Charming and Snow have always shared a heart, it is now just literal.

Regina being the one to break the curse was unexpected but in retrospect it makes perfect sense. This whole season we have seen Regina growing and learning to truly love and to let her heart be placed out into the world. This woman is no longer on constant guard and constantly hiding from every person and feeling. Regina literally gave her heart to Robin Hood to protect. She gave trust and faith to someone else in her life. Henry was Regina’s gateway to seeing how good life can be if you let yourself be loved and you love in return.

Henry ran away in the first season to find Emma because his life was missing something. Regina was his mother but her heart was closed off and shoved so far away from her that she couldn’t use it. Going through everything; the curse breaking, her mother dying and having to fight Pan and then having to let Henry go has brought her heart to the surface. She can show her love to not only Henry now but she can truly love Robin Hood and she can show care to Snow, Charming and Emma even.

Regina’s kiss breaking the curse made perfect sense. She loves her son with all her heart and now the world can see how much she cares. She couldn’t get in to see Glinda because her heart isn’t pure and it is damaged but it is slowly healing. She is slowly letting real love in and it is only going to help her grow and become a better woman.

Last we saw that Neal was the one to send Hook the note and memory potion Neal fully trusts Hook, he knows that Hook loves Emma and will do anything to protect her. I love that this was the last thing we see from Neal, that he wanted Hook to do what he couldn’t do himself. His love for Emma extended beyond anything else. He gave his life to save his family.

I do feel bad for Hook. As I predicted Emma is pissed at him and doesn’t trust him anymore. Hook as going to lose no matter what he did. I’m just glad he lost in this manner. Emma knows the truth at least. She is upset he didn’t tell her right away but at least he didn’t give into Zelena and make Emma powerless and pissed off. I have a terrible feeling though that a great sacrifice is going to required of Hook before the season ends.

We got a lot of major questions answered. Now we get to see everyone come together and have an epic fight that I have a feeling not everyone will make it through. None of these characters are going to go down easily.

“Use mine for the both of us,” – Robin Hood- Interesting thing to say since we later see that sharing a heart is actually possible.

“…needed to believe in happy endings again,”- Snow- This is why she gave Henry the book. This is not only true for Henry but also for Emma. She has never actually accepted that a happy ending is possible.

“After true love there is nothing more powerful then footwear, it has to be protected”- Snow- Just a funny line.

Will Emma still try to go back to New York now that Henry remembers everything and everyone?

Will Henry actually go?

Can Emma accept that this is where her life is meant to be?

What will happen now that Snow and Charming share a heart?

Will Zelena succeed?

What part does the baby play?

Can Emma accept her white magic and save everyone?

What will happen if Zelena actually turns back time?

Once Upon a Time- S3E16- It’s Not Easy Being Green- (Spoilers)

This episode gave us background for Zelena. We now know why she is on the path she is on and what her plans actually are. I liked what we learned and am very curious as to how they are going to play out her plan. Time travel can be done very well or it can be done horribly and end up confusing the whole show into a tangled mess.

First we learned in this episode what drove Zelena over the edge. It was interesting to see the two sides of the people who found Zelena and how their differences could be one of the reasons Zelena ended up as she did. Her mother was instantly captivated by Zelena as a child. It was as if she was blind to the world around her. This new baby became her whole world. I feel like she had wanted a child for a very long time and now that she had one, nothing and no one else mattered anymore. To me she seemed like the type of parent who refused to see any bad in her child, ever. “She couldn’t do that, she’s a good girl,” was probably a phrase she uttered quite often.

On the other hand her father is much colder. He didn’t even want to help the baby in any way. He actually just wanted to leave her where they found her. While her mother’s heart was almost overflowing with love there seemed to be little to no love in her father’s heart. This is a dangerous combination to have in parents. Her father hated her from the get go. He saw her magic, was scared and didn’t trust her from that moment onwards. While she could do no wrong in her mother’s eyes, in her father’s she did nothing but wrong.

Zelena can’t deal with her father after her mother passes. For a while she tried to live as her father wanted, hiding everything she was and accepting she was not worthy of love. Soon it becomes too much as it would for any person and she leaves to go find the Wizard of Oz. All this woman wanted was to be loved by a family. She goes to the wizard thinking he can just hand her over to a family who will instantly love and accept her. At this moment she is still like a very naive child. She believes that solution is so simple. But it is never that easy. You can’t just be thrown in a life and expect it to work out absolutely perfect and to be handed everything that you ever wanted.

Instead she finds out from the wizard that she was abandoned as a child because she could not fulfill Cora’s wish to become royalty. One part of this exchange really bugged me. How did Cora know that Zelena was not going to be able to fulfill her wish to become royalty? She abandoned her daughter as a newborn baby. Why would she automatically assume that she was incapable of becoming who she wanted her to be. She never saw her really do anything. It makes me wonder who Zelena’s father actually is. It is because of him that Cora assumed that Zelena was a lost cause?

Zelena learns that she has a half sister and that Rumple is helping her learn how to use her powers. She knows she can be better then Regina and wants to prove it. She runs off to find Rumple, to have him teach her magic and how to truly control her power. She is extremely powerful and shows the promise that Rumple has been looking for, for so long. But like any living person she has a fatal flaw, envy.

Zelena has never had a family, has never had anyone to look up to or anyone that truly cared about her. She attaches herself to Rumple because he is showing her affection and some type of attention. He tells her she is worthwhile and that proves a big issue for Rumple. The curse hinges on the idea of giving up something you love and Zelena only loves Rumple. Rumple cannot have that and pushes Zelena away. Yet again she is second to her sister, which sparks her major issue with envy. Envy is going to be the death of this woman.

I loved the way they explained Zelena being green. She is green because she let her envy for Regina and everything she has take over her whole being. Zelena issues are rooted much deeper then her physical appearance to the outside world. Her issues are an integral part of her which makes her story much deeper and makes it much more difficult to rescue her. Her issues, envy and anger have literally twisted her features and outward appearance. You can literally see how far she has fallen.

Zelena is extremely envious of Regina. She hates that Regina was kept by her mother and that she was the star student of Rumple’s. She wants what Regina had but she has absolutely no idea how off she really is about her assumptions. We all know the saying, “When you make an assumption is makes an ass of you and me,” something Zelena is going to learn very quickly. Regina did not have a life any of us would truly envy or want to live. I can honestly say I would never trade places with Regina, ever. Her mother was literally heartless, the love of her life was murdered, she had no one that could be considered close to her. She was not loved. She had to cast a curse to feel even a little bit satisfied. She adopted a child and then lost him, Henry doesn’t remember a thing about her or their history together. In no way would any of us trade places with that woman, but Zelena is so blinded by her idea of what if’s that she refuses to see the world before her. Why would her changing the past change any of that for the better for Zelena?

Zelena decides that a way to solve her problems is by changing the past. Time travel never ends well. I have never read a story where someone messed with time and ended up happier because of it. You can’t change one part of life and expect everything else to fall into place. A butterfly flaps its wings and causes a hurricane half way around the world, we have all heard that before. One twitch of one incident affects every moment from there on out. There is no way even begin to predict where this all could end up. What I do know is that never, ever goes well. Why would Zelena’s new life be any different from Regina’s?

Zelena has no idea how terrible her idea really is. She can go back, take Regina’s place and life is not going to be anywhere close to smiles and love. Cora will still be heartless, incapable of loving anyone, even Zelena. Zelena will not get the life she has always dreamed of. This is not the family that will love her with all their hearts. The world will care less about her just as they do now. I am very interested to see how this all plays out for not only Zelena but everyone else as well. This can be an interesting twist, that can really reveal a lot about all the characters or it can a complete mess, becoming convoluted and confusing. I pray its the former.

There was two very interesting scenes with Regina in this episode as well. First I loved the moment whens she explained the meaning of the letter to Robin Hood. She actually opened up to this man, which is a giant leap forward.

For years the letter had been Regina’s saving grace. Whenever she felt worthless or weak she read the letter and remembered that she was the best. This gave her the strength to get her feet back under her again. Now she comes to learn that was all a lie. She has to find a way to win this new fight, knowing that she is not the best. This is a major blow to a normally very confident woman.

Regina has always lived based off of someone’s else opinion of her. She was a disappointment to her mother, she tried to fight that and lost. She knew she was extremely powerful not because of what she did but because of some words from Rumple. She lived off of that reassurance. Now Regina has to define herself by herself alone. She can’t live for anyone else or because of anyone else anymore. She had to have faith in her own abilities and her own power. She has to look back and realize that she has always had the power, it will always be there no matter what. There is no one behind her motivating her anymore. She isn’t out to hurt Snow, she has no mother to prove wrong and no Rumple to impress. She is at her barest level and now she can rebuild herself with much stronger pieces.

The other moment I loved was when she literally gave her heart to Robin Hood. She hid it initially to save herself during the fight, knowing it would be her downfall in some manner.After the fight she has to keep her heart away from her, it being too vulnerable inside her own chest. She willing hands it over to Robin Hood. We have a key moment her for their relationship. This is her first step in trusting this man that is supposed to be her true loves.

She knows that sooner or later she is going to have trust this man. To really have a true love you have to know that that person will not hurt you. You have to give every piece of yourself to them and this is her first step in that direction.

She isn’t ready to fall into his arms but she is opening up to him. Like Tink tells her she is accepting that love is real and can actually mean something for her. Regina is learning to not only trust herself but to trust her heart as well. Opening up her heart, will open up her life. Now these next few episodes are going to be crucial. Regina is going to see how this whole incident plays out. I’m very afraid for Robin Hood at this moment, he is in grave danger having possession of Regina’s heart. I don’t foresee Zelena having any mercy on him or his son and if they break so will Regina.

“Put on a good face,” Zelena’s father – Interesting words considering how Zelena ends up literally wearing her envy on her face. She shows the whole world her wicked side quiet easily. She no longer hides anything.

“I don’t lose,”- Regina – She has actually lost quite a few time. She lost Daniel and Henry and the whole curse blew up in her face. Regina rarely actually wins.

“It is one thing to wonder about your past. Another to become envious of things you can’t have,”- Great and Powerful Oz- Regina lived for revenge and it nearly destroyed her. Zelena is living for envy basically. Envy is seen as a sin and we all know it never helps anyone to want what anyone else has. Even changing the past cannot and will not eradicate this problem.

“Can’t steal something that is given to you,” Regina- She is giving Robin Hood her heart and now she is praying he can protect it literally and figuratively.

What does Snow’s kid have to do with the time travel scheme?

If Zelena changes time how will it effect Henry?

Will it affect him at all?

Who will provide the “brain,” for this curse?

Who is Zelena’s father?

Can they ever get control of Rumple again?

Where is Hook’s ship?

How much danger is Robin Hood in now that he has Regina’s heart?

Is his son in danger as well?

What will become of Regina if Robin Hood is hurt or gives up her heart?

Will she completely break down?

When is Henry going to be clued in about everything?

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