Our Story- Day 7- Writing 101

A/N: Todays prompt was to write about a contrast and the twist was to do it in dialogue. The pages fluttered back and forth. I tried to hold them down with my hand and then my phone but they were not going to be contained. I sighed, letting them dance at their leisure. I knewContinue reading “Our Story- Day 7- Writing 101”

Indestructible- Day 4- Writing 101

A/N: This is the post for day 4. The prompt was to write about some type of loss and what it meant to you and how it affected you. The twist is to make it part of a 3 part post series which I plan on doing. There will be other days that will involveContinue reading “Indestructible- Day 4- Writing 101”

It was an accident

She rubbed her arm unconsciously over and over again as she sat in the subway car on her way home. She had her canvas bag laying over the top of the mark but she knew people were getting suspicious. Anyone rubbing or hiding their arms was a call to move seats or back quickly away.Continue reading “It was an accident”