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True Love is Not Always Enough – Once Upon a Time (5×21) – Review- Spoilers

blog-81b15014-676f-4122-94c7-1726fb3e8c6f_5760x3840In this episode, we got to see the end of Hades and we also learned just what kind of man he was, while this battle yet again destroyed Regina’s happiness. Zelena also had to make a difficult choice between her sister and Hades.

The episode started with everyone arriving back in Storybrooke. It becomes their mission to find and defeat Hades. They all know now that Hades cannot be trusted and he has not changed. They do not have time to let Zelena try to change him. He does not trust them and they do not trust him.

Regina tries to explain to Zelena what happened with Hades but Zelena does not want to hear it. All Zelena can hear is that Regina wants to destroy the man she loves. She sees Regina not trusting her. Zelena is upset that yet again no one is on her side. They are all fighting against her and she cannot deal with that.

Zelena tells Hades about how everyone is after them and she suggests just running away. Zelena just wants to be happy with her love and her daughter. That is all that matters to Zelena anymore. This sets up the key difference between Zelena and Hades’s characters.

Zelena would be satisfied with a calm life living in the woods somewhere with just Hades and her daughter. Revenge and taking out their enemies does not matter to her anymore. All that matters is having the two people she cares most about in her life at her side. She no longer wants to hurt Regina or anyone else. Fighting is not on her radar.

Hades is the opposite. Hades will not be happy just living off the grid somewhere. He will not be happy without having everyone under his control. He wanted out of The Underworld in order to rule a greater kingdom. What is important to him is power and control.

Hades and Zelena parallel Rumple and Belle. I do not doubt that both Rumple and Hades love Belle and Zelena. That love is true but that love is not enough. Both Hades and Rumple cannot deal with others being in control of their lives. They cannot let anyone else have power over them. Rumple has to be The Dark One and Hades needs to have the Olympian crystal. With these powers, they are tough to fight and defeat. They believe they are safe because they are the strongest ones around.

While Belle and Zelena want to just live their lives. They do not want to fight. They do not care about power or control. They want to live calmly with their loves and families. In the end, neither can change the men they love. Rumple will always need the power as does Hades.

Zelena was faced with a choice in this episode. She had to choose between her sister and Hades. Hades wanted Zelena to kill Regina in order to eliminate her as a threat. Zelena could not kill her sister. Her sister loves her and does not want to change her anymore. Hades could not live the life that Zelena wanted. He would always want to hurt others and take out Regina. Zelena realized that she could not change this side of him. I think once Belle wakes up she will make the same realization.

There is an issue I had though with this episode and Hades’s character. In all the other storylines the adversary gets an extensive backstory. We see why they became who they were and what caused them to be full of anger and resentment. We got hints at Hades’s story in this second half of the season but nothing extensive which disappointed me. I wanted a flashback to why Zeus cursed Hades.

I wanted to see who Hades was before the curse. I think it would have given me a better way to relate to him. For the Once Upon a Time X Challenge, I am going to write a more extensive post about the use of fairy tales and mythology in this show so I will go into more detail there about the potential that was not realized with Hades character.

images-3In the end, Regina lost Robin in this episode. In the previews for next week, she asks Emma if she is worried that the Evil Queen will come back. I am not sure how I want this to play out.

On one hand the last thing I want is for Regina to backslide. Her character has been written so well. She has the best arc in this series. We understand her so well and all her choices make sense. So having her revert to her old ways out of grief and anger would seem to cheapen her journey. She has dealt with grief before and she should be able to find a way to deal without trying to destroy everyone.

On the other hand, I would not blame her for lashing out. She cannot catch a break and it is getting a bit annoying. There is only so much one person can take. Regina has been through so much and overcome so much. Every time things get close to things being good for her the rug is ripped out from under her feet. I can see her resenting Emma because Emma got Hook back and again not sure I can blame her. I think Regina is strong enough to fight her grief and not fall into that dark place but I would not be surprised if she is angry and resentful for a while.


“Sometimes the truth really hurts,” – Regina- Zelena learned that her love was not enough for Hades. Regina learned that the universe does not want her to be happy.

“Our future is not determined by our past,” – Robin – Robin gave Regina a chance and saw her change. Regina is a new person but her past still haunts her and it may be something she can’t ever fully escape.

“Only way to be safe it be strong,” – Hades- For Hades strength was one of the main things that mattered. Love was not enough. In the end strength was not enough to save him.

What will Rumple do with the piece of crystal?
Will Belle’s father really leave her asleep?
Is there another way to wake Belle?
How will Regina handle Robin’s death?
Will Regina come to resent Emma because she got Hook back?
What will the new threat be?
Will Zelena be a deciding factor in Regina not reverting to her old ways?


Once Upon a Time – Lily- Episode Review (Spoilers)

onceuponatime_lily_emmaFate was the theme of this episode. Can fate be fought? What is it that fate wants out of Lily and Emma? How much control over their lives does fate really have? From what we saw this episode it would seem that fate is not a force that can be fought easily, if at all.

The episode opened with the apprentice telling the sorcerer about what the author had done with the story. He feels guilty and wonders what is going to become of the two girls. The sorcerer tells him that their lives are intertwined and will remain that way. Fate will not allow these two girls to live separate lives.

Maleficent comes to Emma asking for her help in finding her daughter. She realizes that Rumple was only using her and she is done working with him. Maleficent agreed to Rumple’s plan in order to get revenge for her daughter. Now that she knows that Lily is alive she is concentrated on finding her. Maleficent could careless about anything else at this point. She reveals that her daughters name was Lilith and Emma puts the pieces together.

Since Emma is still relatively new to this fairytale world she has to make sure that Lily and Maleficent’s daughter are the same person. She is shocked and confused. How out of all the people in the world did these two meet and form a fragile friendship? Regina finds her and is not all that shocked by what Emma tells her. She sums up the whole thing pretty well by saying, “Ain’t that a bitch.” For a moment this situations seems a bit comical but then it gets serious fast.

Regina reveals that Emma is fate is funny and cruel. She tells her that fate has a lot of control over their lives, no matter what they want to believe or think. Fate is the force that makes people go to certain places at certain times. There are things that happen no matter what people try to do about it and that is considered fate. Fate does not seem to be a force that can be avoided or messed with. Fate is considered endgame.

Regina is not someone who adheres to this idea though. Regina believes that fate can be changed. She tells Emma that she has a chance to go against fate. Emma’s fate seems to be to go dark and hurt those she loves. Regina tells her that helping Lily can help herself. Regina seems to believe that if they work hard enough they can change their destinies. Unfortunately it would seem that Regina is underestimating the true power of fate.

Emma and Lily seem to have met by chance but now we know that is not true. No matter what the two of them do they cannot outrun each other. They have lived close to each other for most of their lives. Lily explains to Emma, when they were young, that after they first met all the decisions in her life have gone wrong. No matter what she does it is never right. It never works like she wants it to. She called herself cursed, scared of what could be truly wrong with her. She also tells Emma that when Emma is around things appear brighter to her.

There are two significant parts to this conversation. First Lily mentions that it was only after meeting Emma that her life started to fall apart. Why is that? Does it have something to do with they way their lives are connected? Did meeting Emma activate Lily’s dark potential somehow? If they had never met, somehow defying fate, would Lily have led a peaceful and happy life? But fate would not have that. Lily has not only her own darkness but Emma’s as well and it would not work for her to never tap into that side of her. Emma eventually found her potential and Lily had to do the same.

Lily also mentions that when Emma is around her life is brighter. I think this gives us a clue about how these two women are going to have to balance each other out. Emma is supposed to possess all the lights while Lily possess all the darkness. In life you need balance. No one is purely good or purely evil. There is always a dichotomy between the two. I think Lily and Emma are going to have to see that if they work together they can be more powerful then apart. Emma can help keep Lily’s darker side at bay. While Lily can help Emma learn how to control her own darkness. These two were born at the same time for a reason and I think it is to join the forces of good and evil or more for a “hero,” and a “villain,” to work together.

zUAcLMLeqB_lEmma is slipping and I believe Lily can help her from falling completely. But first Emma has to understand that she is vulnerable right now. When she is leaving Storybook Hook again tells her to be careful. He keeps trying to get her to understand how dangerous the lure of the dark side can be. He understands the point she is at right now and that falling is far to simple.
Emma is too sure of herself. She tells him not to worry about her. Emma believes that all the emotions she is feeling and the overreacting is normal. She is not seeing that while it may be normal for some it is not normal for her. She is being arrogant and not seeing where she is heading.

Lily threatens Emma’s parents and Emma lashes out at her. They fight and then Emma pulls a gun on Lily. Lily asks her to shoot her and end her misery and Emma doesn’t initially back down. She doesn’t freak out. We see her face, she puts serious consideration into killing her old friend.

Regina is her voice of reason. Regina is the perfect one to pull Emma back. Regina has been in Emma’s position. She pleads with Emma to lower the gun and not hurt Lily. She tells her that she is better then this path. This is not Emma. Regina knows that if Emma goes in this direction she is doomed. The path back is long and extremely difficult. They can’t afford for Emma to lose it now.

I hope this moment has gotten through to Emma finally. Up until now Emma has firmly believed that she is in complete control of her actions. If she continues to be arrogant and not see that she is making decisions she would haver have made before she is going to fall. Emma has to understand that she is vulnerable right now. She has to realize that what everyone keeps telling her is true. If she falls it is going to be no ones fault but her own.

“Our actions are our own, fate pushes us. Maybe it is time to push back,” – Regina- She is right they do make their own decisions when it comes to their actions. But Regina is underestimating fate’s power. Fate is not going to make any of their lives easy.

“This is the real world. There are no heroes and villains. Only real people with real problems,” – Emma- She still sees this distinct line between her two lives. They are not two separate worlds. She has seen countless times how they have coincided with one another. She has to put the two together.

Can Lily and Emma learn how to balance each other?
Can they put their pasts behind them?
What kind of power would they have if they joined forces?
If they do work out their differences what does that mean for Snow, Charming and Maleficent?
Can the parents work together and become cordial?
Will Maleficent become more main character now?
What will Lily and Maleficent’s reunion be like?
Is Lily angry with Maleficent at all?
Will they work together to hurt Charming and Snow?
What does it mean for Robin and Regina that Zelena is pregnant with Robin’s kid?
What will that child be like?
Can Regina be with Robin now or is this going to be too much for her to deal with?
Is Robin’s life in danger?
What does Rumple’s happy ending entail?
Didn’t Snow know Regina had her heart?
Can Belle fully love and be with Will?
Can Emma understand how that she is on a dangerous cliff’s edge?
Does she finally understand the danger she is in?

Once Upon a Time- Midseason Finale- 4×12- Review (Spoilers)

ouat_rumple01_1600The midseason finale broke hearts all around. Regina found out that Robin’s heart chose her but then had to watch him walk away from her because of outside circumstances. Belle finally found out that Rumple had been lying to her this whole time and banished him from the town. While Hook actually got his heart back, the only one who’s heart got better and not worse throughout the episode.

We started the episode with Regina returning Marian’s heart to her. Marian thanks Regina and tell her that she understands that Robin has moved on and if he chooses Regina then she will step aside and let them be together. For half of a second we got to think that finally Regina has caught a break and she will get to be with the love of her life.

But the writers of this show really enjoying hurting this poor woman and pushing her so close to the edge she is basically holding on by her finger tips now. Marian still had some of The Snow Queen’s spell in her system and if she didn’t get outside of the town where there was no magic she would die. Regina knew the only way to save her was for her to leave the town. But unfortunately The Snow Queen had cast a spell that made it impossible for anyone who left the town to ever be able to come back.

hqdefault-2Regina knew that leaving was the only way to save Marian and she also knew that Marian couldn’t be allowed to go out into a strange world alone. Robin had to go with her. Regina had to watch as Robin Hood left her behind to take care of Marian and his son. Once again Regina watched as her happy ending slipped through her fingers.

Before Robin actually walked over the line Regina was in her car and Rumple joined her. He told her that he would miss Henry after he leaves with Belle. And he also asked what Henry was spying on him for and Regina confessed her search for the author of the storybook. Regina than asked Rumple a very important question for not only her but for this episode. How did he (Rumple) get his seemingly happy ending? Regina is watching her love walk away from her, leaving her miserable and in pain yet again. She is losing hope. Every time she gets even a semblance of happiness it is stolen from her and she is desperate to know how Rumple has achieved his own happiness. (At least what she can see from the outside).

Rumple told her that he got his “happy ending,” because he didn’t wait around for things to work out. He took what he wanted. Fate and destiny do not have any control over him. The only person that makes decisions for Rumple is Rumple. He suggests to Regina that getting rid of Marian would solve all her problems. He tells her that when there is something in your way you get rid of it to get to what you want. His solution is death and destruction, the only solution he knows.

If there is any doubt in your mind that Regina has indeed changed you just has to see her reaction to that suggestion to know that Regina has turned herself around. In the very beginning of the season she considered killing Marian for half of a second but she quickly realized that was not the answer to her problems. She knew harming Marian would get her nothing but more misery. Robin would be angry and horrified. Henry would be disappointed and confused. Emma, Snow and Charming wouldn’t ever trust her again. Regina knows that killing and destroying lives is not the solution because it would undo all the work she has done to redeem herself. There would be no happy ending then because everyone she wants by her side would leave her far behind.

Rumple believed that he was above these such rules. He thought that if he continued to take and manipulate the world and people around him he would get whatever he wanted. He never thought about any consequences for anyone else, if he was happy that was all that mattered. But Rumple learned in this episode that he is not above the rules and if he hurts others he will get hurt in the end. A lesson he learned in the most painful way possible for him.

Belle finally figured out that Rumple lied to her and kept the real dagger for himself. She takes the dagger and after saving Hook she takes Rumple to the town line. She tearfully tells him that she has spent too much of her time and life trying to change him. She realizes that in her struggle to turn him around she is losing herself to that fruitless task. She uses a special artifact that shows her that what Rumple loves is power. He loves Belle but power comes first and always will for him.

Rumple thought he had achieved his happy ending but that wasn’t true. If he truly had found happiness he would not have needed the hat, he would have been satisfied with Belle and their life together. Rumple thinks that power is just a tool and it will get him everything he wants including love. But killing and destroying other’s lives is never a way to have a real happy ending. How can you live happily if all those around you are suffering and hurting? Regina realized this and it is why she has been working so hard to make the right choices. She knows that she can’t be happy if everyone around her is upset. Rumple thinks about him and his only while Regina now considers all those around her not just herself.

Belle banished Rumple from the town, meaning he can never return. Even though it breaks her heart she knew that she had no other choice. Rumple can’t see past power and control. The only way I see Rumple being able to redeem himself and start to change is if he has no power or magic. Power is a temptation he can’t get away from. He needs to be powerless, mortal and reliant on others to be able to begin a process of change. But I don’t know if he would ever be able to make that transition. There would have to be very dire circumstances for him to decide to become powerless.

The second half of the season is going to focus on the author and what he or she can do for these “villains.” Both Rumple and Regina want him or her to rewrite their stories. Regina deserves it, because she has sacrificed a lot to change and better herself. Regina is not the evil queen any longer. Rumple is and will always be The Dark One. It will be interesting to watch and see what the author can do and decides to do.

“It’s about manipulation, you find one weakness and for almost everyone that’s the one they love most,” – Rumple – This sums up Rumple perfectly. He manipulates others with the idea of love. As Ana stated, he turns love into a weapon. He doesn’t understand love and what it can do to heal and change hearts.

“Being good doesn’t mean good things will happen,”- Rumple – We all know this is true. We know that bad things happen to good people. But what is also true that if you make no good decision the likely good of good happening is very low.

“The game is rigged, the villains never win,” – Ursula – This is because they keep choosing, “villain,” choices. If you do bad and hurt and harm you will always have someone after you. Once you begin choosing better you get to start getting better results. Sooner or later Regina will win, the rest of them I am not so sure about.

Is the Sorcerer the author?

If so who is he exactly?

Can he write new endings?

Will he write new endings?

What is Rumple’s plan exactly?

How will he get back into Storybrooke?

When will we see Robin again?
Because Regina and Robin are soulmates will this bring him back in some fashion?

Will he fall back in love with Marian while he is away?

What residual effect will Hook’s actions have? If any?

Once Upon a Time Season Three Finale- Review- (Spoilers)


We were given a two hour season finale and they used every single minute to explore time travel, finally allow Emma to realize that she has a home and a family who care about her and also to yet again hurt Regina. Everything Regina has worked so hard for in this entire season seems to be about to be unraveled. And at the very end we were shown that The Snow Queen is in town, a revelation I am slightly worried about but more on that later. I loved this finale because it was fun to watch and did a great job at giving us some throw back moments to season one while also allowing one of our major characters to really grow.

I knew that time travel would have to make an appearance in this episode in some manner. They couldn’t introduce the idea, get so close to it happening and then not use it in any manner. I was worried that we were going to spend the episode trying to close the portal and end up traveling through time as our cliff hanger. An entire season trying to fix time mistakes would have gotten extremely complicated and convoluted. You can only mess with so much until you have a tangled mess that has nowhere to go. I like the way they used the concept in this finale though. We used it to allow Emma to learn something that she has been refusing to understand for so long. Emma finally saw for herself that Storybrooke has everything she ever wanted. Storybrooke is her home and that is what matters in the end.

The episode began with a glimpse into the past. Teenage Emma watches as one of the members of her group home goes off to live with her new family. Yet again Emma is left alone and feeling broken hearted. She hates being the one who is left behind. She is told she will get a home soon, but that never becomes true. Emma never finds that home and because of that she stops believing that home is a concept she can ever truly have for herself.

All Emma ever wanted was a home and a loving family, which is why she has been driving me crazy for this last half of the season. Standing right in front of her is everything she has ever wanted in life; a family, a home, and somewhere where she can feel wanted and loved. Yet she refuses to see what is staring her directly in the face.

Everyone gangs up on Emma when they find out her plans to return to New York. She runs off, frustrated because no one understands why she wants to leave so badly. Henry gives Hook the storybook hoping that it will help his mother remember what she has here in this town. The book literally holds all the stories that have led to her life as it is now.


When Hook confronted Emma he asked her a very simple, yet specific question. “What are you looking for?” With one question Hook sums up this whole half of the season. What does Emma want? Why does she continuously run? What is she scared of? What is it that will make her feel complete and happy?


This whole season I have been asking myself that same question about Emma. What does she truly want? Emma opens the book and says that she doesn’t feel like she is apart of this world. She says this is a book full of fairytales, princes and princesses, concepts that don’t include her and never have included her. Emma reacts like many of us would if we were told that our family are fairytales characters; we wouldn’t believe it and would have trouble reconciling the idea. To us, this is an impossible life, one we can never truly hope to live. For Emma the idea of having this family is the impossible idea, no matter who they are or where they have come from.


Emma has never truly been apart of anything. She has always felt like an outsider, never a main character. Now she is scared to be put into that position, scared to be put into the spotlight. Emma is scared to take what is being presented to her because she doesn’t understand it in any manner.


I firmly believe Emma has been terrified of giving into this new life because of how easily she could lose all of it. She has this comfort zone, the outskirts or supporting character. She keeps people at arms length all the time. It took her a very long time to let Henry in and now she is expected to let the rest of these people in as well. Opening up her heart to these people could get her hurt; see Regina as an example. But then she thinks she sees Snow die and she realizes what she has had all this time.


I love that she defines home by a statement Neal once said to her, “Home is the place when you leave you just miss it.” All these years she has been defining home from someone who was an intricate part of this world she is trying to run away from. She can’t escape this life, no matter how hard she tries. She is using a fairytale characters definition of home to define her happiness, slightly ironic because of how much she tries to not be part of the fairytale world. She is meant to be a part of this world and always has been.


The time travel aspect of this episode was used to show Emma that Storybrooke is where she belongs. She has always been apart of these stories. This is her life if she is willing to let it be her life. Emma gets to see her parents go through trials and tribulations to end up together. She sees how real they are finally.

After her heart breaks because she believes that Snow dies she finally sees what she has, a family. She has parents who love her and it takes this whole process of almost losing everything to realize what life has put in front of her. As always you don’t realize what you have until you lose it. Thankfully Emma didn’t have to permanently lose her mother to learn this lesson. Emma returns to Storybrooke able to open her heart to her parents and in the end hopefully opening up her life to real and true love.


Once-Upon-a-Time-season-3-episode-21-robin-reginaUnfortunately for Regina we see that putting her heart on the line does not end well for her. As soon as Emma released the unnamed prisoner I knew she Marian. The conversation in the beginning of the episode between Robin Hood and Regina foreshadowed this twist. We see him talking about losing his wife and coming to terms with it and now that wife is back. I waited anxiously for the reveal and it really did break my heart.


Regina is one of my favorite characters because of who well she is written. I love watching a character fall to their lowest point and then watch as they claw their way back to the top and to happiness. No one is completely unredeemable and Regina portrays that idea so well. Nothing is more fulfilling then to watch someone we believe to the ultimate “villain,” become a “hero.”


Regina has had to work so hard to get to this point in her life. She had to not only forgive Snow and walk away from her plans of revenge but she also had to accept Snow has a friend as well as many of the other residents of this town. Regina stopped living for destruction and began to live for love first through Henry and then with Robin Hood.


She literally handed her heart to Robin Hood for safe keeping. She finally completely opened herself up to love and happiness. Watching her walk down the street with Robin and his son was heart warming. And then they completely snatched everything away from her. Clearly Robin still loves his wife. Once again Regina is going to be displaced.


This whole thing has the theme of history repeating itself running through it. Like mother like daughter; Emma accidentally destroys Regina’s chance at true love. And we see that Regina is not at all happy with Emma and her actions.


I sincerely hope that Regina’s character doesn’t backslide into the hate/revenge filled woman from the early seasons. She has come so far it would be horrible to watch her fall right back to the bottom again. We’ve done that story with her many times before. Hopefully they find a way to make this just a small setback in Regina’s growth story. Maybe they can have some way of not having Marian being able to stay in this time because of some time travel rules.

And ideas is to have Marian fade away and having Robin have to lose her all over again. This would not only build up Robin’s character but could put Regina’s character into a new light. Regina has to stand back and be a friend to Robin, be there to talk to but not be his lover. As he loses his wife again she has to, selflessly, comfort and help him. This would build Regina up even more. Having her revert to her old ways would be disappointing to watch.

Regina tells Emma she better, “Hope to hell you didn’t bring anything else back,” and we see very quickly that Regina wasn’t off with her suspicions. In the last moments of this episode we see the Snow Queen make her first appearance.


Now while watching this last moment me and my brother both screamed, “Elsa,” when she appeared on screen. “Frozen” is one of my favorite Disney movies. It was a refreshing take on the princess story line that Disney has done so many times. That being said I sincerely hope they don’t end up trying to just retell the movie storyline next season. Though I was a little worried about the OZ storyline and that was done very well. If they keep up the way they tell these stories we should be okay.


onceuponatime_elsa_frozenI have the full works of Hans Christian Anderson and I read “The Snow Queen,” after I saw “Frozen.” The original Snow Queen isn’t a friendly woman, she is cold and evil. She isn’t Elsa. That leaves the writers with two choices when it comes to this storyline. They can use the original story and make the queen the new villain. She can be cold and pure evil, which would not be a bad thing. We’ve had our true villains, Zelena and Pan, who we were able to hate and not want to see redeemed or win in any way. But both had past stories that made them the way they were. Stories that still had moments when we felt bad for them. We haven’t had a purely evil character yet. Someone who is just evil to be evil.


Or they can go alone the lines of the “Frozen,” move and have the Snow Queen become a strong woman. She can start off as evil and slowly change, (much like Regina). We can watch her become more of an Elsa type character. A possible idea is to have her be enslaved to her power, (through curse or some other power) and she has to break free. She is trapped by not knowing how to control or use her power, making her angry at the world. In “Frozen,” Elsa hid away from the world but in the show maybe she can fight for her freedom. That would be interesting to watch someone enslaved to something outside of themselves and have to use the people around her to help her fight and win her life back. Then she can become a new main character as well.


I loved this finale. We got a taste of time travel that was full of suspense and “Dammit Emma,” moments while not spinning out of control. We watched as Emma finally grew up and accepted her home and family. Regina has taken another blow but she is a resilient woman and I believe she will bounce back stronger then before. And in the final scenes we are given a new character that can have a lot of potential to give us a new and exciting season.


“Maybe things work out when they’re supposed to. Maybe it’s about timing,”- Robin Hood- Interesting phrasing considering what happens later. How does this idea apply when time is messed with? Can Marian stay in this time without consequences?

“Not Regina, the evil queen”- Hook – I love that Hook makes this distinction. Regina and the evil queen are no longer the same person. Hopefully Regina realizes this as well.

“What’s your story Neal?”- Emma

“Interesting choice of words”- Neal- Emma’s life has always been about these stories even if she never saw this connection before.

“Only one who saves me, is me”- Emma- Emma is strong and has to find her own way to her home. She had to see with her own eyes where she truly belongs. People can only talk at her so much.

“All actions have consequences”- Regina- Unfortunately this is a concept that Regina understands way too well.

“I’ve not spent my life losing you. I’ve spent my life finding you”- Belle How true will that be when she finds out what Rumble has done and how he has lied to her? She is going to be broken hearted but can she still trust Rumple?


Who will this Snow Queen be?



Strongly independent?
Will she have a connection to anyone else?
Why was she trapped by Rumple?
What is next for Regina?
Will she begin to hate Emma again?
Will she become depressed?
Revenge filled?
Will she hold onto Robin has a friend?
Can Regina walk away if she has to?

Can Marian stay in this time?
Will it create a paradoxe?

What will happen when Belle learns about Rumple lying?
Can she forgive him?
Will she walk away for good?
Are there any other consequences form the time travel trip?

Once Upon a Time- S3E16- It’s Not Easy Being Green- (Spoilers)

This episode gave us background for Zelena. We now know why she is on the path she is on and what her plans actually are. I liked what we learned and am very curious as to how they are going to play out her plan. Time travel can be done very well or it can be done horribly and end up confusing the whole show into a tangled mess.

First we learned in this episode what drove Zelena over the edge. It was interesting to see the two sides of the people who found Zelena and how their differences could be one of the reasons Zelena ended up as she did. Her mother was instantly captivated by Zelena as a child. It was as if she was blind to the world around her. This new baby became her whole world. I feel like she had wanted a child for a very long time and now that she had one, nothing and no one else mattered anymore. To me she seemed like the type of parent who refused to see any bad in her child, ever. “She couldn’t do that, she’s a good girl,” was probably a phrase she uttered quite often.

On the other hand her father is much colder. He didn’t even want to help the baby in any way. He actually just wanted to leave her where they found her. While her mother’s heart was almost overflowing with love there seemed to be little to no love in her father’s heart. This is a dangerous combination to have in parents. Her father hated her from the get go. He saw her magic, was scared and didn’t trust her from that moment onwards. While she could do no wrong in her mother’s eyes, in her father’s she did nothing but wrong.

Zelena can’t deal with her father after her mother passes. For a while she tried to live as her father wanted, hiding everything she was and accepting she was not worthy of love. Soon it becomes too much as it would for any person and she leaves to go find the Wizard of Oz. All this woman wanted was to be loved by a family. She goes to the wizard thinking he can just hand her over to a family who will instantly love and accept her. At this moment she is still like a very naive child. She believes that solution is so simple. But it is never that easy. You can’t just be thrown in a life and expect it to work out absolutely perfect and to be handed everything that you ever wanted.

Instead she finds out from the wizard that she was abandoned as a child because she could not fulfill Cora’s wish to become royalty. One part of this exchange really bugged me. How did Cora know that Zelena was not going to be able to fulfill her wish to become royalty? She abandoned her daughter as a newborn baby. Why would she automatically assume that she was incapable of becoming who she wanted her to be. She never saw her really do anything. It makes me wonder who Zelena’s father actually is. It is because of him that Cora assumed that Zelena was a lost cause?

Zelena learns that she has a half sister and that Rumple is helping her learn how to use her powers. She knows she can be better then Regina and wants to prove it. She runs off to find Rumple, to have him teach her magic and how to truly control her power. She is extremely powerful and shows the promise that Rumple has been looking for, for so long. But like any living person she has a fatal flaw, envy.

Zelena has never had a family, has never had anyone to look up to or anyone that truly cared about her. She attaches herself to Rumple because he is showing her affection and some type of attention. He tells her she is worthwhile and that proves a big issue for Rumple. The curse hinges on the idea of giving up something you love and Zelena only loves Rumple. Rumple cannot have that and pushes Zelena away. Yet again she is second to her sister, which sparks her major issue with envy. Envy is going to be the death of this woman.

I loved the way they explained Zelena being green. She is green because she let her envy for Regina and everything she has take over her whole being. Zelena issues are rooted much deeper then her physical appearance to the outside world. Her issues are an integral part of her which makes her story much deeper and makes it much more difficult to rescue her. Her issues, envy and anger have literally twisted her features and outward appearance. You can literally see how far she has fallen.

Zelena is extremely envious of Regina. She hates that Regina was kept by her mother and that she was the star student of Rumple’s. She wants what Regina had but she has absolutely no idea how off she really is about her assumptions. We all know the saying, “When you make an assumption is makes an ass of you and me,” something Zelena is going to learn very quickly. Regina did not have a life any of us would truly envy or want to live. I can honestly say I would never trade places with Regina, ever. Her mother was literally heartless, the love of her life was murdered, she had no one that could be considered close to her. She was not loved. She had to cast a curse to feel even a little bit satisfied. She adopted a child and then lost him, Henry doesn’t remember a thing about her or their history together. In no way would any of us trade places with that woman, but Zelena is so blinded by her idea of what if’s that she refuses to see the world before her. Why would her changing the past change any of that for the better for Zelena?

Zelena decides that a way to solve her problems is by changing the past. Time travel never ends well. I have never read a story where someone messed with time and ended up happier because of it. You can’t change one part of life and expect everything else to fall into place. A butterfly flaps its wings and causes a hurricane half way around the world, we have all heard that before. One twitch of one incident affects every moment from there on out. There is no way even begin to predict where this all could end up. What I do know is that never, ever goes well. Why would Zelena’s new life be any different from Regina’s?

Zelena has no idea how terrible her idea really is. She can go back, take Regina’s place and life is not going to be anywhere close to smiles and love. Cora will still be heartless, incapable of loving anyone, even Zelena. Zelena will not get the life she has always dreamed of. This is not the family that will love her with all their hearts. The world will care less about her just as they do now. I am very interested to see how this all plays out for not only Zelena but everyone else as well. This can be an interesting twist, that can really reveal a lot about all the characters or it can a complete mess, becoming convoluted and confusing. I pray its the former.

There was two very interesting scenes with Regina in this episode as well. First I loved the moment whens she explained the meaning of the letter to Robin Hood. She actually opened up to this man, which is a giant leap forward.

For years the letter had been Regina’s saving grace. Whenever she felt worthless or weak she read the letter and remembered that she was the best. This gave her the strength to get her feet back under her again. Now she comes to learn that was all a lie. She has to find a way to win this new fight, knowing that she is not the best. This is a major blow to a normally very confident woman.

Regina has always lived based off of someone’s else opinion of her. She was a disappointment to her mother, she tried to fight that and lost. She knew she was extremely powerful not because of what she did but because of some words from Rumple. She lived off of that reassurance. Now Regina has to define herself by herself alone. She can’t live for anyone else or because of anyone else anymore. She had to have faith in her own abilities and her own power. She has to look back and realize that she has always had the power, it will always be there no matter what. There is no one behind her motivating her anymore. She isn’t out to hurt Snow, she has no mother to prove wrong and no Rumple to impress. She is at her barest level and now she can rebuild herself with much stronger pieces.

The other moment I loved was when she literally gave her heart to Robin Hood. She hid it initially to save herself during the fight, knowing it would be her downfall in some manner.After the fight she has to keep her heart away from her, it being too vulnerable inside her own chest. She willing hands it over to Robin Hood. We have a key moment her for their relationship. This is her first step in trusting this man that is supposed to be her true loves.

She knows that sooner or later she is going to have trust this man. To really have a true love you have to know that that person will not hurt you. You have to give every piece of yourself to them and this is her first step in that direction.

She isn’t ready to fall into his arms but she is opening up to him. Like Tink tells her she is accepting that love is real and can actually mean something for her. Regina is learning to not only trust herself but to trust her heart as well. Opening up her heart, will open up her life. Now these next few episodes are going to be crucial. Regina is going to see how this whole incident plays out. I’m very afraid for Robin Hood at this moment, he is in grave danger having possession of Regina’s heart. I don’t foresee Zelena having any mercy on him or his son and if they break so will Regina.

“Put on a good face,” Zelena’s father – Interesting words considering how Zelena ends up literally wearing her envy on her face. She shows the whole world her wicked side quiet easily. She no longer hides anything.

“I don’t lose,”- Regina – She has actually lost quite a few time. She lost Daniel and Henry and the whole curse blew up in her face. Regina rarely actually wins.

“It is one thing to wonder about your past. Another to become envious of things you can’t have,”- Great and Powerful Oz- Regina lived for revenge and it nearly destroyed her. Zelena is living for envy basically. Envy is seen as a sin and we all know it never helps anyone to want what anyone else has. Even changing the past cannot and will not eradicate this problem.

“Can’t steal something that is given to you,” Regina- She is giving Robin Hood her heart and now she is praying he can protect it literally and figuratively.

What does Snow’s kid have to do with the time travel scheme?

If Zelena changes time how will it effect Henry?

Will it affect him at all?

Who will provide the “brain,” for this curse?

Who is Zelena’s father?

Can they ever get control of Rumple again?

Where is Hook’s ship?

How much danger is Robin Hood in now that he has Regina’s heart?

Is his son in danger as well?

What will become of Regina if Robin Hood is hurt or gives up her heart?

Will she completely break down?

When is Henry going to be clued in about everything?

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