Good Omens – Neil Gaiman & Terry Prachett – review

The end of times is on its way. The apocalypse is supposed to be terrifying, the world is ending. What if the end of the world doesn’t go quite as planned? What if the angel and demon in charge of starting the whole thing, make a few mistakes? What if the anti-christ isn’t brought upContinue reading “Good Omens – Neil Gaiman & Terry Prachett – review”

Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman – Review

Odin is the all-seeing father. Thor is the lightening god with the magic hammer. Loki is the trickster who is out to help himself. They are all waiting for the end of times, when they will fight and die only for the world to be reborn again. Dive into the stories of these heroes andContinue reading “Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman – Review”

This is My Genre Book Tag

I saw this over on Dani’s Bookshelf and though it looked like a quick and fun tag to do! Also shoutout to The Tattooed Book Geek as the creator of this tag! What is your favorite genre? I have a number of favorite genres. There area actually very few genres that I don’t enjoy. ButContinue reading “This is My Genre Book Tag”

“Trigger Warning,” Neil Gaiman (Review) (Spoilers)

Neil Gaiman’s latest short story collection is titled, “Trigger Warning.” In the introduction he explains why he decided on this title. He starts the introduction by saying, “There are things that upset us. That’s not quite what we’re talking about here, though. I’m thinking rather about those images or words or idea that drop likeContinue reading ““Trigger Warning,” Neil Gaiman (Review) (Spoilers)”

“Smoke and Mirrors,” -Neil Gaiman- Review (Spoilers)

Neil Gaiman has a somewhat dark and twisted way of looking at the world. He doesn’t write stories where it is easy to pick out the lesson or main idea. He doesn’t write stories where every reader is going to take the same thing away. This is one of the reasons I like his storiesContinue reading ““Smoke and Mirrors,” -Neil Gaiman- Review (Spoilers)”

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman – Review (Spoilers)

“The Graveyard Book,” by Neil Gaiman is the coming of age story for a young boy named Nobody Owns, Bod for short. It is the story of a young child who grows up in a fantastic world where the only boundaries are the outside world. He comes of age in a place where the impossibleContinue reading “The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman – Review (Spoilers)”

American Gods- Neil Gaiman- Review- (minor spoilers)

Shadow is a man who gets out of prison only to discover the life he had planned on is no longer remotely possible. He finds out his wife and best friend are dead. His entire life comes crumbling down and is in a pile at his feet. While he is traveling to attend his wife’sContinue reading “American Gods- Neil Gaiman- Review- (minor spoilers)”