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“Family Makes You Stronger Than You’ll Ever be by Yourself.”- Once Upon a Time- (6×07) (Review)

once-upon-a-time-season-6-evil-queen-henryIn this episode The Evil Queen continued to try to put a wedge in the group. This time she concentrated her efforts on Henry and tried to darken his heart. Thankfully Henry was raised to be stronger than her influence.

The episode started with Regina coming up with a way to trap The Evil Queen. She knows she can’t kill her without killing herself. She wants to capture the queen in the world behind the mirror. She will be powerless in there and then they can be rid of her.

Unfortunately The Evil Queen had a similar idea. This where the biggest issue is going to be for fighting this woman. Regina is the one who comes up with the ideas all the time but her and the queen think alike. They are the same person in a sense so it becomes difficult for her to think of something the queen won’t think of. They are going to have to plan a way to get rid of her without Regina’s help. They have to work without Regina or else they are always going to keep getting blindsided by her.

The Evil Queen ends up trapping Emma and Regina in the mirror. She then masquerades as Regina to the group. At first everyone seems to buy her act which annoyed me. I hate when people can’t tell someone is faking being someone else. The only one I gave any slack to was Snow because she is a bit stressed right now.

Thankfully Hook didn’t fall for it for long. He realized something was wrong when Emma didn’t take his calls. But the queen knocks him out. Henry figures it out after a conversation with the queen. I’m not sure exactly what tipped him off but it should have been the whole conversation. Her telling him to be a prince and calling Violet a commoner was never something Regina would have said something to him.

Henry does figure it out in the end and tries to rescue his mothers. The Evil Queen tries to get him to rescue his mothers by killing The Dragon. She tries too appeal to the idea that Henry is not allowed to be as strong as he could be. She talks about him hiding behind his parents and being too soft. She offers to help him find who he truly is meant to be and wants to make him “strong.”

Henry is smart enough not to fall for her game. He knows he is a strong person because of his family. He can take care of himself when he needs to but he also know he is never alone. He won’t betray his family no matter what she does to them or him.

Henry is not alone and he knows that. He doesn’t have to make his decisions on his own. He has his parents voice and advice always guiding him. He won’t let his heart be darkened that easily. He knows that what she is proposing will not make him strong. He knows that it will only hurt others and that is something he was raised never to do.

There was only one problem I had with this episode and that was the way Henry fought in this episode. A few episodes ago he let the queen convince him that Hook was not good for him and Emma. She manipulated him into fighting with Hook. Even though he has never had an issue with him before.

Now in this episode he is standing up to her because he knows what she is doing. Why didn’t he do that before? He is not a dumb kid as he proved in this episode. He knows how to fight and he knows what family and bonds between people means. He should never have let her into his head the last time.

I would have liked to see him begin fighting in that episode. Maybe trying to keep her out of his head and her slowly pulling him apart. If he had been fighting the whole time and then culminated in this scenario it would have made a much more of an impact. The way it was done here made me a bit disappointed. He was so strong here so why wasn’t he strong before? I like the Henry from this episode that is defiant and who knows who he is and knows who his family is.

“Never compromise who you are.” – Emma- Emma knows pretending to be someone else never works for anyone. You have to stand up for who you are and not let anyone tell you differently. Henry learned that well in this episode.

“Family makes you stronger than you’ll ever be by yourself.” – Henry – Our group has only gotten where they are now and only lived through everything because of their bond to one another. They always know someone is out there to help them. The Evil Queen has no one and that is going to be her downfall.

Will The Evil Queen be able to kill Zelena?
How will they get rid of The Evil Queen?
Where is Agrabah?
How will those two stories link together?
Who is the hooded figure?
Will Emma have to really die?
How can they break the sleeping curse?
How and where will Belle run to?
Is there any hope for Rumple?
Who killed Charming’s father?

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