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Who is Regina now? – Once Upon a Time (Season 5 finale) (Spoilers)

once-upon-a-time-season-5-finale-evil-queenThis was an interesting finale. It gave us our new villain and characters. It also gave us a new way to deepen an already complex character. Regina battles her dark side but not in the way that I expected. I am actually very happy with the way Regina’s storyline was handled this episode.

The episode opened with Rumple tethering all of Storybrooke’s magic to the Olympian crystal. He needs more power in order to wake up Belle. He isn’t going to waste time trying to convince her father to help him. He knows he needs more power so he essentially tries to steal all of the town’s magic.

It doesn’t take long for everyone to learn what Rumple is up to. They know that Rumple having control of all the magic is not a good thing. They decide that he has to be stopped. The problem here comes when Regina suggests her plan. Emma tries to sideline her. Telling her that she is grieving and thus doesn’t need to come with them. What she is actually afraid of is that Regina is going to revert to being The Evil Queen. Regina is annoyed at Emma’s distrust and storms off.

Now, this scene annoyed me. Last episode Regina tried to sideline Emma because she thought her too emotional over losing Hook and wouldn’t be able to help defeat Hades. Emma was angry that no one trusted her. Now, what does she do? She tries the same thing on Regina. I was upset that after everything that Emma wouldn’t A.) trust Regina and B.) would do what made her so angry before to someone else.

Henry watches the scene and he gets upset. He sees his parents fighting. He sees his mother grieving and he is worried. He needs something to blame for his families misfortune. He needs a way to end all their pain and he thinks the way to do that is by destroying magic.

For a minute, I understood where Henry was coming from. He is upset. He is watching his family fight and watching his mother grieve. It makes sense that he wants to do something about all of it. He needs a scapegoat. Much like Regina did when she was blaming the storybook and the author for her troubles.

But what Henry learns throughout this episode is that magic is not to blame. Magic is a tool for people to use. It is a force. It cannot think for itself. Destroying magic would be like trying to destroy light or darkness. It just doesn’t seem possible.

What happened to Regina was tragic but is not magic’s fault. Magic does not create fate. Magic itself did not kill Robin. Hades did that. Keep the same scenario but take out the magic. Robin would still have jumped in front of Regina. Hades would still have ended up hurting him. Whether it was magic, a knife or a gun, Robin was going to die in that setup. Magic did not kill Robin, it was just the weapon of choice.

Henry learns that magic is everywhere. It comes down how to it is used. Destroying magic would not change anything. Their lives would not be perfect and blissful without magic. They would still fight evils and suffer at times. That is just how life works. At the end, Henry sees that magic is important and necessary.

While they are trying to find Henry, Emma and Regina have a very significant talk. Regina reveals to Emma that she wanted to lash out after Robin’s death. She wanted to hurt Hook for coming back when Robin can’t. But she knew that she could not go down that path. She knew that just tasting that anger and power again would be dangerous. She is scared of The Evil Queen that resides inside of her.

Regina refers to her darker side as The Evil Queen. It is someone she is constantly carrying around with her. She is the memory of all her mistakes and her negative past. The Evil Queen is always there. She is a reminder to Regina of what she did and why she now suffers.

Regina states that she carries her own curse around with her. A curse of knowing good from bad and the consequences. She knows that if she gives into her darker side she will lose those she loves. She could hurt them and that is too much for her to handle. On the other hand doing good, all the time, allows her to constantly suffer. She can’t push that suffering aside. She has to just live with it day in and day out. And that is becoming too much for her to handle.

images-4Regina is given a chance in this episode to extract the Evil Queen from herself and she takes it. She takes a potion from Dr. Jekyll and she separates herself from The Evil Queen. Standing before her is her dark side. It is all the mistakes and evil deeds she has done in her life. Regina wants to destroy her. She hesitates at first while The Evil Queen taunts her, calling her weak. She ends up crushing The Evil Queen’s heart, thinking she has freed herself from that evil side of herself.

What we see at the end of the episode is that The Evil Queen is still alive. My question is can you kill a part of yourself and still live on? Regina forgets that your past is what creates who you are. All our past choices, good and bad, influence where our lives go. We learn from those choices. We make new choices based on the past memories of guilt or sorrow. Without that side who is Regina?

Regina is a complex character because she has these two sides to her. She has her memories and knows what she has done. But does she still have the feelings associated with that side? Does she still have a nagging reminder of what that evil did to those around her? What about her is different now? Something has to be different. She has basically split away a piece of her personality. Regina cannot be the same person without that side of herself.

It will be interesting to see how the show deals with this idea next season. I am also eager to see how the new “lost,” stories are worked in and the new characters we get to meet.

“Fate is cruel,” – Hook – This is what Regina thinks about her life. She believes that fate is punishing her for all her mistakes in her past.

“I am what I am,” – Regina- I love this quote. Regina is good and bad. Regina struggles to do good. Regina will save those she loves by destroying others. I think this is something she will have to remember for the coming season.

“Being separate is what is going to destroy you,” – Mr. Hyde – Can you live separated from a part of yourself? Doesn’t good need the balance of evil to exist? How does that work in a person?

“Magic is everywhere if you are willing to see it,” – Dragon – I just love this idea.

Where is Rumple now?
What did Mr. Hyde tell him that made him trade Storybrooke?
How does Mr. Hyde know The Dark One?
How did Violet’s dad get to Camelot?
What new stories will we hear and what new characters will we meet?
What will happen now that The Evil Queen is wandering around?
Can Regina be Regina without the darker side of herself?

Once Upon a Time- 4×08- Smash the Mirror- Review (Spoilers)

out_s1e02_08In this two hour episode we learned how Elsa actually got into the urn, Emma finally got control over her powers and Regina learns an important lesson with the help of Robin and the storybook.

Ana actually was the one who put Elsa into the urn but only because she had The Spell of Shattered Sight cast on her. She was consumed by her biggest dislike for her sister. Through the lens of the spell she saw Elsa as someone who had left her and forgot about her. The way the spell works is it brings out that deep dark issue and lets it consume you. Ana’s anger at her sister consumed her and the only solutions she saw was to put her sister in the urn. This was not how The Snow Queen wanted the situation to go.

What The Snow Queen actually wanted was for Elsa to freeze Ana. She wanted Elsa to embrace her full power and use it on her sister. But unlike Ingrid, Elsa is not consumed by anger and betrayal. Even with her sister standing in front other telling her how angry she is and how much she hates her, Elsa sees that it is a spell. Elsa knows that this is not how her sister truly feels about her.

hqdefaultAs Ana opens the urn Elsa says, “No matter what Ana, I love you.” Even as her sister imprisons her she will not lose her love for her sister. Unlike Ingrid, who was put int he urn thinking she was hated and despised, Elsa went in knowing that the words thrown at her were not what her sister really felt for her.

As I stated in my last review, Greta made her decision to put Ingrid in the urn out of fear, anger and overwhelming sadness Did she truly hate her sister? Did she really see her as a monster? If she had kept her memories would she have eventually realized what she had done? Would she have understood that Ingrid did not mean to hurt Helga? Would she have stood by her sister’s side? We will never know but I feel she would have ended up much like Elsa at this point. She was upset at the death of her sister (which is obviously completely understandable) but once she had a chance to process what happened and realized that her sister didn’t mean to do it, she would have clung onto her remaining sister. She made her choice while she was blinded by emotion.

Now I know Ana did not witness Elsa kill anyone but when she put Elsa in the urn she was doing it out of pure emotion. She was angry and upset exactly like Greta was. But Elsa left the urn only concerned about her sister. Elsa did not stew in betrayal, she held the love of her sister in her heart. She knows her sister, she knows what happened and held that love as close to herself as she could. She did not let go of that love. Her love for her sister is pure.

Elsa has always said that she can control her power because Ana had faith in her and because she loved her sister. Ana had faith in her and she used to that to keep herself under control. Emma thinks that same logic, her love for Henry, can help her control her powers. But it doesn’t work. She ends up hurting her son and that makes everything worse.

What Emma learns form Elsa is that while the love and support of family is important you also have to have belief in yourself. It does not matter how much someone says, “You can do it,” it won’t happen if you don’t believe it yourself. You will not put the whole effort into it or you’ll make the wrong choices. In the end love and belief in yourself is just as important as love and belief from your loved ones.

Regina learned that lesson as well in this episode . After she spent the night with Robin she showed him the book and tells him that because of the book she can’t have a happy ending. She firmly believes that whoever wrote the book wants to keep her as a villain. She thinks that this is a classic fairytale book which means villains remains villains and heroes are heroes, there is no wavering. She firmly believes that this author does not want to her ever live happily.

39208f3612dc478ec7e07c34877a6185Regina has always put way too much store by the book. She blames the book for her life and the wrong choices she has made. She thinks changing it will fix everything and right all the bad choices she made in the past. She has too much faith in what the book can supposedly do and what is says. She is letting her past rule her present.

The book is just one way her story could have gone. Robin Hood, because he loves Regina, goes with Will to try to find a way of finding the author. While they are in the library a new pages appears in Robin’s bag. This page shows what could have happened if Regina had gone into the pub and met Robin Hood when she first was shown him.

Regina sees this and is at first confused. Robin tells her that the book is showing her hope. If she wants a happy ending it actually is possible, if she believes it is possible. Robin tells her that her choices in the past have led her to this point. Just as in the past her choices now will determine where her life goes.

What she has to stop doing is sabotaging herself. She thinks nothing good can happen so when it does she pushes it away. She makes poor decisions because she assumes that is all she can do.Which is not true. Of course you get a un-happy ending when you make choices that hurt others or hurt yourself. What the pages shows Regina is that if she hopes enough and believes in herself and her potential she will began making choices that will lead her to happiness. The happiness is there, she just needs to take it.

There are also two other quick observations I had about this episode. First I found it very interesting how upset Henry was at being ordinary and not having magic. While Emma wanted to rid herself of the magic and wanted to be ordinary. It is an interesting look at this situation because it shows the everyone wants to change what they have. Everyone, magic or not, sees themselves as inadequate at times. We all want something to make us better. The one with the magic wanted it gone because she thought that would solve her issue. While the “ordinary,’ one thought magic would solve everything. In the end we see that embracing who you are fully who you saw yourself and those you love.

The other thing is that this Rumple possessing Hooks heart thing is not going to end well at all. I’m very afraid to see what he makes Hook do and if Hook survives this problem.

“Our love made us strong, until it didn’t,”- Snow Queen – That is because you both judged the situation after one reaction to the incident. The belief evaporated and instead of understanding where your sister came from you saw her actions through a lens of hatred and betrayal.
“Your royals get to exhaustive lengths to ignore your issues,” – Kristoff- Very true words there.

“Funny thing about magic it can’t be destroyed completely,”- Rumple- This is the second time we have heard this said. What does this mean for something like The Spell of Shattered Sight? It can be lifted but ultimately not forgotten?
“Do You get a quarter from the hope commission every time you use that word?” – Regina- While this is a humorous line, she has a point. Snow lives her life with hope, always. And look how happy she currently is. She may say it a lot but there is a reason for that, one Regina needs to pay attention to.

“Happy endings can take a long time, but they do happen,”- Apprentice – Words that many of our characters should live by and understand.


Is Ana still frozen somewhere? Is she alive?

How long as it been since Elsa put into the urn?

When will Elsa remember what really happened?
What will the ribbons do to Emma and Elsa?
Will The Spell of Shattered Sight be cast fully and if so what will happen to everyone?
If it is cast and everyone hears what others think of them can they forget it and move on when the spell is lifted?
How will Rumple end up using Hook?
How will not having a heart effect Hook and Emma’s relationship?
Did Rumple just doom them?
Will Hook die?
Can/will Emma help Hook?
Will Regina be able to work on getting her happy ending?
Will they still look or the book’s author?
Wha other pages will appear?
Will the book be a saving grace for anyone else?

Once Upon a Time- S3E16- It’s Not Easy Being Green- (Spoilers)

This episode gave us background for Zelena. We now know why she is on the path she is on and what her plans actually are. I liked what we learned and am very curious as to how they are going to play out her plan. Time travel can be done very well or it can be done horribly and end up confusing the whole show into a tangled mess.

First we learned in this episode what drove Zelena over the edge. It was interesting to see the two sides of the people who found Zelena and how their differences could be one of the reasons Zelena ended up as she did. Her mother was instantly captivated by Zelena as a child. It was as if she was blind to the world around her. This new baby became her whole world. I feel like she had wanted a child for a very long time and now that she had one, nothing and no one else mattered anymore. To me she seemed like the type of parent who refused to see any bad in her child, ever. “She couldn’t do that, she’s a good girl,” was probably a phrase she uttered quite often.

On the other hand her father is much colder. He didn’t even want to help the baby in any way. He actually just wanted to leave her where they found her. While her mother’s heart was almost overflowing with love there seemed to be little to no love in her father’s heart. This is a dangerous combination to have in parents. Her father hated her from the get go. He saw her magic, was scared and didn’t trust her from that moment onwards. While she could do no wrong in her mother’s eyes, in her father’s she did nothing but wrong.

Zelena can’t deal with her father after her mother passes. For a while she tried to live as her father wanted, hiding everything she was and accepting she was not worthy of love. Soon it becomes too much as it would for any person and she leaves to go find the Wizard of Oz. All this woman wanted was to be loved by a family. She goes to the wizard thinking he can just hand her over to a family who will instantly love and accept her. At this moment she is still like a very naive child. She believes that solution is so simple. But it is never that easy. You can’t just be thrown in a life and expect it to work out absolutely perfect and to be handed everything that you ever wanted.

Instead she finds out from the wizard that she was abandoned as a child because she could not fulfill Cora’s wish to become royalty. One part of this exchange really bugged me. How did Cora know that Zelena was not going to be able to fulfill her wish to become royalty? She abandoned her daughter as a newborn baby. Why would she automatically assume that she was incapable of becoming who she wanted her to be. She never saw her really do anything. It makes me wonder who Zelena’s father actually is. It is because of him that Cora assumed that Zelena was a lost cause?

Zelena learns that she has a half sister and that Rumple is helping her learn how to use her powers. She knows she can be better then Regina and wants to prove it. She runs off to find Rumple, to have him teach her magic and how to truly control her power. She is extremely powerful and shows the promise that Rumple has been looking for, for so long. But like any living person she has a fatal flaw, envy.

Zelena has never had a family, has never had anyone to look up to or anyone that truly cared about her. She attaches herself to Rumple because he is showing her affection and some type of attention. He tells her she is worthwhile and that proves a big issue for Rumple. The curse hinges on the idea of giving up something you love and Zelena only loves Rumple. Rumple cannot have that and pushes Zelena away. Yet again she is second to her sister, which sparks her major issue with envy. Envy is going to be the death of this woman.

I loved the way they explained Zelena being green. She is green because she let her envy for Regina and everything she has take over her whole being. Zelena issues are rooted much deeper then her physical appearance to the outside world. Her issues are an integral part of her which makes her story much deeper and makes it much more difficult to rescue her. Her issues, envy and anger have literally twisted her features and outward appearance. You can literally see how far she has fallen.

Zelena is extremely envious of Regina. She hates that Regina was kept by her mother and that she was the star student of Rumple’s. She wants what Regina had but she has absolutely no idea how off she really is about her assumptions. We all know the saying, “When you make an assumption is makes an ass of you and me,” something Zelena is going to learn very quickly. Regina did not have a life any of us would truly envy or want to live. I can honestly say I would never trade places with Regina, ever. Her mother was literally heartless, the love of her life was murdered, she had no one that could be considered close to her. She was not loved. She had to cast a curse to feel even a little bit satisfied. She adopted a child and then lost him, Henry doesn’t remember a thing about her or their history together. In no way would any of us trade places with that woman, but Zelena is so blinded by her idea of what if’s that she refuses to see the world before her. Why would her changing the past change any of that for the better for Zelena?

Zelena decides that a way to solve her problems is by changing the past. Time travel never ends well. I have never read a story where someone messed with time and ended up happier because of it. You can’t change one part of life and expect everything else to fall into place. A butterfly flaps its wings and causes a hurricane half way around the world, we have all heard that before. One twitch of one incident affects every moment from there on out. There is no way even begin to predict where this all could end up. What I do know is that never, ever goes well. Why would Zelena’s new life be any different from Regina’s?

Zelena has no idea how terrible her idea really is. She can go back, take Regina’s place and life is not going to be anywhere close to smiles and love. Cora will still be heartless, incapable of loving anyone, even Zelena. Zelena will not get the life she has always dreamed of. This is not the family that will love her with all their hearts. The world will care less about her just as they do now. I am very interested to see how this all plays out for not only Zelena but everyone else as well. This can be an interesting twist, that can really reveal a lot about all the characters or it can a complete mess, becoming convoluted and confusing. I pray its the former.

There was two very interesting scenes with Regina in this episode as well. First I loved the moment whens she explained the meaning of the letter to Robin Hood. She actually opened up to this man, which is a giant leap forward.

For years the letter had been Regina’s saving grace. Whenever she felt worthless or weak she read the letter and remembered that she was the best. This gave her the strength to get her feet back under her again. Now she comes to learn that was all a lie. She has to find a way to win this new fight, knowing that she is not the best. This is a major blow to a normally very confident woman.

Regina has always lived based off of someone’s else opinion of her. She was a disappointment to her mother, she tried to fight that and lost. She knew she was extremely powerful not because of what she did but because of some words from Rumple. She lived off of that reassurance. Now Regina has to define herself by herself alone. She can’t live for anyone else or because of anyone else anymore. She had to have faith in her own abilities and her own power. She has to look back and realize that she has always had the power, it will always be there no matter what. There is no one behind her motivating her anymore. She isn’t out to hurt Snow, she has no mother to prove wrong and no Rumple to impress. She is at her barest level and now she can rebuild herself with much stronger pieces.

The other moment I loved was when she literally gave her heart to Robin Hood. She hid it initially to save herself during the fight, knowing it would be her downfall in some manner.After the fight she has to keep her heart away from her, it being too vulnerable inside her own chest. She willing hands it over to Robin Hood. We have a key moment her for their relationship. This is her first step in trusting this man that is supposed to be her true loves.

She knows that sooner or later she is going to have trust this man. To really have a true love you have to know that that person will not hurt you. You have to give every piece of yourself to them and this is her first step in that direction.

She isn’t ready to fall into his arms but she is opening up to him. Like Tink tells her she is accepting that love is real and can actually mean something for her. Regina is learning to not only trust herself but to trust her heart as well. Opening up her heart, will open up her life. Now these next few episodes are going to be crucial. Regina is going to see how this whole incident plays out. I’m very afraid for Robin Hood at this moment, he is in grave danger having possession of Regina’s heart. I don’t foresee Zelena having any mercy on him or his son and if they break so will Regina.

“Put on a good face,” Zelena’s father – Interesting words considering how Zelena ends up literally wearing her envy on her face. She shows the whole world her wicked side quiet easily. She no longer hides anything.

“I don’t lose,”- Regina – She has actually lost quite a few time. She lost Daniel and Henry and the whole curse blew up in her face. Regina rarely actually wins.

“It is one thing to wonder about your past. Another to become envious of things you can’t have,”- Great and Powerful Oz- Regina lived for revenge and it nearly destroyed her. Zelena is living for envy basically. Envy is seen as a sin and we all know it never helps anyone to want what anyone else has. Even changing the past cannot and will not eradicate this problem.

“Can’t steal something that is given to you,” Regina- She is giving Robin Hood her heart and now she is praying he can protect it literally and figuratively.

What does Snow’s kid have to do with the time travel scheme?

If Zelena changes time how will it effect Henry?

Will it affect him at all?

Who will provide the “brain,” for this curse?

Who is Zelena’s father?

Can they ever get control of Rumple again?

Where is Hook’s ship?

How much danger is Robin Hood in now that he has Regina’s heart?

Is his son in danger as well?

What will become of Regina if Robin Hood is hurt or gives up her heart?

Will she completely break down?

When is Henry going to be clued in about everything?

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