if i stay- Gayle Forman- Review (spoilers)

I saw the commercials for the movie that is coming out that is an adaptation of this novel. It is very common for me to see a commercial for a movie based off a book and want to read the source material before seeing the movie. I usually do it because I do not wantContinue reading “if i stay- Gayle Forman- Review (spoilers)”

“Feed” By M. T. Anderson- Review- (Spoilers)

I picked up this book for really one reason. I am always intrigued by stories set in futuristic worlds where machines and computers rule our lives. I am interested because it hits close to home in this day and age or because I like to see people fight this system. I love to see peopleContinue reading ““Feed” By M. T. Anderson- Review- (Spoilers)”