The Hearts We Sold – Emily Lloyd-Jones – Review

Need a new house? Want an old lover back in your arms? Want to become a singer or actor? Need money, a good grade or new car? Simple, make a deal with a demon and you can have whatever you want. Of course, there is a catch. You will be asked to give up yourContinue reading “The Hearts We Sold – Emily Lloyd-Jones – Review”

The Great Library Series – Rachel Caine – Review

The Great Library of Alexandria was not destroyed, instead it flourished and became the prime location for all knowledge. All books and writings are housed in the Great Library. All knowledge comes from the Great Library. Jess Brightwell is the son of a smuggler. In this society owning an original copy of a book isContinue reading “The Great Library Series – Rachel Caine – Review”

The Everything Box – Richard Kadrey – Review

In 2000 B.C. an angel is set to end the world. He reaches into his pocket only to find the device is gone. The world won’t be ending on that day. Fast forward to 2015 and we meet Coop. He is a pretty decent thief, except for he has been caught. He is facing jailContinue reading “The Everything Box – Richard Kadrey – Review”

They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera – Review

What would you do if you knew today was your last day to live? You will die before the day is over, there is no way around your fate. Would you live the life you always wanted to live? Would you open yourself up to a complete stranger? They Both Die at the End exploresContinue reading “They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera – Review”

Mask of Shadows – Linsey Miller – Review

How far will you go for revenge? Would you enter a contest where the only way out was to win or die? Would you be able to kill other contestants in order to reach the position that will allow you to avenge your family? These are questions that Sal has to ponder when they findContinue reading “Mask of Shadows – Linsey Miller – Review”

Is There More? An Exciting Book of Short Stories!

Need something to read this weekend? Something different, exciting and quick? Want a book that will make you rethink the world around you? Then my book of short stories, Is There More? is for you! Is There More? is a book of 8 short stories. Each story sets you in a world you think youContinue reading “Is There More? An Exciting Book of Short Stories!”

The Book Jumper – Mechthild Glaser – Review

┬áIf you say you have never wanted to jump into a book you were reading, you are lying. A reader’s dream is to be able to jump into the pages of a story and live that story. I would love to be able to be apart of my favorite stories, even though many of theContinue reading “The Book Jumper – Mechthild Glaser – Review”

Our Dark Duet – Victoria Schwab – Review

This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet ask the reader to rethink how you define the word monster. Is it a definition that applies to everyone or does it change based on the person and the circumstances they find themselves in? Our Dark Duet was a great end to a duology that makes you wonderContinue reading “Our Dark Duet – Victoria Schwab – Review”

The Magicians Land – Lev Grossman – Review

The Magicians series did not end up being the series I was expecting when I started it. I thought it would be more of an epic tale, one where someone learns they can do magic and have to go on grand adventures exploring their new power and saving their new lives. It ended up beingContinue reading “The Magicians Land – Lev Grossman – Review”

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare- Review

The second book in a series can be difficult to pull off. The first book tends to handle setting everything up. We learn about the world and the characters, we get a hint at the who the greater foe will and we set the stage for other side story lines. The last book in aContinue reading “Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare- Review”