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Once Upon a Time- Shattered Sight- 4×10 – Review (Spoilers)

sistersThis episode saw The Spell of Shattered Sight take effect as well as the end to The Snow Queen’s story line. I like that this story ended in a satisfying way without pure hatred and anger as the result.

I was expecting a bit more from The Spell of Shattered Sight. Everyone was channeling the darkest most angry sides of themselves but we saw that we have seen much of the dark side of everyone. The arguing and fighting between Snow, Charming and Regina was just a rehash of everything we have seen and heard before. Their issues were actually more used as comic relief than anything else for the episode.

I found it interesting that there was nothing major revealed while everyone was under the spell. We have seen the dark sides of all these major characters. We know that while Snow can be warm and fuzzy she also has a side that will fight and kill when necessary. We know all about Regina and the darkness that haunts her soul; I am glad they didn’t bring up something else with her that we didn’t see before. I like the forward progress she is making and wouldn’t want to see her thrown backwards for any reason. This spell basically told us that we have seen the worst of Regina and are heading into a new path with her.

GINNIFER GOODWIN, SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTER, JOSH DALLASWhat was most interesting about the spell was not who we saw but we didn’t see. Hook was immune because Rumple still possesses his heart. We did not get to see Hook bring out the darkest sides of himself. We know he is struggling with his choices and his past and I thought it good that we didn’t dive deeper right now. If we had it would have gotten lost in the demise of The Snow Queen. Hook has some demons hat he hasn’t completely dealt with and I want him to get ample time to really fight and win his battles.

We also did not see Robin Hood this episode. I like that we didn’t see him angry and dark. So far he has been this beacon of good and hope for Regina. We know he doesn’t have the best part, that Marian helped turn him around but it isn’t time yet to see that he has cracks in his facade. We need him to finish helping Regina first so she can do the same for him some time soon.

The main part of this episode focused on Elsa and Emma fighting off The Snow Queen. We learn through flashbacks that Emma and The Snow Queen had a very good relationship at one point. Ingrid didn’t try to force Emma to love her, she just formed a connection between the two of them. She acted like a sister to her, exactly what she ultimatly wanted. She just wanted someone to trust her and care for her. We see through the flashbacks her intent wasn’t out of malice or evil. She wanted the tight bond she had with her sisters again.

She could have had that to with Emma but like with Elsa she tried too hard to force the aspect of the power. She so wanted someone like her to be the one to love her. She didn’t and couldn’t form the connection without power being present. She thought that if Emma could use her powers than she would be able to fully appreciate and connect with Ingrid. Instead she scared Emma and pushed her away.

At the end of the episode she says a very poignant line, “….I’m not a monster because of the power but because of what I let them do…,” (paraphrased). She realizes after hearing her sisters letter that she never was without her sisters love. She let her power control her and she was so upset about what happened with her sisters she retreated in her powers. She channeled everything through them and let them direct her actions and thoughts for too long.

Just as I thought before Greta regretted her decision of entrapping her sister in the urn. She made the decision while she was devastated. When in pain and while angry we never do anything we want to do. Most regrets come from decisions during these moments. Greta wrote that she wanted the memories returned to their homeland because she loved her sisters and they all deserved to be remembered.

tumblr_nesiltpDGY1qcns0vo1_1280Hearing the letter snaps something in Ingrid. She realizes that she had let her own anger and pain take control. As she stated her powers weren’t evil it is what she let happen while under their influence. She made the decisions not her powers. She realizes that she made a mistake trying to force what she always had. Elsa nor Emma had to kill her. She ended up killing herself. She had what she always wanted, the love of her sister. She died knowing she would be with them again and not be seen as a monster. We got to see her leave not as villain but as a woman who made poor choices while in pain. This humanized her and made me feel sorry for her versus angry or upset at her.

Next week is the mid-seasons finale which I am sure will set up the second half of the season. Rumples is intent on leaving Storybrooke after he uses the hat and becoming all powerful. What he is going to do in the world is nothing good I am sure. And we are going to get introduce to our net adversaries, Cruella De Vil, Urlsla and Malificient.

“You won’t win, villains never win.”- Hook – He is talking to Rumple at this point. Rumple agrees but he doesn’t see himself as a villain. What will he do when he gets out of Storybrooke? Rumple is slowly becoming the ultimate villain, little by little he is losing all possibility of redemption.

“The love flowing through our ribbons is without equal,” – Snow Queen – The love of her sisters was always there. She just had it locked away because of her pain. When she heard that the love still lived and always had she realized her mistakes and sacrificed herself.

“Family never gives up on each other,” – Ana – Will this come back through with Henry when Rumple’s actions are finally revealed. Can love or family save him?

What is Rumple’s plan when he leaves Storybrooke?

What does he ultimately want?

Can he ever be saved?

Or is he so consumed by power and greed that he has lost all connection to humanity?

Is Hook going to die in some way?

Or will Emma save him with some form of the splitting heart idea like Snow and Charming?

Will Regina continue her hunt for the author?

What will the new villains want and are they working together in some way?
What does he ultimately want?
Can he ever be saved?
Or is he so consumed by power and greed that he has lost all connection to humanity?
Is Hook going to die in some way?
Or will Emma save him with some form of the splitting heart idea like Snow and Charming?
Will Regina continue her hunt for the author?
What will the new villains want and are they working together in some way?

Once Upon a Time- 4×08- Smash the Mirror- Review (Spoilers)

out_s1e02_08In this two hour episode we learned how Elsa actually got into the urn, Emma finally got control over her powers and Regina learns an important lesson with the help of Robin and the storybook.

Ana actually was the one who put Elsa into the urn but only because she had The Spell of Shattered Sight cast on her. She was consumed by her biggest dislike for her sister. Through the lens of the spell she saw Elsa as someone who had left her and forgot about her. The way the spell works is it brings out that deep dark issue and lets it consume you. Ana’s anger at her sister consumed her and the only solutions she saw was to put her sister in the urn. This was not how The Snow Queen wanted the situation to go.

What The Snow Queen actually wanted was for Elsa to freeze Ana. She wanted Elsa to embrace her full power and use it on her sister. But unlike Ingrid, Elsa is not consumed by anger and betrayal. Even with her sister standing in front other telling her how angry she is and how much she hates her, Elsa sees that it is a spell. Elsa knows that this is not how her sister truly feels about her.

hqdefaultAs Ana opens the urn Elsa says, “No matter what Ana, I love you.” Even as her sister imprisons her she will not lose her love for her sister. Unlike Ingrid, who was put int he urn thinking she was hated and despised, Elsa went in knowing that the words thrown at her were not what her sister really felt for her.

As I stated in my last review, Greta made her decision to put Ingrid in the urn out of fear, anger and overwhelming sadness Did she truly hate her sister? Did she really see her as a monster? If she had kept her memories would she have eventually realized what she had done? Would she have understood that Ingrid did not mean to hurt Helga? Would she have stood by her sister’s side? We will never know but I feel she would have ended up much like Elsa at this point. She was upset at the death of her sister (which is obviously completely understandable) but once she had a chance to process what happened and realized that her sister didn’t mean to do it, she would have clung onto her remaining sister. She made her choice while she was blinded by emotion.

Now I know Ana did not witness Elsa kill anyone but when she put Elsa in the urn she was doing it out of pure emotion. She was angry and upset exactly like Greta was. But Elsa left the urn only concerned about her sister. Elsa did not stew in betrayal, she held the love of her sister in her heart. She knows her sister, she knows what happened and held that love as close to herself as she could. She did not let go of that love. Her love for her sister is pure.

Elsa has always said that she can control her power because Ana had faith in her and because she loved her sister. Ana had faith in her and she used to that to keep herself under control. Emma thinks that same logic, her love for Henry, can help her control her powers. But it doesn’t work. She ends up hurting her son and that makes everything worse.

What Emma learns form Elsa is that while the love and support of family is important you also have to have belief in yourself. It does not matter how much someone says, “You can do it,” it won’t happen if you don’t believe it yourself. You will not put the whole effort into it or you’ll make the wrong choices. In the end love and belief in yourself is just as important as love and belief from your loved ones.

Regina learned that lesson as well in this episode . After she spent the night with Robin she showed him the book and tells him that because of the book she can’t have a happy ending. She firmly believes that whoever wrote the book wants to keep her as a villain. She thinks that this is a classic fairytale book which means villains remains villains and heroes are heroes, there is no wavering. She firmly believes that this author does not want to her ever live happily.

39208f3612dc478ec7e07c34877a6185Regina has always put way too much store by the book. She blames the book for her life and the wrong choices she has made. She thinks changing it will fix everything and right all the bad choices she made in the past. She has too much faith in what the book can supposedly do and what is says. She is letting her past rule her present.

The book is just one way her story could have gone. Robin Hood, because he loves Regina, goes with Will to try to find a way of finding the author. While they are in the library a new pages appears in Robin’s bag. This page shows what could have happened if Regina had gone into the pub and met Robin Hood when she first was shown him.

Regina sees this and is at first confused. Robin tells her that the book is showing her hope. If she wants a happy ending it actually is possible, if she believes it is possible. Robin tells her that her choices in the past have led her to this point. Just as in the past her choices now will determine where her life goes.

What she has to stop doing is sabotaging herself. She thinks nothing good can happen so when it does she pushes it away. She makes poor decisions because she assumes that is all she can do.Which is not true. Of course you get a un-happy ending when you make choices that hurt others or hurt yourself. What the pages shows Regina is that if she hopes enough and believes in herself and her potential she will began making choices that will lead her to happiness. The happiness is there, she just needs to take it.

There are also two other quick observations I had about this episode. First I found it very interesting how upset Henry was at being ordinary and not having magic. While Emma wanted to rid herself of the magic and wanted to be ordinary. It is an interesting look at this situation because it shows the everyone wants to change what they have. Everyone, magic or not, sees themselves as inadequate at times. We all want something to make us better. The one with the magic wanted it gone because she thought that would solve her issue. While the “ordinary,’ one thought magic would solve everything. In the end we see that embracing who you are fully who you saw yourself and those you love.

The other thing is that this Rumple possessing Hooks heart thing is not going to end well at all. I’m very afraid to see what he makes Hook do and if Hook survives this problem.

“Our love made us strong, until it didn’t,”- Snow Queen – That is because you both judged the situation after one reaction to the incident. The belief evaporated and instead of understanding where your sister came from you saw her actions through a lens of hatred and betrayal.
“Your royals get to exhaustive lengths to ignore your issues,” – Kristoff- Very true words there.

“Funny thing about magic it can’t be destroyed completely,”- Rumple- This is the second time we have heard this said. What does this mean for something like The Spell of Shattered Sight? It can be lifted but ultimately not forgotten?
“Do You get a quarter from the hope commission every time you use that word?” – Regina- While this is a humorous line, she has a point. Snow lives her life with hope, always. And look how happy she currently is. She may say it a lot but there is a reason for that, one Regina needs to pay attention to.

“Happy endings can take a long time, but they do happen,”- Apprentice – Words that many of our characters should live by and understand.


Is Ana still frozen somewhere? Is she alive?

How long as it been since Elsa put into the urn?

When will Elsa remember what really happened?
What will the ribbons do to Emma and Elsa?
Will The Spell of Shattered Sight be cast fully and if so what will happen to everyone?
If it is cast and everyone hears what others think of them can they forget it and move on when the spell is lifted?
How will Rumple end up using Hook?
How will not having a heart effect Hook and Emma’s relationship?
Did Rumple just doom them?
Will Hook die?
Can/will Emma help Hook?
Will Regina be able to work on getting her happy ending?
Will they still look or the book’s author?
Wha other pages will appear?
Will the book be a saving grace for anyone else?

Once Upon a Time 4X07- The Snow Queen (Review) (Spoilers)

Once-Upon-a-Time-4x06-Family-Business-Snow-Queen-looking-at-herself-in-the-mirror-650x365This episode gave us the backstory to The Snow Queen and gave us a much clearer picture of what she is up to and why she is doing all of this. The other major part of the episode was watching as Robin Hood struggled to do as his head says instead of listening to his heart.

The episode opened with the three sisters playing, Ingrid, Greta and Helga. (Ingrid becomes The Snow Queen and Greta is Ana and Elsa’s mother). They find a kite that belongs to a creepy man that tries to kidnap Helga and Greta. Ingrid freaks out and ends up using her power to save them. This is the first time Ingrid realizes she has the freezing power.

Ingrid is scared to death thinking that everyone will call her a monster and be terrified of her. Magic is not a huge presences in Arendelle. Her sisters, instead of being scared of her, tell her that they will all stick tighter. They tell her they will help her hide the power until she learns how to control it. They take ribbons from the kite and tie it around their wrists making a pact to be there for each other no matter what happens.

The Snow Queen’s story is also one of the power of the love sisters can hold for one another. I like that they brought out this story line even more. I didn’t know if it was going to extend beyond Elsa and Ana. I like seeing it being given more depth here. We get to see a different side of this story and the whole range of what sisterly love can do and how much it can really endure.
It was at the end of the episode where we saw how far a sister bond can be pushed. By accident Ingrid freezes and kills her sister Helga. She is devastated and horrified. Greta comes upon the scene and is instantly terrified. All the talk about being together no matter what and always caring and loving one another is completely forgotten in her fear. Not until that moment did Greta comprehend how dangerous Ingrid’s power could be.

Greta is the one who puts Ingrid in the urn because of how scared she becomes. I completely understand Greta’s reaction. She sees her sister dead by her other sister’s hand. Until that point it was a power that made snow and froze branches. She didn’t realize exactly what the power could really do. No one knew. They all believed that as long as they loved Ingrid and supported her they would be fine. In this moment Greta saw that sometimes love is not the full answer. No one showed Ingrid how to control the power and because of that someone died.

So when Greta actually sees what the power can do, it obviously scares her. No matter how much you love someone if you see them lose control and kill someones, especially a sibling, you are going to be afraid of them. This reaction is natural. Our survival instincts tell us to be afraid of anything or anyone that is a threat to our lives.

The issues here comes from the action that went with the reaction. It is never a good idea to make decisions when you are angry or upset. The rational side of you is gone and you are act purely on emotion. Which is exactly what Greta did to her sister. She was scared and did not know what to do so she put her sister somewhere where she could not hurt anyone else. She saw Ingrid as a threat and she got rid of that threat. It was all done in a matter of minutes.

The Snow Queen was trapped in an urn for years where she had nothing but time to think over her capture and her sisters frightened look. Instead of understanding why she was scared and trying to work around it, Ingrid’s emotions take control of her. Betrayal and anger are her only companions in her captivity and they boil over and completely change her.

She is hardened by those actions. She can’t see beyond what happened in that moment. Her goals is to create a new sisterly bond with Elsa and Emma who also possess power they can’t control fully. She seems to think that once they see how it is to lose control, they will understand and accept her.

She is constantly telling both of the women that they are not understood and they are feared. She wants them doubting those around them. She wants them to feel isolated and to come to her for comfort. She wants to be the only one who can understand them. Once everyone abandons them because of how afraid they are she will be there with open arms. They can become a family because they will understand each other and not turn on one another.

What she doesn’t understand is that Emma’s family is not walking away that easily. Yes, they are initially freaked out but that evaporates fast. Snow instantly regrets her reaction and they know that they need to be there to help her. They will not see Emma as a monster, no matter what she does. They understand magic much better than Ingrid’s sisters ever did. They also understand losing control and making decisions that they aren’t always proud of. Emma’s family will not walk away from her easily. They also like Elsa too much to leave her as well. Emma will not be able to give up without a fight from her family.

4iPfg3BSpeaking of not giving up without a fight, we got see how truly conflicted Robin Hood is about his feelings for Regina and Marian. Regina keeps telling him he needs to forget her and fall back in love with Marian in order to save Marian’s life. Robin Hood knows that what she is telling him is the right thing to do, that is what his head says. But his heart does not care or agree, which is the case much of the time. He is going back and forth and it is driving him nuts.

Robin Hood has a conversation with Will Scarlett about what someone will do for true love. Will tells him you fight for love. Robin Hood mentions that he needs to remember the good Marian saw and brought out in him and that she made him the man he is now. But that was then. She made him who he was. He has grown and changed since meeting Regina as well. She has also shown him a new side of himself. That thought and logic goes both ways now.

We see him come to Regina again. He tells her he lives by a certain code of righteousness and good and he knows what that means and what he should do. But he also doesn’t care anymore. He kisses her because that is where his heart lies. Regina has his heart and he isn’t going to let her let go of it.

Yes, he needs to love Marian to save her but he can’t do that so easily. He loves Regina and he does not want to lose her. True love can’t be manipulated and changed. We’ve seen you don’t get to choose when it comes to true love. Robin Hood can’t un-love Regina. He can’t forget her. They will have to find a different way to save Marian because Robin Hood can’t change where his heart lives.

“Next time a happy ending knocks on my door I’ll be ready,” – Regina – She wants so badly to control how the ending will come but that is not possible. It is already at her feet,she just has to dust off the pieces and figure out how to put them together.

“Sometimes even when you win, you lose,” – Will – Where is the Red Queen? What happened to them since Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? And how true is this statement? Is there always going to be someone who loses in some way?

“When you see the good in someone even when they don’t see it in themselves,” – Will – Here he is speaking about love. Robin Hood sees all the good that Regina has in her heart. She needs him around to continue to show that good side and not lose it, in this desire to manufacture a happy ending.

“Faith can be powerful,” – Rumple – This is an interesting statement. Will Emma have faith not only in herself but faith in her families love for her? How much faith is needed?

How will The Snow Queen bond the three of them?
Can she get them to trust her?
Will she be the only one there to help them learn control and not fear them?
How will Emma’s friends and family help her?
Will she trust them?
Can they control their emotions and not let it rule their actions?

Has Robin chosen Regina?
What will that mean for Marian and her fate?
If he wanted to could Robin forget his true love feelings for Regina?

What will the ribbons do for The Snow Queen?

What did she tell Rumple about the hat?
How did Elsa get into the urn?
Where is Ana?

Once Upon a Time-4X06- Family Business- (Spoilers)

a45c56ed67e8e0633de021db1cf75462This episode was the episode where Belle finally became more of a round character. We got to see that her relationship with Rumple is in serious jeopardy. We also got to see what The Snow Queen seems to have planned and we are learning that yet again a romantic vision of life is not something that is going to be able to be forced into reality.

The episode started with Belle and her mother hiding from the ogres that are attacking their land. They are about to be attacked when Belle blacks out and wakes up to find her mother has died. She has no memory of what happened and becomes obsessed with getting those memories back. She goes to Arendelle to find the rock trolls and meets Ana.

Belle is an interesting character. She has always seemed like a flat character to me. She is someone everyone trusts and she is friendly with most. She gives people a chance and sees the good in people, such as with Rumple. For the last few seasons that has seemed to be all that she was. We did see her doubt herself and need a boost when she was given the task of helping everyone get out of Neverland by Rumple but that was never expanded on. Until now it would seem she was okay with who she was. Until now we did not really get the full understanding of how much she doubts herself and her abilities.

She finds the mirror in The Snow Queen’s ice cave and her reflection says out loud all the things she has been hiding inside of herself for so long. It tells her that she is pathetic, weak and will never be a hero. Until now we didn’t get a real indication of that these are issues she has been dealing with. She is always helping others or fighting for others and we never got to see what she is fighting with inside of herself. She actually has very little confidence in herself. She has never been the leader, always the follower. This sets up a chance for her character to really be able to grow into a strong woman who stands up for herself and truly believes in her abilities.

We saw that this element exists in her when she suggests going to Rumple to help save her family and kingdom. That suggestion took bravery and confidence. So it is all inside of her she just has to find a way to bring it out into the open where it belongs.

At one time I would have said Rumple could have helped her bring out these elements of herself. But now I doubt that. Rumple is living a double life and he has not conquered his demons or found his true confidence in himself yet.

The mirror tells Belle that deep down she knows that Rumple is a beast and she can’t truly trust him. And the mirror is not wrong in this manner right now. Despite what Rumple continuously spouts out to others he has not changed, at least not as completely as he pretends. He still possess the real dagger, meets with The Snow Queen in secret and it out to capture magic to make the hat work for him.

Rumple is yet again playing this game where is he is pretending to live one life while he is really living a completely different one. Sooner or later this act is going to catch up with him as it always does. When it does he is going to have a fallout much bigger then he has ever had to deal with before. Belle is going to be livid and her trust in him is going to completely evaporate. Not to mention the whole town is going to be on guard against him for knowing what the The Snow Queen has been planning for so long. He is going to end up alone again and when Rumple is hurt he gets dangerous.

The question becomes why is he doing this? Is it because for so long this has been how his life has been and his can’t break the habit? He has to be involved in everything that is happening around him, has to know who is in power and what their plans are. For so long he has been the one that everyone uses and he can’t break out of that mold. Also he seems to be protecting his position of power as well. Rumple has always been the most powerful and every time someone threatens that he lashes out. The Snow Queen seemed like he met his match but yet again he pulls out something that gives him leverage. No one is going to control him or be more powerful then him. Despite what he always says that is what his life is truly about right now.

xthe-snow-queens-secret-once-upon-a-time-s4e6.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xHsYr7fPSnThis episode also answered some questions about The Snow Queen and what she seems to be planning. Turns out she really is Ana and Elsa’s aunt. She is one of three sister and she appears to be the only one left alive. She is out to recreate the family the she lost.

We know that somehow her and her other sister Olga disappeared at one point in time and everyone’s memories of them were erased. Why they were kidnapped or where they went we have no idea. Did it have something to do with the snow power? Were they the odd ones out and they were seen as a threat and taken away? We are not sure yet.

What we do know is that she seems to have tried to recreate this family a few times before. She started with Elsa being all kind by helping her learn control. She earned Elsa’s trust but Ana doubted her and discovered that she was not who she seemed to be. As a consequence Ana was captured and most likely still in The Snow Queen’s possession.

Something happened to make her have to imprison Elsa and erase her memories of everything; same thing with Emma. She was Emma’s foster family for six months and judging by the papers and cards she saved she cared for Emma and Emma actually like her. Again something happened to break this relationship.

The Snow Queen appeared to be trying to create a family organically. Earn the trust of these people and let them come to care for her and be the family she always wanted. But we know she has a hard side that does not accept when things do not go her way. She lashes out and it becomes about control.

Now she has given up on the trying to be nice and create a family that way. She is going to get this family she wants no matter what. She plans on using the mirror to turn everyone in town against each other, hopefully leaving only her, Elsa and Emma still alive or around. Then she has this group but it is not a family. She will have to find a way to make these two trust her and like her again. Remind them of the past? Take away memories of the evil she has done? Somehow she is going to have to make it so they actually want to be around her. Without that there is no family. Just because three people are together does not make them a family. A family requires love and respect and that is something that neither Emma or Elsa have for her.

“Magic always comes with a price,”- Belle’s father- Yet again we are reminded of this fact. Everyone in this world knows this fact by now but they seem to forget it or underestimate the consequences too often. I think Rumple and The Snow Queen are going to learn this lesson yet again.

“Captain Guy-liner,” – Regina (in reference to Hook)- I found this line hilarious. I also like that Regina is still witty like this. It is good to see that all that is going on around her has broken her completely yet.

“Nothing I try seems to be good enough,” – Regina- She tells this to Robin Hood right before she tells him that he has to forget about her and fall in love with Marian again. Regina is out of ideas and it is killing her. She is used to being able to solve all problems and now she is at a point where she is out of options. She can’t save Marian and she has to let Robin Hood go. It is a short scene but we see that Regina is breaking and soon she is going to be completely broken. The question becomes when will someone notice and how much damage will there be at that point?

“Sometimes a hero has to sacrifice everything for those they love,”- Belle- How many sacrifices will have to be made before these story lines end?

When will Rumple slip up and everyone finds out about the other life he has been living?
What will Bell do when she finds out the truth?
Now that Rumple has the upper hand over The Snow Queen how will he use it?
What does he want with the hat?
How did The Snow Queen lose the box with the hat?
Whose house was the box found in?
Does The Snow Queen still have Ana?
How long as it been since Ana was captured?
What happened to make her take Emma and Elsa’s memories?
Does The Snow Queen really think these two will ever love or respect her enough to be a real family?
When did she take Emma’s memories?
Can Robin does as Regina asks of him?
Can he really un-love his true love?
When will Regina fall break from everything?
Who will notice and will they be in time to save her?

Once Upon a Time – 4X05- Breaking Glass- Spoilers

Once-Upon-a-Time-4x05-2-850x560Two main things happened in this episode; Emma and Regina finally had a confrontation about what happened with Marian and we also got more questions about The Snow Queen and her plans as well as found out how she once knew Emma.

This episode confirmed that The Snow Queen did not come over to the mortal world with either of the curses. She has been in our world for quite a while. The last scene made it seem like she was at one time one of Emma’s foster families. This revelation raises more questions about this woman. How long has she actually been here and what was she doing with young Emma? Why did she erase her memories? Because something went wrong? Also did she ever go back to the Enchanted Forest during that time? She does not looked to have aged all in the twenty plus years, why? I know that whatever she has been planning is elaborate and going to be complicated.

In this episode The Snow Queen imprisons Elsa and makes an interesting point about fear. She tells Elsa that the more scared she is the stronger the chains holding her will become. She tells Elsa that she has “So much fear,” and “Imagine what you could do if you learned to control it.”

This is a point about magic that we haven’t seen before. So far we have seen magic controlled by love and by anger but no one has every made a point that they control their magic by fear. Fear can be all consuming. Everyone has been afraid at one time; whether it was walking through a haunted house or waiting for test results to come back. You get tense and the world becomes focused on that one thing that you are scared of.

People make rash decisions when they re afraid. We laugh at horror movies when the victim runs upstairs instead of out of the house. But when you are consumed by terror you can’t think things through rationally. You run to get away or you lash out. Fear makes us irrational and only concentrated on surviving.

ELIZABETH MITCHELL, GEORGINA HAIGWhich is why this idea is so interesting. We can assume that The Snow Queen is no stranger to fear or terror. Why she understand fear so well we do not know yet but I think she has been alone and she has been working to survive for quite sometime. Whatever caused her fear The Snow Queen has found a way to control her fear and use it to her advantage. She is strong, cunning and if she has been afraid long enough or enough times I can easily see her taking that helpless and making it into an asset instead of a weakness. Does fear really have any affect on her anymore? How will this change how Emma will be able to fight her? Generally you want the enemy to fear you and thus backdown but if The Snow Queen controls her fear this becomes an obsolete tactic.

Elsa gets out of the chain by telling herself over and over again not to be afraid. She pushes her fear to the background and concentrates on escaping and helping her new friends. She ends up getting herself free because she overcomes her fear. The Snow Queen tells Elsa she is proud because it would seem that Elsa is losing her fear. Why does she want Elsa to lose her fear though?

And if Elsa ends up losing her fear in some way does that put her in danger or the people around her in danger? If you do not far anything you put yourself into situations that could be dangerous. To survive we need fear. We need to fear animals that could eat or tear us apart and we need to fear that person with the weapon that could kill us. If we don’t that fear we have a greater chance of lashing out and getting ourselves killed. Our survival instinct has a sense of fear to it.

If Elsa loses her fear what will happen? Will she be reckless or cruel like The Snow Queen? Why does The Snow Queen want Elsa like this? She rejected Rumple’s help but does she need a different kind of partner? Does it have something to do with Elsa having the same type of power as she does?

The other main aspect of this episode was Emma and Regina finally having a real confrontation about what happened with Marian and Robin Hood. Regina is pissed and she doesn’t want to be around Emma. She sees her heartbreak as Emma’s fault. In Regina’s eyes all her recent issues and problems are become of Emma and she isn’t entirely wrong.

OUAT-Breaking-Glass-01Emma makes a statement to Elsa that once you screw someone over it become difficult for them to ever trust you again, if they ever will. She knows how it feels to be betrayed and she can’t blame Regina for hating her. She knows that righting this is going to be nearly impossible but Elsa does not let her give up. She tells Emma that you do not give up on people you care about, you keep trying. It will take time but you can’t walk away.

Emma realizes that she has to take a different angle with Regina. She can apologize all she wants for what she did but that won’t change anything. She goes to talk to Regina one more time and tells her that she wasn’t looking to assuage her guilt she was actually looking to reconnect with someone she thought could be a friend at one time. Emma tells Regina that while she finally has the family she always dreamed of in Storybrooke she doesn’t have someone who can understand her like Regina can.

Both Regina and Emma are misunderstood and have been rejected. Emma never found herself until Henry came for her. She never thought she was truly wanted just like Regina after Daniel died. Both of them became closed off and angry against the world. No one else in their lives can understand how that feels. Everyone else has been loved or accepted at one time. Regina and Emma know how the other feels when someone makes a wrong assumption about them.

Regina and Emma need each other. Each needs an ear to listen to them when they are feeling lost and rejected as happened frequently with both of them. They can be there for one another. When they talk to each other the other actually understands and can help in a useful manner. They need someone to balance them and they can do that for each other.

“You’ve never had my back and you never will,” – Regina – Regina has never let anyone have her back. She can’t trust easily and when she was warming to Emma, Emma goes and screwed things up with Marian. But Emma can have her back and visa versa. Regina just needs to actually trust someone for once.

“Learn to live with it,” – Regina – This is in response to Emma professing that she feels bad about what she did. Regina is not accepting her apology easily or tries to fix things. She isn’t going to let Emma off easily. Regina has to live with her pain everyday so does Emma.

What is the mirror for that the Snow Queen completed?
What other mirrors are involved?
What did The Snow Queen do to or with young Emma?
Why did she erase all memories of herself?
What is her backstory?
Why does she want Elsa to learn to control her fear?
Does she need Elsa?
Does she have Ana?
What is her endgame?
Can Regina and Emma be friends and support each other?
Can either of them allow someone else to help them or support them?

Once Upon a Time- White Out- S4E2 (Spoilers)

In this episode we got to see how David became the man he is today as well as found out about a potential new big bad for this season.

ElsaEmmaThis episode opened with Elsa vowing that no one was going to leave the town until she had found Ana. She erected a large wall of ice making the town her prisoners. It knocked out the power causing Emma, David and Hook to go investigate. They find Elsa and frighten her causing her to trap herself and Emma inside the wall of ice. Hook and David scramble for a way to save Emma before she freezes to death.

The glimpse of the past portion of the episode showed us that Ana encounters David shortly after she arrives in the Enchanted Forest. David is kind to her and is going to let her stay at his farm. While there she learns that Bo Peep is extorting David and his mother. Ana is distraught at watching David give into Bo Peep and works to help him learn how he can fight when he needs to. In the end this is a lesson that David passes on to Elsa and helps her find a way to control her power and save Emma.

The main theme of this episode was the idea that surviving is not enough. You have to fight daily for what you want, if you just stay motionless nothing will improve or change. David has to learn this lesson in order to save himself and his mother and it is a lesson that a few others in this show should take note of.

In the past we learn that David’s father lost his battle with alcoholism and that made David assume that some battles can’t be won and aren’t worth fighting. He becomes a man who just survives from day to day.

Bo Peep extorts him and his mother because David is weak and assumes that he can’t win, so why bother fighting at all? Ana doesn’t understand this way of thinking and she won’t let David live by it anymore. She tells David that she knows how to fight and she will teach him so that he can fight Bo Peep and keep his farm and way of life.

While they are training she tells him that, “Surviving isn’t living,” (Ana). Just because you wake up day after day does not mean you are truly living your life. There is more to living then making it to the next day. You have to work for and fight for what you want. You have to go after you dreams and accomplish you goals. Otherwise you are just taking up space and not doing anything to better yourself. You have to try to make your life worth something, in your eyes at least.

once-upon-timeDavid has to learn that he can win and that there are a number of things that are worth fighting for in this life. This sparks a flame inside of him that continues to burn. He fought for him and his mother and now he fights to hold together his family, to keep his love for Snow alive and to help Emma live a full life. David is a true fighter now.

Emma could take a few pointers form her father. Emma still seems to be only surviving from day to day. Last episode we saw her tell Regina that she came to Storybrooke to help give everyone a happy ending and she will not stop until she has accomplished that task. Does she realize that means herself as well? Emma refuses to see that she can have a true happy ending just like everyone else. Does she really want a happy ending? She continuously pushes away those who are there that can give her what she wants.

In this episode we saw how much Hook truly cares for Emma. He is scared to death when Emma gets trapped in the ice. He will do anything to save her. When David questions what Hook is doing with his daughter Hook replies with, “I wouldn’t risk my life on someone I see as loot. Whatever we become is up to her as much as me,” (Hook). He truly loves and cares for Emma but he understands that they can’t have a relationship if she isn’t committed to it as well. Emma has to want to be with him as much as he wants to be with her. Hook will fight for Emma but how long will that last if Emma keeps pushing him away?

Emma has her happy ending at her feet but she is backing way from it instead of running at it. She has a son who loves her, parents who care and love her and Hook who will do anything for her. If she wanted to she could let herself be truly happy. Yes, life seems to always have complications but she can be happy in-between those moments. She is just always waiting for the next problem. All Emma seems to live for is to get out of the next scrape. Emma survives day -to-day but she is going to need to learn to truly live before she loses everything that makes living worthwhile.
We saw that Elsa isn’t out to be the next enemy. All she wants is her sister back. She can’t control her powers without her sister. We see that Elsa just like Emma has this huge guilt weighing on her shoulders. She blames herself for everything that has gone wrong in her life and without Ana’s voice in her head helping her she feels like she can’t truly do anything. Elsa is going to have to learn that she can control her powers without Ana always by her side. Through looking for Ana I hope that Elsa drops some of the guilt that is weighing on her and sees how much strength and power she holds inside of herself.

At the end of the episode we got a glimpse of what may be the new big bad, the Snow Queen. I am extremely excited that they are incorporating the true Snow Queen from the Hans Christian Anderson story alongside the modern day version of the character. It will be fun to watch these two beside each other. I hope that they use the character to help Elsa see what she can becomes if she doesn’t learn to control herself and have confidence in herself. If this Snow Queen is anything like the original story she is ruthless and harsh. For Elsa it will be a shock to see someone not only who has her powers but who also has lost herself to the darkness. I feel like we are going to see Elsa panic then realize that she can determine where her life is going to go. Elsa will have to fight to not only save her sister but to also save herself.

“There are alway people in this world who want you to give up. Don’t make their jobs any easier.” – David – He tells this to Emma. He sees that Emma is constantly doubting herself and what she should do next. He wants her to know that there are alway compilations and people who are going to be angry at or against her. The only way they will win is if she lets them.

“If you fight a battle you can win it’s not a fight.” – Ana – She has a very good point. If you only fight what you know you can win you have accomplished nothing. Yes, you are the victor but so what? You knew you were going to be. There was no effort extended or used. You don’t grow stronger or become better you if you just remain static. David wins his fight against Bo Peep and realizes that these words are very true.

“Wow you really like to give up.” – Ana – Ana is a very strong and stubborn person. She doesn’t back down easily. So she can’t understand why David is that way. In the end these words are ironic because David has no idea how to give up anymore. This is the last thing he likes to do now.

Who exactly is the Snow Queen?
– What is her story?
– Is she going to be the new villain?
– Is she going to be who Elsa has to struggle against?
– What is the connection between the two and their powers?
What did Rumple end up doing for Ana?
Was Ana somehow responsible for Elsa ending up in Rumple’s vault?
Will Emma ever let herself be happy with Hook?
Will Regina let Henry help her?
What will Henry do once he learns about what Regina is planning?

Once Upon a Time S4E1- A Tale of Two Sisters- (Spoilers)

Once_Upon_a_TimeSeason_4_Poster Once Upon a Time is back! And it came back with a handful of questions, new characters and set ups for what look to be exciting story lines. One of my major fears for this season was quickly put to rest from the season catch up that aired beforehand and the episode itself. I can see now that the Frozen storyline is not going to just be a retelling of the Frozen movie which makes me feel better. It actually seems like we are going to get more history of the sister, their families and Elsa’s powers. The show seems like it may answer some lingering questions from the movie and actually add more to the movie itself. After this season’s over or at least this storyline I may watch the movie again to see how it changes how I watch the movie. (Though I do know that nothing in the show is officially part of the Frozen Disney universe but it will still be fun to have this added bit for the movie).

We opened the episode with Elsa and Ana’s parents at sea caught in a terrible storm. The mother quickly works to write a message and place it in a bottle. She says it tells the truth (though what that truth is we are not told). We then jump five years and see Ana preparing for her wedding and Elsa still struggling with controlling her powers. This story line is going to take place right after the movie ends it would seem. (If you haven’t seen the movie I watch highly recommend it. Not only to be able to follow the show better but also because it is a great movie!).

We are introduced to our new characters and then are brought back to our old favorites. The scene opens right after Emma has brought Marian into the diner and Robin Hood has reunited with her. (Note that there is a time jump between Elsa and Ana’s past story and this moment, though we are not sure how much time has passed between the two yet). Regina leaves the diner, angry and broken hearted. She has just seen that Robin Hood still loves his wife and she has seen her whole world collapse around her once again. She is angry at Emma, angry at the whole situation and her heart is breaking. These are a lot of emotions for Regina to deal with at one time.

sins-of-the-past-once-upon-a-time-s4e1On top of all that Marian comes out screaming about Regina being a monster. She is upset and confused as to why everyone is defending Regina. She hates her (and I can’t blame her) and she reminds Regina that yet again she is and always will be seen as the villain by someone. She has tried so hard to make herself feel less like a villain and monster but she can’t succeed. She sees yet again that she is not going to get the happy ending that she so desires. She leaves the diner broken and hurt.

Regina enacted the curse because she was upset that everyone in the Enchanted Forest seemed to get a happy ending, everyone but her. She wanted to hurt Snow and she wanted to make it so no one can get the ending that she couldn’t have. Over the course of the show we have seen Regina get so close to that ending only to have it ripped out of her reach again and again. She is on her tippy-toes almost having a hand on that moment and then it is yanked away and she stumbles forward and has to start all over again. It hurts and she is done with that pain.

She thought she had her ending with Henry but he was distant with her and then Emma shows up and she has to fight for her son’s love. She gets his love and trust and then finds Robin Hood. Only to have him ripped right out of her grasp yet again. She is getting tired of this fight and we can see that she is getting desperate.

Henry is like us and worried about Regina going back to her old ways. Whenever she gets upset or angry she falls back into what is comfortable and that is being evil and hurting people. Henry doesn’t want to see that happen to his mother and either do we. I was scared at the end of last season that we would end up with evil Regina again but I don’t think we are going to get that woman. We are seeing a desperate Regina now.

She frees Sydney to help her get rid of Marian. She doesn’t want her killed in this world, because it would come right back to her and that would help nothing. She initially thinks about going back in time and killing Marian before Emma can come along but that idea doesn’t last long. Regina quickly realizes her problem isn’t Marian herself. She is just another obstacle being thrown at her and she is tired of weaving around and jumping over these things. She wants what she deserves and she is going to find a way of getting it, one way or another.

The plan that Regina comes up with excites my writer’s heart dearly. She is going to find the writer of Henry’s storybook and make him basically rewrite her story. She blames the book for her issues. Everyone’s story is inside of this book. You just have to open it and see what has happened to every one and what has led them up to this point in their lives. It doesn’t tell the future but it holds the past and the past is what Regina wants to get rid of. Time travel is complicated but she is intent on having her story rewritten. The stories in that book are the stories that have created everyone in Storybrooke. They hold everything that has made them who they are up until this point and Regina wants hers fixed.

Regina wants her story rewritten so she can actually get her happy ending finally. The problem is I am not sure Regina has a clear idea of what a happy ending truly is. I think she thinks of it has everyone being together and everything working out perfectly with no hurt, no pain and no problems. By that definition no one has gotten their happy ending and never will. Regina wants life to be too perfect and she is going to be upset when she finds out that happy endings are complicated. Plus you can’t get an ending until everything is over and her life is far from over. I think she will start to see that maybe she has all she needs to create that ending and to live happily, right in front of her.

images-3The other main character in this episode was Elsa. We see that Elsa is still struggling to control her powers. Her emotions set them off and she is struggling not to freeze everyone and everything. We see that she seems to define herself much the same way that Regina does, as a monster.
Both Regina and Elsa have power and aren’t sure how to use it in the right manner. They are both scared of what they can do and have done in the past. They hide themselves away hoping to protect people. Regina hides because of her past and how it can hurt and Elsa hides because she is terrified of what she may do in a moment of lost control. Elsa blames herself for her parent’s death and believes that all her families problems are her fault.

We learn that Ana is missing. She went to Misthaven (also known as The Enchanted Forest) to find out why their parens were heading there when they died. Elsa blames herself and is determined to find her sister one way or another.

I hope that Elsa and Regina see a kindred soul in one another and become friends of sorts. They both are struggling so hard not see themselves as monsters that they would be able to relate to each other well. I think they can take advice from their friends and family but those people don’t understand their situation fully. Together they can offer advice and an ear to listen to because they know exactly how the other feels. They are both outsiders wanting a happy ending.

This season is going to be an interesting one. We are going to continue to see our key characters grow and we are going to get more depth to two characters that many have fallen in love with. Will be interesting to see how everything starts to play out.


“Always the villain even when I’m not.”- Regina- No matter what she does her past continues to haunt her. She is tired of being seen at the villain which is why she decides to rewrite her story.

“Left my past in the past where it belongs.”- Robin Hood- He knows your past may hurt and it can hold things you are not proud of but you can change. He hopes Regina can understand this. Even though his past love is now alive again so that statement got a bit complicated.

“There is always a crisis,”- Hook- I feel like Emma is going to hide behind this idea for a while. She likes Hook but she is scared, as always. If he gets close he can hurt her and she will do anything to prevent that pain.

“We have one answer and more questions.”- Anna- Sums up this show pretty well.

“You can have happiness […] You have to fight.”- Emma- She says this to Regina hoping to make her see that the world isn’t ending around her. This encourages her to fight, just not in a way that anyone probably foresaw.

Questions (feel free to add your own or answer some if you have any ideas/theories):

What were Elsa and Ana’s parents going to do in The Enchanted Forest?
– looking for answers about Elsa’s power?

– Will we learn the source and reason for the powers?

Where is Ana?

Who wrote the book?

If the author rewrites it can it really help Regina?

– Will altering her story actually giver her a happy ending?

– Does she already have some form of a happy ending with her son and her friends?

– What else does she want?

– What will altering the book do to everyone else?

Will Emma let herself get close to Hook ever?

– Or will she always find an excuse?

-How long will Hook stick around if she stays at arms length all the time?

Will Elsa and Regina get closes because of how similar they are to one another?

It was confirmed that what Rumple pulled out of the box thing was in fact Mickey’s hat from The Sorcerers Apprentice from Fantasia.
– So what does it do?

– Why was it hidden as it was?

– Is it a source of power?

-Rumple seems to know about it, so what connection does it have to him?

– Why is it the hat?

– What is Rumple going to do with it?

Once Upon a Time Season Three Finale- Review- (Spoilers)


We were given a two hour season finale and they used every single minute to explore time travel, finally allow Emma to realize that she has a home and a family who care about her and also to yet again hurt Regina. Everything Regina has worked so hard for in this entire season seems to be about to be unraveled. And at the very end we were shown that The Snow Queen is in town, a revelation I am slightly worried about but more on that later. I loved this finale because it was fun to watch and did a great job at giving us some throw back moments to season one while also allowing one of our major characters to really grow.

I knew that time travel would have to make an appearance in this episode in some manner. They couldn’t introduce the idea, get so close to it happening and then not use it in any manner. I was worried that we were going to spend the episode trying to close the portal and end up traveling through time as our cliff hanger. An entire season trying to fix time mistakes would have gotten extremely complicated and convoluted. You can only mess with so much until you have a tangled mess that has nowhere to go. I like the way they used the concept in this finale though. We used it to allow Emma to learn something that she has been refusing to understand for so long. Emma finally saw for herself that Storybrooke has everything she ever wanted. Storybrooke is her home and that is what matters in the end.

The episode began with a glimpse into the past. Teenage Emma watches as one of the members of her group home goes off to live with her new family. Yet again Emma is left alone and feeling broken hearted. She hates being the one who is left behind. She is told she will get a home soon, but that never becomes true. Emma never finds that home and because of that she stops believing that home is a concept she can ever truly have for herself.

All Emma ever wanted was a home and a loving family, which is why she has been driving me crazy for this last half of the season. Standing right in front of her is everything she has ever wanted in life; a family, a home, and somewhere where she can feel wanted and loved. Yet she refuses to see what is staring her directly in the face.

Everyone gangs up on Emma when they find out her plans to return to New York. She runs off, frustrated because no one understands why she wants to leave so badly. Henry gives Hook the storybook hoping that it will help his mother remember what she has here in this town. The book literally holds all the stories that have led to her life as it is now.


When Hook confronted Emma he asked her a very simple, yet specific question. “What are you looking for?” With one question Hook sums up this whole half of the season. What does Emma want? Why does she continuously run? What is she scared of? What is it that will make her feel complete and happy?


This whole season I have been asking myself that same question about Emma. What does she truly want? Emma opens the book and says that she doesn’t feel like she is apart of this world. She says this is a book full of fairytales, princes and princesses, concepts that don’t include her and never have included her. Emma reacts like many of us would if we were told that our family are fairytales characters; we wouldn’t believe it and would have trouble reconciling the idea. To us, this is an impossible life, one we can never truly hope to live. For Emma the idea of having this family is the impossible idea, no matter who they are or where they have come from.


Emma has never truly been apart of anything. She has always felt like an outsider, never a main character. Now she is scared to be put into that position, scared to be put into the spotlight. Emma is scared to take what is being presented to her because she doesn’t understand it in any manner.


I firmly believe Emma has been terrified of giving into this new life because of how easily she could lose all of it. She has this comfort zone, the outskirts or supporting character. She keeps people at arms length all the time. It took her a very long time to let Henry in and now she is expected to let the rest of these people in as well. Opening up her heart to these people could get her hurt; see Regina as an example. But then she thinks she sees Snow die and she realizes what she has had all this time.


I love that she defines home by a statement Neal once said to her, “Home is the place when you leave you just miss it.” All these years she has been defining home from someone who was an intricate part of this world she is trying to run away from. She can’t escape this life, no matter how hard she tries. She is using a fairytale characters definition of home to define her happiness, slightly ironic because of how much she tries to not be part of the fairytale world. She is meant to be a part of this world and always has been.


The time travel aspect of this episode was used to show Emma that Storybrooke is where she belongs. She has always been apart of these stories. This is her life if she is willing to let it be her life. Emma gets to see her parents go through trials and tribulations to end up together. She sees how real they are finally.

After her heart breaks because she believes that Snow dies she finally sees what she has, a family. She has parents who love her and it takes this whole process of almost losing everything to realize what life has put in front of her. As always you don’t realize what you have until you lose it. Thankfully Emma didn’t have to permanently lose her mother to learn this lesson. Emma returns to Storybrooke able to open her heart to her parents and in the end hopefully opening up her life to real and true love.


Once-Upon-a-Time-season-3-episode-21-robin-reginaUnfortunately for Regina we see that putting her heart on the line does not end well for her. As soon as Emma released the unnamed prisoner I knew she Marian. The conversation in the beginning of the episode between Robin Hood and Regina foreshadowed this twist. We see him talking about losing his wife and coming to terms with it and now that wife is back. I waited anxiously for the reveal and it really did break my heart.


Regina is one of my favorite characters because of who well she is written. I love watching a character fall to their lowest point and then watch as they claw their way back to the top and to happiness. No one is completely unredeemable and Regina portrays that idea so well. Nothing is more fulfilling then to watch someone we believe to the ultimate “villain,” become a “hero.”


Regina has had to work so hard to get to this point in her life. She had to not only forgive Snow and walk away from her plans of revenge but she also had to accept Snow has a friend as well as many of the other residents of this town. Regina stopped living for destruction and began to live for love first through Henry and then with Robin Hood.


She literally handed her heart to Robin Hood for safe keeping. She finally completely opened herself up to love and happiness. Watching her walk down the street with Robin and his son was heart warming. And then they completely snatched everything away from her. Clearly Robin still loves his wife. Once again Regina is going to be displaced.


This whole thing has the theme of history repeating itself running through it. Like mother like daughter; Emma accidentally destroys Regina’s chance at true love. And we see that Regina is not at all happy with Emma and her actions.


I sincerely hope that Regina’s character doesn’t backslide into the hate/revenge filled woman from the early seasons. She has come so far it would be horrible to watch her fall right back to the bottom again. We’ve done that story with her many times before. Hopefully they find a way to make this just a small setback in Regina’s growth story. Maybe they can have some way of not having Marian being able to stay in this time because of some time travel rules.

And ideas is to have Marian fade away and having Robin have to lose her all over again. This would not only build up Robin’s character but could put Regina’s character into a new light. Regina has to stand back and be a friend to Robin, be there to talk to but not be his lover. As he loses his wife again she has to, selflessly, comfort and help him. This would build Regina up even more. Having her revert to her old ways would be disappointing to watch.

Regina tells Emma she better, “Hope to hell you didn’t bring anything else back,” and we see very quickly that Regina wasn’t off with her suspicions. In the last moments of this episode we see the Snow Queen make her first appearance.


Now while watching this last moment me and my brother both screamed, “Elsa,” when she appeared on screen. “Frozen” is one of my favorite Disney movies. It was a refreshing take on the princess story line that Disney has done so many times. That being said I sincerely hope they don’t end up trying to just retell the movie storyline next season. Though I was a little worried about the OZ storyline and that was done very well. If they keep up the way they tell these stories we should be okay.


onceuponatime_elsa_frozenI have the full works of Hans Christian Anderson and I read “The Snow Queen,” after I saw “Frozen.” The original Snow Queen isn’t a friendly woman, she is cold and evil. She isn’t Elsa. That leaves the writers with two choices when it comes to this storyline. They can use the original story and make the queen the new villain. She can be cold and pure evil, which would not be a bad thing. We’ve had our true villains, Zelena and Pan, who we were able to hate and not want to see redeemed or win in any way. But both had past stories that made them the way they were. Stories that still had moments when we felt bad for them. We haven’t had a purely evil character yet. Someone who is just evil to be evil.


Or they can go alone the lines of the “Frozen,” move and have the Snow Queen become a strong woman. She can start off as evil and slowly change, (much like Regina). We can watch her become more of an Elsa type character. A possible idea is to have her be enslaved to her power, (through curse or some other power) and she has to break free. She is trapped by not knowing how to control or use her power, making her angry at the world. In “Frozen,” Elsa hid away from the world but in the show maybe she can fight for her freedom. That would be interesting to watch someone enslaved to something outside of themselves and have to use the people around her to help her fight and win her life back. Then she can become a new main character as well.


I loved this finale. We got a taste of time travel that was full of suspense and “Dammit Emma,” moments while not spinning out of control. We watched as Emma finally grew up and accepted her home and family. Regina has taken another blow but she is a resilient woman and I believe she will bounce back stronger then before. And in the final scenes we are given a new character that can have a lot of potential to give us a new and exciting season.


“Maybe things work out when they’re supposed to. Maybe it’s about timing,”- Robin Hood- Interesting phrasing considering what happens later. How does this idea apply when time is messed with? Can Marian stay in this time without consequences?

“Not Regina, the evil queen”- Hook – I love that Hook makes this distinction. Regina and the evil queen are no longer the same person. Hopefully Regina realizes this as well.

“What’s your story Neal?”- Emma

“Interesting choice of words”- Neal- Emma’s life has always been about these stories even if she never saw this connection before.

“Only one who saves me, is me”- Emma- Emma is strong and has to find her own way to her home. She had to see with her own eyes where she truly belongs. People can only talk at her so much.

“All actions have consequences”- Regina- Unfortunately this is a concept that Regina understands way too well.

“I’ve not spent my life losing you. I’ve spent my life finding you”- Belle How true will that be when she finds out what Rumble has done and how he has lied to her? She is going to be broken hearted but can she still trust Rumple?


Who will this Snow Queen be?



Strongly independent?
Will she have a connection to anyone else?
Why was she trapped by Rumple?
What is next for Regina?
Will she begin to hate Emma again?
Will she become depressed?
Revenge filled?
Will she hold onto Robin has a friend?
Can Regina walk away if she has to?

Can Marian stay in this time?
Will it create a paradoxe?

What will happen when Belle learns about Rumple lying?
Can she forgive him?
Will she walk away for good?
Are there any other consequences form the time travel trip?

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