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“You Never Stop Being Connected,” – Once Upon a Time – 5×19 (Review) (Spoilers)

0cbf869252d8413ac12174215e216e2fThis episode saw Regina and Zelena finally resolve their issues and find a way to work together. We also see that stopping Hades might not involve an all out battle. Cora also made amends for all her past mistakes.

The episode opened with Hades taking Zelena on a night time picnic. On the picnic, he explains to her what he is going to give her. He has put all of our group’s names on tombstones, trapping everyone in The Underworld. Once his heart restarts he can leave. He and Zelena can go and have control of the real Storybrooke. He wants to give Zelena everything she ever wanted.

Regina ends up watching the whole exchange and confronts Zelena. She tells her that she has to walk away from Hades, that Hades can not change. Regina is adamant that Hades will always remain a villain. But Zelena refuses to listen. She only sees Regina trying to take something from her yet again. Every time Zelena gets something, someone is taking it from her.

Regina is aware that Zelena is Hades’s weakness. She goes to Cora because she needs her help making Zelena fall out of love with Hades. Cora tells her the only way to accomplish that task is by making Zelena forget all about Hades.

The two of them try a scheme that Zelena sees right through. They all have this all out fight where Zelena and Regina learn what Cora has been hiding from them. When Regina was a child she messed around with Cora’s wand and hurt herself. The only person who could save her was Zelena. Cora brought Zelena in and after waking up Regina they became friends. It was very quick how they took a liking to each other.

Zelena had spent her life thinking that she did not matter. Her father told her that she was a monster and that his magic was unnatural. He hated her and hurt her. While Regina was always lonely, she wanted a friend and companion. When they were brought together they both received what the other was missing. Regina got a sister and friend and Zelena got someone who cared about her.

Cora at that point had no heart and tore the girls apart and took their memories. The next time the girls met they both had gone through a tough life. Both of them were filled with anger and resentment. All they saw in each other was competition. They could not see that connection they had established when they were children.

Cora returns their memories and all the emotions that came with them. Suddenly Regina and Zelena saw something they hadn’t before. They could care about one another. They at one time understood each other. There was this deep connection that was blossoming. They are sisters and that means that they do care for one another.

Cora returned to them what they needed at that moment. Zelena had to see that Regina had her best interests at heart. Regina wasn’t out to always hurt her. She was trying to save her. Regina had to see that Zelena can think for herself. Zelena isn’t dumb and she isn’t blind. She doesn’t trust easily. She would not give Hades her heart without thinking through the decision.

In the end, Regina tells Zelena to give Hades a chance. I think Regina sees just how many different ways love can save someone. Hades is not immune to the power of love. He has a heart, it just needs to beat again. I think Regina is seeing that together the two of them can save everyone. This is not going to end in some major battle, love looks to be their saving grace once again.


“I thought love was a weakness,” – Cora- Cora had messed up priorities when she was younger. She learned from her mistakes. I hope that Hades doesn’t start thinking along these lines and try to reject Zelena out of fear.

“You never stop being connected,” – Cora- Through everything Zelena and Regina were able to hold onto that sisterly connection. Their care and love for one another may be what saves everyone.

What is Rumple’s plan?
What does Pan want and what part is he playing?
What will Hades do when he learns Zelena has been kidnapped?
Will Hades have to work with the group to get Zelena back?
When will Hades and Zelena kiss?
Will we meet Zesus?
Will we learn why Hades was cursed in the first place?
Is Cruella going to take revenge for James’s death?
Can Zelena change Hades?
Will Zelena make it out of this alive?

Don’t Let Her Control You- Once Upon a Time Midseason premiere (Season 5)

maxresdefaultOnce Upon a Time is back and we have officially entered The Underworld. This is not a place of fire and brimstone. It is a place where those who had unfinished business on Earth go. Our group encounters some familiar faces and have to face some mistakes made in the past. On their journey to find Hook they are going to have to help those who they once hurt on Earth.

While this episode set up the idea of Underworld the main part of the story focused on Regina. She meets up with her mother again and it is not the happy reunion that she was anticipating. Her mother tells her that she has to leave The Underworld. When Regina refuses her mother threatens to hurt Regina’s father’s soul. She is doing what she has always done to Regina, manipulating her.

The past part of this episode was from Regina’s evil days. She is still after Snow’s heart. Her father tries to talk her out of her plan, tries to make her see that she is only doing this because of what her mother did to her. She is angry at Snow but who she really hates is her mother. Her father tries to make her see that her actions are being controlled by Cora. Regina refuses to listen.

images-6Not until this trip to The Underworld does Regina begin to see what her father meant. Her mother has always had a strong hold over her. She wants to prove herself worthy to her mother. She wants to show her that she can do anything and does not need Cora. She is given a choice in this episode. She can give into Cora and leave with Henry and Robin Hood or she can stay and help her friends and doom her father.

Emma tries to give Regina an out and tells her to leave but Regina doesn’t go. Her father tells her that she has to stand up to her mother and has to be strong. He does not want her to leave. He wants her to not let her mother control her any longer. She is strong, they both know it. Now she has to prove it. And she does. She apologizes to her father and does not heed Cora’s warning.

I think a lot of this trip to be Underworld will be similar to this. The Underworld houses the past for many of our characters. They are all going to encounter people who they knew and who have unfinished business. They have to help them to pass on or they have to realize that they have to leave the past in the past. This place is going to get inside their heads and try to suck them in. It is going to try to undo a lot of the work so many of them have done.

Regina won one of her battles. She will face more but this one was her biggest fight. She knows that there are plenty of people in this place who she hurt. Now is her chance to help them if she can. The others will have to do the same. They will have to realize that this may be a chance for them to right any wrongs they did. But it can not consume them or they may never be able to leave.

“Never forget who you really are,” – Henry (Regina’s father) – He wants her to not let her past mistakes consume her. She has proven who she is. She has proven that she has a good heart and she has to hold onto that while in this place.

Where is Hook?
Why is he being harmed?
Is he in a different form of Hell?
Why does The Underworld look like Storybrooke? Does that mean something?
What is Hades up to?
Why was Neal warning Emma against going to The Underworld?
Can the group help all those they know to move on?
Will some be beyond help?
Will everyone make it out of The Underworld?
What is Rumple’s plan? How long will he help?
Why doesn’t he want to stay? Will this place have some different effect on him since he is a Dark One?
Can Hook be saved?
What other past characters will we see again?
What would happen if everyone was able to move on? Can that happen?
What other mythology type characters will we meet?

Once Upon a Time- S3E18- Bleeding Through- (Spoilers)

The pieces have finally started to come together for Zelena’s plot and we finally have a better idea of what her ultimate plan is. First I will have to admit I completely missed when she said she had Rumple’s brain. I totally missed the significance of her making that statement. Zelena now has everything she needs (almost), Regina’s heart, Charming’s courage and Rumple’s brain. All she needs is the Charming’s baby after this episode to complete her spell.

The major part of this episode was finding out the circumstance around Zelena’s birth and the reasoning for why Cora had to give her up. The flashback made me feel really bad for Cora, a character I have never like. No wonder Cora decided to get rid of her heart, I probably would have done the same thing. Her life was not easy and never got better.

Cora falls for an impostor pretending to be a prince. He makes her fall for him by saying exactly what she wants to hear. Cora wanted to be anyone but who she was, a plain and simple Miller’s daughter. That life was predictable and unexciting and gave her no hope of ever getting anything more out of life. She wanted, fame, glory and attention. She wanted to be respected and have a high seat of power, that only came with marrying into royalty.

She fights roots and nail her whole life to be the opposite of the ordinary woman she is destined to be. In the end she never did end up with the life that would make her happy and satisfy her fully. She forces Regina into a life she hates, because Cora thinks it will make herself feel better. In the end Cora dies without ever fully realizing the life she wanted.

Cora gets pregnant by the impostor prince. She doesn’t know what to do but then she meets Prince Leopold (Snow’s father) and he falls for her. She tells him he needs to follow his heart, not do something just because he is told to do it. She asks him “What is the point of power if you can’t choose who to wed?” Cora thinks that having power makes you be able to do whatever you want and make any decisions you want for yourself. Anyone who knows the history of kings and queens knows that is generally not true. They marry for an alliance or to help a kingdom, rarely do they get to do anything for love. But Leopold listens to Cora and decides to listen to his heart and gets engaged to Cora and decides not to marry Princess Ava. She gives him a chance to have his own voice, in the end though that is what hurst Cora.

All Leopold wanted was the truth from Cora. He didn’t care about the baby or the one nightstand she had with a fake prince. Leopold is an honest and fair man, he wants to rule the realm in that same manner. All Cora had to do was tell him the truth but instead of listening, actually listening, to this man she had to try to cover everything up. She was so terrified of losing her one shot at this perfect life that her mind was clouded and she lost everything in the process. Ava tells Leopold everything and thus ends Cora’s fairytale and begins her nightmare upward struggle to try to get back to this point. Her life from here on out is nothing but pitfalls and disappointments.

Zelena’s plan is to go back in time and kills Ava. If Ava doesn’t overhear about Cora’s pregnancy and isn’t able to tell on Cora, Zelena then believes Cora will not give her up and they can live happily ever after. Cora gave Zelena away because she would always be a scarlet letter on her, marking her and keeping her from ever being able to move on. With Zelena she would always be a miller’s daughter and though Cora loved her daughter she could not live that life. Zelena blames Ava for all her trouble and thus wants to get rid of the root of her problem, or what she believes is the root.

Zelena’s issues mirror Regina’s journey closely. For both of them one person overhears something they shouldn’t they tell someone and in the end destroy the happiness of that person they were inadvertently spying on. Regina wants revenge on Snow for the death of Daniel. Now Zelena wants Ava dead for allowing her to become an orphan,making it so she never had a real family or ever felt real love.

As we saw with Regina these hate filled plans of revenge generally don’t end well. It is interesting that Zelena keeps saying that she wants to hurt Regina when in reality the plan is all about helping Zelena, herself. Regina never being born along with Snow, Henry and Emma is just a convenient by-product of this whole plan. The true end result Zelena’s wants is to be accepted and loved by her mother, to end up in the loving family and to have a happy ending. Regina loses everything but in reality it won’t actually matter much to Regina because she won’t actually exist.

Right now it is terrifying to Regina because she doesn’t want to lose Henry, so in a sense Zelena is getting her revenge. She is hurting Regina right now but if this plan works as it is supposed to, there won’t be any anguished screams or a broken person for Zelena to stand and gloat over. Regina won’t be alive, so none of this will matter. Zelena won’t even remember this whole ordeal, so in the end she isn’t as much out for revenge as she is out to get her mother’s love. Having anger towards Regina just fuels her fire but the end result isn’t about hurting Regina at all.

There is only one way this time travel storyline can actually happen and that is if a alternate reality is created. The main characters of this show can’t cease to exist that would just change the whole premise of this show. So they have to survive in some manner and this is by having a reality where Zelena wins and one where she fails, in some manner.

Now if Zelena wins and kills Ava, allowing Cora to keep her, the question becomes will her life be all fairies and rainbows like she believes it will be? Cora will have gotten everything she wanted so will she be a loving doting mother? Or will she still be so guarded that she will never be able to truly trust Leopold and in the end still end up losing everything? I doubt this new life will end well. Life will not be perfect, some way, somehow Zelena will not end up as a perfect child with a perfect life.

Also Snow mentioned that with this plan Zelena will become Rumple’s star pupil and be able to do this curse with him. But why would that happen? Regina went to Rumple to learn magic because she was angry and upset at her mother and she wanted to get rid of her and Snow. That was her reason for wanting the curse. Zelena goes to Rumple because she wants to find a family and a way of life where she ends up the one everyone loves. If life is perfect for Zelena (as she seems to believe it will be) why would she go to find Rumple? She wanted power in this life, but in the alternate life why would she want power? What would it do for her? She wouldn’t have a reason to go find Rumple and become his star pupil.

So what life does Zelena truly want? Does she want a life with a nice family, full of love and contentment? Or does she want a life where her magic is revered and she is the most powerful and Rumple loves her? There are of course a number of ways she could end up with both but as things stand right now,it comes down to a choice. Will she be happy and satisfied with the life she gets? I highly doubt it.

The other major part of this episode was Zelena trying to talk Rumple into working with her on her plan, willing. Zelena loves Rumple and wants him to come with her when she turns back time. She tires to lure him by telling him he will see Neal again. Rumple refuses, stating he will finish the fight his son started. Neal’s sacrifice won’t go to waste if he can help it.

First this shows how far Rumple as come. He no longer deals with these treacherous people who are only out for themselves. He respects his son’s decision and wants to save those he cares about.

This idea Zelelan has of taking Rumple back in time confuses me. Where would he go? To when he abandoned Bae? To when Zelena was a baby? What was she planning to do with him once they got back in time? She is going to kill Ava and presumedly then she will disappear and up as the baby. Her other timeline will have been ended because Ava will not be around to create it. So then what would become of Rumple? Would there just be two of them running around? I doubt that would end well. It would end up creating some horrible paradox.

Time travel is freakishly complicated as we all know and Zelena’s plan would not end well. If she succeed, there would be some major complications with this idea that just might destroy her happy ending. Did she think they could be together after she killed Ava?

There was also some small pieces that struck me about this episode as well. When they find out Ava was the one who told on Cora and up-ended everything, Snow was upset because she realized her mother wasn’t completely a “good guy.” This seemed a bit harsh to me. Ava didn’t tell on Cora because she wanted to destroy her life. She told because Leopold was promised to her and he was being deceived. It wasn’t the kindest thing to do but it wasn’t villainy really. I didn’t see her doing it with only malicious intent.

Snow wonders what changed Ava. I don’t know if Ava necessarily changed overall. Maybe she found out about Cora and how she had to give up the baby and she felt bad. But I don’t see her as being this evil person then changing to a good one. She didn’t know completely the consequences of her actions. She knew Cora would be thrown out of the castle but everything else that followed she could never have guessed. She was selfish, not necessarily evil. So I wouldn’t say she turned from a “good guy,” to a “bad guy.” More she changed how she behaved and thought when it come to the consequences of her actions.

At the very beginning of the episode Zelena tells Regina that she doesn’t fight for what she wants. She makes Regina seems very passive while Zelena herself is much more aggressive. Zelena tells Regina that she put her curse into action so she could run away, she didn’t fight for what she wanted like Zelena is right now. Zelena listens to her heart and fights to satisfy it.

This point resonates with Regina. We all know how guarded this woman has been from the very beginning, letting anyone inside her bubble has been a difficult process. She doesn’t lead with her heart because it only gets her hurt. Which is why when she kissed Robin Hood at the end of the episode was so satisfying. Regina is at a point where she could lose everything at any moment and for once she isn’t going to run. Though what this all means without her heart I don’t now. Will it all change when she gets her actual heart back? Can she feel true love without it? Does it matter for true love?

“Act what you plant to be,” Cora-This is a different take on Zelena’s upbringing motto of ,“hide what is inside”. Both have to show the world an entirely different face to the world then what is inside of them.

“Laws only exist until they are broken by someone superior,” – Zelena – She thinks she can outwit the universe. Playing with the laws of time is extremely complicated and she will soon learn she isn’t as superior as she think she is.

Will kill Ava really solve Zelena’s problem?

Will life be perfect then?

Will she becomes Rumples star pupil somehow?

Will any of that matter?

How will Snow, Henry and Emma survive all of this?

What will get changed?

Will Regina’s connection to Robin Hod change once she gets her heart back?

Will Henry ever be brought into the loop?

Will Hook ever do what Zelena wants?

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