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Once Upon a Time – 4×09 – Fall- (Spoilers)

rumpelstiltskin-once-upon-a-time-poster-895d7This episode was very much to set up the next episode or two. The Snow Queen has cast The Spell of Shattered Sight and the town only has until sundown to do something to save themselves. Belle finds a spell that would make basically an antidote to the spell but they need something from someone who has already had the spell cast on them.

Elsa goes in search of Ana and through the use of the necklace, actually a Wishing Star, they were reunited but not in time. Rumple had Hook use the hat in a room full of fairies, allowing it to collect enough power to activate itself. The episode ended with everyone locking themselves away from all loved ones and hoping to ride out the spell. Judging by the previews for next week no one stays where they planned on staying and all hell breaks loose.

While everyone is running around trying to save themselves, Rumple is thinking only about getting the hat charged so he can be free of the dagger and be all powerful. He does ask The Snow Queen to allow him to leave with Belle and Henry which she agrees to. Unfortunately for Belle and Henry they do not get out of town in time and are forced to be locked away just like everyone else.

Rumple does want to save the only two people he cares about in this world. He appears to want to save loved ones but we have learned, especially in the last few episodes, that any good in Rumple is barely a whisper now. After this episode in particular I have very little hope left for any type of redemption for this man.

Last season he seemed so much on the path of good and turning his life around, he seemed to actually want to change. But the death of Neil really shook him and he stopped moving in that positive direction. The problem with Rumple is that he cannot give up any type of power. He loves power and control more than he loves anything and anyone else.

He says, “If I have to choose between everyone else and me, me wins every time.” Rumple is selfish. No gets to defeat him or break him down. He lived that life once and he will never return to it no matter what it may cost those around him. As long as Rumple is the Dark One he cannot ever think beyond the scope of power. His vision will alway have that dagger hanging on the edge. His mind and his actions will alway come down to choosing that power and that control. Always.

The only way Rumple will ever be able to begin on a path to real redemption is if he is no longer The Dark One. Somehow, someway he needs to lose his status as The Dark One. He can’t think clearly when he has this power hanging over and tempting him. With that dagger he can be controlled and no one controls Rumple outside of Rumple.

Rumple will be found out sooner or later. When everyone learns what he has done, purely for selfish reasons, he is going to lose everything. Belle will leave him. Emma and Regina will not allow Henry to be anywhere near him. He will become enemy number one of Storybrooke. And when he realizes that he is alone and hated he is going fully embrace the darkness that flats in his soul and he is going to fight until his death. I don’t see Rumple surviving much longer.

While Rumple is destroying himself he is also destroying Hook. Hook has no heart currently. Rumple has completely control over his actions. Whatever he says Hook has to do. In this episode we watched as Hook is forced to attack and kill all the fairies.

tumblr_nfxf07N43W1simxr4o1_1280Unlike Rumple, Hook has come a very long way. Hook went from a man who only cared about himself and his ship to a man who gave that ship up in order to save the woman he loves with all his heart. Emma is his world now. He adores her. He will do anything to be better for her. And now he is standing without a heart and as an accomplice to atrocities.

If Emma breaks down and pushes Hook away, telling him that he can’t be trusted and that she only sees him as a bad person who makes bad decisions, it will utterly destroy Hook. While Rumple will be consumed by darkness and implode. Hook will drown in grief and guilt and ultimately cause his own demise.

My hope is that everyone else will be able to stand and up tell Emma that Hook is not to blame for what he has done over the last few episodes. Regina will be especially powerful for this purpose because she has done what Rumple is doing. She has taken someone’s heart (Graham’s) and controlled them, until death. She can explain how it works, and tell Emma that the individual has no power or control, no matter what they do. Hopefully Emma will see that. This is one case where words are going to have to speak louder than actions.

“You’re talking like a hero,” – Snow – She is talking to Emma. Emma is immune to the curse so she is going to have to find that inner strength and power in order to save everyone she loves.

“I let my heart pull me elsewhere,” – Regina – Regina spent much of her life ignoring her heart, scared to death to let it be put in a vulnerable position ever again. Now her heart is out and laying where it can be hurt or destroyed and she is terrified.

What will everyone reveal?
How will what they say and do affect them later on?

Can they realize it is the curse talking?

Will anyone be killed?

How are Emma, Elsa and Ana going to save everyone?

What will Rumple do?
When will they all learn what Rumple has done with the hat and to Hook?

What will Belle and Henry do when they find out what Rumple has done?

When will he use that hat?

Can Hook survive his actions?

Will Emma understand?

Will Hook survive this incident?

What was in the bottle that Elsa and Ana’s parents put in the ocean?

Will it change everything?

What will The Snow Queen do during this time?

Once Upon a Time 4X07- The Snow Queen (Review) (Spoilers)

Once-Upon-a-Time-4x06-Family-Business-Snow-Queen-looking-at-herself-in-the-mirror-650x365This episode gave us the backstory to The Snow Queen and gave us a much clearer picture of what she is up to and why she is doing all of this. The other major part of the episode was watching as Robin Hood struggled to do as his head says instead of listening to his heart.

The episode opened with the three sisters playing, Ingrid, Greta and Helga. (Ingrid becomes The Snow Queen and Greta is Ana and Elsa’s mother). They find a kite that belongs to a creepy man that tries to kidnap Helga and Greta. Ingrid freaks out and ends up using her power to save them. This is the first time Ingrid realizes she has the freezing power.

Ingrid is scared to death thinking that everyone will call her a monster and be terrified of her. Magic is not a huge presences in Arendelle. Her sisters, instead of being scared of her, tell her that they will all stick tighter. They tell her they will help her hide the power until she learns how to control it. They take ribbons from the kite and tie it around their wrists making a pact to be there for each other no matter what happens.

The Snow Queen’s story is also one of the power of the love sisters can hold for one another. I like that they brought out this story line even more. I didn’t know if it was going to extend beyond Elsa and Ana. I like seeing it being given more depth here. We get to see a different side of this story and the whole range of what sisterly love can do and how much it can really endure.
It was at the end of the episode where we saw how far a sister bond can be pushed. By accident Ingrid freezes and kills her sister Helga. She is devastated and horrified. Greta comes upon the scene and is instantly terrified. All the talk about being together no matter what and always caring and loving one another is completely forgotten in her fear. Not until that moment did Greta comprehend how dangerous Ingrid’s power could be.

Greta is the one who puts Ingrid in the urn because of how scared she becomes. I completely understand Greta’s reaction. She sees her sister dead by her other sister’s hand. Until that point it was a power that made snow and froze branches. She didn’t realize exactly what the power could really do. No one knew. They all believed that as long as they loved Ingrid and supported her they would be fine. In this moment Greta saw that sometimes love is not the full answer. No one showed Ingrid how to control the power and because of that someone died.

So when Greta actually sees what the power can do, it obviously scares her. No matter how much you love someone if you see them lose control and kill someones, especially a sibling, you are going to be afraid of them. This reaction is natural. Our survival instincts tell us to be afraid of anything or anyone that is a threat to our lives.

The issues here comes from the action that went with the reaction. It is never a good idea to make decisions when you are angry or upset. The rational side of you is gone and you are act purely on emotion. Which is exactly what Greta did to her sister. She was scared and did not know what to do so she put her sister somewhere where she could not hurt anyone else. She saw Ingrid as a threat and she got rid of that threat. It was all done in a matter of minutes.

The Snow Queen was trapped in an urn for years where she had nothing but time to think over her capture and her sisters frightened look. Instead of understanding why she was scared and trying to work around it, Ingrid’s emotions take control of her. Betrayal and anger are her only companions in her captivity and they boil over and completely change her.

She is hardened by those actions. She can’t see beyond what happened in that moment. Her goals is to create a new sisterly bond with Elsa and Emma who also possess power they can’t control fully. She seems to think that once they see how it is to lose control, they will understand and accept her.

She is constantly telling both of the women that they are not understood and they are feared. She wants them doubting those around them. She wants them to feel isolated and to come to her for comfort. She wants to be the only one who can understand them. Once everyone abandons them because of how afraid they are she will be there with open arms. They can become a family because they will understand each other and not turn on one another.

What she doesn’t understand is that Emma’s family is not walking away that easily. Yes, they are initially freaked out but that evaporates fast. Snow instantly regrets her reaction and they know that they need to be there to help her. They will not see Emma as a monster, no matter what she does. They understand magic much better than Ingrid’s sisters ever did. They also understand losing control and making decisions that they aren’t always proud of. Emma’s family will not walk away from her easily. They also like Elsa too much to leave her as well. Emma will not be able to give up without a fight from her family.

4iPfg3BSpeaking of not giving up without a fight, we got see how truly conflicted Robin Hood is about his feelings for Regina and Marian. Regina keeps telling him he needs to forget her and fall back in love with Marian in order to save Marian’s life. Robin Hood knows that what she is telling him is the right thing to do, that is what his head says. But his heart does not care or agree, which is the case much of the time. He is going back and forth and it is driving him nuts.

Robin Hood has a conversation with Will Scarlett about what someone will do for true love. Will tells him you fight for love. Robin Hood mentions that he needs to remember the good Marian saw and brought out in him and that she made him the man he is now. But that was then. She made him who he was. He has grown and changed since meeting Regina as well. She has also shown him a new side of himself. That thought and logic goes both ways now.

We see him come to Regina again. He tells her he lives by a certain code of righteousness and good and he knows what that means and what he should do. But he also doesn’t care anymore. He kisses her because that is where his heart lies. Regina has his heart and he isn’t going to let her let go of it.

Yes, he needs to love Marian to save her but he can’t do that so easily. He loves Regina and he does not want to lose her. True love can’t be manipulated and changed. We’ve seen you don’t get to choose when it comes to true love. Robin Hood can’t un-love Regina. He can’t forget her. They will have to find a different way to save Marian because Robin Hood can’t change where his heart lives.

“Next time a happy ending knocks on my door I’ll be ready,” – Regina – She wants so badly to control how the ending will come but that is not possible. It is already at her feet,she just has to dust off the pieces and figure out how to put them together.

“Sometimes even when you win, you lose,” – Will – Where is the Red Queen? What happened to them since Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? And how true is this statement? Is there always going to be someone who loses in some way?

“When you see the good in someone even when they don’t see it in themselves,” – Will – Here he is speaking about love. Robin Hood sees all the good that Regina has in her heart. She needs him around to continue to show that good side and not lose it, in this desire to manufacture a happy ending.

“Faith can be powerful,” – Rumple – This is an interesting statement. Will Emma have faith not only in herself but faith in her families love for her? How much faith is needed?

How will The Snow Queen bond the three of them?
Can she get them to trust her?
Will she be the only one there to help them learn control and not fear them?
How will Emma’s friends and family help her?
Will she trust them?
Can they control their emotions and not let it rule their actions?

Has Robin chosen Regina?
What will that mean for Marian and her fate?
If he wanted to could Robin forget his true love feelings for Regina?

What will the ribbons do for The Snow Queen?

What did she tell Rumple about the hat?
How did Elsa get into the urn?
Where is Ana?

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