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You Will Not Be Alone – Once Upon a Time 6×17 (Review) (Spoilers)

617WeCantAskUsThe final battle is coming quick. This episode wrapped up the loose strings so that the rest of the season can focus on this fight. Hook has found his way home. Emma and Hook have fixed their relationship and Hook has also fixed his relationship with her parents. Snow and Charming were woken up and everyone is ready to fight with Emma.

The main part of this episode focused on waking up Snow and Charming. They are both still under the sleeping curse and Regina was having trouble finding a way to wake them up. She comes up with an idea but she is not sure it will work.

Snow is adamant they try it because she does not want Emma to have to face the final battle alone. That was the theme of this episode; not fighting alone. Emma keeps trying to tell her parents that it is okay, that she can handle herself; but no one will hear of it. Snow and Charming still feel guilty for not being around most her life and they will do anything they can to save Emma.

Regina’s plan ends up backfiring. Instead of removing the sleeping curse from the shared hearts it triggers a failsafe plan. They have until the end of the day to find a way to wake up both Charming and Snow or else they will both end up asleep forever.

While the group is trying to find a solution to the problem we get to see a moment from the past that I found interesting. In the previews last week I thought this week was going to be another version of trying to keep Emma from being The Savior. I was not thrilled with the idea. We have seen it a number of different ways at this point. We know that Emma HAS to be The Savior, period.

What the past portion of this episode showed up was that Snow and Charming had the opportunity to find Emma. Snow found a pixie dust flower that woke up Charming. When Charming woke up he remembered that he was from the Enchanted Forest and was able to wake Snow up from the spell as well.

They were excited to be out of the curse and were intent on finding their daughter. They went to Rumple to see if he had a way of finding her. Once Rumple woke up though he was not for the idea of running off after Emma.

He told them that it was too early for them to find Emma. Emma had to be 28 in order to break the curse for everyone else. If they went and found her at that point, she would never become The Savior and never be able to wake everyone else up. The pair was faced with a choice; reunite their family at everyone else’s expense and or go back under the curse and wait until Emma found them and saved everyone.

In the end we know that they chose to let Emma live her life and find them. They knew that they could not sacrifice everyone else’s life and well-being for their own happiness. Other lives were at stake and they needed to help them, and to do that they had to let their daughter find her own way.

The episode ends with the whole town coming together and taking a piece of the sleeping curse into themselves. (I am not entirely sure I understood how this worked but I am just going to go with it). By everyone taking a small piece of the curse they were able to dilute the curse enough to wake up Charming and Snow. Now they can all fight the final battle together.

This moment felt like it setting up a final ending for this series. I know the fate of Once Upon a Time is still up in the air (as of this posting). I have also read that if it gets renewed there could be a major cast shake up with also major story shake ups. This episode felt like a tying together of stories and preparing for everyone to come together to fight this final evil. I would love to see the whole town fight together and it not be just Emma. This series has always been about a number of characters lives and stories and I would love to see it end that way as well.


“I practically invented dark magic.” – Black Fairy- I wonder how much of The Black Fairies past we will see. Will we see how she became who she was? Or how she fell so far into the darkness? I think that could be interesting.

“Because it needed to.” – Emma- She says this after she finds the one pixie flower that survived The Black Fairies destruction. This is a statement of faith and belief, a statement that past Emma would never had made. She has much more belief in fate and destiny now then she ever did before.


Will Rumple tell everyone that The Black Fairy has Gideon’s heart?

Who will fight the final battle?

What happens when the book ends?

Will anyone die?

What does The Black Fairy want exactly?


Sometimes You Have to Let Go of What You Once Thought – Once upon a Time (6×12)Review

Once-Upon-a-Time-6x12-Murder-Most-Foul-David-in-the-docks-720x480You can get a thought about someone in your head and it can be almost impossible to accept who they truly are or were. In this episode Charming learns how his father really died and Regina finds out that Robin may not be who she wants him to be.

This episode opened with Charming and James’s parents in dire straits. Their children are sick but they cannot afford the medication to save them. Rumple appears and offers them a deal. They can have the medication to save the boys but they have to give up one of their babies. They are hesitant at first but realize it is the only way to save their children. They toss a coin and James is chosen to go live with the king and become a prince while David (Charming) gets to stay with his parents.

We jump ahead six years and find Robert drowning his sorrows in drink. He cannot accept that he was not able to save his children. He has been drinking to quiet the guilt he feels at losing James. So when the king comes into a tavern and announce that James has been kidnapped Robert decides he is going to prove his is a good father and find his son.

In the present Charming is being plagued with visions of his ghost father, imploring him to find out the truth about his death. Charming can’t focus on anything else. He is determined to find out what happened, to find out if his father was really the drunk he always thought he was.

What Charming finds out is that his long held belief about his father is wrong. Robert finds James and tries to save him but is unable to keep him from the king. King George sentences him to death, telling his guards to make it look like an accident.

Charming is hit by a sudden realization that what he has always thought his father is wrong. Robert wasn’t just a man who gave up on his family. He is man who wanted nothing more than to save his boys. He defined himself as a father and when he failed at that, he had no idea how else to frame himself.

Charming learns that sometimes what you think is not true. Sometimes you get only pieces of the information and the picture you create is not always real. Regina seems to also be learning this lesson.

Once Upon a Time - Episode 6.12 - Murder Most FoulRegina brought Robin back from the Wish Realm with the firm belief that her Robin was present inside him somewhere. She has this image of who he should be in her head. What she doesn’t realize is that he has lived a very different life than her Robin. He is not the same man.  He has not gone through the same trials and tribulations. He has been shaped differently making them different people.

Regina is coming to terms with the idea that the man she brought back may not be who she wants him to be. The question now is going to be can she accept who is and try to build a relationship from there? Or is she going to push him away?

I think right now she is suspicious of him. She doesn’t know what he wants or what drives him and that makes her nervous. She is used to having control and knowing what the people around her want. To have a man she used to know everything about being a complete mystery to her is going to throw her off for a while.

At the end of the episode we learn that Hook is actually the one who ended up killing Charming’s father. It was when he was at his most ruthless and did not care for anyone or anything. In this episode we learned that he was planning on proposing to Emma.

But this revelation is throwing him off. Hook knows he has changed but he is unsure of what the rest of the world believes. He wants to prove that he is a different man but his past keeps coming back to haunt him. The question is going to be can he reveal what he did, can everyone accept him as this new man and move past this? Or is this going to destroy everything he has built?


“Family is everything.” – Robert – Robert defined himself by his family. When he thought he had failed them he nearly gave up on life. He ended dying trying to protect his family. In this show everything revolves around family and that intense bond that families create with each other.

“Small things can hold great power.” – Rumple – Rumple took one of Robert’s hair, though we aren’t sure why. Is he going to use it for a spell later and are we going to see the consequence of that action this season?


Will Hook tell Charming what he did to his father?

Will Hook be able to move past this and ask Emma to marry him?

What did Robin want with the box in Regina’s vault?

What does Robin want?

Will Zelena do something to Robin to keep him from her daughter?

When will Aladdin and Jasmine come back?

Why does Gideon want to be a Savior?

Can Rumple and Belle save Gideon?

Will the Evil Queen come back?

How will any of this play into the Agrabbah storyline?

Are we done with The Land of Lost Stories?

What did Rumple do with Robert’s hair?



“If Someone Believes in You You’re Never Alone” – Once Upon a Time

once-upon-a-time-607-heartlessThe theme of this episode was true love and the power that love can wield. This is a common theme in this show and one we have explored a number of different ways throughout the seasons. Most of the time during this episode I was wondering where everything was going but the pay off at the end was a new and interesting twist.

The episode opened with Snow having a dream/meeting with The Evil Queen. The Queen gives her a vial and tells Snow she has 12 hours to surrender her heart or The Evil Queen will destroy the town.

Turns out the vial is filled with water from the River of Souls. The water could decimate the town in no time. At this point Snow is losing hope for once. She can not see way to save her and Charming as well as save everyone in Storybrooke.

The Blue Fairy shares information about a possible weapon. It is a magic sapling that was created by true love. The true love we learn through flashbacks was actually Charming and Snow’s after their first real meeting. They find it but The Evil Queen destroys it right away.

The sapling storyline seemed pretty filler to me. I expected it to go somewhere but it died out right away. It appeared to be put in the show in order to tell us yet again that Snow and Charming are in love, have been in love for long time and have a love that has endured many trials. They are one of the main couples of the show, we know all of this and have been told it a number of times before. We really did not need the sapling goose chase to tell us that Charming and Snow are in love and that their love will win out in the end; we know that.

In the end Snow and Charming offer themselves to the The Evil Queen to save the town but she doesn’t kill them. What she does is put a sleeping curse on their shared heart. Which means that when one is awake the other will be under the curse. They can never be together again.

images-4For a form of revenge this was a good idea. The Evil Queen wants Snow to suffer for what she did to her and her lover, Daniel. She wants her to feel the hurt and pain that she felt. Killing Snow would have been too easy and quick. Snow wouldn’t have suffered and The Evil Queen would only have felt satisfaction for a short time. This curse allows her to revel in Snow’s pain and feed off of it. This will bolster The Evil Queen for whatever other plans she may have.

The other aspect of this episode involved Rumple and Belle. Belle finds out that Rumple is hooking up with and helping The Evil Queen. She also finds out he has the shears and plans on using them on their son. She isn’t too bothered by his hook up with The Evil Queen. She is more upset about what he plans to do with the shears.

She tells him he can’t be in their son’s life right now. He has to earn their son’s future love. Right now he is forcing himself on them and that is not going to fly. Rumple confesses he is scared he is too weak to be good and Belle tells him he has to start trying. That is one thing Rumple fails at, trying.

He always wants a magical, quick solution to his problems. He never wants to work at anything. To prove he wasn’t weak he became The Dark One. He didn’t stick around to try to mend his relationship with his other son. Rumple is a weak man because he refuses to work for what he wants. If he can’t have someone else do it for him he won’t do it. Rumple needs to find a tougher side of himself and an independent side or else he will never get what he wants in life.

“If someone believe in you, you’re never alone.” – Blue Fairy- The group always has someone behind them. No one is alone in our group. Rumple on the other hand has no one who believes in him. He needs to find someone who does or else he will never succeed.

How will they be able to break the sleeping curse on the hearts?
Will The Evil Queen do anything else now?
Is she going to take out the rest of the group somehow and let Snow suffer?
How is this all connected to Emma’s vision?
Do we know the hooded figure?
When will we learn more about Charming’s father?
How will Agrabah play into all of this?
What side is Zelena on now?
Can Rumple find the strength to be good?

Arthur’s True Colors are Showing – Once Upon a Time – 5×3 (Spoilers)

images-2This episode gave us a handful or realizations, a few from characters and a few for us as the audience. Charming realizes that just because they lost one battle with Emma’s darkness does not mean she is doomed. Hook realizes that Dark Swan is not his Emma and he has to stop seeing her as if she is. And we realized that Arthur has some dark plans and is not someone we can fully trust.

The episode starts with the group finding a toadstool in one of the spell books that will allow them to talk with Merlin. (Quick side note, that question mark Regina put in the book was that some subtle hint that she thought something would happen to them later?). Of course this toadstool is in a very dangerous land and Charming volunteers to go off to find it. Arthur asks to join him in his quest.

In the present we see that Charming is beyond frustrated at the situation the group currently finds themselves in. He is blaming himself for not having saved Emma from the darkness. He is feeling helpless.

The real reason for his frustration is seen in the flashback. Charming doesn’t want to be the man remembered for kissing awake a princess. He wants more for his legacy. He wants to bring change to the world. He feels like he is losing that side of himself. He is concentrating on what he has lost and how, instead of moving forward from those losses.

After Arthur and Charming, “lose,” the toadstool Arthur tells Charming that what makes them heroes is that they are brave enough to move forward even when they do experience a loss. They do not give up. Charming learned that in Camelot and he needs to remember it now in the present.

Yes, the group failed to save Emma from succumbing to the darkness inside of her. But they have not lost this battle yet. As we saw last episode the Emma we know is still in this dark version. We have not completely lost her.

Charming and the rest of the group have to stop concentrating on what they have lost and focus on saving the light that still lives inside of Emma. Charming does not remember what happened. He has no idea who is to blame for Emma taking control of her dark powers. No one knows what exactly happened and they have to stop blaming themselves. They have to move past that moment and figure out what they have to do now in this time to not fail again.

Arthur is another man intent on not failing people he cares about. Arthur showed his true colors in this episode. Arthur is not the humble and kind man he appears to be to the group. He has one face he shows the public while the other one is conniving and manipulating in order to get what he wants.

Arthur is not afraid to hurt anyone if it means that he saves his people and Camelot. He steals the toadstool from Charming. He poisons his squire in order to keep him from spewing his secrets to the group.

It is difficult to be able to have a real judgement of Arthur. Arthur has his blinders on. He does not trust our group. He does not trust anyone outside of Camelot. He will do anything to save his people which is a scary thought. No one will stand in his way.

Arthur believes what he is doing is right and what is needed to save Camelot. That is the scariest part about him right now,. He refuses to see that his choices are hurting other poeple. He does not think about what consequences his actions are going to have for anyone else. Nothing else matters at the moment and he is going to hurt someone beyond repair this way. He is going to lose Camelot because he is going to lose everyone’s trust. You can only manipulate a situation for so long this way until things fall apart. People are going to be afraid of him and he is going to fall apart in the process, scared of himself. Our group will understand his actions but they will not forgive those actions.

The other major character that has a waking moment in this episode is Hook. Emma brings Hook to her and tries to pretend that they can be the same as they were before she became Dark Swan. We all know she is manipulating him and he is not dumb enough to believe her. She tries to tell him that she is still the same woman he knew, that all she has lost is her fear. And she does have a point. She still has some of her same traits but that lack of fear is what is hurting her. She no longer fears consequences or her actions or decisions. She does whatever she wants without thinking twice and that scares everyone else.

Once-Upon-A-Time-Highlights-for-Season-5-Episode-3-Siege-Perilous-VIDEOHook tries to pretend for a minute but he can’t. He can’t see Dark Swan as Emma. There is a poignant and important moment in this episode. When Emma asks Hook if he loves her he answers that he loved her and then calls her the Dark One.

This is a huge step for Hook. He has now drawn a line in the sand between himself and her. He will no longer pretend that she is the woman he loved and knew before. He is not blinded by his love. He will not let her play with his emotions.

He has to do this. He has to be able to separate himself in order to find a way to bring back his Emma. In the beginning he was so wrapped up in his emotions and desperation that he wasn’t thinking clearly. I said before that he had to find a way to tamper down his emotions in order to be any help to Emma.

This is one way for him to do that. He had to put the two women in two separate places. Now he can concentrate on bringing back the Emma he once knew. Saving Emma is gong to take some desperate measures and sacrifices and now he can clearly think about what all of that means and be able to take the necessary steps needed to save her.

“Word quest means to seek not to find. The seeking is what matters,” – Arthur – They are seeking a way to save Emma. They are going to go through trials and tribulations along the way. They are going to learn lessons and I think the combination of what they learn is going to be what saves Emma in the end.

What is Arthurs full plan?
What will recombining Excalibur and the dagger do for him?
Will it help or hurt?
How is Lancelot alive?
Is this man really Lancelot?
Why doesn’t Lancelot trust Arthur? What does he know?
The question mark in the book did Regina purposely put it there for a reason? Did she have a feeling something was not right about the whole situation?
Will Arhtur ever use the toadstool?
Can Emam really turn Rumple into a hero?
What would that even entail and mean?
Will Belle find Rumple and be able to still love him and help him?
What effect will Emma being The Dark One have on all her relationships when she is back to normal?
What will Rumple be like now?
Will Zelena’s baby be a rift between Robin and Regina?
Will Zelena be able to ever be in her child’s life?
Will allowing her in its life be a way to change her for the good?

Once Upon a Time- 4×16- Best Laid Plans – Review (Spoilers)

images-10“Once Upon a Time,” gave us yet another episode packed with revelations. We got the full story behind what Charming and Snow did to Maleficent’s child. We also found out the fate of said child. Emma learned all about the lies her parents have been telling her for so long. And we finally met the author who appears not to be the most savory of characters.

The main aspect of this episode was the story behind what Charming and Snow did to save Emma from the potential darkness she has inside of her. They go out and find a unicorn. Legend tells them that if they touch its horn they will get a vision telling them the fate of their child. Charming touches it and gets a calm vision. Emma is a brand new baby and seems happy and whole. He is happy and excited when he tells Snow. Thinking that what he sees is true.

Snow on the other hand sees a completely different type of vision. She sees teenage Emma and she is not happy. This Emma is angry and resentful. She reaches into Snow’s chest, takes out her heart and crushes it with Snow watching. These two visions show that their child has two types of potential in her, just like any child who is a blank slate. She can be good or she can be bad.

What interested me most about all of this was the fact that Snow’s vision did come true. Emma did not literally rip out her heart, she did it more figuratively. After Emma found out that her parents were lying to her this whole time she is understandably upset and angry. She leaves and Snow tries to stop her. She says, “But I’m your mother,” and Emma replies with “I don’t care.” This is the exact exchange from Snow’s vision. Despite everything they did, Emma is still crushing her heart.

Emma, just like any child, was born with a blank slate. No child is born evil or good. They are born without understanding a thing about the world. In the end it is what surrounds them in the world that influences who they become. Snow and Charming are told after they did the spell on Maleficent’s child that they now have to guide their daughter. But no one guided Emma, she had to do it alone. All the decision that Snow and Charming made, they still have to watch their child turn away from them. No spell can take away that potential to hurt them. It all comes down to how the child is raised and what influences they live with. Snow and Charming did not need a spell to save Emma, they just needed to be there to guide her and watch over her.

But they did do the spell. Snow and Charming are led to the Sorcerer who tells them that there is a spell that will take out all the darkness from Emma and put it into another vessel. But that vessel has to be as pure and as much of a blank slate as their child. They know that Maleficent has a child on the way and they decide to kidnap it and have it take all the darkness from their daughter. The Sorcerer does the spell and because of the dangerous potential the child holds he banishes it to our mortal world.

When Snow is taking the egg from Maleficent she refuses to use the words child or baby when talking about it. When Maleficent asks how they could hurt a child Snow replies with it isn’t a child ,it is a monster. Despite all that Snow has done the idea of hurting a baby still stops her in her tracks. She cannot see Maleficent’s child as she sees her own. To do the spell the egg has to be nothing but an egg from a dragon that is a monster. Snow refuses to see that no matter who the parents are a child is still an innocent child. Plain and simple. Just because it comes from Maleficent does not mean that the child is going to be evil.

Then they do the spell and Snow realizes that the egg actually held a human baby inside of it. She freaks out, begging to save the baby. It is in this moment when she sees the reality of what she has done. That baby was just as pure as the child she is carrying. They are the same and the fact that she just doomed this child to darkness as well to being banishes to another world is almost too much for her to take. Charming and Snow realize they made a horrible decision and that in their fear they hurt an innocent life.

We see that Snow can’t get past what they did to Maleficent. Everything she sees and does reminds her of the choice they made. She is desperate to do something to fix it but knows that there is nothing she can do. Charming takes her aside and tell her that the decision they made was a horrible one. They both acknowledge that they hurt someone and that what they did was no better then many of the things that Maleficent did.

Snow tells him that what they did “was brave but was not kind.” In this moment Charming tells her that for now on they will live a kind life. They will spread hope and faith throughout the kingdom. They will help who they can and try to live pure lives. It is this moment that makes them the heroes to me. They made bad choices, they hurt others. But they do not shrug it all off. They live with it everyday and they are desperate to change what they did.

A hero tries to help and take care of others even when they aren’t the best person themselves. The Charming’s, in this moment, make the decision that in order to correct their mistakes they will live good lives. They cannot undo what they did but they can strive to live better from now. We all makes horrible mistakes when we are scared and emotional, it is how we react to those mistakes and how we try to fix them that makes us heroes or villains.

In this episode Rumple did show Maleficent what ended up happening to her child. The baby was banished to the mortal world and was adopted. We find out that that her child is actually Lily, the friend of Emma’s. I read theories that this might be the case and I am very happy that they are true. I love this idea that these two children, one full of good and one full of supposed darkness, became friends

When we met Lilly she wasn’t some sadistic kid. She was just as lost as Emma. They both feel like they do not belong in the lives they are living. They both are looking for more and they find a kindred spirit in one another. Emma is supposed to be full of pure light while Lily is supposed to a hold all this darkness yet they are able to get along and feel connected to one another. They formed a bond that Emma still regrets breaking to this day. She tells Hook that Lily was her friend. They were friends, despite what the potential they are supposed to harbor inside of themselves.

Snow and Charming were told that all the darkness was taken out of Emma but young Emma wasn’t some pillar of good. She ran away multiple times, she stole and she made some very poor choices. So how much did the spell actually do? If Emma was supposed to have no darkness left in her why would she have such a troubled early life? That is because the potential she held had to be nurtured. She needed someone to show her the right choice to make. As I stated earlier no spell is going to make her good. She has to make the choices and she can’t make the choices if she has no one to show her the way.

This all leaves a very open ended question about Lily. Where is she? Is she incarcerated and a horrible person? I highly doubt it. I feel like she is in the same position Emma was in when we first met her in season one. She is lost, and does not know what she is supposed to do or be. She has no one on her side and she is scared. She needs a guiding hand just like Emma got. I can’t wait to see these two meet again. I want to see them help everyone else realize that it isn’t what you did in the past that matters or what someone thinks you can do or be it is all up to you and you alone. You make the choices that control your life. Emma and Lily may have made poor choices but they also made positive ones at the same time. They are not controlled by this potential that so terrified their parents.

images-9Emma and Lily had no one making choices for them but we see that our other characters may not have been so lucky. We met the author in this episode and he is not the greatest person. The role of the author is supposed to record the stories of these people. They are supposed to do nothing but observe and write it all down. But this author thought that was boring and he was manipulating the stories.

He was the one who led Charming and Snow to the Sorcerer in the first place. He was the one who wrote the Sorcerer banishing away Maleficent’s child. His excuse was that it made a better story. So how much did he actually influence everyone? What decisions did our characters make on their own and which ones did he have a part in helping them make? Did he have a hand in influencing Regina not to meet Robin Hood? Was he responsible for young Snow telling Cora about Regina’s boyfriend?

Judging by the few minutes we met him he doesn’t seem like the helpful kind. He ran as soon as they mentioned they had questions so getting him to do what they want doesn’t sound like an easy task. But do they want him to do anything? If he undoes all that he initially messed up where will we end up? This feels similar to an altering time story line. You mess with one piece and it touches everything else. It will be interesting to see if he does anything and what the results of his actions.

Rumple wasn’t in this episode much but the part he was in was telling. He goes to find a sleeping Belle (she was under a sleeping spell by Maleficent along with the rest of the town). He tells her that he knows that he has a massive debt to pay for all the magic and harm he has done over his life. He knows that the only way to clean up that debt is to change the story. Then he tells her that “something is changing,” and that he has to do this all quickly. This is where he lost me. What is changing?
While he was saying this he was holding his chest, possibly his heart. Is he dying? Is Rumple losing his heart or will to live in some way? Is this changing the story his only way to live on? Something is off about what he was saying to Belle. I doubt whatever is changing has to do with Belle being with Will. I feel like it is something bigger then that.

Rumple finishes his speech by telling Belle that he will come back for her if he can. This is a very telling statement. Up until now I have assumed that whatever Rumple’s happy ending is, it involves Belle in every way. Now we see him saying that he may not be able to come to her again. Why? What does he actually want? Does it not involve Belle exclusively? Does his love for her not trump something else? I am very interested to see where this conversation takes us.

“Darkness if funny thing, it creeps up on you,” – Hook- He is concerned that Emma does not understand how dangerous darkness can be. You don’t realize it is taking over until it is too late. But hopefully Emma knows enough and has enough support that she won’t be lost to it.

“Heroes do what is right, not what is easy,” – Snow- Her and Charming choose wrong at one time. They chose a spell to help their daughter. They wanted a quick solution instead of taking the harder path. They learned their lesson. When you do what is easy you can hurt others. It would have been better for them to take responsibility of their child’s future and ensured she was good by their influence and parenting instead of some spell.

“You’ve sure come a long way from the woman who couldn’t believe,”- August – This is a great way to sum up Emma’s evolution throughout the seasons. At one point she refused to see her true life and the truth and now she is fighting for all of it with all she has.

Where is Lily now?
When will we see her again?
Is Lily dark? Or is she like Emma was, lost and needing guidance?
Will she forgive Emma for abandoning her?
What is wrong with Rumple?
What is changing so quickly for him?
Does Rumple’s ending involve Belle?
Can the author change what he messed up in the first place?
What were the original stories of our characters supposed to be?
Do we want the author to do anything?
Will any changes be for the better or for the worse?
Did he transport Emma from the mansion to the town square? Why did he do that? How much power does he actually possess?
Is there a more current author right now?
Is Rumple going to use Robin to make Bella work with him to hurt Regina?
Was her Regina’s dream warning her about what Rumple is up to?
Will we Emma go dark in any way?

Once Upon A Time- S3E14- The Tower Review (Spoilers)

This episode was very concentrated on David and conquering his fears. Ultimately we learn that the plot line was for Zelena to capture David’s courage, which is an interesting twist on the Oz story. I am sure in further episodes we will see her finding something connected to the heart and brain.

The episode began with a different Charming then we are used to seeing. Charming is the strong character, always comforting Snow and giving positive encouragement to anyone who needs it. He is the true knight in shining armor type. We have never seen him truly fearful for himself, even when he was dying in Neverland. He was just concerned about scaring Snow and Emma during that moment.

This episode humanized Charming. No longer is he just the hero character. No longer is he the prince who is all set out to save the day all the time. Now he is just a scared father. He failed his first child and he is terrified for the cycle to repeat itself.

I liked this episode for precisely this reason. As hero you would expect Charming to shrug off his issues and tell himself he is being dumb and not to worry about everything so much. He wouldn’t let fear rule him, we very rarely see the Prince Charming type character fearful or lost. You wouldn’t expect him to be as desperate as he becomes. And this fear is ingrained in who he is. Even without his memories that fear lives inside of him, this far is apart of him; which makes him fighting the fear and winning all that more significant.

Then in Storybooke we watch as Charming fights himself. The best part of this bit was how he didn’t crumple to pieces like Rapunzel. He was afraid at first. He was confused and he didn’t want to hear what his other self was saying but he moved past that. He stood his ground and he fought back. He defied his fears, taking out that part of himself. Now that doesn’t mean his fears are all gone, we see that he is human so he will have to do this fight many times again but for right now he is in control.

This is an important idea for this show. All of these characters are held back by an overt or secret fear. They lack confidence in themselves, making them very vulnerable.

Emma fears what having a family truly means for her. She wants that life but it comes with challenges and hardships and she doesn’t know if she can handle all of that. Regina fears who she is without Henry. She doesn’t know how to define herself anymore, what her purpose in life is and that terrifies her. Snow seems to be worried but accepting as the events take place around her. But somewhere deep inside of her she has to be afraid of what this all will mean for her new family. Is she meant to have a happily ever after?

While David is battling his fears and finding his courage Zelena is working on her plan. She has a very interesting conversation with Rumple. Crazy Rumple is once again rambling, this time about the voices in his head being quiet when he is dead. Again this man is not the one we saw leave earlier in the season. He hasn’t accepted his life and become determined to fight for a life that will make him happy. I am sure we will get more answer next week while he is on the run.

The conversation that Zelena and Rumple has is about appearances. Zelena is adamant that she hasn’t been able to hide her true nature her whole life. She says, “Our outside showed exactly what was rotting on the inside.” This is a very interesting statement to make.

First of all, generally people strive to hide the dark side of themselves. They don’t want people to see the worst of them. Most of the time we would hear that statement as, “Our outsides never showed what was rotting on the inside.” But the way she says it she states that everyone has always known she was wicked and cruel. She states that she never had to hide that part, it was always there. I think it goes deeper then her being green, that wasn’t the main way she has been showing her dark side to the world. The question becomes, how long has she been this way? The way she states it, it sounds like she has been this way since birth. What happened to make her see herself this way?

The second interesting part of this statement is how accepting Zelena seems to be of her “rotted,” core. She says it almost with a relish or excitement. She doesn’t say it with regret, or anger or even sadness. It is just a fact to her, nothing more. She is no good, she has nothing good inside of her. Who made her believe this? What happened to break this woman down? Is there any good left inside of her?

My question is, is there anything that can redeem Zelena? We know that the darkest characters can be redeemed. Rumple had his love for his son and later Belle that has kept that small good part of him alive. Regina has Henry. What does Zelena, have if anything? Or is she like Pan, completely unredeemable and selfish?

I am very interested in her backstory because I am positive that something happened to break her down. And it was more than being green or being abandoned by her mother. Rumple states that she never cared about appearances. Suggesting this woman has had this screw it attitude for quiet a while. Whatever happened to her happened early and hit her very hard.

This episode showed us a new side of Charming. He was always a man who had the outward appearance of being resolutely strong and unbreakable, and now we know that he has deep emotions and fears. It also showed us Zelena as a woman who revels in her wickedness and doesn’t believe any other part of her exists anymore.

“If it can be broken it means it still works”-Hook – I like this line because it shows us a softer side of Hook. It also tells us that no matter how closed off Emma tries to be she can’t completely close herself off from the world.

Where is Rumple?

Are we going to learn who this man is and what happened to him? Which Rumple are we dealing with?

Why does Snow trust Zelena as she does?

What is Zelena doing with courage and most likely some incarnation of the heart and brain?

Who does Zelena really want to hurt? Is it just Regina?

When will Henry be clued in on what is really going on?

What happened to Zelena to make her believe that all she is, is wicked?

Can she be saved?

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