Our Story- Day 7- Writing 101

A/N: Todays prompt was to write about a contrast and the twist was to do it in dialogue. The pages fluttered back and forth. I tried to hold them down with my hand and then my phone but they were not going to be contained. I sighed, letting them dance at their leisure. I knewContinue reading “Our Story- Day 7- Writing 101”

She Just Listened- Writing 101- Day 6

A/N: Day six’s prompt was to write about someone we had met this last year. The twist was to make it a character study. I tried the twist but not entirely sure I did it right, found myself concentrating on me, the I, a lot as well. I parked my car in a spot in theContinue reading “She Just Listened- Writing 101- Day 6”

“I was Here.” Lady Antebellum- Writing 101- Day 3

A/N: This is the assignment for day 3 (I did day 2 but it was not publish worthy…needs work.) It was to free write about three songs that are important to you. I wrote about Brad Paisley’s “The Man He Didn’t Have to Be,” “Zero to Hero” and “I Was Here,” by Lady Antebellum. TheContinue reading ““I was Here.” Lady Antebellum- Writing 101- Day 3″

I will Smile- (Day 1- Writing 101)

A/N:I am doing the Writing 101- Blogging University through Daily Post and this Day 1. I will place the pic on each piece that has to do with this challenge just to separate them out. This was just writing a stream of consciousness for 20 minutes. It is only the beginning. Those were the wordsContinue reading “I will Smile- (Day 1- Writing 101)”