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Once Upon a Time- 4×08- Smash the Mirror- Review (Spoilers)

out_s1e02_08In this two hour episode we learned how Elsa actually got into the urn, Emma finally got control over her powers and Regina learns an important lesson with the help of Robin and the storybook.

Ana actually was the one who put Elsa into the urn but only because she had The Spell of Shattered Sight cast on her. She was consumed by her biggest dislike for her sister. Through the lens of the spell she saw Elsa as someone who had left her and forgot about her. The way the spell works is it brings out that deep dark issue and lets it consume you. Ana’s anger at her sister consumed her and the only solutions she saw was to put her sister in the urn. This was not how The Snow Queen wanted the situation to go.

What The Snow Queen actually wanted was for Elsa to freeze Ana. She wanted Elsa to embrace her full power and use it on her sister. But unlike Ingrid, Elsa is not consumed by anger and betrayal. Even with her sister standing in front other telling her how angry she is and how much she hates her, Elsa sees that it is a spell. Elsa knows that this is not how her sister truly feels about her.

hqdefaultAs Ana opens the urn Elsa says, “No matter what Ana, I love you.” Even as her sister imprisons her she will not lose her love for her sister. Unlike Ingrid, who was put int he urn thinking she was hated and despised, Elsa went in knowing that the words thrown at her were not what her sister really felt for her.

As I stated in my last review, Greta made her decision to put Ingrid in the urn out of fear, anger and overwhelming sadness Did she truly hate her sister? Did she really see her as a monster? If she had kept her memories would she have eventually realized what she had done? Would she have understood that Ingrid did not mean to hurt Helga? Would she have stood by her sister’s side? We will never know but I feel she would have ended up much like Elsa at this point. She was upset at the death of her sister (which is obviously completely understandable) but once she had a chance to process what happened and realized that her sister didn’t mean to do it, she would have clung onto her remaining sister. She made her choice while she was blinded by emotion.

Now I know Ana did not witness Elsa kill anyone but when she put Elsa in the urn she was doing it out of pure emotion. She was angry and upset exactly like Greta was. But Elsa left the urn only concerned about her sister. Elsa did not stew in betrayal, she held the love of her sister in her heart. She knows her sister, she knows what happened and held that love as close to herself as she could. She did not let go of that love. Her love for her sister is pure.

Elsa has always said that she can control her power because Ana had faith in her and because she loved her sister. Ana had faith in her and she used to that to keep herself under control. Emma thinks that same logic, her love for Henry, can help her control her powers. But it doesn’t work. She ends up hurting her son and that makes everything worse.

What Emma learns form Elsa is that while the love and support of family is important you also have to have belief in yourself. It does not matter how much someone says, “You can do it,” it won’t happen if you don’t believe it yourself. You will not put the whole effort into it or you’ll make the wrong choices. In the end love and belief in yourself is just as important as love and belief from your loved ones.

Regina learned that lesson as well in this episode . After she spent the night with Robin she showed him the book and tells him that because of the book she can’t have a happy ending. She firmly believes that whoever wrote the book wants to keep her as a villain. She thinks that this is a classic fairytale book which means villains remains villains and heroes are heroes, there is no wavering. She firmly believes that this author does not want to her ever live happily.

39208f3612dc478ec7e07c34877a6185Regina has always put way too much store by the book. She blames the book for her life and the wrong choices she has made. She thinks changing it will fix everything and right all the bad choices she made in the past. She has too much faith in what the book can supposedly do and what is says. She is letting her past rule her present.

The book is just one way her story could have gone. Robin Hood, because he loves Regina, goes with Will to try to find a way of finding the author. While they are in the library a new pages appears in Robin’s bag. This page shows what could have happened if Regina had gone into the pub and met Robin Hood when she first was shown him.

Regina sees this and is at first confused. Robin tells her that the book is showing her hope. If she wants a happy ending it actually is possible, if she believes it is possible. Robin tells her that her choices in the past have led her to this point. Just as in the past her choices now will determine where her life goes.

What she has to stop doing is sabotaging herself. She thinks nothing good can happen so when it does she pushes it away. She makes poor decisions because she assumes that is all she can do.Which is not true. Of course you get a un-happy ending when you make choices that hurt others or hurt yourself. What the pages shows Regina is that if she hopes enough and believes in herself and her potential she will began making choices that will lead her to happiness. The happiness is there, she just needs to take it.

There are also two other quick observations I had about this episode. First I found it very interesting how upset Henry was at being ordinary and not having magic. While Emma wanted to rid herself of the magic and wanted to be ordinary. It is an interesting look at this situation because it shows the everyone wants to change what they have. Everyone, magic or not, sees themselves as inadequate at times. We all want something to make us better. The one with the magic wanted it gone because she thought that would solve her issue. While the “ordinary,’ one thought magic would solve everything. In the end we see that embracing who you are fully who you saw yourself and those you love.

The other thing is that this Rumple possessing Hooks heart thing is not going to end well at all. I’m very afraid to see what he makes Hook do and if Hook survives this problem.

“Our love made us strong, until it didn’t,”- Snow Queen – That is because you both judged the situation after one reaction to the incident. The belief evaporated and instead of understanding where your sister came from you saw her actions through a lens of hatred and betrayal.
“Your royals get to exhaustive lengths to ignore your issues,” – Kristoff- Very true words there.

“Funny thing about magic it can’t be destroyed completely,”- Rumple- This is the second time we have heard this said. What does this mean for something like The Spell of Shattered Sight? It can be lifted but ultimately not forgotten?
“Do You get a quarter from the hope commission every time you use that word?” – Regina- While this is a humorous line, she has a point. Snow lives her life with hope, always. And look how happy she currently is. She may say it a lot but there is a reason for that, one Regina needs to pay attention to.

“Happy endings can take a long time, but they do happen,”- Apprentice – Words that many of our characters should live by and understand.


Is Ana still frozen somewhere? Is she alive?

How long as it been since Elsa put into the urn?

When will Elsa remember what really happened?
What will the ribbons do to Emma and Elsa?
Will The Spell of Shattered Sight be cast fully and if so what will happen to everyone?
If it is cast and everyone hears what others think of them can they forget it and move on when the spell is lifted?
How will Rumple end up using Hook?
How will not having a heart effect Hook and Emma’s relationship?
Did Rumple just doom them?
Will Hook die?
Can/will Emma help Hook?
Will Regina be able to work on getting her happy ending?
Will they still look or the book’s author?
Wha other pages will appear?
Will the book be a saving grace for anyone else?

Once Upon a Time-4X06- Family Business- (Spoilers)

a45c56ed67e8e0633de021db1cf75462This episode was the episode where Belle finally became more of a round character. We got to see that her relationship with Rumple is in serious jeopardy. We also got to see what The Snow Queen seems to have planned and we are learning that yet again a romantic vision of life is not something that is going to be able to be forced into reality.

The episode started with Belle and her mother hiding from the ogres that are attacking their land. They are about to be attacked when Belle blacks out and wakes up to find her mother has died. She has no memory of what happened and becomes obsessed with getting those memories back. She goes to Arendelle to find the rock trolls and meets Ana.

Belle is an interesting character. She has always seemed like a flat character to me. She is someone everyone trusts and she is friendly with most. She gives people a chance and sees the good in people, such as with Rumple. For the last few seasons that has seemed to be all that she was. We did see her doubt herself and need a boost when she was given the task of helping everyone get out of Neverland by Rumple but that was never expanded on. Until now it would seem she was okay with who she was. Until now we did not really get the full understanding of how much she doubts herself and her abilities.

She finds the mirror in The Snow Queen’s ice cave and her reflection says out loud all the things she has been hiding inside of herself for so long. It tells her that she is pathetic, weak and will never be a hero. Until now we didn’t get a real indication of that these are issues she has been dealing with. She is always helping others or fighting for others and we never got to see what she is fighting with inside of herself. She actually has very little confidence in herself. She has never been the leader, always the follower. This sets up a chance for her character to really be able to grow into a strong woman who stands up for herself and truly believes in her abilities.

We saw that this element exists in her when she suggests going to Rumple to help save her family and kingdom. That suggestion took bravery and confidence. So it is all inside of her she just has to find a way to bring it out into the open where it belongs.

At one time I would have said Rumple could have helped her bring out these elements of herself. But now I doubt that. Rumple is living a double life and he has not conquered his demons or found his true confidence in himself yet.

The mirror tells Belle that deep down she knows that Rumple is a beast and she can’t truly trust him. And the mirror is not wrong in this manner right now. Despite what Rumple continuously spouts out to others he has not changed, at least not as completely as he pretends. He still possess the real dagger, meets with The Snow Queen in secret and it out to capture magic to make the hat work for him.

Rumple is yet again playing this game where is he is pretending to live one life while he is really living a completely different one. Sooner or later this act is going to catch up with him as it always does. When it does he is going to have a fallout much bigger then he has ever had to deal with before. Belle is going to be livid and her trust in him is going to completely evaporate. Not to mention the whole town is going to be on guard against him for knowing what the The Snow Queen has been planning for so long. He is going to end up alone again and when Rumple is hurt he gets dangerous.

The question becomes why is he doing this? Is it because for so long this has been how his life has been and his can’t break the habit? He has to be involved in everything that is happening around him, has to know who is in power and what their plans are. For so long he has been the one that everyone uses and he can’t break out of that mold. Also he seems to be protecting his position of power as well. Rumple has always been the most powerful and every time someone threatens that he lashes out. The Snow Queen seemed like he met his match but yet again he pulls out something that gives him leverage. No one is going to control him or be more powerful then him. Despite what he always says that is what his life is truly about right now.

xthe-snow-queens-secret-once-upon-a-time-s4e6.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xHsYr7fPSnThis episode also answered some questions about The Snow Queen and what she seems to be planning. Turns out she really is Ana and Elsa’s aunt. She is one of three sister and she appears to be the only one left alive. She is out to recreate the family the she lost.

We know that somehow her and her other sister Olga disappeared at one point in time and everyone’s memories of them were erased. Why they were kidnapped or where they went we have no idea. Did it have something to do with the snow power? Were they the odd ones out and they were seen as a threat and taken away? We are not sure yet.

What we do know is that she seems to have tried to recreate this family a few times before. She started with Elsa being all kind by helping her learn control. She earned Elsa’s trust but Ana doubted her and discovered that she was not who she seemed to be. As a consequence Ana was captured and most likely still in The Snow Queen’s possession.

Something happened to make her have to imprison Elsa and erase her memories of everything; same thing with Emma. She was Emma’s foster family for six months and judging by the papers and cards she saved she cared for Emma and Emma actually like her. Again something happened to break this relationship.

The Snow Queen appeared to be trying to create a family organically. Earn the trust of these people and let them come to care for her and be the family she always wanted. But we know she has a hard side that does not accept when things do not go her way. She lashes out and it becomes about control.

Now she has given up on the trying to be nice and create a family that way. She is going to get this family she wants no matter what. She plans on using the mirror to turn everyone in town against each other, hopefully leaving only her, Elsa and Emma still alive or around. Then she has this group but it is not a family. She will have to find a way to make these two trust her and like her again. Remind them of the past? Take away memories of the evil she has done? Somehow she is going to have to make it so they actually want to be around her. Without that there is no family. Just because three people are together does not make them a family. A family requires love and respect and that is something that neither Emma or Elsa have for her.

“Magic always comes with a price,”- Belle’s father- Yet again we are reminded of this fact. Everyone in this world knows this fact by now but they seem to forget it or underestimate the consequences too often. I think Rumple and The Snow Queen are going to learn this lesson yet again.

“Captain Guy-liner,” – Regina (in reference to Hook)- I found this line hilarious. I also like that Regina is still witty like this. It is good to see that all that is going on around her has broken her completely yet.

“Nothing I try seems to be good enough,” – Regina- She tells this to Robin Hood right before she tells him that he has to forget about her and fall in love with Marian again. Regina is out of ideas and it is killing her. She is used to being able to solve all problems and now she is at a point where she is out of options. She can’t save Marian and she has to let Robin Hood go. It is a short scene but we see that Regina is breaking and soon she is going to be completely broken. The question becomes when will someone notice and how much damage will there be at that point?

“Sometimes a hero has to sacrifice everything for those they love,”- Belle- How many sacrifices will have to be made before these story lines end?

When will Rumple slip up and everyone finds out about the other life he has been living?
What will Bell do when she finds out the truth?
Now that Rumple has the upper hand over The Snow Queen how will he use it?
What does he want with the hat?
How did The Snow Queen lose the box with the hat?
Whose house was the box found in?
Does The Snow Queen still have Ana?
How long as it been since Ana was captured?
What happened to make her take Emma and Elsa’s memories?
Does The Snow Queen really think these two will ever love or respect her enough to be a real family?
When did she take Emma’s memories?
Can Robin does as Regina asks of him?
Can he really un-love his true love?
When will Regina fall break from everything?
Who will notice and will they be in time to save her?

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