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Belief is the First Step – Once Upon a Time Season 6 MidSeason Premiere

wikia-253x189Once Upon a Time is back again! The first half of the season saw Emma trying to come to terms with the fate she was shown. She knows that in a battle she is going to be stabbed and possibly die, she now has to determine if she is going to accept that fate. This half of the season seems as if it is going to focus on the characters fighting back against what destiny supposedly has set out for them. There is no one fate for anyone. You get to make your own story.

This episode opened with a glimpse into the past. We got to see how Emma decided on her last name. She was living on the street when August finds her. He steps in and stops her from burning a book of fairytales. He specifically pulls out The Ugly Duckling and tells her that the best stories are about transformation. He leaves her with the thought that she can choose her own path in life and that there is no one set path for her to walk down.

Back in the Wish Realm, Regina and Emma are robbed by Robin. He takes off with their jewelry leaving Regina confused and stunned. Emma convinces her that they need to find a way home before they get caught. She leads them to Pinocchio who agrees to help them build another magical wardrobe to get them home. While they are talking Regina runs off intent on hunting down Robin.

Regina cannot shake the idea that Robin has a life without her. She needs to find him and find out if his life is better; she needs to know if she meant something to him. She finds him and he tells her that his lives a carefree lifestyle and that he is happy (thought he is lying). Regina is crushed. She had been hoping to find out that without her his life is a mess.

Regina has a pretty clear idea of what her destiny is supposed to be, loneliness. She doesn’t get lasting happiness. She sees her life as nothing but pain. And she has a point, everytime she gets something she wants, she loses it. She convinces herself that Robin being happy without her just proves that she is destined to be alone and unhappy. She sees this as a sign that they were just passing connections.

But then Robin talks with her, and is honest. He is not happy and doesn’t enjoy his life. He has no wife, no children and is stealing for himself. Robin is missing a point in his life. Regina is faced with a choice. She can walk away from Robin and leave him in the Wish Realm. Put that portion of her life behind her and be done with the pain but also risk losing a second chance at love.

Emma convinced Regina to take the chance. Everyone in the realm has aged as they naturally would have without the curse except for Robin. He is the same age that he was when he died. There could be a part of the original Robin’s soul in this new version. Regina is being handed a chance, a chance to stop wallowing in her despair and try a new path.

Emma is also given a choice in this episode. Emma has the sword that is foreseen to kill her in the Wish Realm with her. She has the option to walkaway and leave it behind but she decided to take it back with her. She knows she has a legitimate choice in front of her but she decides to confront the vision. Emma decides that destiny is in her control and she is not going to let anyone take that away from her.

Once-Time-midseason-1-adjustIn this episode we also learn a little more about Gideon (Rumple and Belle’s son). Gideon was raised by the Black Fairy thought he does not view himself as evil. He does not possess a fully dark heart. He states that he does not want to hurt anyone but Emma. He tells his parents that he needs to kill Emma in order to become The Savior. He need to be a Savior to save another land and stop the Black Fairy. I am sure there is much more to this story that we will find out throughout this half of the season.

The other interesting aspect of this is how Rumple and Belle have to work together to save and stop their son. They are Gideon parents and they believe they may be the only two who can get through to him. They can’t do it alone and they are going to have to find a way to work together.

Rumple makes a point to say that throughout his whole life he was constantly looking for a slice of light in his darkness. He doesn’t want his son to have to live that way. He doesn’t want him to be bogged down and unable to fully live his life. Together his believes that he and Belle can save Gideon from a life of sorrow and pain.

“If we believe in something strong enough we will have the power to change our fate.” – Austin – Emma knows  now that she has to believe she can win the fight for her life. Without belief it is too easy to give up or give in at the first sign of trouble. Belief is what pushes us forward and gives us the ability to write our own stories.

“It might not work” -Regina, “Then again it might.” – Robin – This is an interesting exchange. Robin allows that moment of hope into the situation. Things could go wrong but you won’t know until you take that risk. You can’t live in that in-between you take the chance and see what comes of it.

Can Gideon become a Savior?
Who does he need to save?
Can Rumple and Belle work together?
Will Emma actually have to die?
Is the first Robin living somehow in Wish Realm Robin?
How can Emma defeat fate?
Where does this all tie into Agrabah?
Where are the characters from The Land of Lost Stories? Are we done with them?

You Fight When it Matters – Once Upon a Time – Winter Finale

once-upon-a-time-6x10-wish-you-were-here-emma-and-regina-in-the-wish-realm-720x409The winter finale finally told us who the hooded figure is. We also got to see what life would be like if the dark curse had never been enacted. We set up more of the conflict for Rumple and Belle but still haven’t solidified what The Evil Queen’s story is actually about. And we seem to have completely thrown The Land of Lost Stories characters to the side.

The episode opens with the group trying to find away to go after The Evil Queen again. During a small fight between Regina and her darker half, Emma takes a swing at The Evil Queen with the sword they found in the last episode. It is quickly discovered that the sword can hurt the queen but it doesn’t hurt Regina. They now have a weapon! Though who the sword belongs to and why it hurt the queen and not Regina is left as unanswered questions.

The group goes after the queen but she takes Jasmine hostage. She now has possession of the lamp and she uses it to send Emma to a world where she is not the savior. She is hoping to put everyone against each other as they try to find a way to save Emma and leave The Evil Queen to whatever she wants.

I still have no idea what this woman wants. She wants to hurt Regina, that much we know. We know she wants to watch the people she hates suffer. She thinks taking away all the people from Regina will destroy her. What I am confused about is what happens after that? What is her long term goal? If Regina loses everyone and falls apart then what does she want? Will she go back to the Enchanted Forest? Will she rule Storybrooke? What does she really want?

Emma ends up in the Enchanted Forest in a life where she was raised by her parents. We see right away that she is not a fighter. She has been coddled her whole life and she has no idea what suffering feels like. She is taken care of by her parents. She is loved by her people. Her life has been almost perfect.

Henry is still her son and she did end up with Neil, though I am not sure I understand how that worked out. In the actual storyline, Neil ends up in the mortal world because Rumple pushes him away. We know that Rumple is still The Dark One in this world so why didn’t Neil end up in the mortal world? How was that changed because the curse didn’t happen? Those two things had no connection to each other.  I  feel like this was glossed over to shoehorn Henry into the story.

Regina ends up figuring out that since her and The Evil Queen are essentially the same person she is also the master of the lamp. She takes it and wishes to be where Emma is. The only problem in is that in the new reality she is still seen as a villain and feared. No one knows her as Regina so she has to play a part.

Regina is desperate to turn Emma back into the woman who will fight for what she loves again. She takes her parents hostage and threatens their lives. She tells Emma she just has to fight her. Emma instead offers up the kingdom to save her parents. This Emma has no idea what fighting means. She has no idea how to give herself up for people she loves. She is not someone who will do anything for her family.

Our Emma has had to fight for everything from day one. She has not had anything handed once-upon-a-time-6x10-promo-wish-you-were-hereto her. She knows loss and she knows pain. This Emma knows none of those things. She has never been in real pain. She did lose Neil but she hasn’t watched people die at her feet. She hasn’t had someone take someone she loves. So, she has no idea what to do when Regina takes her parents; other than to hand over everything.

It takes Henry stepping in front of her and fighting for her to snap her back to herself. No matter what form she is in, she will do anything to protect her son. He is what matters in her life, anywhere and anytime.

They make almost make it back to their reality but stop when Robin shows up and catches Regina’s attention. She has been spending her whole time there saying that this place is not real. All of it is just an image, not real life. Then Robin shows up and her mind goes off track. She sees Robin, someone she thought was dead forever and she can’t walk away.

The second half of the season is going to have Regina coming to terms with losing her Robin; because this is not the man she loved and lost. She is going to learn to let him go and go home to her real life. I’m sure somehow he will help her find a way to fight the dark side of herself and win.

The other part of this episode was about Rumple trying to find his son. We find out that the Blue Fairy was attacked by the Black Fairy and their son was stolen. In the last moments of the episode we learn that the hooded figure is Morpheus, their son.

The Black Fairy has turned him evil/dark. Now Belle and Rumple are going to have to work together to save him. My question though is, will Rumple see the situation the same as Belle? Rumple likes his dark side. He has been wanting someone that understands him. Now, he has his son. Will he actually help turn him good again? Will that help him realize that his thirst for power is what is destroying his life?  Will saving his son help save Rumple?


“Love is weakness” – Evil Queen – We have heard a number of villains say this before. They are afraid of love because it makes them vulnerable. They would no longer be centerd on themselves. But in the end it also makes everyone stronger, because they are able to fight for the people around them.

“Every savior needs a villain.” – Rumple – Saviors need something to fight against. The villain doesn’t have to be a person, it is just an obstacle in the way. Saviors are saviors because they are able to stand up and fight for who and what means the most to them.

“You fight when it matters.” – Regina – Emma fights when people she knows are in harms way. She does not fight to fight. She fights because it means saving people she loves. That is when fighting matters the most; when you use it to help others.


How will Emma and Regina get home?
Can Regina leave Robin Hood again?
Will this Robin Hood be anything like hers?
How did Rumple is the wish reality know about Storybrooke?
What consequences will there be for realizing Rumple is the wish reality?
Will we see the Black Fairy again?
Why did she steal Rumple’s child and turn him dark?
Can Morpheus be saved?
Where is Agrabah?
How is that story going to fit in with the rest of the stories?
What happened to the people from The Land of Lost Stories?
When will we get the story of Charming’s dad?
Who does the sword belong to?
Why can the sword hurt The Evil Queen and not Regina?


What has Rumple done? – Once Upon a Time – (Review)

rumbelle4-ouat-6x4Rumple has officially screwed everything up. In my opinion there is no hope left for this man. He has made some terrible decisions in the past but now he has made the worst one he could ever make. Like everyone else in the show I am done with him.

There was two main storylines with Rumple in this episode. One (the past) was supposed to create some sympathy for Rumple and maybe give a bit of light to the reason for his actions. For me it didn’t do that, I still blame Rumple for his actions. He has made poor choices for too long.

Rumple starts the episode by sending a threat to the group. He uses a dust to age a fairy. It is his way of saying, this is what I will do to Belle if she does not come to me williningly. He wants to speed up Belle’s pregnancy in order to get his hands on his son before Belle can find a way to save him.

Rumple doesn’t actually use the dust on Belle, it is The Evil Queen who does it. But this does not redeem him in my eyes. He was going to do it, allowed it to become an option. He still wants to force a life on his child. He still threatened Belle. Rumple has had a thousand chances for redemption. He has given been given second chance after second chance. He does not deserve any more.

People can change but they have to want to change. Rumple doesn’t want to change. He expects the rest of the world to change around and for him. When someone refuses to fall under his pressure he forces them to do what he wants.

Rumple is not a good man. I get he has had a crappy past, but again it is about how he has responded. He didn’t want to work to show his courage so he became The Dark One, losing his son in the process. Rumple is someone who wants a simple solution to everything. He refuses to work for anything.

The past portions of this episode revealed who Rumple’s mother is. She is The Black Fairy,once-upon-a-time-6x09-changelings-rumplestiltskin-talks-to-belle-720x480 someone who let darkness consume her (like mother, like son). She abandoned him, not even caring enough to give him a name. He wants to know why but she doesn’t give him an answer.

Again, we know that Rumple’s past has not been easy. He has had to fight against a lot but he doesn’t actually fight anymore. He gave up a long time ago. Belle has tried to help him, to help him start over but he doesn’t want to. Rumple is too set in his ways and his anger, to let anything good come into his life.

Belle is forced to send her child off with The Blue Fairy to save him from Rumple. She will not let him destroy their son’s life. She has tried for so long to change Rumple, to fix the mess they are in, but she can’t do it alone. She shouldn’t have to do it alone either. Rumple needs to do some work too but he refuses.

Rumple needs to decide what his priorities in life are. Who does he care about? What does he want? If the answers are himself and power, he will never see his son again. Rumple needs to start fighting for the good or lose everything.

“It’s never too late to be a hero.” – Snow- Is this true? Could Rumple ever redeem himself enough to be considered a hero? Or has he made too many poor choices in his life?

“I think I’m a man no one can love.” – Rumple – This isn’t true. He can be loved, he just won’t let himself be loved. He has to let someone in or else this will actually become true.

“Sometimes you have to choose power over love.” – Black Fairy- Rumple did this. If he could let go of his obsession with power, he could have the family he always wanted.

Where is Belle and Rumple’s son?
Will we see him again?
What will Rumple do now?
How will he attempt to find the boy?
Can Zelena and Regina ever fix their issues?
What will happen now that Aladdin is the genie?
What is the sword in Emma’s vision?
Who is under the hood?
What happened to the people for The Land of Untold Stories?
Are we going to get to see more of them? Or are we done with them?

“Family Makes You Stronger Than You’ll Ever be by Yourself.”- Once Upon a Time- (6×07) (Review)

once-upon-a-time-season-6-evil-queen-henryIn this episode The Evil Queen continued to try to put a wedge in the group. This time she concentrated her efforts on Henry and tried to darken his heart. Thankfully Henry was raised to be stronger than her influence.

The episode started with Regina coming up with a way to trap The Evil Queen. She knows she can’t kill her without killing herself. She wants to capture the queen in the world behind the mirror. She will be powerless in there and then they can be rid of her.

Unfortunately The Evil Queen had a similar idea. This where the biggest issue is going to be for fighting this woman. Regina is the one who comes up with the ideas all the time but her and the queen think alike. They are the same person in a sense so it becomes difficult for her to think of something the queen won’t think of. They are going to have to plan a way to get rid of her without Regina’s help. They have to work without Regina or else they are always going to keep getting blindsided by her.

The Evil Queen ends up trapping Emma and Regina in the mirror. She then masquerades as Regina to the group. At first everyone seems to buy her act which annoyed me. I hate when people can’t tell someone is faking being someone else. The only one I gave any slack to was Snow because she is a bit stressed right now.

Thankfully Hook didn’t fall for it for long. He realized something was wrong when Emma didn’t take his calls. But the queen knocks him out. Henry figures it out after a conversation with the queen. I’m not sure exactly what tipped him off but it should have been the whole conversation. Her telling him to be a prince and calling Violet a commoner was never something Regina would have said something to him.

Henry does figure it out in the end and tries to rescue his mothers. The Evil Queen tries to get him to rescue his mothers by killing The Dragon. She tries too appeal to the idea that Henry is not allowed to be as strong as he could be. She talks about him hiding behind his parents and being too soft. She offers to help him find who he truly is meant to be and wants to make him “strong.”

Henry is smart enough not to fall for her game. He knows he is a strong person because of his family. He can take care of himself when he needs to but he also know he is never alone. He won’t betray his family no matter what she does to them or him.

Henry is not alone and he knows that. He doesn’t have to make his decisions on his own. He has his parents voice and advice always guiding him. He won’t let his heart be darkened that easily. He knows that what she is proposing will not make him strong. He knows that it will only hurt others and that is something he was raised never to do.

There was only one problem I had with this episode and that was the way Henry fought in this episode. A few episodes ago he let the queen convince him that Hook was not good for him and Emma. She manipulated him into fighting with Hook. Even though he has never had an issue with him before.

Now in this episode he is standing up to her because he knows what she is doing. Why didn’t he do that before? He is not a dumb kid as he proved in this episode. He knows how to fight and he knows what family and bonds between people means. He should never have let her into his head the last time.

I would have liked to see him begin fighting in that episode. Maybe trying to keep her out of his head and her slowly pulling him apart. If he had been fighting the whole time and then culminated in this scenario it would have made a much more of an impact. The way it was done here made me a bit disappointed. He was so strong here so why wasn’t he strong before? I like the Henry from this episode that is defiant and who knows who he is and knows who his family is.

“Never compromise who you are.” – Emma- Emma knows pretending to be someone else never works for anyone. You have to stand up for who you are and not let anyone tell you differently. Henry learned that well in this episode.

“Family makes you stronger than you’ll ever be by yourself.” – Henry – Our group has only gotten where they are now and only lived through everything because of their bond to one another. They always know someone is out there to help them. The Evil Queen has no one and that is going to be her downfall.

Will The Evil Queen be able to kill Zelena?
How will they get rid of The Evil Queen?
Where is Agrabah?
How will those two stories link together?
Who is the hooded figure?
Will Emma have to really die?
How can they break the sleeping curse?
How and where will Belle run to?
Is there any hope for Rumple?
Who killed Charming’s father?

“If Someone Believes in You You’re Never Alone” – Once Upon a Time

once-upon-a-time-607-heartlessThe theme of this episode was true love and the power that love can wield. This is a common theme in this show and one we have explored a number of different ways throughout the seasons. Most of the time during this episode I was wondering where everything was going but the pay off at the end was a new and interesting twist.

The episode opened with Snow having a dream/meeting with The Evil Queen. The Queen gives her a vial and tells Snow she has 12 hours to surrender her heart or The Evil Queen will destroy the town.

Turns out the vial is filled with water from the River of Souls. The water could decimate the town in no time. At this point Snow is losing hope for once. She can not see way to save her and Charming as well as save everyone in Storybrooke.

The Blue Fairy shares information about a possible weapon. It is a magic sapling that was created by true love. The true love we learn through flashbacks was actually Charming and Snow’s after their first real meeting. They find it but The Evil Queen destroys it right away.

The sapling storyline seemed pretty filler to me. I expected it to go somewhere but it died out right away. It appeared to be put in the show in order to tell us yet again that Snow and Charming are in love, have been in love for long time and have a love that has endured many trials. They are one of the main couples of the show, we know all of this and have been told it a number of times before. We really did not need the sapling goose chase to tell us that Charming and Snow are in love and that their love will win out in the end; we know that.

In the end Snow and Charming offer themselves to the The Evil Queen to save the town but she doesn’t kill them. What she does is put a sleeping curse on their shared heart. Which means that when one is awake the other will be under the curse. They can never be together again.

images-4For a form of revenge this was a good idea. The Evil Queen wants Snow to suffer for what she did to her and her lover, Daniel. She wants her to feel the hurt and pain that she felt. Killing Snow would have been too easy and quick. Snow wouldn’t have suffered and The Evil Queen would only have felt satisfaction for a short time. This curse allows her to revel in Snow’s pain and feed off of it. This will bolster The Evil Queen for whatever other plans she may have.

The other aspect of this episode involved Rumple and Belle. Belle finds out that Rumple is hooking up with and helping The Evil Queen. She also finds out he has the shears and plans on using them on their son. She isn’t too bothered by his hook up with The Evil Queen. She is more upset about what he plans to do with the shears.

She tells him he can’t be in their son’s life right now. He has to earn their son’s future love. Right now he is forcing himself on them and that is not going to fly. Rumple confesses he is scared he is too weak to be good and Belle tells him he has to start trying. That is one thing Rumple fails at, trying.

He always wants a magical, quick solution to his problems. He never wants to work at anything. To prove he wasn’t weak he became The Dark One. He didn’t stick around to try to mend his relationship with his other son. Rumple is a weak man because he refuses to work for what he wants. If he can’t have someone else do it for him he won’t do it. Rumple needs to find a tougher side of himself and an independent side or else he will never get what he wants in life.

“If someone believe in you, you’re never alone.” – Blue Fairy- The group always has someone behind them. No one is alone in our group. Rumple on the other hand has no one who believes in him. He needs to find someone who does or else he will never succeed.

How will they be able to break the sleeping curse on the hearts?
Will The Evil Queen do anything else now?
Is she going to take out the rest of the group somehow and let Snow suffer?
How is this all connected to Emma’s vision?
Do we know the hooded figure?
When will we learn more about Charming’s father?
How will Agrabah play into all of this?
What side is Zelena on now?
Can Rumple find the strength to be good?

A Family Bond Can’t be Broken – Once Upon a Time 6×06 – Review

606thedevilamiThis episode centered on the importance of family and the strength of that bond. It also again explored the idea that revenge does nothing but breed hate and anger. We also got a better idea of what The Evil Queen is after; though it fees like we are spinning our wheels on her storyline right now.

The episode opened in the past with Hook being taken onto Captain Nemo’s ship. He is taken specifically because Nemo wants to save Hook. He knows about Hook’s past and he tries to explain to him that getting revenge does not help. He explains that he did what Hook is trying to do and all is left him with was hate and anger. He does not want Hook to suffer like he has.

Hook tells him that he can’t give up when the one he wants is so close. At that time Hook is centered on getting his revenge and that is all. He is counting on the act of revenge relieving some of the pain he is constantly feeling. Nemo explains that it won’t help, not how Hook wants it to.

What Nemo tries to explain is that what Hook needs is a family. He needs people to care about and that care about him. Nemo is constantly emphasizing the importance of family. He finds the key to The Land of Untold Stories, in order to give them a home. He wants everyone to have fresh start, which at that point is not something Hook wants.

In the present it is a completely different story. Hook has found love with Emma and somewhat of a family in the rest of the group.

The conflict in this episode is between Hook and Henry. Henry is not warming to the idea of Hook moving in and the idea that he may one day become Henry’s step-father. He lets The Evil Queen plant the idea that Hook will hurt Emma and hurt their family. She helps him find the shears and he instantly thinks that Hook is out to take away what is special about Emma. He becomes resentful and angry towards Hook.

Now, I really did not like the way this story was told. Never has Henry acted like he has a problem with Hook and Emma. When Emma was The Dark One he helped Hook find a house for them, he held him find a way to connect with Emma and give her a future. Henry was just sparring and spending time with Hook an episode ago. Now all of a sudden he is resentful and not trusting of Hook. Where did that come from?

I know that maybe all of a sudden Henry is thinking about the idea of Hook being his step-father but it is not like Hook is trying to force a relationship between them. He is acting like he always has, and they have always had a friendly, easygoing bond. I feel like this was put in in order to tell this story with Nemo. I did not like the way Henry took such a turn in his character.

Also Henry would never let The Evil Queen influence how he thinks and sees people. He knows that she is not to be trusted. As soon as she showed him the shears he should have thought about what she was trying to do. He should have gone to Hook and asked him about it. He should know by now that The Evil Queen just wants to cause trouble. This episode seemed to make Henry very dumb.

once-upon-a-time2-1Near the end of The Evil Queen tells Rumple what she really wants. For a few episodes she has been trying to tear apart the group but has begun to see that is not as easy as she wanted. She wanted them to destroy themselves but it is not happening.

We learn that what she really wants is Snow White, which should not be a surprise to anyone. This has been her storyline for the whole series. She wants revenge for what happened to Daniel. I am curious how they are going to use this, because right now it is a pretty stale storyline. We have see her try to take out Snow White a number of times before. How exactly will this be different then before? Will it involve Regina having to make a choice between herself and Snow? I am hoping this deepens the character in some manner.

“Nothing you do will ever tear this family apart,” – Snow White- Our group has been through quite a lot together. They are not people you can break apart with a few whispered words or tricks.

“You don’t need allies when you win,” – The Evil Queen – That’s not actually true. No one can rule alone. The biggest fear of dictators is that the people will rebel, that someone will take them out because they are too weak on their own. You can only live behind a facade for so long before those who oppose you get together and take you out. You need someone on your side or you will lose eventually. The Evil Queen needs at least one person on her side or else she is going to be defeated fast.

What happened to Agrabah?
How will the Agrabah story and the Evil Queen story intersect?
Can Aladdin become The Savior again?
Does Emma want to be The Savior anymore?
Would she give it up if she actually had a choice?
Who was the person in the hood?
How will The Evil Queen go after Snow White?
How will they make that a fresh storyline?
How will Regina deal with The Evil Queen?
Will Regina have to sacrifice herself?
What happened to Charming’s dad?
Does Emma really have to die?
What will Rumple do with the shears?

Do Saviors Really Have to Die? (Once Upon a Time 6×05)

once-upon-a-time-6x05-street-rats-emma-savior-shakes-720x480This episode gave us Aladdin and Jasmine’s story. It also saw Emma finally come clean to everyone about her visions. As predicated everyone freaks out about it and Emma promises to not hide anything anymore. I doubt this will happen because everyone in this show loves to hide things. What this episode was really for was the focus on the question of whether a Savior has to really die in the end or not.

I was a bit disappointed with the way Aladdin and Jasmine’s story was reimagined. Aladdin is a thief who Jasmine goes to to help defeat Jafar. They go to The Cave of Wonders to find The Diamond in the Rough and make Aladdin The Savior. He takes the diamond and is given magic. He then uses it to save Jasmine and her father.

This is the basic story we all know pretty well. There is not much more added to it other than the Savior piece. Instead of a genie Aladdin gets to wield magic for himself. The rest of this was pretty much the same. I was a bit disappointed just because this show is usually pretty good at reimagining the story. It usually deepens a story or twists it in some manner. This one just felt like copying, but they did hint there was more so maybe it will get better.

The main aspect of this episode was the focus on the question of does a Savior have to die? It concentrated on what makes a Savior and what ultimately becomes of them.

Emma is desperate to find Aladdin because she is positive that if she finds him alive that means a Savior can live. It gives her hope that she does not have to die because she is The Savior. She wants someone to tell her that her destiny is not death.

I have an issue with this concept of The Savior being destined to die. First I’ll start with this vision. Emma’s vision is her getting stabbed. Now, nowhere does it show her actually dying. We know that just because someone gets stabbed in this show doesn’t mean they die. Also visions are a problem.

Visions only become true because people act on them, just like prophecies. If you never see the vision or hear a prophecy would what is shown come true? Most likely not. It happens because you are actively trying to prevent it and inadvertently make it come about.

Like in Harry Potter, if Voldermort had ignored the prophecy and hadn’t tried to kill Harry he would never have created the one person who would kill him. He could have taken over and been immortal. But because he had to kill what he thought was a threat, he created that threat. Most of the time the visions and prophecies become self-fullfilling.

If Emma just ignores the vision and continues to live her life would the vision happen? We don’t know it wouldn’t for sure but she could very well be making it come around by trying to make it not happen. The oracle said her destiny is death, but never stated that, that moment was her true death.

My other issue comes with this saying that keeps popping up that Saviors are destined to die. The problem I have with this is that the people who keep pointing this out are the villians. They are the people who want the Saviors to die and fall. They need them out of the way so they keep getting into their heads.

No one who is on the good side has said this phrase (as far as I can remember). Emma hears it once and figures it has to be true. Sure it makes some sense, Saviors are in danger more because they are always helping people but that doesn’t mean they have to die. The people telling her this are the people that want her gone. They are messing with her head and she is letting them.

Emma is going to doom herself is she keeps focusing on this saying and thought process. She needs to push it aside and live her life. She can’t be scared to fight and save those she loves. She needs to just live on and take what happens as it happens. Hell, for all we know this visions could be planted by some magic. No one knows where it comes from so how can we trust it to be true?
144613_2557-900x600The other major part of this episode was about Zelelna. She sits down with The Evil Queen and ends up confessing that she is afraid of what her daughter is going to think of her. She wants her daughter to look up to her. She is afraid she may lose her daughterr with her actions.

The Evil Queen tells Zelena that she just has to be truthful to her daughter. She needs to not hide who she is and then her daughter will admire her for it. Which may be true in some form but Zelena is not seeing what The Evil Queen is doing to her. She is being manipulated.

The Evil Queen needs Zelena. She needs her power and she needs her not with Regina. She doesn’t actually care about her. She doesn’t want to form some bond with her. She just doesn’t want her on the opposite side. She only gives her these speeches to make sure she stays on her side.

Zelena is going to wake up soon and see she is being used and she is going to be all alone. She is going to push away Regina and in consequence the rest of the group. The Evil Queen will discard her when she is done with her. All she will have left is her daughter and that is it. In the end Zelena is going to end up broken and alone if she continues on this path.

“You don’t have to live in anyone’s shadow,” – Archie – He tells this to Zelena. Zelena is always trying to fit herself into other people’s expectations. She needs to figure out what she wants and how she wants her life to be for her and her alone.

Will Hook use the shears to save Emma?
Is Emma’s visions true?
Who is the hooded figure?
Is being The Savior really a death sentence?
Will Jafar show up and become a main villain?
Can Aladdin become a Savior again?
Does being The Savior have to be a destined thing or can it be anyone?
What does The Evil Queen want from Zelena?
When will Zelena see she is being used?
What will happen when Zelena loses everything?
When will the group find Archie?

The Capacity for Evil Cannot be Removed (Once Upon a Time Review)

hyde-2When we met Jekyll and Hyde in the last season finale I thought they were going to be what this half of the season revolved around. I felt that Hyde had a master plan, that was going to take a while to play out. Last night’s episode squashed that idea. It seems that they were there to further Regina and The Evil Queen’s storyline.

The episode opened with Hyde and The Evil Queen visiting Rumple. Hyde’s wanted a necklace that Rumple had. During the confrontation we learn that Hyde can’t be killed, much like The Evil Queen. Before he leaves with the necklace, Hyde threatens Belle, which sets Rumple off.

Rumple, again, makes a poor decision about Belle. In order to protect Belle from Hyde, Rumple puts a protection spell on Hook’s ship. At first it seems like a decent idea, Hyde will not be able to get onto the ship; but there is a catch, Belle also cannot leave the ship. Rumple has yet again, imprisoned Belle.

Rumple keeps doing this to Belle. Het tries to forces his ideas and way of life on Belle. He won’t let her take care of herself. He believes he knows best. To him, Belle has no idea what is going on in this world and she cannot think for herself.

Rumple and Belle’s relationship has become abusive over time. Rumple thinks he has control over Belle and everything that she does and thinks. He will not allow her to act on her own. He tries to disguise the abuse by stating that he is protecting her but taking away her choices and freedom is not protecting her, that is controlling her. Belle is becoming Rumple’s prisoner once again.

Rumple will never win Belle’s love back with this behavior. Belle is not a weak minded person. She has stood up to Rumple before, yet she keeps trying to give him second chances. Belle is at the end of her rope though. She has played this game with him for too long and she is done. Rumple must back off, and let Belle live her life. At this point if he continues this way, he is going to end up hurting Belle or finding himself at the end of an unwelcome spell.

While Rumple is making poor choices the group is trying to help Jekyll make a new serum. They are hoping that Jekyll can make a serum that can kill Hyde and The Evil Queen. Unfortunately Hyde and The Evil Queen find Jekyll. They destroy the lab and steal what they believe is the new serum.

Regina and Rumple find a beaten Jekyll. In their panic they learn that Jekyll hid some of the serum from Hyde. Rumple wants the serum to kill Hyde in order to protect Belle. He threatens Jekyll, forcing Regina to give up the serum. Rumple finds Hyde and tries to use it on him but turns out he was tricked by Hyde and Jekyll.

I am not sure if it was from the very beginning, but at least for awhile, Jekyll and Hyde have been working together. Jekyll hates Hyde but they both have the same desire for revenge against Rumple.

We learn through the flashbacks that Rumple was the one that encouraged Jekyll to take the serum the first time. He made it seem that it would help Jekyll get everything he ever wanted. He was bringing out the stronger side of himself but it did not end well. In the end Jekyll gets jealous of Hyde and ends up killing the woman they are both in love with. Ever since they have blamed Rumple for her death. They have always wanted revenge.

Jekyll went after Belle, intending to hurt her in order to hurt Rumple. Hyde brings Rumple to the boat to watch it all happen. In the end Hook ends up saving the day by killing Jekyll which in turn kills Hyde. We learn the secret to getting rid of The Evil Queen; Regina has to die.

once-upon-a-time2-1I thought that the Jekyll and Hyde storyline was going to last longer but I now see why they had them in the story. What this episode showed us and Regina was that the capacity of evil never goes away. The potential for making those choices is always there, no matter what you do.

Regina remover her darker side but as I stated before it was only her past darkness. She removed what had already been done and destroyed the darkness that had already been built up. She did not remove the potential for darkness itself.

Everyone is capable of doing a dark deed. We have all heard people say that they would never do X,Y and Z, but none of us know what we would do until we are faced with that moment or choice. Threatening loved ones will make people make some tough and dangerous decisions.

In the end it comes down to your choices. Regina has learned to make better choices over the seasons. She doesn’t automatically think of killing or harming someone as a solution anymore. She cares about others now. In this episode The Evil Queen would have let Rumple kill Jekyll in order to get what she wanted. Our Regina knows that killing someone to get what you want is not an option. Regina understands what consequences her choices have now. That is what is going to save Regina.

I think Regina will have to come to terms with the idea that darkness is and will always been a part of her. Her past is her past. She knows that she messed up badly at one point but she has been making amends for a while now. In order to “defeat,” the Evil Queen she is going to have to reconnect with her. She can either kill herself or most likely she is going to have to accept that side of herself again.

“You can change the outside but what is inside is still there,” – Hyde – Here Hyde is talking to Rumple. Rumple has always embraced his darkness. No matter what he changes about his appearance he will always be The Dark One. Belle sees that and unless he does a radical transformation he will lose Belle for good.

What is Jasmine and Aladdin’s story?
How will their story end?
Will Regina end dying?
Or can Regina accept her darker half and reconnect herself in some fashion?
Who was the hooded figure that stabs Emma in her vision?
Can life ever be normal the way Snow wants it to be?
Will the oracle play a bigger part as the season moves on?
Can Rumple ever let Belle go?
Will Belle run and hide from Rumple?

Fear Can’t Be In Control -(Once Upon a Time Review)

603promo10This was a bit of a throwback episode. We got to finally see more of a few characters that we met in the first season. We briefly saw Dr. Frankenstein again and Emma had to remember how she used to be able to help people before she had magic. Though the main part of the episode was about Cinderella and helping her finish her story.

Much of the beginning of the episode was about the start of Cinderella’s story. We saw her get the invitation to the ball, we saw her attend the ball and fall in love with the prince, then run off leaving her shoe behind. Then the story starts to deviate from the one we know.

In present day Storybrooke Emma, Hook and Henry learn that Ashely (Cinderella) has run off with her husband’s shot gun. Everyone thinks she is after her stepsister who has come over from The Land of Lost Stories.

Turns out that Cinderella is out to stop their stepmother. Clorinda, one of the stepsisters, is not evil. She was acting the whole time because she had a secret that she was keeping from her mother. She was in love with the footman of the prince and she wanted to run away with him. She knew her mother would never approve and she knew she had to keep up an appearance in order not to raise suspicion form their mother.

Cinderella is ready to help her sister but is stopped when her stepmother threatens her happiness. She ends up telling her where Clorinda and her love are. In the end her stepmother and Clorinda end up in The Land of Lost Stories. There her stepmother plans to wait until she can have the fame and fortune she thinks she deserves.

Back in Storybrooke, Ashely has found her sister and stepmother. Her sister learns that she was trying to help and they both stand up to her stepmother. Their stepmother does not care, she is prepared to kill them both. In the end she stabs Ashley. Emma races in just in time to save her.

While this episode finally gave us more of Cinderella’s story it was more about Emma and her work to overcome what her vision keeps showing her. Emma is terrified of her vision, to the point where her magic no longer works. She has no control and she is letting her fear hold her back.

once-upon-a-time-saison-6-episode-3-episode-1-700x264Archie realizes this and tries to explain to Emma that if she keeps letting this possibility control her she is going to lose everything. She is so afraid of what could happen that she is going to let nothing happen. Her magic isn’t working properly and she is not taking the steps forward in her relationship with Hook. She is becoming stuck.

Fear can do this. Fear is a paralyzing force that keeps things from going anywhere. A lot of the time the fear of something happening is worse than the event actually taking place. It becomes a barrier that surrounds the person and suddenly you are a prisoner in your own life. Fear can be controlling and throughout much of this episode it is controlling Emma.

Yes, maybe Emma will die in that battle. Then again maybe she won’t. Maybe that is not when she has to die. None of that matters ultimately though. No matter what the ending,  she has to live her life until that point. She can’t let everyone down and she can’t push them all away. If she does, she is going to hope for that end because she will have nothing left.

In this episode Emma is reminded that she used to be able to help people before she had magic. Magic does not make her the Savior. Magic is just a tool she uses. She used to help and save people before magic returned to Storybrooke. Emma has to remember that she has power and worth. She has always had strength and she can’t lose it all now.

What Emma really need to do is to tell everyone around her what is going on. This is one of Emma’s major faults, she never asks for help. She is always so determined to fix things herself. She can’t do everything alone. I thought after the whole Dark One thing she would have learned that lesson but apparently not so much.

Emma cannot take care of this all by herself. She needs her parents, Henry, Hook and Regina. They have proven to be her help and support system for so long. She needs to trust them and let them help her. Emma is never going to be able to live her happy ending if she is always refusing to ask for help. This will all destroy her if she is not careful.

“Maybe it’s not how you end things but how you live them,” – Archie- Archie tells this to Emma at one of their meetings. Emma’s vision tells her that in the end she may die. But that is the end for everyone. You can’t concentrate on all of that, you have to live the life that you have. No one truly remembers the end, they remember how you lived and Emma needs to remember that.

“Hard to stay one step ahead of yourself,” – Hyde- Hyde tells this to Regina. This is an interesting dilemma in the battle between Regina and The Evil Queen. They both think alike, they are the same person after all. Regina literally has to outthink herself, which will be interesting to watch.

What is The Evil Queen’s ultimate plan?
Doe she want to rule everyone?
Does she want everyone dead and gone?
If she wants them all dead then who will she rule?
Doe she actually want to rule or does she just want everyone to suffer?
Who killed Charming father?
How far will Charming go to get revenge against that killer?
What is the next story that we will see?
When will emma tell everyone about her vision?
How will everyone react?
Will it cause a rift between her and Hook?
Will Rumple be able to get close to Belle again?
Will Zelena betray Regina?

Self-Destruction is the Best Revenge – Once Upon a Time (6×2) (Review)

bdfeatureIn this episode we learned what The Evil Queen has planned for not only Regina but for the whole of Storybrooke. Hook has taken on the job of hiding Belle, a part of him righting the wrongs from his past. And we learned a bit more about how The Land of Untold Stories works.

At the end of last season, when The Evil Queen was revealed to be alive, I wondered how they would use her in this upcoming season. I couldn’t see them just having her constantly trying to kill The Charmings and Regina. That chase would get repetitive and boring. We have seen it a number of times, we needed something new from her character. Her new plan is an interesting one, though one that I think they have done to some extent before.

The Evil Queen entered the vault and places a protection spell on the town. No one can leave. She than finds a member of The Land of Untold Stories that she has used in the past, The Count of Monte Cristo.

I don’t know much about The Count’s story but in the show it seemed pretty straight forward. He wanted revenge against the people who harmed him and his fiance. The Evil Queen offered him a list of names if he killed The Charmings for her. He tries to but is stopped when he one of their members’ of court reminds him of his dead fiance. Rumple sends him and her to The Land of Untold Stories to save him and the girl.

This episode gave us a better idea of how The Land of Untold Stories works. You go there to escape your story. It is somewhere you can hide, it is a kind of limbo. Nothing happens there, your story does not progress in any manner. Once you leave the land your story starts up again and it catches up to you. You can’t hide forever.

It will be interesting to see how this idea plays out throughout this season. Everyone who runs to this land are hiding from what they assume is their ending. I wonder how many know what their endings will be for sure. Or do many of them only assume they know what is going to happen. If they are not on deaths door then nothing is set in stone. Many of them could be hiding for no reason, they could be just afraid of the possibilities instead of will actually happen.

In the present The Evil Queen has control of The Count’s heart. She forces him to go after The Charmings. We assume it is because she is still set on killing them and avenging Daniel. It turns out that what she wanted was for Regina to end up killing The Count, which is exactly what happens.

Regina doesn’t want to kill The Count, but she has to make a choice between him and her friends. She chooses Snow and Charming. She does it out of self-defense but it takes a toll on her. Regina thought she removed all possibility of darkness from herself. She believed that splitting herself would make her perfectly good. Which we see is not true.

once-upon-a-time2-1The potential for darkness was not removed. What was taken out was all her past darkness, her past deeds and actions. Regina can still make bad decisions and hurt others. She is not immune to that, just like everyone else. You can never remove all the darkness from someone; unless you brainwash them into a robot. If someone has free will they can still make bad decisions, it is inevitable. What matters is that Regina no longer thrives on the darkness.

What The Evil Queen has planned is to watch as everyone destroys themselves. She tells them all that they still have their own untold stories and those secrets will kill them. She is going to sit back and just watch the destruction.

This is an interesting idea. Our group has dealt with a lot of their past mistakes already. I am sure, after so many years, they still have secrets that they are hiding. But everyone has learned lessons from the previous fights. They are no longer dealing with this alone. No one is unaware of anyone’s past. They all know who each other are now and who they were in the past. I think this plan will fail easily because our group has spent way too long dealing with this idea already. This will not be the first time they have done this and they are also not alone. I think the show that The Evil Queen wants is not going to be nearly as eventful as she hopes.

“If I can’t help people that who am I?” – Emma – Emma defines herself by being The Savior. She is used to being the one doing the protecting. She does not want to be protected. She has to see that there needs to be balance or else she is going to collapse in on herself.

Who killed Charming’s father?
What are the other “untold stories,” the queen was talking about?
Will everyone band together to deal with their issues?
Can The Evil Queen really just sit back and watch?
Who else are we going to meet from The Land of Untold Stories?
Why are so many hiding from their stories?
What is Hyde’s plan?
Will Hyde and The Evil Queen end up working together?
What side will Zelena choose?
What is Hook trying to make up for in his past?
 What is Rumples plan?
Will Rumple go after Hook when he learns he is hiding Belle?
When will Emma tell everyone about her visions?
Who is under the hood in Emma’s vision?

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