Guess What? I wrote a book!

I have always loved short stories and stories that make you think. My brain tends to run away with a range of possibilities when it comes to certain situations. I have always been the person to imagine a “What if?” scenario. I love to explore different ways of thinking about things that you see everyday.Continue reading “Guess What? I wrote a book!”

Yes, That’s Right, I Wrote a Book!

I have always enjoyed writing short stories. Short stories were what I wrote when I was in college and extremely lonely. I would get wrapped up in a story idea and write out a new situation. I liked being able to disappear and have a full adventure in a short amount of time. In SeptemberContinue reading “Yes, That’s Right, I Wrote a Book!”

My Inspiration for My Short Story Collection- Is There More?

One of thing I find most fascinating about novel or stories is where the author got their inspiration. What made them think to write about that specific topic? What made them ask the question the story is trying to answer? Why did they choose to write an adventure tale or a romance? Who inspired theContinue reading “My Inspiration for My Short Story Collection- Is There More?”

What Makes a Great Christmas Gift? My Book!

Do you have a book-lover on your Christmas list? Looking to give someone a fun and interesting book that will make them rethink the world around them? Want a book that makes you look at the world a bit differently? Like stories similar to Twilight Zone and Black Mirror? Then you my book, Is ThereContinue reading “What Makes a Great Christmas Gift? My Book!”

My book is 2!

Two years ago today I self-published my book of short stories. These were stories that I worked over for over a year. Stories that I had spent hours rewriting and editing to get them just right. These were stories that helped me find what I enjoyed writing about. I put together a small selection ofContinue reading “My book is 2!”

Is There More? An Exciting Book of Short Stories!

Need something to read this weekend? Something different, exciting and quick? Want a book that will make you rethink the world around you? Then my book of short stories, Is There More? is for you! Is There More? is a book of 8 short stories. Each story sets you in a world you think youContinue reading “Is There More? An Exciting Book of Short Stories!”

What should you read next? How about my book, Is There More?

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if the books around you could speak? Or what would it be like if you could reset someone like a computer? Or even how life would be if you could make friends with your inner demons? These are just some of the questions I asked myself whenContinue reading “What should you read next? How about my book, Is There More?”

My Book, Is There More?, is a Year Old!!

Today is my book’s, Is There More?, birthday! A year ago I self-published my book of short stories.  The stories in this collection are stories that I worked on for a handful of years. Always Been Ours was one that I first wrote in one of my college writing classes. It was the first time someoneContinue reading “My Book, Is There More?, is a Year Old!!”

Did you know I wrote a book?

Looking for something different to read? Something that may remind you of The Twilight Zone? Something that makes you think about the world a little bit differently? Then you will enjoy my self-published,short story collection, Is There More? The world around us is more vast than we may believe. Look deeper. Push past the veilContinue reading “Did you know I wrote a book?”