Pre-Order Book Binge Buying

So I never considered pre-ordering books before. For me it always seemed silly. They come out on a specific date and I can go to the store then and get them if I wanted to. I did get a little worried that a book I really wanted wouldn’t be in the stores when I went to get it but that never was a real problem.

Then I read some posts from some of my favorite authors and realized how good pre-orders are for the authors. I never understood how important pre-orders could be and how much they could help show the true potential of an author. So that being said I kind of went a bit crazy with pre-orders recently.

(Note: Some of these books I am going to mention are out now but when I ordered them they were pre-orders so I am counting them in this list).

DarkDawn – Jay Kristoff – This was the first book I pre-orderd back in June. I read the first two books, adored them and had to make sure I would have this book the moment I could have it. I am actually putting aside another book to read this one, that is how excited I am for this book.

Sword and Pen – Rachel Caine – I have loved this series since I began it. I think it got to a point where it was dragging a little bit but I am very excited to find out how it ends!

The Testaments – Margaret Atwood – I loved “Handmaid’s Tale,” when I first read it, years ago. I renewed my love of the story after the show started on Hulu. When I heard there was going to be a sequel to the book I was so excited. I need to know how this goes and how it is relevant to our world today.

Infinity Son – Adam Silvera – I adore Adam’s books. There is not one that I disliked. This is his first fantasy series and I cannot wait to read it. It centers around Pheonix’s which is different. I know it will probably break my heart but I am okay with that!

The Starless Sea – Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus is one of my all time favorite books. It was different, it was mystical and it was something that wrapped me up from the first page. I have been waiting for ages for her to write another book and I can’t wait to read this one.

The above books are books I have already pre-ordered. Below are the ones I will be pre-ordering in the next week or so. I had to let my bank account take a moment to reset a bit first.

Wayward Son – Rainbow Rowell – I just finished Carry On a few weeks ago. I thought it was fun and goofy and I am very interested to see how Simon’s story continues

Call Down the Hawk – Maggie Steifvater – The Raven Boys is one of my favorite series. Ronan was my favorite character and I can’t wait to read a story about him.

The Toll – Neal Shusterman – This series is original and exciting. The last book ended on a serious cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

Come Tumbling Down – Seanan McGuire – This is the next book in the Wayward Children series. It continues Jack and Jill’s story. I love the way these books go back and forth and I plan on re-reading their first book to refresh myself.

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  1. Thanks! Yeah Night Circus was one of those surprise books that I loved. A friend recommended it and it just captured me. Your welcome, yeah I saw a thread about it on one my favorite author’s twitter pages once, helped me see pre-ordering in a new light!

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  2. Lovely list – I also absolutely loved The Night Circus! I don’t usually read much fantasy but it definitely encouraged me to explore the genre more. I’m really looking forward to A Starless Sea. The Handmaids Tale is one of my all time favourites as well. I forced my family to watch the TV series with me and now they’re all addicted! Thank you for sharing the tip on how pre-orders are good for authors, I will bear that in mind in future 😊
    📕MP📚 X

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