Back in Action

Over the last few months I decided to take a hiatus from posting on my blog. There was quite a bit going on for me throughout April and May and part of June. I was super busy at work, events and ending programming and preparing for the summer.

I also got quite busy in my personal life as well. There was a moment I was spending quite a bit a time with people, but then walls were thrown up and that has nearly stopped. So my time was monopolized and I was staring to force getting reviews and posts out.

What I found out was that I was beginning to dread writing a blog post. I was dreading picking my next book to read because I didn’t know if it was going to be too long and thus make it hard for me to keep on any type of schedule for posting a review.

I found myself finding random things to post but not really caring much about what I was writing. Posting was becoming a job and one that I did not want to go to.

I also was realizing that posting was taking away from me writing my novel. I found myself using my blog posts as an excuse not to write my book. I knew that I needed to rethink my priorities and decide what I wanted this blog to truly be.

So, I took a few months off and let myself concentrate on what I really wanted to concentrate on. I gave my full attention to the work events that needed my attention. I figured out what I was going to do about the messy aspects of my persona life and I also truly sat down with my novel and found my love for that story.

I feel like I am in a better place now to start blogging again. I do plan on changing things up a little bit though. Instead of trying to force a schedule that is going to throw me back into writing just to write I am going to post when I want to. I know this is not good for cultivating a true following or search results but at the end of the day I just like talking about the books I read.

Yes, I did start this blog to help get my writing out into the world and bring attention to my personal pieces. I still would like to do that but in the end this blog is just a fun place for me to talk about my books. I want to make sure that I am doing that in a way that is enjoyable to me. So, there may be months where I post a lot and there will be months where I only post one or two posts. I am not going to stress myself over it anymore.

I have some books backlogged that I will write reviews for. I know some tags I would like to do. I will probably have a handful of things schedueled for a while but once I read a book and want to talk about it, I will review it. I am not going to shy away from a book I really want to read because it may take me too long and thus delay my blog posting schedule.

Hopefully you’ll choose to hang out with me and enjoy the reviews I post. I also hope to start reading other’s posts more. I do enjoy doing that but when I took my hiatus I wanted to put a wall up between me and everything related to blogging. Now I am ready to take that wall back down and start fresh.

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