How Well Does Goodreads Know Me?

I saw this over on Never Not Reading. I have never actually used the Goodreads recommendation feature. I usually just add books from blog posts, Booktube recommendations or what I see my friends reading on Facebook. I am curious how close this will be to what I would really enjoy reading.

The idea is to go to the Goodreads recommendation page and see if you agree with what they recommend. Mine is broken up based off the different shelves I have on my Goodreads profile so I will go through the first three for each shelf and see if I agree or not. I will either decide on “What to read” or “Not Interested.”

First three are based off my “To Read Shelf” which is pretty vague Goodreads. I mean my shelf has a number of different types of books on it but we will see what you think should be added.

61i58xDQ3YL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1) – Amie Kaufman – Based off my adding A Gathering of Shadows by Victoria Schwab

I have actually heard great things about this one. I know it has a unique story telling formant, using “found” files from this invasion. I am curious about it. I haven’t had the desire to exactly pick it up yet but I do think I will want to read it sooner or later.

Decision: Want to Read


51S-OSUUyzL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)- Tahereh Mafi – Based off my adding Cinder by Marissa Meyer
I have not heard of this series yet. It sounds alright, though nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary. I think this would have appealed to me more when I was in my dystopian phase. I still enjoy those kinds of stories but I haven’t been in the mood for one in a while.

Decision: Not Interested


61XfS2XCw3L._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth #1) – N.K. Jemisin – Based of my adding A Gathering of ShadowsVictoria Schwab (Glancing through the recommendations on this shelf it seems to use either A Gathering of Shadows or Cinder, which is interesting since neither are on my “To Read” shelf anymore. I have hundreds on that shelf and yet these are the two books repeatedly used to make recommendations).

The book itself sounds alright but again it is dystopian. It seems to take place in a completely fictional world and nothing popped out as making me want to read it now. It seems pretty simple, mother wanting revenge for her murdered husband and to get her kids back. Doesn’t jump out to me as something to read anytime soon.

Decision: Not Interested

Next up books on my Paranormal Romance Shelf. I mainly have this shelf for the Gena Showalter books I read but I do have a few outside of her series that I enjoy. I am curious if Goodreads can get me interested in a new series.

51ReKfqa1fL._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_First Grave on the Right – Charley Davidson #1 – Darynda Jones – Because I added Darkest Promise By Gena Showalter
The summary of it is extremely intriguing. I like the twist of grim reapers and other “entities.” I don’t think I would have picked this up in the store because the cover doesn’t look all that interesting but I do think I will have to add this to my “To-Read” shelf. I am all for some romance between grim reapers!

Decision: Want to Read


42899Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1) – J.R. Ward – Because I added Darkest Promise by Gena Showalter  

The main focus of this one is vampires and I am honestly not interested in vampires anymore. I have watched enough tv shows and read enough about vampires for a while.

Decision: Not Interested



2355575Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1) – Patricia Briggs – Because I added Darkest Promise by Gena Showalter

This one is all about werewolves and again that is at topic I am tired of. I have read enough about vampires and werewolves. Nothing about it appeals to me at the moment.

Decision: Not Interested



The next ones come from my additions to my “Fantasy” Shelf.

244572Charmed Life (Chrestomanci, #1) – Diana Wynne Jones – Because I added Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimaeus, #1)

Honestly the summary could not get more generic. Girls are orphaned, end up in a castle of witches, get upset and change things. Nothing about this sounds interesting or different to me. Just sounds like a very generic tale and doesn’t hold any appeal to me.

Decision: Not Interested

18667112The Copper Promise (The Copper Cat, #1) – Jen Williams  – Because I added A Gathering of Shadows by Victoria Schwab. (Is this the only book that Goodreads knows how to use to make recommendations?)

I am torn on this one. It sounds like a fun adventure but it also doesn’t sound like it has anything different to offer. Part of it sounds like these are some type of anti-heroes which  intrigues me. I may add it for now and see what I feel like down the road.

Decision: Want to Read (For Now)

18670336Fallen – Traci L. Siatton – Because I added The Refelections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith

I like the idea of an apocalyptic Earth where people have psychic abilities. I also am intrigued by the whole “when their love it at its sweetest moment” something horrible happens idea. I am not sure I will rush out to read this one but I wouldn’t say no in the future.

Decision: Want to Read 


I am going to stop this post here. I have about 5 more shelves so I think I will make this into a few parts so it doesn’t get too long. As I wrote this I thought it was funny how this post is basically undoing the work I am doing with my “Down the TBR Hole” posts. I am taking books of my TBR there and adding them with this one.

Anyway I think the recommendations were decent. I do think more books could have been used to create the recommendations. I felt like only four or so books were used when I have a good amount on each shelf. I didn’t see anything that was blatantly wrong which was nice.

What are your thoughts on the books I chose to read versus the one I choose to mark as
Not Interested in?

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