My book is 2!

IsThereMore_AmazonTwo years ago today I self-published my book of short stories. These were stories that I worked over for over a year. Stories that I had spent hours rewriting and editing to get them just right. These were stories that helped me find what I enjoyed writing about. I put together a small selection of stories to allow people to see how they can look outside of themselves and the world around them

For me the world is a vast place. We can’t know everything and we never will. What helps me make sense of this world is the idea that if you look at something from a new angle you can see how to change things. Many times we get stuck looking at the world one way, we think that is the only way things can work. But some of the most important inventions and changes in society happened because people decided to go beyond the edges of what they saw. They decided to flip things on their head and see what happened. I firmly believe if we did this more we could solve a number of problems in our lives.

Is There More? is eight short stories where you are placed into situations that turn things on their head. Enter a world where you can reset someone like a computer, or somewhere where you can hold your own heart in your hands. My stories are designed to make you look at something ordinary and wonder what else it could do, what else could happen if you took the time to reconsider the way things work.

It is a quick read that will hopefully make you wonder if there is more to this world than you first thought. Help me celebrate my book’s birthday by giving it a read. It is on Amazon the e-book is $2.99 and the paperback is $6.99.

If you enjoy it please consider leaving a review. Thank you!


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