The Truth About Gideon – Once Upon a Time – 6×16 (Spoilers)

616SoProudThis episode of Once Upon a Time reminded me of some earlier episodes of the show. It had a solid storyline, with a good set up for the future. We found out more about Gideon and we have an idea of what the plan is for the rest of the season. For a season that has felt out of sorts and all over the place this episode put us back into one storyline.

The primary focus of this episode was Gideon. We learn about his past with the The Black Fairy and we now know why he wants to destroy her so badly. I am starting to like his character. At first he didn’t seem that complicated but after this episode I see real potential for him. I think that if we take out some older characters and replace with new ones, Gideon would be a great addition to the show.

The episode started with us finding out what Gideon did to Hook. He placed a protection spell making it nearly impossible for Hook to return. He got rid of Hook because now he can use returning him as leverage over Emma.

Gideon makes a case to Emma telling her he needs her help to destroy The Black Fairy. What he needs is her power. He needs her help to open a portal to where The Black Fairy is, which will then let him pass through and kill her.

After talking with Emma we jump to a flashback where we see The Black Fairy bringing Gideon home after she stole him. She makes sure to point out that Gideon is special. He is her grandson and she has plans for him. She wants to turn him into her right-hand man.

We also get to see the incident that Gideon described to Rumple a few episodes earlier. It was the incident where The Black Fairy took his friends away. He had the chance to stop her but he was too afraid to take her on.

I wish we hadn’t heard this story before. I think it would have had a bigger impact if we had seen it here for the first time. Watching him struggle to protect his friend as well as himself is a interesting moment. It would have been even more powerful if we hadn’t known what was coming. We would have been able to switch our opinion of him, learn who he truly is with this past moment.

The guilt of not being able to help his friend hardened Gideon. He grew up to be what The Black Fairy wanted. He was distant and cold, not caring. That is until he learned that his friend survived.

Rodrick, his friend, comes to him and asks for Gideon’s help to find Emma. He describe her as The Savior and the one person who can defeat The Black Fairy. Gideon’s heart thaws and he agrees to help. He wants to save his friends.

Unfortunately it all turns out to be a trap set by The Black Fairy. She was testing Gideon, hoping to see him punish Rodrick. She wanted to see the this heart was as black as hers but it isn’t.

Gideon still has light in him. He was mentally and physically abused as a child. He adjusted to survive but we saw in this episode that he is not an evil soul. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He has no love or loyalty to The Black Fairy. Gideon is not a lost soul. He was able to survive and now he is out to save those he cares about.

We learn at the end of this episode that The Black Fairy has Gideon’s heart and his controlling him. She needed his help and knew he would not help her willing. (Part of me is disappointed they went with this heart controlled storyline again but we will see how it plays out.)

145796_3143-850x560It will be interesting to see the group deal with Gideon. Almost everyone thinks that Gideon is irredeemable. He appears to them as a backstabbing villain but we know that, that is not true. Ironically the only one who has true hope for Gideon is Rumple. I am interested to see how things change and adjust as they learn that Gideon is not in control of his actions.

I am hoping that Gideon evolves into a main character. I feel like he is a character we can set up some good storylines with. Fixing his relationship with his parents would be good. Watching him deal with his past and move on, could be similar to Regina. I think he could be a great addition to the show.

The other storyline in this episode concerned Henry and his author powers. Henry goes into a trance and begin writing a bunch of symbols. Regina and Henry go to Issac asking for his help to find out what is going on.

Issac reveals to them that the storybook is ending, they are entering into the final chapter. I am not sure what that means. But it sound like a closing of this set of stories and moving on. There are rumors that this season will end with a revamp of the show. That Charming, Snow and Henry will no longer be on the show. This sounds like closing the book here and starting again. I am interested to see how this progresses and what the final chapter idea really means.

I enjoyed this episode, it felt like the stories I liked from the past. Next week though looks like it going to annoy me. It looks like we are going to explore the “What if Emma isn’t The Savior,” storyline again. This is one we have done multiple times at this point, between the time traveling and the Wish Realms. I am hoping  they twist it somehow because otherwise we aren’t going to be learning anything new.

“Evil is not born it is made,” – Emma – This is interesting because many of the group thinks that Gideon is evil, but he isn’t. His actions seem dark but his motives are not.

“Just because she was a hero doesn’t make you one.” – Black Fairy – She is referring to Belle. She wants Gideon under her control but Gideon has too light of a heart. He knows that he can save his friends and he can be a hero.

What does The Black Fairy want?
When will everyone learn that Gideon is being controlled?
How will Hook get back?
What will Hook encounter in Neverland?
Can Rumple help save Gideon?
What is the ‘final chapter’?
Can The Black Fairy be defeated?
Can Gideon save the other children?

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