Beauty and the Beast – Movie Review – (Spoilers)

bntbtripI have never been a princess type girl. In Disney movies I tend to like the side characters more than the heroine. Most of the time I have difficult relating to the princess. I say most of the time because there is one princess that I adore and that is Belle.

I am Belle and Belle is me. If I was going to see myself in any movie, “Beauty and the Beast” is the movie. Not only are we both bookworms but we also both fall outside the norms set by society. Belle wants to see more outside her village and knows there is more to life. I would love to see more of the world and get to know more about the cultures throughout the world. Also like Belle I work hard to see past appearances and get to know people for who they are, not who they appear to be. I understand that much of the time a tough exterior may be a mask or facade to cover up something else underneath.

When I heard the next live action movie Disney was doing was going to be “Beauty and the Beast”, I was ecstatic. Not only is it one of my favorite stories but Emma Watson was going to be Belle and I could not see how this could go wrong. I was pleased to find out that this movie did everything I wanted it to do. It told a classic tale and also deepened the story and characters. It has to be one of my new favorite movies.

One of the reasons I enjoy these live action remakes is that they are extending the story. They answer some unanswered questions and also give us a better idea of who the characters are. In this version both Belle and the Beast get a deeper story. We get an idea of what their pasts were like which makes their choices and personalities’ makes sense. Beast is not just some spoiled brat and Belle is not naive. They both had rough childhoods but they took two separate paths which led to very different places. I liked the juxtaposition of their childhood showing how things can change with one relationship.

A few aspects of the story were changed from the original animation. One of the other major chances was that Belle’s father was not some overly crazy inventor. He was a softer man who just wanted to protect and make his daughter happy. I liked that he was more relatable.

Also I loved that they changed the fact that the Beast could not read. He not only could read but he was well read. Belle was able to relate to him on this level. This gave them a way to bond and find a connection. I think this made their relationship a bit more solid and I liked seeing them talk about books and poems. I felt like this made it easier for them to fall for each other and easier for us an audience to see their connection.

I wanted this version to push the story further and it did just that. The story became about not only their relationship but who they were and what led them to each other. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who enjoyed the animated version. You will get a whole new appreciation for this story.

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