Self-Destruction is the Best Revenge – Once Upon a Time (6×2) (Review)

bdfeatureIn this episode we learned what The Evil Queen has planned for not only Regina but for the whole of Storybrooke. Hook has taken on the job of hiding Belle, a part of him righting the wrongs from his past. And we learned a bit more about how The Land of Untold Stories works.

At the end of last season, when The Evil Queen was revealed to be alive, I wondered how they would use her in this upcoming season. I couldn’t see them just having her constantly trying to kill The Charmings and Regina. That chase would get repetitive and boring. We have seen it a number of times, we needed something new from her character. Her new plan is an interesting one, though one that I think they have done to some extent before.

The Evil Queen entered the vault and places a protection spell on the town. No one can leave. She than finds a member of The Land of Untold Stories that she has used in the past, The Count of Monte Cristo.

I don’t know much about The Count’s story but in the show it seemed pretty straight forward. He wanted revenge against the people who harmed him and his fiance. The Evil Queen offered him a list of names if he killed The Charmings for her. He tries to but is stopped when he one of their members’ of court reminds him of his dead fiance. Rumple sends him and her to The Land of Untold Stories to save him and the girl.

This episode gave us a better idea of how The Land of Untold Stories works. You go there to escape your story. It is somewhere you can hide, it is a kind of limbo. Nothing happens there, your story does not progress in any manner. Once you leave the land your story starts up again and it catches up to you. You can’t hide forever.

It will be interesting to see how this idea plays out throughout this season. Everyone who runs to this land are hiding from what they assume is their ending. I wonder how many know what their endings will be for sure. Or do many of them only assume they know what is going to happen. If they are not on deaths door then nothing is set in stone. Many of them could be hiding for no reason, they could be just afraid of the possibilities instead of will actually happen.

In the present The Evil Queen has control of The Count’s heart. She forces him to go after The Charmings. We assume it is because she is still set on killing them and avenging Daniel. It turns out that what she wanted was for Regina to end up killing The Count, which is exactly what happens.

Regina doesn’t want to kill The Count, but she has to make a choice between him and her friends. She chooses Snow and Charming. She does it out of self-defense but it takes a toll on her. Regina thought she removed all possibility of darkness from herself. She believed that splitting herself would make her perfectly good. Which we see is not true.

once-upon-a-time2-1The potential for darkness was not removed. What was taken out was all her past darkness, her past deeds and actions. Regina can still make bad decisions and hurt others. She is not immune to that, just like everyone else. You can never remove all the darkness from someone; unless you brainwash them into a robot. If someone has free will they can still make bad decisions, it is inevitable. What matters is that Regina no longer thrives on the darkness.

What The Evil Queen has planned is to watch as everyone destroys themselves. She tells them all that they still have their own untold stories and those secrets will kill them. She is going to sit back and just watch the destruction.

This is an interesting idea. Our group has dealt with a lot of their past mistakes already. I am sure, after so many years, they still have secrets that they are hiding. But everyone has learned lessons from the previous fights. They are no longer dealing with this alone. No one is unaware of anyone’s past. They all know who each other are now and who they were in the past. I think this plan will fail easily because our group has spent way too long dealing with this idea already. This will not be the first time they have done this and they are also not alone. I think the show that The Evil Queen wants is not going to be nearly as eventful as she hopes.

“If I can’t help people that who am I?” – Emma – Emma defines herself by being The Savior. She is used to being the one doing the protecting. She does not want to be protected. She has to see that there needs to be balance or else she is going to collapse in on herself.

Who killed Charming’s father?
What are the other “untold stories,” the queen was talking about?
Will everyone band together to deal with their issues?
Can The Evil Queen really just sit back and watch?
Who else are we going to meet from The Land of Untold Stories?
Why are so many hiding from their stories?
What is Hyde’s plan?
Will Hyde and The Evil Queen end up working together?
What side will Zelena choose?
What is Hook trying to make up for in his past?
 What is Rumples plan?
Will Rumple go after Hook when he learns he is hiding Belle?
When will Emma tell everyone about her visions?
Who is under the hood in Emma’s vision?

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