My Book, Is There More?, is a Year Old!!

IsThereMore_AmazonToday is my book’s, Is There More?, birthday! A year ago I self-published my book of short stories.  The stories in this collection are stories that I worked on for a handful of years. Always Been Ours was one that I first wrote in one of my college writing classes. It was the first time someone had read my writing and say it was intriguing. It was one of the first times I thought of the possibility of publishing my writings so that others could read it.

I spent a year compiling the stories in this collection. I edited and rewrote them a number of times. I took them to a writing group and got critiques and opinions about them. I found beta-readers and an editor to make them the best I thought they could be.

And a year ago I compiled them together and put them out as a book. I am still working on marketing and finding ways to get it into more people’s hands. I have enjoyed hearing from those who have read it. I hope to continue to be able to get more people to read and allow more people to think about the vast possibilities that surround our day to day lives.

Here is the summary of it:
The world around us is more vast than we may believe. Look deeper. Push past the veil of reality to find out what truly lies beneath. What you will find looks a lot like the world you see everyday, but a closer look shows you how much more there is to see. It is a world where the books on your shelves have voices, and they are not happy. A world where a person can be reset as easily as a computer. Somewhere you can open your door to find a “Choose Your own Adventure,” book waiting to take complete control of your world. It is a place where you may believe you know what is possible, but looking deeper shows you just how many possibilities truly exist. Turn each page and always ask yourself, is there more?

If you enjoy the Twilight Zone or stories that make you question the world around you, you will enjoy Is There More? It is available through Amazon, either as a paperback for $8.99 or an e-book for $3.99. If you check it out and enjoy it, please leave a review! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

I am very proud of this collection and love nothing more than seeing it on my own bookshelf. As I work on my novel, it is there for me to glance over at  to use as my motivation to keep writing and to keep creating new stories, lands and characters. Happy Birthday, Is There More?

Is there More?





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