You Can’t Run from the Future- Once Upon a Time- Season 6 Premiere -Review (Spoilers)

hqdefaultOnce Upon a Time is back! For those who have no idea what this show is about, a quick summary. Once Upon a Time is about the lives, trials and fights of fairy tale characters. They were brought into our world by a curse from the first season and the show is about how they keep trying to establish a life and fight to keep the life they have intact. This season brings us new characters like Aladdin and Jafar as well as the Count of Monte Cristo. If you have not caught up with the show there will be spoilers ahead for not only the premiere but for the series.

This episode, as most premier episodes do, set up a lot of the pieces for the coming season. Emma got a glimpse of her future and it is not good. Rumple woke up Belle but she still wants nothing to do with him. Regina comes to terms with Robin’s death and what that means for her story going forward. Zelena gets a visit from The Evil Queen and realizes that they may have something in common. And the refugees from The Land of Untold Stories have been welcomed into Storybrooke.

Last season we were introduced to The Land of Untold Stories. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. The idea I had was that it was more of the idea that these were characters who had their own stories but no real land to belong to. They were one and gone stories and not part of a bigger land like Oz or Neverland. Turns out that isn’t quite it.

Regina mentions that The Land of Untold Stories is a land where you can run from your story. I love that idea. The idea that these characters are all people who have run away from their own stories is interesting. They either don’t like the ending or don’t like the way it was going so they leave. Once you leave your story, then what? Can anything happen? Or are you safe and just kind of stuck in a limbo? What happens when you leave that land does your story move forward again? I wonder how this will be used and who we get to meet that has run from their story.

ouatI have a feeling the concept of this land will come into major play with Emma this season. The episode started with Emma having a vision. We see her fighting a cloaked figure. She has the vision and then starts to shake. Emma does the one thing that drives me insane, she doesn’t tell anyone. Hook asks her right out what is wrong and she pushes him away and I wanted to smack her. Keeping this a secret is a horrible idea.

Emma goes off on her own to find out what the vision means. She meets an oracle that tells her that she may not want to know, it a vision of the future. She insists and sees the full thing, it is her death. The oracle tells her that this is her future, she can’t change it. And yet again she keeps it to herself.

This brings up the idea of destiny. In the beginning of the episode Jafar tells Aladdin that Saviors have one fate and that is to die. They give to everyone all the time and in the end it will kill them. Saviors don’t get any other type of endings according to Jafar. This vision seems to say the same for Emma. She is told that she cannot change her future.

The question, of at least this part of the season will be is that true? Is Emma doomed to die by the hands of this masked figure or is she just doomed to die saving others? Most stories will tell you that your fate is your fate, simple as that, no getting around it. Emma is destined to die but when and how may be still up in the air. And that type of destiny is one that we have seen changed before. The question will be when will she tell everyone and let them help her?

The other main aspect of this episode was Rumple waking up Belle. He uses special sand to get into her dream. He tries to manipulate her into falling in love with him again but Belle figures out what he is doing. Their son comes to them in the form of Morpheous and warns Belle not to trust Rumple. She wakes up and refuses to be with him. She is done with his broken promises and not being able to trust him.

The question is what will Rumple do now? He is being told that he is out of options. Belle is done with him. She will not allow him to hurt her or their son. So what will he do? Will he finally walk away and let her go? I doubt that.

What I see Rumple doing is finding a way to manipulate and force Belle to be with him. He is the Dark One again, so he has a vast amount of power. The question becomes, will he be willing to use it on Belle? I hope not but I don’t trust him. Rumple gets what he wants, no matter the consequences so this will most likely not end well.

The other important point was the relationship between Zelena and Regina. We see that these two are not going to end up being cozy sisters right away. There is a lot of work that has to be done between the two of them.

Zelena is not some pillar of good. She has forgiven her sister but she is not on the hero side yet. She is still willing to kill and hurt when she finds it necessary. She ends up telling Regina that she is upset because Regina ripped out the dark side of her, the side that was most like Zelena.

maxresdefaultZelena doesn’t think she has anything in common with her sister anymore. They both have done bad things but as Regina states she is starting a new story. Regina realizes that her past is her past. Some people will never be able to see her differently but she knows that is her past story. She sees her life as a number of tales and that she is now starting a new one.

Zelena is not ready to start new. She is still telling her same story. She doesn’t want to change who she is. She has more in common with The Evil Queen. In the end The Evil Queen pays Zelena a visit. It will be easy for her to get her to work with her. It will be interesting to see Zelena try to figure out what to do. Does she go with her instincts and her past or does she start her own new story and go with Regina? I think we will definitely see the wicked side of Zelena’s character again this season.

“Evil did not make you strong,” Emma – A lot of the time those who are evil are seen as extremely powerful. Most of the time  that is true because they don’t have the conscious  that tells them not to hurt others with their power. There is a barrier that they do not work with. Good can be powerful. Power works for everyone, it is just how you use that power.

“You never hear happy- ever-after written about The Savior,”-Jafar- He tells this to Aladdin. Is this true though? Saviors can have happy-ever-after’s, though their work is never done. Is that why? Because The Savior is never done protecting those around them and a lot of the times that does end in their demise.

“Change the path to the destination but the destination remains the same,”- The Oracle- This is most likely very true. Though the question becomes what is the destination. If the destination is death does it matter how and when? Or can that be change and pushed back over and over again? Yes, sooner or later you will get there but you can take a number of roads that push you around the destination over and over again.

What happened to Aladdin?
How did Aladdin become a Savior?
What does Jafar want with Aladdin?
 What stories and characters are in The Land of Untold Stories?
In that land how do you get there? Can you leave? What happens when you do leave?
What is Hyde’s plan?
When will Emma tell everyone about her vision?
When will she let them help her?
How will she circumvent the vision and what she saw?
Does she really have to die in that battle?
Who was that masked person?
What is The Evil Queen’s plan?
How does she want to use Zelena?
Will Zelena realize that she needs to be on Regina’s side or will she fight against her?
What will Rumple do now?
Can he let Belle go?
Will Rumple ever be able to change enough to have a relationship with Belle and their son?
Is their son really Morpheus?
What are they going to do with Mr. Hyde?
Are we going to see Violet and her father again?

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