“You Never Stop Being Connected,” – Once Upon a Time – 5×19 (Review) (Spoilers)

0cbf869252d8413ac12174215e216e2fThis episode saw Regina and Zelena finally resolve their issues and find a way to work together. We also see that stopping Hades might not involve an all out battle. Cora also made amends for all her past mistakes.

The episode opened with Hades taking Zelena on a night time picnic. On the picnic, he explains to her what he is going to give her. He has put all of our group’s names on tombstones, trapping everyone in The Underworld. Once his heart restarts he can leave. He and Zelena can go and have control of the real Storybrooke. He wants to give Zelena everything she ever wanted.

Regina ends up watching the whole exchange and confronts Zelena. She tells her that she has to walk away from Hades, that Hades can not change. Regina is adamant that Hades will always remain a villain. But Zelena refuses to listen. She only sees Regina trying to take something from her yet again. Every time Zelena gets something, someone is taking it from her.

Regina is aware that Zelena is Hades’s weakness. She goes to Cora because she needs her help making Zelena fall out of love with Hades. Cora tells her the only way to accomplish that task is by making Zelena forget all about Hades.

The two of them try a scheme that Zelena sees right through. They all have this all out fight where Zelena and Regina learn what Cora has been hiding from them. When Regina was a child she messed around with Cora’s wand and hurt herself. The only person who could save her was Zelena. Cora brought Zelena in and after waking up Regina they became friends. It was very quick how they took a liking to each other.

Zelena had spent her life thinking that she did not matter. Her father told her that she was a monster and that his magic was unnatural. He hated her and hurt her. While Regina was always lonely, she wanted a friend and companion. When they were brought together they both received what the other was missing. Regina got a sister and friend and Zelena got someone who cared about her.

Cora at that point had no heart and tore the girls apart and took their memories. The next time the girls met they both had gone through a tough life. Both of them were filled with anger and resentment. All they saw in each other was competition. They could not see that connection they had established when they were children.

Cora returns their memories and all the emotions that came with them. Suddenly Regina and Zelena saw something they hadn’t before. They could care about one another. They at one time understood each other. There was this deep connection that was blossoming. They are sisters and that means that they do care for one another.

Cora returned to them what they needed at that moment. Zelena had to see that Regina had her best interests at heart. Regina wasn’t out to always hurt her. She was trying to save her. Regina had to see that Zelena can think for herself. Zelena isn’t dumb and she isn’t blind. She doesn’t trust easily. She would not give Hades her heart without thinking through the decision.

In the end, Regina tells Zelena to give Hades a chance. I think Regina sees just how many different ways love can save someone. Hades is not immune to the power of love. He has a heart, it just needs to beat again. I think Regina is seeing that together the two of them can save everyone. This is not going to end in some major battle, love looks to be their saving grace once again.


“I thought love was a weakness,” – Cora- Cora had messed up priorities when she was younger. She learned from her mistakes. I hope that Hades doesn’t start thinking along these lines and try to reject Zelena out of fear.

“You never stop being connected,” – Cora- Through everything Zelena and Regina were able to hold onto that sisterly connection. Their care and love for one another may be what saves everyone.

What is Rumple’s plan?
What does Pan want and what part is he playing?
What will Hades do when he learns Zelena has been kidnapped?
Will Hades have to work with the group to get Zelena back?
When will Hades and Zelena kiss?
Will we meet Zesus?
Will we learn why Hades was cursed in the first place?
Is Cruella going to take revenge for James’s death?
Can Zelena change Hades?
Will Zelena make it out of this alive?

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