Power of True Love – Once Upon a Time – 5×18 (Review)

maxresdefaultThis week we saw the lengths that Hades will go to, to convince Zelena to be with him. We also saw Snow find a way home and Belle makes a rash decision in order to save herself and her baby.

This episode centered around Ruby trying to find Dorthy. While Zelena was still in OZ, she encountered Dorthy, Ruby, and Mulan. She kidnapped Toto and the three of them worked to get Toto back. In the process, Dorthy was put under a sleeping spell and Ruby has been searching for her ever since.

Ruby does a tracking spell and ends up in The Underworld. Zelena reveals what she did to Dorthy. The only way to wake up Dorthy is with true love’s kiss. The group initially go looking for Auntie Em. But Hades figures out what they are doing and beats them to her. He tricks her into drinking from the river of souls and basically kills her. He then threatens the rest of the people in The Underworld with the same fate if they help Emma or any of the other group.

We learn that the only reason Hades hurt Auntie Em was for Zelena. He knew that Zelena hated Dorthy and the fact that the people loved her. He knew that one of the things she always desired was for Dorthy to be taken out. Hades has not given up on Zelena. He does this in order to impress her and show her that he will go to great lengths to make her happy. Her happiness is one of the few things that matters to him.

What I found interesting about this aspect was the fact that Hades harbors hope that if he shows Zelena care and give her things she will want to be with him. He loves her. He has this hope that she will choose him.

rubyslippers-178432In this episode, he orders the phone used to talk to live loved ones taken out. The last episode he tricked Belle in order for her to lose hope. He is upset at the amount of hope in The Underworld because to him it should be only a place of decay. But he himself has a bit of this idea. He doesn’t have hope to save anyone but he does harbor a hope that he will get Zelena.

We know that if Hades kisses Zelena, and if it is true love, that his heart will restart. Right now all he can feel is anger, resentment and a desire for revenge. But when his heart is beating again will he be able to feel all other emotions? What will become of The Underworld if he also harbors positive feelings instead of all the negative ones he has built up inside of him?

I think Hades own hope will be his downfall. He is going to do whatever it takes to get Zelena to be his. He loves her and as he has stated before love will make you do crazy things. As I stated in the last review, love for someone will make you choose things you may never have done before.

Zelena decides to try to trust Hades in the end of this episode. But she also wants to do whatever it takes to get her daughter back. Will she betray Hades in order to save her daughter? Or will she realize that by falling in love with him, trusting him and letting him have her heart that she can actually save him? In the end, will loving Hades redeem her and make her see the true power of love? Regina was looking for Hades’s weakness last week, I think Zelena is that weakness. It will be interesting to see how these two work together.

“Fight your instincts and help us,” – Regina- Zelena has a true desire for revenge and to harm those who hurt her. But there is a new part of her that wants to create a good life for her daughter. She may end up having to choose between Hades and her child soon.

“Hard to be a savior when no one wants you to save them,” – Hades- Hades has made sure that the residents of The Underworld do not want to help Emma. He has made them afraid but will that last? Will some realize the risk to be saved is worth it?

“What you get back when you love someone far out weights the risks,” – Snow – Hades is risking a lot by falling in love with Zelena. If his heart restarts, that could fundamentally changed his whole world.

Is Storybrooke safe?
Will Snow have to fight for their home alone?
When will Hades notice that Snow is gone?
What will Hades do when he learns Snow is gone?
Will Zelena be upset to find out Dorthy is awake, lose trust in Hades?
Is everyone scared of Emma or will some still work with her?
Where is Pan?
Can the sleeping curse actually save Belle and the baby?
What will the issue be trying to wake up Belle?
Will we see Ruby, Mulan and Dorthy again?
Will Hades’s heart restarting save everyone?
What will become of The Underworld when Hades’s heart restarts?
Will we ever meet Zesus or any other gods?

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