It is All About Perspective – Once Upon a Time (5×17) (Review)

once-upon-a-time-season-5-episode-17-herThis week Once Upon a Time was all about perspective. Rumple has a very clear idea of what he will and will not do in order to save the ones he loves. Belle learns that sometimes there are certain actions that are justified when the right circumstances call for them. Hades pushes Belle to learn her lesson while also ensuring that hope can not destroy his kingdom.

The episode opened with Belle going to Rumple. She tells him that while she doesn’t completely trust him and is not okay with his decisions, she needs his help. She knows that he will do anything to protect their unborn baby. But she makes it clear to Rumple that they will not save the baby with dark magic. She wants to do things her way. She insists that dark magic has no use but to hurt people. Rumple tells her it is all about perspective.

POV was the over-arching theme of this episode. Rumple tells Belle, “That is the thing with dark and light, it comes down to POV.” He knows that there are some things that require a more harsh hand.

Rumple is sure and strong in who he is now. He is no longer wavering between if he is dark or light. He is no longer fighting with himself. Rumple has accepted who he is. He is a man who likes power. He is a man who will not let anyone control him. And he is a man who will go to great lengths to save his wife and child. He knows that some situations require dark magic and what is usually defined as dark deeds.

Later in the episode, Belle asks Rumple to use his magic to get into Gaston’s locker. She is looking for a clue to what he unfinished business is so that she can help him. Rumple laughs and tells her that now she is okay with him using his power. She is okay with it when  it will help her. She tells him that it is different, but Rumple once again points out that is is about perspective. To anyone else it is breaking and entering but to Belle it is finding a way to help someone.

It is common to hear people say, “I would never do that,” in response to some action another person takes. We like to think that we have this very high moral ground and nothing will comprise that stance. But that is not necessarily true. Belle stood on this high ground for much of the episode.

The problem is you stand on that high ground until you are standing in that situation. No one has any real idea of what they will do until they are living through a situation. When it comes down to saving your own life or saving the life of a loved one, you are more capable of certain acts than you think. During that moment, your POV says that the act is justified. You had to save someone, so all of sudden harming someone else is not that horrible of a deed. You are saving a child, or wife or brother or sister. Your POV changes very quickly when faced with the situation.

Rumple understand this idea. He knows that when it comes to Belle and his unborn child, he will do whatever is necessary to protect them. He will kill, harm and rob, no questions asked. From his POV it is protecting his family. Belle is feeling the threat to her family but she doesn’t see Rumple’s POV until the end of the episode.

Gaston is out to get rid of Rumple. He wants revenge for him taking his life. While they are fighting, Belle ends up pushing Gaston into the river of souls in order to save Rumple. She makes a split-second decision. She watches him fall and realizes that she could not save him.

ouat5-17Hades set this whole scenario up. Earlier he had made a deal with Belle. That if Rumple or Gaston threw the other into the river of souls than he would rip up his deal with Rumple and the baby would be safe. But it is Belle who pushes Gaston in and thus the deal is void. Belle has this blanket of hopelessness fall over her. She couldn’t save Gaston, she hurt someone and her baby is still in danger.

I think this moment will open Belle’s eyes to her situation. She will have to make some tough decisions soon. She will have to see what Rumple was telling her. That some actions are justified when saving a loved one. I think this was the start of her perspective beginning to change.

“Love make you do crazy things,” – Hades- Belle loves Rumple and their baby. She will see quickly that she is capable of a lot in order to save them.

What will Belle do now?
Will she allow Rumple to use his magic to save them?
Will Belle have to choose a side between the group and Rumple?
What is Ruby doing in The Underworld.?
Is Ruby dead?
Or was Ruby sent there somehow by someone?
What happens if too much hope infects The Underworld?
Where are Pan and Cruella?
What will happen if Zelena lets herself fall for Hades?
Will The Underworld change fundamentally if Hades’s hearts beat again?
Is Zelena Hade’s weakness?
Will anyone make it out of The Underworld?

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