Forgive Yourself – Once Upon a Time (5×15) Review (Spoilers)

Once-Upon-a-Time-5x15-liam-hookIt was Hook’s turn in this episode to deal with his past and move forward. Hook learned that while he has made mistakes in his life they do not get to define the kind of man he is at this moment in time. The group is slowly moving forward with their lives and casting away the self-doubt and issues that have plagued them for most of their lives. They are getting stronger and are going to need that strength in order to defeat Hades and leave The Underworld.

The episode starts with Emma healing Hook. Hook is not excited to be with her though. He is upset because he doesn’t think he deserves her care and her help. He is upset that she came down to The Underworld to save him. He tells Emma that he doesn’t deserve to be saved. What he deserves, is to suffer in The Underworld.

Hook is upset at his behavior as a Dark One. He points out that Emma only turned dark after weeks of fighting. In the end, she succumbed to the power in order to save him, she did it out of love. Hook accepted the power right away. He barely fought it off and he is ashamed of his behavior.

What Hook doesn’t take into account are the very different places him and Emma were in when they received The Dark One power. Hook received it without a choice. Emma chose her path, Hook did not. Hook was confused and upset. He was angry and lost. That made it much easier for the power to take ahold of him. He was overly emotional and had no one to turn to. He refuses to see that side. What he sees is that he, yet again, made a poor choice. Hook thinks of his life as all poor choices.

Hook’s brother Liam is also in The Underworld. He shows up at Hook’s place. Hook admires his brother. He thinks his brother is what he should become, someone who never did anything but help others. Hook was the problem brother while Liam always took care of him.

images-8What Hook learns throughout this episode though is that Liam is not completely selfless. No one has not made a mistake in their life. Liam allowed their ship to sink, killing the crew, in order for him and Hook to have the lives they dreamed of. Liam made a very poor choice in this moment of his life, and that is why he ended up in The Underworld.

Hook finds this out and is upset, but Liam tries to save Hook by sacrificing himself. Hook realizes that your past does not change who you are deep down inside. Liam chose poorly in his past but made up for it in that one moment. He still had a good heart, just like Hook.

Hook is finally able to see that to move on with his life he has to forgive himself. He has to realize that his past choices do not get to define who he is at this present moment. He hurt people and he learns from those mistakes. His heart is still good and he will do what he can to live a better life from this point onward. Hook deserves to be saved as much as anyone else in the group that is down there. They have all failed at one point and now they have to move forward with their lives.


“The day you push a sailor too far is the day the mutiny begins,” – Hook and Liam- Hades is pushing everyone too far. He has many people under his thumb but soon they are going to ban together and he is going to lose.


What is Hades’s past with Zelena?

What is Hades hiding?

Will the souls all rise up to help take out Hades?

Can Henry save them with the quill?

What role will Henry take on now?

What will Cruella do now that she has lost Henry’s help?

Will Hook be able to leave The Underworld?

Does Hook have unfinished business beyond defeating Hades?

What happens if Hook is able to move on?

Will Hook have to choose between moving on and going back?

Will he lose the chance to move on once and for all?

Where are Rumple and Pan?

What is James (Charming’s brother) up to?

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