“She made me who I am.” – Once Upon a Time (5×14) (Spoilers)

8403921_once-upon-a-time-season-5-episode-14-devils_821cce0_mThe one thing Rumple hates more than anything is someone controlling and manipulating him. He wants to be able to make his own decisions and not be beholden to anyone. In this episode, we learn more about how he became that man. By the end of the episode he is no longer in control, yet again.

The  past portions of the episode were the important parts. Mila, Rumple, and Bae are in the woods. Rumple is playing with Bae and not helping Mila. Mila is annoyed with him. She tells him he is not good for much. Rumple is a timid man at this point. He will do whatever his wife wants from him. He doesn’t do conflict. He is a calm man who just wants a simple life with his wife and child.

Bae gets bitten by a snake and it is slowly killing him. A healer has the antidote but it will cost them gold they do not have. As they leave Mila tells Rumple that he will get them the antidote. She wants him to kill the healer.

It becomes apparent quickly that Mila is the one who controls Rumple. She is the reason that he now resents anyone controlling him. She is not happy with the man he has become. She has a very vivid image of the man she wants to be her husband. She wants a man who is strong and in control. She wants someone who will fight and is not afraid of hurting others if it protects those he loves. The moment he returned from the ogre war having hurt himself to get out of it, she stopped respecting him as a man.

This moment is kind of the last straw for them. While Rumple is off attempting to get the antidote, Mila meets Hook. He is everything that Rumple is not. He is assertive and handsome and a bit dangerous. He travels all around the world and doesn’t sit at home doing nothing. And Mila is instantly attracted to him.

When Rumple returns with the antidote and Mila learns what he did to get it she is done with him. She not only hates the idea that he sold off their potential child but he also did not step up like she wanted. Rumple is proud of himself at this moment. Proud that he did not become a monster, as he put it. He tells Mila that he realized that if he killed to save his son his son would grow up with a monster as a father.

What is interesting about this whole plot line is that what if Mila hadn’t treated him so negatively about this choice? I understood her anger at him selling their unborn child, that was unacceptable. But what if she had tried to understand the man that he was at this point. What if she had sat down and realized that all Rumple ever wanted was to be with his family. He loved them with all his heart but she made him believe that he was not worthy of that love.

sneakfeatureThis is where Rumple began to fall. He saw that he was not the man she wanted and began to think he was not an adequate man. He began to think that he needed something to make him someone people wanted and trusted. He got the Dark One powers and he realized what it felt like to be in control of his life. It was a reviving feeling for him.

No longer did anyone get to tell him he was not worthy and not a good man. Mila was gone and couldn’t make him feel less of a husband and father. He didn’t get picked on. He got to do whatever he wanted. People feared him. People were forced to respect him. He finally had what he never had before, control.

All through the series, we have seen Rumple’s fight with this idea. He can’t give up the Dark One power because that would require him giving up control of his life. He couldn’t give Belle the real dagger because then he would not be in control of his actions. Rumple was that man once and he will do anything to do not back to him.

He makes poor choices in this episode because Hades makes a deal with him. But despite dooming his companions he is yet again under someone’s thumb. Hades can cash in on the deal anytime and Rumple would lose. It seems that no matter what Rumple does he loses.

“She made me who I am,” – Rumple- Here he is referring to Mila. Mila made him feel like he was not good enough. She was the one who made him reconsider who he was as a man. If she had accepted Rumple as he was much of this would not have happened.

When will Belle find out she is pregnant?
What else will Rumple have to do for Hades?
What is Hades end game?
What happens now that Snow, Regina and Emma have headstones?
Are they alive? Dead? Half-dead?
Can Henry get them out with the quill somehow?
Is there a way to get Hook out of The Underworld?
Will another child change Rumple in a positive way?
Will there be after effects for Hook from his imprisonment?
Will Hades try to get Hook back?
Why exactly wasn’t Regina’s magic not working?
What does it mean now that her magic is working?
When will the group find out about Henry working with Cruella?
What is Pan’s plan?

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