Don’t Let Her Control You- Once Upon a Time Midseason premiere (Season 5)

maxresdefaultOnce Upon a Time is back and we have officially entered The Underworld. This is not a place of fire and brimstone. It is a place where those who had unfinished business on Earth go. Our group encounters some familiar faces and have to face some mistakes made in the past. On their journey to find Hook they are going to have to help those who they once hurt on Earth.

While this episode set up the idea of Underworld the main part of the story focused on Regina. She meets up with her mother again and it is not the happy reunion that she was anticipating. Her mother tells her that she has to leave The Underworld. When Regina refuses her mother threatens to hurt Regina’s father’s soul. She is doing what she has always done to Regina, manipulating her.

The past part of this episode was from Regina’s evil days. She is still after Snow’s heart. Her father tries to talk her out of her plan, tries to make her see that she is only doing this because of what her mother did to her. She is angry at Snow but who she really hates is her mother. Her father tries to make her see that her actions are being controlled by Cora. Regina refuses to listen.

images-6Not until this trip to The Underworld does Regina begin to see what her father meant. Her mother has always had a strong hold over her. She wants to prove herself worthy to her mother. She wants to show her that she can do anything and does not need Cora. She is given a choice in this episode. She can give into Cora and leave with Henry and Robin Hood or she can stay and help her friends and doom her father.

Emma tries to give Regina an out and tells her to leave but Regina doesn’t go. Her father tells her that she has to stand up to her mother and has to be strong. He does not want her to leave. He wants her to not let her mother control her any longer. She is strong, they both know it. Now she has to prove it. And she does. She apologizes to her father and does not heed Cora’s warning.

I think a lot of this trip to be Underworld will be similar to this. The Underworld houses the past for many of our characters. They are all going to encounter people who they knew and who have unfinished business. They have to help them to pass on or they have to realize that they have to leave the past in the past. This place is going to get inside their heads and try to suck them in. It is going to try to undo a lot of the work so many of them have done.

Regina won one of her battles. She will face more but this one was her biggest fight. She knows that there are plenty of people in this place who she hurt. Now is her chance to help them if she can. The others will have to do the same. They will have to realize that this may be a chance for them to right any wrongs they did. But it can not consume them or they may never be able to leave.

“Never forget who you really are,” – Henry (Regina’s father) – He wants her to not let her past mistakes consume her. She has proven who she is. She has proven that she has a good heart and she has to hold onto that while in this place.

Where is Hook?
Why is he being harmed?
Is he in a different form of Hell?
Why does The Underworld look like Storybrooke? Does that mean something?
What is Hades up to?
Why was Neal warning Emma against going to The Underworld?
Can the group help all those they know to move on?
Will some be beyond help?
Will everyone make it out of The Underworld?
What is Rumple’s plan? How long will he help?
Why doesn’t he want to stay? Will this place have some different effect on him since he is a Dark One?
Can Hook be saved?
What other past characters will we see again?
What would happen if everyone was able to move on? Can that happen?
What other mythology type characters will we meet?

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