“We Don’t Trust the Darkness” – Once Upon a Time -5×10 – Spoilers

images-5 This episode gave us an idea of what Hook is now like that he is aware of the darkness inside of him. While Emma and Hook’s relationship is falling apart, Emma and Henry are taking the first steps toward fixing their relationship. And Belle has decided to take time for herself and walk away from Rumple.

This episode opened right after the first episode in the two hour episode stopped. Hook is beyond angry. He is frustrated, and feeling betrayed. Which as I pointed before make sense to me. Hook has spent much the last few years of his life trying to fight the darkness inside himself and to walk away from all of that. Now Emma in one selfish act has up-ended all his work and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

The biggest issue with Hook right now is he is making emotional decisions. We know Emma does this often and that is what got them into this mess in the first place. Hook is angry and that is the driving emotion he is working with. Doing anything based off anger is never good. People have trouble thinking rationally while angry and Hook is a great example of that right now. The one person he loved more than anything has betrayed his trust.

1448848056000_us_abc_320That is the biggest issue with him right now. He tries to work with Emma as this new Dark side of himself. He wants to work with her and be with her because no matter his anger he still loves her. But he can’t trust her. He can’t trust anyone at the moment. All he can think about is what Emma has done to him. She knew his biggest fear and she made that come true. A lot of work and time are going to be needed to fix their relationship.

Emma was the character that I found most interesting in this episode. While Hook is losing it and letting his dark side rule Emma seems to be falling back into the person we once knew. We learn that all her decisions since they came back to Storybook were
to save Hook. She knows she messed up and she has been working to take the darkness out of them both.

Emma does not want to be dark. She isn’t reveling in the power like we thought she may be. She isn’t Rumple. She doesn’t want it to save anyone or protect anyone. She is only using the power so that she can gather what she needed to take away the darkness from herself and Hook. The problem lies in the fact that she has made some poor decisions.

Hook and Henry both point out something very important to Emma in this episode and I think she may actually have heard them. They both tell her that her main problem is that she refuses to let anyone help her. Like Hook at the moment, Emma has major issues with trust. She has never had anyone in her life that she could trust before.

Emma had to do everything for herself growing up. She had no one to rely on. She is not used to having people around her that want to help her and that she can trust. She spent so much time trying to fight the darkness alone that she failed. If she had let those around her truly help her she would not be in the problem that she is in. She tried to do everything alone and she made poor choices in the process. If she had spoken with her mother, father, Regina, Hook or even Henry they would have told her some of her decisions were poor ones. Or they could have helped her talk about new ideas. But she wouldn’t let them.

But she is trying to change, which is the biggest way that we see that she is not full of darkness. She goes to Henry for help in getting back the dreamcatchers with the memories. And then she gives everyone back their memories. She wants help. She wants to save Hook and she finally understands that she can’t do it alone. I don’t think Emma is too far gone. Hook is the one that is going to take some work to get back.

A small side note on Belle and Rumple. I loved that Belle decided to take time for herself from Rumple. Yes, Rumple now has a “pure,” heart and is not full of darkness but Belle doesn’t know this man. She knows the old Rumple and that man hurt her many many times. She is not going to set herself up to be hurt again. She is taking care of herself right now, as she should. I think these two are going to have to start over. Rumple is going to have to show Belle this new version of himself and what that means.

“We don’t trust the darkness” – Charming- This is an important way of saying this. There is a distinction made here between what the person possessed will do and what the darkness makes them do. This a distinction that has to be remembered.

“We save each other. That’s what our family does.” – Snow- That is how this family operates. Emma loves Hook, he is part of this family and he needs some serious saving right now.

Can they save Hook?
How can they do that?
Will he be able to think better when he calms down?
Can Hook trust Emma again?
What is the plan that involves all the Dark Ones?
Do they want to snuff out the light?
How is that done?
How do you fight all the Dark Ones?
Will killing them hurt Emma and Hook?
Can darkness be fully destroyed ever?
Will having a child change Zelena like Regina hopes?
Will Zelena play a role in the darkness’s plan?
Will Rumple act out of hurt and anger now?
Why didn’t Hook realize that he had the darkness in him earlier?

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