Illusions Are Not Meant to Last Forever – Once Upon a Time – 5×4 – (spoilers)

images-3We learned all about Arthur, his past and his poor decisions in this episode. Arthur is supposed to be this great king, who cares about his kingdom and wants only good for his people. What we learn is that Arthur is selfish with little-to-no integrity left. The draw of power has taken another victim and Arthur is going to lose everything, just like all those who obsess over power have done.

I know the basics about the Arthurian legend and Camelot (I do have a mythology book that I will pull out and see if the legend is in there to learn more and maybe amend some of this later). What I know of the legend is that Arthur was supposed to be this great man who was prophesied to take the sword from the stone and become a great king. What is different about his legend is that he is a human just like the rest of us. Being human he is flawed and in the end his decisions lose him his wife and his kingdom.

It would appear that the writers are using the basics of the Arthurian legend. Arthur finds Excalibur and becomes obsessed with fixing it. He can’t concentrate on anything else in his life. He doesn’t work on building his kingdom or taking care of his relationship with his wife. As expected Guinevere starts feeling neglected and turns to Lancelot for comfort and support.

What is interesting about this is that Arthur is obsessed with fixing this sword but has no idea what will happen when he does. He assumes because of the prophecy that it will give him some ultimate power and he will be this powerful ruler with it by his side. But he doesn’t actually know anything about any of this. It could be the worst idea ever. This all could be an ultimate test.

Arthur is terrified that if the people find out his sword is not whole they will not trust or follow him. He is only a stable boy and to him the only thing making him king is the sword. But that is not what makes a ruler or a king. A king is made by the way he rules. He gains the trust of his people. They see him as someone who is compassionate and caring. They know he will protect them and take care of them. He makes fair decisions and is not selfish. Excalibur can not do any of that. Arthur has to be that man but he doesn’t understand that. He is too consumed by what the sword can possibly do for him.

A king need to be humble and have integrity which Arthur has none of. Camelot was not built over time with hard work and effort, no magic sand was used. Guienevere is not standing by his side because she loves and respects him, no she is under a spell. He used the sand to fix what he believes was broken. But what is truly broken is Arthur himself.

Arthur has built everything he has through magic, which we all know comes with a price. All of this is an illusion and illusions are not meant to last. They are there to be a smokescreen to set up for something else. They are to give an idea for a few moments but they eventually fade. Arthur cannot hold onto what he has created forever. Something is going to make all of this crash down around his ears and when it does fall he will be left all alone.
No one will care about him. He will go back to being that stable boy that no one cared about.

While Arthur is busy setting up his downfall Hook is trying to save Emma from her own collapse. Hook is doing exactly what I knew he had to do. He is taking care of Emma and making her see that she has to trust in him. Emma needs something to concentrate on other then the darkness inside of her.

Emma is having a struggle we all know well. She is so consumed with the problem before her that she can’t see any possible solution to what is going on. We have all done this. We allow our problems or one issue to consume us and we become blinded to the world around us. We can’t see or appreciate those who are trying to help us. The problem at hand becomes our world, it is all we can think about and concentrate on. Doing this only gives the issue that much more power over us and our actions.

Emma can’t force the darkness away because she is so paranoid about it. It is all she thinks about and sees in her world. Everywhere she looks and every actions she takes is with the awareness that the darkness exists. Because she is focused solely on that voice, the voice is always around.

What Hook does is take Emma for a horseback ride. He asks her to trust him and allow him to give her something else to think about and focus on. It works, when the ride is over, the voice is gone.

images-4The problem is that Hook can’t always be around and they can’t always being riding around on horseback. But it is a good step forward. Emma just has to learn how to do this for herself. She has to be aware when the voices starts speaking and be able to push it away.

Unfortnately we see that she has no mastered this trick yet. In the present she is consumed by the darkness but I believe she can force it away again if she just remembers what Hook was trying to teach her.

“Broken Kingdom,” – Kay- Arthur wants to fix his kingdom, but what he doesn’t see is that he kingdom is not what is broken. It is Arthur himself and he can’t fix anything until he fixes himself.

“Love is a weapon.The most dangerous weapon of all,” – Darkness voice- We have heard this before on this show. Love can be a saving grace or a downfall. Arthur is using it to manipulate and hurt others and that is only going to end in his own ruin.

Is anyone left on Arthur’s side?
Is there anyone genuine in Arthur’s life?
Will Arthur cause the downfall of Camelot?
How and when will Emma lose complete control and accept the darkness?
Why does Emma stop trusting Hook?
Can Merida actually train Rumple to be brave?
What will rejoin Excalibur and the dagger?
Does the power of the rejoined parts depend on who is wielding it? Can it be put back together?
Did Merlin break it in the first place?
If so why?
When will we see Merlin?
Why is Merida in Arthur’s dungeon?
Did Arthur kidnap her brothers?
Will Lancelot be able to break the spell and save Guinevere and Camelot?
Is Lancelot the true king?
Will anyone forgive Arthur when this all falls apart?
Does Arthur play a role in Emma accepting her dark side?

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