Once Upon a Time – Lily- Episode Review (Spoilers)

onceuponatime_lily_emmaFate was the theme of this episode. Can fate be fought? What is it that fate wants out of Lily and Emma? How much control over their lives does fate really have? From what we saw this episode it would seem that fate is not a force that can be fought easily, if at all.

The episode opened with the apprentice telling the sorcerer about what the author had done with the story. He feels guilty and wonders what is going to become of the two girls. The sorcerer tells him that their lives are intertwined and will remain that way. Fate will not allow these two girls to live separate lives.

Maleficent comes to Emma asking for her help in finding her daughter. She realizes that Rumple was only using her and she is done working with him. Maleficent agreed to Rumple’s plan in order to get revenge for her daughter. Now that she knows that Lily is alive she is concentrated on finding her. Maleficent could careless about anything else at this point. She reveals that her daughters name was Lilith and Emma puts the pieces together.

Since Emma is still relatively new to this fairytale world she has to make sure that Lily and Maleficent’s daughter are the same person. She is shocked and confused. How out of all the people in the world did these two meet and form a fragile friendship? Regina finds her and is not all that shocked by what Emma tells her. She sums up the whole thing pretty well by saying, “Ain’t that a bitch.” For a moment this situations seems a bit comical but then it gets serious fast.

Regina reveals that Emma is fate is funny and cruel. She tells her that fate has a lot of control over their lives, no matter what they want to believe or think. Fate is the force that makes people go to certain places at certain times. There are things that happen no matter what people try to do about it and that is considered fate. Fate does not seem to be a force that can be avoided or messed with. Fate is considered endgame.

Regina is not someone who adheres to this idea though. Regina believes that fate can be changed. She tells Emma that she has a chance to go against fate. Emma’s fate seems to be to go dark and hurt those she loves. Regina tells her that helping Lily can help herself. Regina seems to believe that if they work hard enough they can change their destinies. Unfortunately it would seem that Regina is underestimating the true power of fate.

Emma and Lily seem to have met by chance but now we know that is not true. No matter what the two of them do they cannot outrun each other. They have lived close to each other for most of their lives. Lily explains to Emma, when they were young, that after they first met all the decisions in her life have gone wrong. No matter what she does it is never right. It never works like she wants it to. She called herself cursed, scared of what could be truly wrong with her. She also tells Emma that when Emma is around things appear brighter to her.

There are two significant parts to this conversation. First Lily mentions that it was only after meeting Emma that her life started to fall apart. Why is that? Does it have something to do with they way their lives are connected? Did meeting Emma activate Lily’s dark potential somehow? If they had never met, somehow defying fate, would Lily have led a peaceful and happy life? But fate would not have that. Lily has not only her own darkness but Emma’s as well and it would not work for her to never tap into that side of her. Emma eventually found her potential and Lily had to do the same.

Lily also mentions that when Emma is around her life is brighter. I think this gives us a clue about how these two women are going to have to balance each other out. Emma is supposed to possess all the lights while Lily possess all the darkness. In life you need balance. No one is purely good or purely evil. There is always a dichotomy between the two. I think Lily and Emma are going to have to see that if they work together they can be more powerful then apart. Emma can help keep Lily’s darker side at bay. While Lily can help Emma learn how to control her own darkness. These two were born at the same time for a reason and I think it is to join the forces of good and evil or more for a “hero,” and a “villain,” to work together.

zUAcLMLeqB_lEmma is slipping and I believe Lily can help her from falling completely. But first Emma has to understand that she is vulnerable right now. When she is leaving Storybook Hook again tells her to be careful. He keeps trying to get her to understand how dangerous the lure of the dark side can be. He understands the point she is at right now and that falling is far to simple.
Emma is too sure of herself. She tells him not to worry about her. Emma believes that all the emotions she is feeling and the overreacting is normal. She is not seeing that while it may be normal for some it is not normal for her. She is being arrogant and not seeing where she is heading.

Lily threatens Emma’s parents and Emma lashes out at her. They fight and then Emma pulls a gun on Lily. Lily asks her to shoot her and end her misery and Emma doesn’t initially back down. She doesn’t freak out. We see her face, she puts serious consideration into killing her old friend.

Regina is her voice of reason. Regina is the perfect one to pull Emma back. Regina has been in Emma’s position. She pleads with Emma to lower the gun and not hurt Lily. She tells her that she is better then this path. This is not Emma. Regina knows that if Emma goes in this direction she is doomed. The path back is long and extremely difficult. They can’t afford for Emma to lose it now.

I hope this moment has gotten through to Emma finally. Up until now Emma has firmly believed that she is in complete control of her actions. If she continues to be arrogant and not see that she is making decisions she would haver have made before she is going to fall. Emma has to understand that she is vulnerable right now. She has to realize that what everyone keeps telling her is true. If she falls it is going to be no ones fault but her own.

“Our actions are our own, fate pushes us. Maybe it is time to push back,” – Regina- She is right they do make their own decisions when it comes to their actions. But Regina is underestimating fate’s power. Fate is not going to make any of their lives easy.

“This is the real world. There are no heroes and villains. Only real people with real problems,” – Emma- She still sees this distinct line between her two lives. They are not two separate worlds. She has seen countless times how they have coincided with one another. She has to put the two together.

Can Lily and Emma learn how to balance each other?
Can they put their pasts behind them?
What kind of power would they have if they joined forces?
If they do work out their differences what does that mean for Snow, Charming and Maleficent?
Can the parents work together and become cordial?
Will Maleficent become more main character now?
What will Lily and Maleficent’s reunion be like?
Is Lily angry with Maleficent at all?
Will they work together to hurt Charming and Snow?
What does it mean for Robin and Regina that Zelena is pregnant with Robin’s kid?
What will that child be like?
Can Regina be with Robin now or is this going to be too much for her to deal with?
Is Robin’s life in danger?
What does Rumple’s happy ending entail?
Didn’t Snow know Regina had her heart?
Can Belle fully love and be with Will?
Can Emma understand how that she is on a dangerous cliff’s edge?
Does she finally understand the danger she is in?

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