The Walking Dead- Can life ever be civilized again? (Spoilers for Premiere)

the-walking-deadI started watching “The Walking Dead,” in its fourth season. I wasn’t too interested at first because I thought it was more a horror show and horror is not my genre. After the second episode I was hooked because I saw this show as so much more than just a show about walkers. I love this show because not only does it have some of the best characters; (I love Carol and love how well written she is. I will definitely have to write up a post about her and how badass she has become over the seasons soon), but it also make you think about life and how something like this can completely change everything. I have a lot of questions normally while watching this show, some about plot and some about how does this change their lives now.

After this episode I had a few questions. Can life be civilized anymore? Does the word civilized mean anything anymore? Does it have a new, more hostile, definition now? Are the people who live in a “civilized,” manner able to really survive this world? Are there any people who live in this manner still alive? What does living mean now?

We started the episode with a glimpse of the Terminus people being held captive and blaming themselves for what is happening to them. Then we see four of our group being tied up and set up in front of troughs. We watch as two of the people of Terminus slash throats and bash heads with baseball bats without flinching. There is no hesitation in what they do. They are just doing their jobs, nothing more. These are people who suffered at other’s hands and they did not always have this blood lust pouring through their veins. It was created when they were taken prisoner; raped, tortured and killed.

Terminus and the way they behave makes sense. I will never say that they are right in what they are doing but I completely understand how they got to this point. They were living peacefully (presumedly) and were trying to create a real life for themselves. They wanted to live life as it used to be before this whole outbreak happened. They had a sanctuary, they were happy. (Again I am assuming all this from the way they all talked in the episode). Then their signs to help brought them pure evil, horror and hell.

They were held prisoner and tortured and they somehow got out. Somehow they found the fire of anger and pure rage inside of themselves and fought to get their home back. That fight and having to save their own lives flipped a switch and they no longer saw the world as somewhere that could be safe anymore. Everyone became a potential enemy. They had open doors but around themselves they built huge walls that no one would ever get through again.

No one would ever hurt and use them like those other people once did. So they started killing and eating the strong and recruiting the weak. They trusted no one. Terminus Mary says they learned one thing, you are either the butcher or the cattle; plain and simple. It is killed or be killed.
Rick’s group learned that lesson a while ago with the governor. Rick doesn’t even hesitate to slash throats and shoot people in the back. Rick is intent at going back and killing every single one of them so they can’t hurt anyone again. Rick does what the people of Terminus did, he destroyed those who hurt him and those he cared about. No one will ever get the chance to come back and do anything to injure anyone in his group again. Rick has come a long way from the man who apologized for shooting the walker in the first episode.

Glenn has a moment where he reminds Rick that there is a difference between their group and the Terminus group. He tells Rick that they need to free whoever is in the boxcar because that is still who they are. They do not leave people to die and they try to help anyone they can. He tries to remind Rick they aren’t ruthless killers. Though his point is kind of lost when they open the door to find that crazy guy who gets eaten right away. I want to say he was one of the people who attacked the original Terminus group, but I am not sure on that. Glenn wants to help but here it backfires and Rick is going to remember that. Glenn is going to have to be the humanity anchor for the group for a while.

In this world it is all about protecting yourself and the people you care about. There is no more lending a helping hand to a neighbor without thinking about it. You look at them with eyes of suspicion and doubt. Can anyone ever be fully trusted and can you ever trust again without it backfiring on you?

The Terminus people tired to create a civilization and they were destroyed for it. Can neighborhoods with white picket fences and green lawns be possible anymore? Can anyone afford to try to create this type of life anymore? Will it just take a long time to get back to that point? Does it just require the strong with heart and humanity, like Glenn, to step up and take control and weed out all those who have become nothing but ruthless killers? Is the true fight to rid the world of walkers or is to rid the world of those who kill and torture without hesitation? Who are the real monsters now?

Are there any people left who can create a peaceful, civilized type of life left? Again we see that those who are reluctant to kill and fight are in danger. You can’t be someone who just stands on the outskirts. Lizzie’s sister, Mika, stood to the side and could barely defend herself and it got her killed. Tyreese became traumatized by what happened with Lizzie and he didn’t want to kill or hurt anyone but that almost got Judith killed.
You can’t stand by and talk through problems anymore. At least not at this point. Right now life is all about being the toughest and hardest. You have to be the butcher or you will die, period. Terminus taught us and the group that lesson. In the comic Negan and his group really pushed home that idea.

It will be interesting to see where the group goes from here. Do they got to D.C. for the supposed cure? Do they try to find another place to live? Will life always be on the move, frightening to stay alive? When will they ever jus the able to live again like they did for such a short time in the prison?

What do you think can life ever be civilized (at least as we know it) again? Who is more dangerous right now the walkers or the people? Who should be the leader of the group, Rick, Glenn or Carol?

(A/N: I do not know if I will post every week about the show or just when a question, situation or character really strikes me. It will depend on the episodes most likely. Though I do plan on writing up a post about Carol and how fantastic her character development has been).

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