Once Upon a Time – 4X03- Rocky Road- (Spoilers)

10646-940This episode introduced us to the Snow Queen and gave us a better idea of who we are now dealing with. It also gave us some hope for Robin Hood and Regina’s relationship. Henry and Regina set out on their own mission, mongoose, to help Regina get her happy ending. And Emma yet again showed us that she is terrified of ever getting what she really wants in life.

The episode starts with Marian getting to have ice cream for the first time, and most likely the last time, if this become her memory associated with the treat. The Snow Queen curses it and freezes Marian. Robin Hood is of course upset and devastated by this turn of events. He tries to wake her up with true love’s kiss, which Regina pointedly looks away from, but it doesn’t work. Everyone assumes it is because of the ice that produces a shield that causes the kiss not to be able to really work. But Robin Hood confesses to Regina later that he truly still loves Regina.

This revelation is fantastic and horrific for Regina. Yes, it is great that Regina knows that Robin Hood does truly love her. That his love didn’t disappear just because Marian came back into his life. That his love was true enough that it can’t be erased so easily. Robin Hood trusts Regina to remove Marian’s heart and keep it safe until they can find a way to wake her up again. Regina still means everything to Robin.

But Robin still has an obligation to his wife. Robin lives life by a code. He is not going to abandon a woman he once loved to fend for herself. He still holds some love for her it is just not a strong or as pure as his love for Regina. He is in a very upsetting position. He can’t and wont leave his wife but he loves Regina. This is what is horrible for Regina. She knows that he loves her and he cares about her but she can’t be with him. That is pain.

But now that Marian is literally on ice it begs the question what will happen between Regina and Robin. Robin is going to watch over and take care of Marian but he can’t rebuild his relationship with her right now. Instead of rebuilding his old life he is going to continue to build this new one. He is going to have to work with Regina and spend time with her trying to fix this problem. That is only going to continue to grow their love.

Robin is going to watch his life get even more complicated. He doesn’t want to leave his wife but his heart belongs to Regina now. And when she wakes up what will she find? Robin is going to have to make a true choice between the two of them and I think this situation is going to make his decision plain.

Though will Robin Hood make his decision and choose Regina before she finds the writer and changes the storybook? Regina didn’t hide anything from Henry and that is awesome. She isn’t going to go on this mission for a happy ending alone. Her son is more than willing to help her get what she deserves. She tells Henry everything and he completely agrees with her.

Henry knows that what is holding Regina back is how people see her. The book holds this image that people can’t erase. Henry knows the true Regina. His mother loves him and can be very caring. She deserves to be seen this way because that is who she really is. They set up mission mongoose to be their secret plan. Mother and son set out to give Regina the story she deserves.

Though how will changing Regina’s story truly affect her? Will she be changed in any manner? What about the people around her? Since everyone will view her differently how will that affect her and Robin’s relationship? He sees her for the good she holds inside. Will that change if everyone knows she is good and deserves to be happy? Is this really going to solve her problem? In the process of solving this problem will she create an even worse one?

Emma is another character that may have her happy ending waiting for her but is ruining the possibility of actually live that happy ending. Regina mentions that maybe the savior needs saving and that really hurts Emma. Emma wants to show that she can take care of herself and do what she needs to do alone. She doesn’t want to have justify herself to anyone and explain her mistakes. Making mistakes for Emma isn’t allowed. Emma beats herself up every time to the point she is losing faith in herself and in doing so she is pushing everyone away. She doesn’t want to have to lean on anyone.

She tells Hook that she is pulling away from him because everyone she cares about or loves has died. I was not surprised at all by this statement from her. Emma is scared to lose Hook. Emma is scared to be happy. She is scared that she can’t live up to the name, savior. She is scared if she lets people in then she can get hurt. Emma needs to realize that the heroes, that are the greatest ones, are the ones who use the helping hands that are stretched out to them. Fighting alone and never letting anyone in will only end in you bringing about your own destruction. She can’t give everyone a happy ending and deny herself that same right.

Emma and Charming discover that the Snow Queen is the one who is keeping up Elsa’s ice wall. She was the one who was imprisoned in the urn before Elsa was. She also says that she is Elsa and Ana’s mother’s sister. Though I am having my doubts about that story. Mostly because this woman seems to be someone who takes on the role that is needed. She is someone who can switch masks without too much thought. She is who she needs to be to get what she wants.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Preview-Rocky-Road-VIDEOThe Snow Queen from the original story is just like this. She is cold and manipulating. She has no cares about anyone else around her. We do not know who this woman really is. She is someone who doesn’t let the world ever see her real self. She keeps her secrets and who she is close to her chest. I do not think anyone has ever broken through her shell of protection that she keeps up around her.

You would think she would want to work with Rumple but she denies him. Few people deny Rumple’s help. This action begs the question why does she not accept his deals? Because she believes she is more powerful then him? Or more likely she does not need help. The Snow Queen is strong and independent. She will manipulate and scheme to get what she wants. Whatever she has planned is to benefit herself and herself alone. She will manipulate whoever she needs to manipulate and she will keep that same expressionless look on her face the whole time. For a villain she is going to the harshest and the most intense we have seen to date on this show I think.

“Magic can change forms but never be destroyed.”- Rumple- What does this mean for the person who holds the magic? Do they somehow live on if their magic lives on?

“Anti-Savior.”- Emma – Emma has made a few blunders and all of a sudden she doesn’t think she can do anything right anymore. Emma has very little confidence in herself. She needs to let her family, friends and Hook in to help her build her confidence.

“Some memories are too painful,” – Snow Queen – She tells this to Elsa and tells her that Ana imprisoned her. But what memories is the Snow Queen herself hiding from? How does Emma know her and what does that mean?

“One thing I’m good at is surviving,” _-Hook- Hook isn’t going to let Emma just walk away and hide from him. She has to see that he loves her and that they can take on the world together if she lets him in.


How long will Marian be frozen?
Will that time be enough for Robin to decide he needs to be with Regina?
How will Henry and Regina changing the book affect everything and everyone else?
When will Emma let others help her?
Will Emma ever see that she can’t do it all?
Is the Snow Queen really Elsa and Ana’s mother’s sister?
How did the Snow Queen end up in the urn?
How did Elsa end up in the urn?
Did the Snow Queen put her there?
Why doesn’t Elsa remember anything?
What is the Snow Queen after?
– How does she know Emma?
– Were they friends at one time?
– Know her from before she found Storybook?

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