I saw nothing- Day 5- Writing 101

A/N: So todays prompt was that you found a letter and it affected you and you wanted to return it to the owner. The twist was to be brief, make it shorter then what you normally would write. writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2This twist was difficult for me, short is not my forte. This is really more a scene then a story. Maybe one day I’ll take it and make it longer, see where it can go.


The paper slip out from among the stack of magazines and what appeared to be a variety of junk mail. The man didn’t even glance down as the paper landed gently on the sidewalk beside me.

I stopped and picked up the bright blue sheet intending to crumble it up and throw it away. I doubted it was anything significant. Bright colored paper didn’t really scream official, and don’t throw me away; I’m needed. I held the paper print side down. I turned it over just to see what they were trying to sell or what event they were trying to persuade me to be apart of.
What I saw was a hastily scribbled note. The writing was cramped, letters all different sizes and running together so much it felt like I was trying to decipher a cryptogram. After a minute I puzzled it out and read the note, “Bring me my heart you bastard. 9:00 pm at the corner of Elm and High. If I die you are at fault and you will regret it. Understand?” I stood open mouthed staring at the paper, my stunned brain read the words again but couldn’t actually follow what they were saying. What the hell was I holding?

Only took me split second to decide what to do. I turned and saw that the man was on the corner, waiting for the light to change. I ran up to him, pushing past the people around me, trying to reach him before he moved. I did not want to hold this paper any longer then I had to.

“Hey!” I called. The man turned and gave me a raised eyebrow.

“Yes?” He asked once I got closer.

I handed him the sheet of paper. He took it and I raised my hands in a surrender pose. “I don’t want to know. I saw nothing. Please don’t kill me.” I turned and headed back up the street, not waiting for his reply.

I felt his eyes following me back into the tangle of the crowded street. My heart beat was in overdrive. I wonder if I called in to work and said, “I might have just pissed off some cult/mob, I’m going to be out for the day and possibly be moving to some country no one can name. Hope that’s all right,” that they would buy it.


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