“I was Here.” Lady Antebellum- Writing 101- Day 3

A/N: This is the assignment for day 3 (I did day 2 but it was not publish worthy…needs work.) It was to free write about three songs that are important to you. I wrote about Brad Paisley’s “The Man He Didn’t Have to Be,” “Zero to Hero” and “I Was Here,” by Lady Antebellum. The other two got a bit too personal to post but I liked how this one came out. I especially like the imagery that popped up and I think I will try to refine it and use it again somewhere later.


writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2I slid down the wall in my apartment legs stretched out directly in front of me. Crying was not an option. I would not let this frustrate me yet again. This mess was mine alone and I could figure out how to move forward.

It was like staring at a wall of flames in front of me. High waves of flames, just kept crashing down one after another, continually coming at me. It was like I was crouched on the edge of the ocean, the water just barely licking at my toes. These flames crashed toward me, the beach in front of me full of broken glass pieces that kept inching toward me, but I always kept just a few inches in front of them. Soon I would stumble or get distracted and get burned or sliced open. Blood would run down and then I would have to decide if I was going quench the flow or just let it go and let myself completely deflate. I could stat over then and that would be good. Right?

As I sat staring ahead my phone started to buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out, in my slide down the wall I had hit a few buttons and turned on my music app. Lady Antebellum’s “I was Here,” was playing. I could hear the words clearly now that it was free from the confines of my pocket. Instantly my body relaxed as the piano played. “You will notice me. I will be leaving my mark like initials carved on an old oak tree. Wait and see… Cause I know in my heart I wanna do something that matters, say something different… I wanna try to touch a few hearts in this life,” I sing along and I feel a smile cross my face.

Yes, this dream is too strong. Yes, the waves of fire made up of rejection and destruction may be licking their way towards me. The beach might be polluted with the cutting glass of harsh words and disbelief but I don’t care. I’ll put on my thickest shoes and fireproof suit and I’ll keep moving forward.

Instead of just standing just out of reach of all of these harsh things I am going to dive in and see what happens. I might be shredded and end up as ash or I might come through this wall to find an oasis on the other side. Either way, the world will know “I was Here.”



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