Scarlett- Ultimate Winged One


A/N: This is the Winged One who tricked Julius in Unfeathered.  I felt like she needed her own voice as well.

largeShe kissed him gently on the cheek and then turned away from him. He would remain staring at the window for sometime. His mind was racing. A small part of him was trying to hold onto his past self. While another much larger part of him was asking why he cared about that man anymore. There was no real reason to hold onto that old life. A life full of sadness and fear. A life without ever a minute of rest or calm. A life where he was constantly looking over his shoulder wondering when his time would be up.

His brain was having an all out fist fight with itself. While his heart was the small spectator trying to break up the fight with only words of wisdom; not actually strong enough to physically help in anyway. His world was resetting itself back to the default settings of birth. No cares or worries, just bliss and happiness. The only desires were linked to satisfying primal needs for continuous life. Soon he would be fine, wings full while his heart and head were light and free.

She would leave him to reset on his own. She knew it was a tough and long process, hampered by any attempts to help. At one time she could have helped. Actually she still could help but she knew it would only hurt him. He was fighting against himself at the moment and the last thing he needed was another voice to confuse the process. Soon it would be over and they could rule the skies together.

She went into the backyard opened her great wings and took off into the sky. She was just about to head straight to the highest point of the atmosphere when a faint flutter caught her gaze. She turned her head to see a Winged One taking off from a house away. The Winged One kept glancing back every few seconds.

Scarlett turned back to the sky not concerned. Whoever it was, was just intrigued by the show. Hopefully it was convincing enough. Scratch that ,she didn’t actually care. Anyone who questioned her would regret it fully.

She reached the highest point of the clouds and let herself hover as her mind wandered. She had been ten when the affliction had started. She was the first, patient zero as she became known in hospitals and to every specialist in more countries then she knew existed on the planet. She was scanned, poked and prodded so much she begun to wonder if there was any part of her that was known only to her anymore. They had tested everywhere even into the depths of her brain and heart.

She had met Julius during the highest peak of the testing period. He was her age, which made talking to him simple and easy. She had learned quickly how to hide her wings, her parents feared what others would say or do if they saw her wings, so Julius never saw them. He was friendly and she loved chatting with him. At night when her and his parents were asleep she would fly over to his house and perch on his window. They would talk about the stars, and about school. She made up stories most of the time because she was no longer apart of society anymore. His parents kept him hidden away, not letting him near a TV or newspaper so he didn’t recognize her from the countless shows she had appeared on. He never asked her how she got over at the hour or how she got up on to his window. He just liked talking with her, she was his secret friend and he was hers.

As they grew their talks got longer and more serious. She was no longer the only one afflicted by the new disease. There were reports of new Winged Ones everyday. It started with just a handful of new cases a day, but soon the numbers soared into the thousands and eventually they just stopped counting.

Julius always told her to be careful every night when she would leave him. He was worried she would become one of them. His parents were extremely protective of him, making sure he understood how to save himself. Since he was so sequestered away from the world she was the only friend he had. He became very protective of her. She would smile and tell him she was always careful before jumping to the ground, finding a deep patch of shadows and taking off into the sky. Until a few moments ago he had never known what she really was.

By the time she was sixteen the doctors and her parents stopped trying to make anything make sense about her. The “curse,”, as it was now called, had no antidote and couldn’t be contained. Was it airborne? Water borne? Because of the food? Genetics? Was this humanities next step in evolution? No one had any answers and slowly those who tried to care were locked away and the world became silent and afraid.

Winged Ones outnumbered the Unfeathered three to one now. Maybe some of the hardest fighters were locked away in some government building somewhere still desperately searching for a way to put things back to normal. Maybe they were still examining her DNA, still hoping as the first afflicted, that she held the answer.

She didn’t care. They would find nothing and even if they would have to get her to cooperate. An impossible task. Twenty years she had been a Winged One. Twenty years she had been living with this new side of herself. At first the feelings of lack of care and concern were overwhelming. The world became nothing more than a place to live inside of. You detached and you enjoyed being detached. Or so she had heard.

She hadn’t had the luxury to live the Winged One’s life fully. Her parents had forced her to hold onto to her humanity. It had been like grasping onto a life preserver in a tumultuous ocean. They made her yell and made her cry, constantly reminding her of emotions and what having them meant. She hadn’t ever been able to fully let go and live completely free like every other Winged One.

Twenty years later and she and mastered control of this switch though. She didn’t have to feel when she didn’t want to. If she wanted to be upset she could just flip the switch and she started the water works and felt the pain twist her heart. But it only took one thought to turn that all off and rise above the Unfeathered once again.

This control was why she ruled. Only a handful of Winged Ones, her soldiers, knew what she could do. They kept an eye out on the newly Winged Ones and made sure they stayed in line. All Winged Ones lived without a care but they lived by her rules or they disappeared. It was pretty simple to maintain control. No one missed a Winged One.

She was about to dip back down to check on Julius when she saw a form enter her cloud cover. It was Jack.

“Good acting tonight,” he grinned.

“Thanks. I know Julius and I knew what would break him finally. Why are you here?” she wasn’t one to just chat.

“Well, as I was leaving Julius’s place I noticed something,” he said.

“A female? Looks to be pretty new? Just hovering and watching?” Scarlett asked.

Jack nodded. “She was staring so intently,” He paused and said the next part very hesitantly. “Almost like she cared.”

“I see,” Scarlett waved her hand. “Thank you.” Jack sank back towards the Earth, he knew she was dismissing him.

Scarlett remained in her clouds mulling over what Jack had just told her. She had seen the glances but she hadn’t been close enough to see the actual face and features. Jack was reliable though and he would lie to her. A newly Winged One who appeared to care? This was new and new wasn’t good. New was a threat. Her kingdom was too close to being fully formed. New was not welcome here and new would have to be eliminated. Immediately.

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  1. This sounds really good!


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