Once Upon a Time- S3 E20 – Kansas (Spoilers)

822x         This episode gave us an end to Zelena. Snow and Charming had their son and Regina was the one who defeated Zelena. We seem to be done with the OZ storyline and I like how it was used. We didn’t spend an abundance of time in OZ but the elements of the story were incorporated well. I liked Zelena’s character because she was a very round character and one that we could relate to and feel for. I loved how the brain, courage and heart were used in the storyline. It was all put together very well.

The main theme of this episode was destiny and what it ultimately means. Can it be changed? Zelena thinks she can physically changed her destiny through her spell. She is doing this time travel spell so that she can go back and be given the chance at a life where she is loved and has power. We learn that changing your destiny it not an impossible task, but you have to be dedicated and you have to believe that the change is a possibility. Zelena could not muster the ability to fully believe in herself and in the end that is what kills her. Regina on the other hand is able to finally summon her own inner belief and saves the day. Rumple is going down the path that Zelena took. He can’t completely put the dark side of himself to rest. His decision has consequences that most likely will not end well for anyone.

Zelena is plotting her revenge against Regina when Glinda meets her. Glinda praises her for exposing the wizard and his lies. She tells Zelena about a council of witches that she can join. She explains that they each rule a portion of the realm (north, south, east and west) and they each represent a different idea, wisdom, love and courage. They are missing the West, innocence. Zelena can join them because she is reborn innocence, once she walks away from her past.

Glinda explains to Zelena that the witch of the West is the most important. She is protector of the land. Though there is one catch to Zelena being able to join them. She has to let go of her past. She has to consciously choose to change her destiny. She has to let go of her envy and her pain and join them fresh and new.

In this minute Zelena is being handed the life that she has been craving for her whole life. Glinda is offering her a, “family,” of sorts and she is also being given great power. All she has to do is walk away from the envy and anger that she harbors inside of her heart. Zelena is so excited about this new destiny that she easily walks away from her envy for Regina, but we quickly see that she can’t completely walk away from envy in and of itself.

Glinda gives her the pendant that holds her power and essentially her life. For half of a minute Zelena has all that she has ever wanted. She accepts this new destiny and is ready to live a life of good, helping and protecting OZ. All she had to do was keep this belief in her heart and trust those around her and she would have had a great life. But she could not do that.

822x-2Dorothy shows up and everything crumbles into dust at Zelena’s feet. Zelena becomes jealous of Dorothy, and learns about the rest of the prophecy The witch of the West will defeat a great evil earning her, her spot on the council. Instantly Zelena believes she is the great evil and that Dorothy is out to destroy her. She refuses to listen to Glinda, as she tries to explain that there are multiple ways to interpret a prophecy. Prophecies only come to pass because people listen to them, completing the tasks they are being handed. They hear what is said and instantly believe there are no other possibilities (Dumbledore gives Harry a great speech about this Half Blood Prince). Zelena can’t see any other way and falls back into her dark side and her heart becomes envy filled once again. In the end because she refused to think for herself and believe in herself she loses everything.

This episode shows us that destiny is not set in stone. You are not born on one certain path. You create your own path, but only if you believe that a new destiny is possible. Zelena refused to believe she could be anything but wicked. She instantly mistrusts her new sisters. Envy consumes her. All Zelena had to do was believe in herself and believe that she could be more than just a woman who was abandoned. She can’t look past that wall in front of her and eventually is crushes her.

822x-3Regina on the other hand finally finds belief in herself and her new destiny. Regina struggles for ages trying to move down only one path, the one of evil. She wanted revenge and she let that define her for so long. But when Regina was presented with another option for her life she took it. She adopted Henry and quickly learned that destiny is not set in stone, you can chance your life if you believe that you can. It all comes down to you, and you alone.

Regina is the one who uses light magic to destroy Zelena. She at first, doubts herself but when Henry and Robin Hood show how much they truly believe in her, she realizes that she can do this. Henry says, “Once upon a time you were a villain….but you changed. You’re a hero now,” (Henry). As in any story the beginning generally does not match the end. Rarely does a character go through trials and tribulations and come out the same person afterward. Regina is no longer the “evil” one, not only does no one else see her that way but she finally has stopped seeing herself in that way. With this new found belief in herself she wins.

Her change is completed when she stops Rumple from killing Zelena. No longer is death the answer to a problem. Killing is not a “good” thing to do and is not what heroes do. You can take down an enemy without bloodshed. She offers Zelena a second chance because she knows what a second chance can do for someone. We see Regina come complete circle here and it was extremely satisfying to watch.

Rumple on the other hand has not completely changed. Yes, he does what he does for his family. But he is still doing “evil” acts. Regina prevents him from killing Zelena but he can’t let the idea go. Zelena killed his son and he will not let that go unpunished. He still lets hate, anger and revenge live inside of his heart.

His speech to Belle was very sweet until we saw him confronting Zelena. I honestly thought he was changing. He made a beautiful speech to Belle, telling her that she had all of him now. He proposes to Belle with his knife, signifying that she has control of his heart and mind now. We think he has decided to live with Belle in a life full of happiness and love.

But we learn that he gave Belle a fake knife. He can’t let Zelena live, no matter what it is going to cost him. This is going to destroy Belle. She thought she had changed him. She has worked so hard to help him soften his heart, find love and happiness again and now she is going to see that he can’t fully leave his old life behind. Rumple is going to lose Bell and then we are going to lose Rumple.

Zelena’s death looked to have released her magic, completing her spell. Next week we get a two hour season finale. In this episode I am sure we are going to see Emma fighting with Henry about New York and hopefully realizing where she really belongs. Belle will most likely learn about Rumple killing Zelena, and it is going to tear them apart. And the portal is open and they are going to have to fix that which will ultimately end them up in a whole new mess.


“One thing will remain the same, who you are.” – Rumple- He doesn’t believe Zelena could ever be good. But what about him? Does this apply to him as well?


“Best for him or for you?”- Hook- A question he asks Emma about returning to New York. Henry will thrive best in Storybrooke. But what about Emma?


“If you believe you are evil then that is what you’ll become.”- Glinda- She says this to Zelena, and we see that is becomes true for Zelena. Regina shows what could have happened. It all comes down to who you believe you are.


“Evil isn’t born it is made and so is good.” – Regina – She learned her lesson but can Rumple? You actions and choices define you in the end.


How will Belle react to Rumple killing Zelena?
Will Emma realize that she and Henry belong in Storybrooke with their family?
Henry is not gong to leave so what will Emma try to do?
Where will they all end up next?
What will happen between Emma and Hook?
What is next for Regina?
Can Rumple ever be good while he is still the Dark One?

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