Once Upon a Time- S3E17- The Jolly Roger- Review (Spoilers)

During this episode we found out what Hook has been up to during the lost year. During his time away he had to come to terms with the new man he is now. We dive into how much Hook has changed and how he is desperate for a life he knew, understood and could control. He loves Emma, that part is not something we could ever doubt. Now his love for her controls his actions and makes him have to come to terms with the life he now has at his disposable.

What interested me the most about his story this time was how deeply he tried to hold onto his past. We opened on Hook robbing a carriage. He proves that he doesn’t need a ship to be a pirate. Being a pirate is the only life he knows and can control. This is the key concept for this episode, Hook being in control of his life.

From the moment Hook comes back to the Enchanted Forest he strives to distance himself from everyone else. He has lost Emma and a chance at a different life. Now he doesn’t care anymore. Caring hurt him once and he doesn’t wan to live like that again. He doesn’t want to think about that past, and about what could have been. It is much easier to fall into the old habits and ways of life he knows and understands. So he goes back to being a pirate, a way of life he is great at and can control.

Being a pirate is a way of life that has become ingrained in him. He knows what to do and what to expect. It is easy and comfortable. The last thing he wants now is to try to live in any way that could be difficult or make him remember the last few months. Though no matter how hard he tries outrunning the past it is impossible. The past holds on and will not let go.

I wasn’t surprised when he pushed Blackbeard overboard. He wanted his ship. If he got his ship he could sail away from his issues and be completely done with the whole mess with Emma. As captain he was in complete control of his ship, his crew, his destination and what came about. Helping Ariel would be too close to what he lost. She could have her true love again while he never could. He tried to cut himself off from those memories. But they can’t be thrown overboard like Blackbeard. It is not that simple. They mean something and have shaped him, he knows that, which is why he feels so guilty later.

Now Hook is in a major dilemma. If he doesn’t kiss Emma and steal her powers, Zelena will kill everyone Emma loves. No matter what Hook ends up doing none of this will end well for him. Emma is going to be angry at him either way. The question becomes how much does he truly love Emma? In the end this will probably come down to him having to make some type of sacrifice. Will it be his life or Emma’s love? Can Hook win in anyway at all?

The other major part of this episode was Regina teaching Emma how to control and really use her powers. Emma wants to use them against Zelena and that is all. She doesn’t want this part of her to become part of her life. She acts like it is learning how to sword fight, useful for when you need it but you can drop the skill when you are done with it. Magic doesn’t work like that. Emma knows this but she holds onto a dream that she can have a life where none of this fairytale world elements will be present.

Yet again in the beginning of this episode Emma tells Hook she wants to take Henry back to New York and their old life. She wants him away from this crazy unpredictable life. Emma wants this aspect of her life around only when it has to be around. She believes this life is almost disposable. She thinks she can just walk away and forget this whole life. You can’t run from who you are.

Emma has magic, her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming and her son’s stepmother is the Evil Queen. These are things you can’t forget and ignore. This is all apart of her, it has allowed her to grow and learn more about herself. She has grown so much since she found her real family, she can’t go backwards. Now that she has embraced magic in some manner she can’t turn away. Magic is a way of life, something Regina tells her. It becomes part of you and feeds off of who you are.

Emma will learn this fast. Emma is more powerful then Regina and that isn’t something she will be able to ignore. This taste will arouse a hunger inside of her. She will want to use magic beyond just when she has to. Regina tells her she has so much potential, and Emma is going to eventually want to explore that potential. For a woman who felt worthless for most of her life, this is a dream come true. She will be revered and loved by all and she wants that more than anything. This power will live inside of her forever, no matter what she tries to do. The question will become can she embrace it, understand it and use it to its fullest extent? After everything is over will the power and lust for power consume her though? Can she truly control it?

It will be interesting to see what she does with magic and how quickly she accepts it as a part of herself. She can’t be two people anymore. She has to unite the two sides of her life, embrace all parts of her and fight for her life and her families lives. If she can’t understand this she will fail, losing her life, her son and her family in the process.

“No matter how you wish you can go back to your old life, you can’t”- Hook- He can’t go back to a life without Emma. Emma can’t go back to a life without this whole side of herself. They need to embrace their new lives or end up losing everything.

“You are more than a pirate, you have a true heart.”- “Ariel”- Now Hook has to believe this and to learn how to really use and listen to that heart. He can’t run from what his heart wants anymore.

Why does Zelena want Emma powerless?

How do all the pieces connect?

-gathering Regina’s heart, Charmings courage and being after Snow’s baby.

How does this all lead to hurting Regina?

Where will Emma go in the end, stay in Storybrooke or go back to New York?

What will Hook chose to do?

Can Emma embrace magic?

Will she end up losing control?

Can Emma undo Zelena’s spell somehow?

Who’s more powerful? Zelena, Emma, or Regina?

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