Once Upon a Time Episode 9 and 10 Review (Spoilers)

A/N: These is a review for two episodes. They are very close in the story line and how they set things up. They kind of go hand in hand with each other. Also it was a very busy week and I was not able to get the review in sooner.

These episodes both set up the winter finale that will air Sunday. What they mainly did was give us a deeper understanding of where exactly Regina and Emma are at the moment. Regina is content and understands her place, she really just wants to be Henry’s mother, nothing else matters anymore. Emma on the other hand is refusing to let go of her troubled past, she can’t let herself be happy even for a second. Both of these characters are going to be very important in the second half of this season.

In episode 9 we finally learn how Regina ended up with Henry. Regina has been feeling lonely and incomplete. She isn’t completely satisfied or content with this new life and home she created. Something is missing.

Rumple tells Regina that after she killed her father she left a hole in herself, she left a spot that will always need to be filled. Eventually she realizes he is right and she seeks out a child. Of course Gold is the one to get her a child.

What was most interesting about this episode was watching Regina grow. She is almost like a teenager when she first gets Henry. She is excited and thinks he is perfect and adorable and all she wants to do is hold him. What she doesn’t understand is how much work a child is. Henry always cries around her, Regina can’t soothe him no matter what she does.

Regina doesn’t understand how to show love. For so long she has built a wall around her heart, not allowing anyone anywhere close to her. No one is left to show her how to truly love. Henry, as a baby, senses that she is cold, reserved and that she isn’t nurturing. She wants an answer that is easy and logical, the last thing she wants is to find out is that the problem is really her.

After she sees Snow comfort the baby so easily two things click in her head. She realizes who’s child Henry is, and she also sees that Snow has what she doesn’t, a gentle heart and caring manner.

She tries to return Henry because she says she is afraid of the repercussions on the curse but I think it was because she was scared to actually get close to the child. She would have to fully open herself up and allow someone close to her again. That is a process that terrifies her.

But she doesn’t back down. Regina realizes that to be a strong person, someone no one can hurt, she has to have confidence and faith in herself. She has to let this child in, to give her a purpose again. Without Henry she would have fallen into a funk and lost power. She wouldn’t have cared about anything getting bored with her life. Henry gave her desire and drive again.

But she is still human and still has worries in her head. Worries she can’t get away from. She takes a potion of forgetting so that she forgets who Henry really is. She needs to be in control, she can’t let worries hurt her. She has a new point in life, to be the best mother she can be. Now she can live peacefully and happily or so she hopes.

Episode 10 shows us how much she cares about Henry. Nothing matters to her anymore. The past is just the past. She wants to protect and care for Henry and that is all. She just wants the boy to truly love her. In the rest of the season I think we are going to see a very human and vulnerable Regina.

While Regina is slowly pulling herself together Emma is absolutely falling apart. Emma comes homes still wound extremely tight. While everyone else is getting back into their lives and trying to rejoice and celebrate, Emma can’t settle down.

She knows right away that something is wrong with Henry. She refuses to listen to everyone telling her not to worry. We see how in tune Emma is to her surroundings. She knows her son, knows something is off.

While it is helpful for Emma to be so attentive to her surroundings it also hurts her. Emma can not be happy, she doesn’t understand the concept and wont even fathom what it means. For her happiness never lasts so she won’t even bother trying. Charming tells her to find good moments but she doesn’t understand what that means.

Emma is always going to be looking over shoulder and jumping at the smallest noises. She has to let her loved ones close to her. If she continues as she is, she is going to break apart. You can’t live your life always depressed and scared, eventually it will destroy her. Her parents, Neil and Henry can help her, if she will just let them. The rest of the season is going to have Emma learning to let go of some of this despair and hurt. She has to let some light in soon or the darkness will come permanent.

A few words on this re-doing of the curse. I am very much hoping there is a different twist to this. If we repeat the basic of the first season everything will get very repetitive. This show is good at the twists and turns so hopefully this idea gets very interesting.

“What’s the point if you’ve got no one to share it with”- Dr. Hopper- This hits a nerve with Regina. She knows she can’t live completely with only herself. She has to let someone else in.

“Magic isn’t the answer”- Regina- Very important she says this. We will see her turning away from her usual solutions and learning how to rely on herself only, no powers.

“Look for the moment. Look for the good moments in between the bad ones,”- Charming- Can they ever really do this?

“Price of being the savior is you don’t get a day off”- Emma- It isn’t though. That is only the price because that is what she wants it to be. Being happy will require a lot of work, too much for Emma to handle.

How did Rumple know who Henry was?
What happens to the rest of the lost boys now?
Is there more to Felix?
Does he have a story?
What will the twist be with this curse?
Can everyone unite to save their home? Can it be saved?
What will the shadow do now that it is released?

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