Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- Episode 6- Who’s Alice (Spoilers)

Everyone is on a mission in this episode. Alice is off to find Cyrus, Cyrus is hot on Alice’s trail. Will needs to find Alice, thinking she saved him. And while Jafar is gone the Red Queen wants to pull everything onto her side so that she can work alone. The most interesting journey is Alice’s and Will’s. We find out more about Alice’s past and more about how Will has been dealing with his heart break this whole time.

This episode took us back in time to the moment when Alice returned home after she lost Cyrus. This was a year ago, so for a year Alice was stuck inside that asylum, told everyday she was crazy. Alice returned home from Wonderland to discover her dad is remarried and has a young daughter. The daughter looks to be about six, making Alice gone at least six years if not more.

Alice’s father was a bit annoying in this episode. His daughter has been missing for years and now she is home to stay and he doesn’t welcome her home as one would expect. I do understand that he is very hesitant to get close to his daughter again. Alice has been disappearing into and out of Wonderland for a while, her being gone is nothing new for her father.

What baffled me was how cold he was to Alice. He barely gives her a day before he starts threatening her and forcing her to conform to his way of life. He lost his wife, and society forced him to move on and now he is doing the same to Alice. His new wife if the one who is really pulling the strings. Alice’s father can’t mourn, he can’t let his heart ache and he can’t allow anyone else the luxury no one would give to him.

Alice can’t let Cyrus and Wonderland go. She can only stay with her family if she conforms to the standards set by her new mother and society. Get married and have children is the only way for her to be seen as worthwhile in this time. Alice is given a choice, marry or be committed. Alice chooses the insane asylum.

On the surface it appears that she chooses the asylum because she can’t and won’t forget Cyrus. But at a deeper level she chooses the asylum, because she will not let someone else tell her how to live her life. She fights for what she wants, it takes a lot of time to make her begin to abandon her love. This Alice was hear broken, but extremely strong minded and strong willed.

Our present day Alice walks into a forest where a pink smoke cloud quickly makes her forget what she is doing and where she is going. Here we see what weakness Alice has. She has a strong mind and a fighter’s spirit but she also has a wide open heart. This place affects those who have someone to love, someone to miss and a life to live. Alice even forgets who she is inside this place.

Will comes to her rescue. Will is not affected because we learn he doesn’t have his heart. Without a heart he can walk through this place and come out unscathed. He has to remind Alice what she holds dear and true to herself. Her heart is her weakness, her mind has to concentrate on one thing, her love for Cyrus. Once things click together she is a fighter once again.

Will shows us why people push their hearts away and hide them. Having to deal with the pain of losing someone or watching some you love be hurt is too much to bear. That pain will always linger, it never truly leaves us. Will can’t and won’t deal with that pain. He would rather remain distant and hard. Alice on the other hand holds on strongly to her heart, letting it rule her actions. She loves strongly putting herself and others in danger. In the end it is going to be interesting to watch as these two worlds collide. Both are going to have to understand the strong qualities of the others to survive.

“Sometimes the maddest stories are the truest one”- Jafar- Even the stories that seem outlandish hold truth to them. It is the simple, easy to understand stories you should be leery of.

“You should believe in me”- Alice- Here she is talking to her father. Belief is someone comes from a deep love. She can’t understand how she lost her family.

“Sometimes love is not enough”- Red Queen- This is only true if you let it be true, if you let your ambitions and desires cloud true happiness.

Where is Will’s heart?
Where is Cyrus?
What is Jafar going to do with Alice’s father?
When will Alice and Cyrus be reunited?
Does Anastasia still love Will?
How much can true love really do?

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