Once Upon a Time- Episode 8- Save Henry- (Spoilers)

This episode answered so many questions about Pan and the answers were exactly what I wanted. I have spent this whole season trying to determine who exactly Pan was, how he got the island and what his problem really was. In just one episode they answered every single question.

My brother and his friends had a theory that Pan was actually Rumple’s brother. I thought this seemed like a very plausible idea. Rumple hates Pan with everything he has and only someone you love and trust could hurt you that badly. Family can destroy you, something we have seen countless times in this series. So Pan being part of Rumple’s family seemed like a very real and legitimate idea. The fact that Pan turned out to be Rumple’s father made it all that more perfect.

This has got to be my favorite story line of the whole series so far. Rumple’s father never should have had a child. We meet him as he is gambling, he gets caught and robbed. Right away we know that his father is no good, he is immature and selfish. He doesn’t make an honest living and can’t leave his past behind him. One of the traits he will pass on to his son.

He leaves young Rumple with some women while he says he is going to go find a honest job and runs off. Of course this is a complete and utter lie. Rumple find him gambling again and we see the first cracks start in young Rumple. He sees someone he loves lying to him, and he begins to wonder what is wrong with him. He begins to doubt he can trust this man or even himself. This is the beginning of his paranoia and inability to trust anyone around him.

There are a wealth of similarities between young Rumple and Bae and their relationships with their fathers. The one main difference is that Rumple actually loves his son. He wanted nothing more than to be the best father he could be. He wanted to protect Bae and keep him by his side always. Rrumple loved and still loves Bae and he always will. Where as Pan is much more selfish. He never wanted to be a father in the first place. All Pan wanted was to live a carefree life full of possibilities and adventures.

The shadow gives him a way out of his mundane life. He hands him the ability to be young again as long as he gives up his child. Pan doesn’t even hesitate responding to this demand. Giving up his link to adult hood he becomes a child again, what he always desired. Rumple would never have willingly given up his own son. All he ever did was to protect his son and give them a better life. He choices were not the best and he never thought about consequences but he never did it for himself, he did it to protect his son.

We always hear the phrase, “History repeats itself,” and here we see how true that phrase is. History in this case almost repeats itself perfectly. There only a handful of differences that stem from Rumple actually having a heart dedicated to his son. He abandoned his son out of fear but unlike his own father he always regretted the decision. From that moment on he has been trying to get his son back. He never forgot about Bae. Whereas his own father never sought him out, and has always been concerned with saving himself and only himself. Even after all these years he only wants one thing and that isn’t Rumple or a family. Rumple can be redeemed, his own father can never be redeemed.

While Rumple is dealing with his father issues, Henry has his own battle to face. Pan has convinced him that magic is dying and that he is the only one who can save everyone. Even though the three people who love him most tell him not to trust Pan, he still hands over his heart.

This moment really annoyed me. Henry knows how much Emma, Neil and Regina care about him, he knows they would never do anything to hurt him or lie to him about something that is so important to him. Yet he still believes Pan, even when they tell him he is going to die. I could not understand his thought process here.

I know Pan has been trying to convince Henry not to trust anyone, he has been trying to create distance between all of them but he hasn’t been successful. Henry still believes these people love him, he knows they were looking for him, so why doesn’t he listen to them!?

Henry is a wanna be hero. He is a kid who ran off to find his birth mother to save his home. He is always trying to save everyone without actually thinking any part of his plan through. Henry shows how much of a child he really he is here. He doesn’t listen to anyone else, he sees a problem and he becomes determined to solve it. Henry has to learn that being a hero isn’t all about running off and doing random acts. It is about being smart and cunning. It is about evaluating a situation, understanding the pieces and solving the problem with a plan that helps everyone and produces few if any consequences. Henry yet again end ups hurting himself because he is too young to fully understand what being a hero means.

“Your father will always be a burden”- the women Rumple is left with- These words ring very true. Rumple never shakes that burden, hurting his son in the process. Question is who are these women and how did they know?

“ Just think it and it can happen,”- Rumple’s father- that is the magic of Neverland, though it is ironic what he wants most he can’t have until he sacrifices everything.

“You’re free,” Rumple’s father- he is talking about the feeling when you are flying. He wants Rumple to not be afraid, but he also wants that feeling back. All Pan ever wanted was to be free and not tied down by limitations.

“Heroes have to make sacrifices all the time”- Henry- Yes this is true but only when the sacrifice will actually help and not hurt. Henry needs to learn what this line really means.

What happens to Henry now?
What about Rumple? Will there be consequences from opening Pandora’s box and freeing him?
Can Pan be stopped? Or just contained?
Who were the women that young Rumple ended up with?
Can Rumple really create and elixir to save David? And what happens now that he is gone?

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