Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- Episode 5- Heart of Stone (Spoilers)

This episode focused on less on Alice and more on the Red Queen. At first I really liked her old self, she seemed to truly love Will, for about a minute that is. Her mother was angry because she worked tirelessly to allow her daughter to become something more thane she was and could hope to be. We see this often, parents wanting their kids to be more than they ever were. Her mother wants something great for her daughter, a life full of majesty.

A first Anastasia doesn’t care, she stands up to her mother, proudly proclaiming love is all she needs. She grabs Will’s hand and runs off to a wonderful land full of imagination. Just like any ideal child, she dreams of things working out perfectly; and again that lasts about a minute and a half.

Anastasia we see very quickly he isn’t dumb. She realizes very quickly that love isn’t going to get her food or shelter. She hits the reality wall hard, fast and quickly begins to see her mother’s part. The scene with them at the ball, showed Anastasia and Will’s personalities perfectly. Anastasia spends the small time they are there, trying to fit in. She copies how everyone speaks, not wanting anyone to know she isn’t high born. For her it is all about how she appears, she doesn’t want to stand out.

While Will is the complete opposite. He is there to nick some food and that is all. He isn’t out to impress anyone. He could really careless what they think. Even though they get caught he still sees it as a victory because he stole bread. Simple and easy is what Will is all about, while Anastasia wants so much more.

Anastasia never could shake the last words her mother said to her, “You can’t live on love.” Those words have been echoing in her head since she jumped through the mirror. Will is constantly thinking positively and knowing that something is coming while Anastasia can’t deal with being hungry and homeless any longer. She makes a plan to steal the crown jewels, take them back home, sell them and live in pure splendor with Will. Yet another romantic idea.

Of course she gets caught by the king, but the king isn’t angry. He is utterly fascinated by Anastasia. This bold woman who has diamonds in her eyes, captivates him. He offers her a deal she can’t even fathom passing up, marrying him and becoming queen. I was surprised at how quickly she said yes. She barely thought about it or remembered Will at all. She sees the jewels, sees the crown on her head and that is all she needs.

I thought Will and The Red Queen’s story was going to be complicated. I figured her betrayal was going to involve a very twisted story. I thought she would slowly lose it and leaving Will was going to be her only choice. The true story was much like the queen herself; simple and not complicated. What she wants is clear and she gets it no matter what.

In the present time the queen takes Alice to acquire some magic dust she needs to have the upper hand on Jafar. The catch of the place is that only the pure of heart can get to where the dust it. The queen doesn’t even try to pretend she is someone else. She knows her heart is nowhere close to being pure.

I am really starting to like the Red Queen’s character. I like how she has absolutely no delusions about who she is and what she will do. She doesn’t pretend at all. She is cold and callus and everyone knows it.

She knows what it did to her to get to where she is and she knows that she is never going back. She hurt people and destroyed any real relationships she ever had, she has nothing left. The Red Queen is again purely simple. She wants power and robes, and that will always come first.

Her heart isn’t ice though. She uses some of the dust to bring Will back. She still loves that man. She cant live the life she wants with him but she also won’t let anyone or anything hurt him. He still matters to her, though no one can know. She runs off before Will sees her, keeping her secret of having a heart for just a little bit longer.

“Trick is not to see the bars but what lies beyond them.”- Cyrus- Alice and Cyrus see beyond what is in front of them, allowing them to never truly be prisoners. While the Red Queen will always be in prision because she sees only the surface.

“Drive to be more than you are,”- King- Red Queen always will want more. Being content with who she is, is not an option. She was raised wanting more and she can’t ever shake that idea.

What will the Red Queen do with the dust?
When will Alice find Cyrus and Will?
Who is Jafar going after now?
What does everyone hold over the White Rabbit?
What does the Red Queen want with Cyrus?

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