Once Upon a Time- Episode 7- Dark Hallows

Belle has been sitting in Storybrooke this whole time anxiously waiting for something she believes will never happen. It is interesting how in this episode Belle keeps saying she doesn’t feel worthwhile. Yet before Rumple left he tasked Belle with completing the cloaking spell. Why would she believe she is worthless if this was a task given only to her?

She does say all she did was say some words but Rumple needed someone he trusted a hundred percent to do this task. He keeps making the point that he believed in her over and over again, just like she believes in him. Belief in someone else is always their saving grace. Henry has to believe that he is loved and will be rescued. Rumple has to believe in the decent side of himself to be able to not give into the dark side of himself.

Bell knows how important this belief is. She knows that without an undying belief in yourself you will fall. Yet she forgets this as soon as Rumple leaves. Yes she doesn’t think he is coming back but she should know better. I was hoping to see ever strong and determined Belle in this episode. Instead we got this doubting woman, one that refused to see how important she is.

It was driving me crazy that she kept saying that she didn’t do anything, even though she continuously helped the town. She represent a point that all these characters seems to be at, a moment where nothing seems to be going right. Everyone is kind of in this doubting, non-believing mode and it is going to get everyone killed.

Emma, Hook and Neil go off to the Dar Hallow to retrieve Pan’s shadow so they can get off the island. While there Hook and Neil end up fighting over Emma and almost getting all of them killed. They fought because each wants to get Emma to see how much they care, but right now none of that matters. They forget why they are there, to rescue Henry.

Emma makes a point of telling them that all she cares about right now is Henry. She doesn’t have time to argue and fight with herself about who she really has feelings for. Emma remembers why they are there and where all their energy has to go. She can’t afford to get emotional, none of them can right now.
Snow is letting her emotions rule her at the moment. She is so angry at Charming she can barely look at him. Charming just wants her to accept his apology and get past his decision. Snow finally breaks and tells him that she is angry because he didn’t tell her. She would have agreed to stay with him, all he had to do was ask. She won’t leave his side.

Charming had to believe in their love. Charming was so caught up in not actually hurting anyone that he almost destroyed them. Belief in the power of love is what gets everyone through in this show. Rumple’s love and belief in Bell snaps her out of her funk, while Charming’s lack of belief breaks Snow. Snow can’t lost Charming but she also can’t live life continuously having to convince charming that their love can conquer anything. Charming needs to work on his belief or he is going to lose Snow.

Pan is having an issue with Henry. Henry doubts Pan, knowing he is hiding stuff from him. Henry knows not to ever fully trust Pan. Pan stops trying to be his best friend, he knows he has to appeal to another side of Henry. The emotional and vulnerable side of the boy.

Pan has Wendy as a prisoner. How he got her as a prisoner is a big question. Neil went to Neverland to protect her and he brothers, so what happened? Pan gets Wendy to lie to Henry and tell him she is dying because the island’s magic is failing.

Obviously this is not true, the island is fine. The water worked, Pan still controls everything and the shadows are still deadly. This line about the magic dying is a manipulation of Henry. Pan keeps appealing to his side of wanting to help and save everyone. Henry thinks hard about certain decisions but not when it come to saving people. Henry will do anything to protect the weak, no matter the consequences. In the next episode we are going to see how much this notion can hurt. Pan’s plan is going to get a push forward and I feel the result are going to be terrible.

“When you do succeed that is when the fun begins,”- Hook- He is making a point that when Emma really goes and does something that’s when things really fall into place. She needs that drive, especially right now

What happened to Wend and her brothers, how did she end up a prisoner of Pan?
Will Snow stay in Neverland with Charming
What horrible side effects will Pandora’s box have?
What is Pan going to do to Henry?
When are we ever going to learn Pan’s backstory?

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  1. I agree with the stuff about Belle… she was always so strong now all of a sudden she is doubting… it just didn’t seem like her….I also wondered how Pan got Wendy when that is the whole reason Baelfire went there to protect them….


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