Once Upon a Time- Episode 6- Ariel (Spoilers)

This episode introduced us to Ariel, who was not the mermaid from the premiere. Ariel, as many of the other characters in this show, started out as a wide eyed, hope filled woman who just wanted her happy ending. Regina, again, destroyed that for her. Ariel was hardened by this moment, but still holds a spark of love in her heart. Love does not die. She still holds onto hope, something that everyone in this series continuously does.

This episode was also about secrets and how harmful they can be. Before we dive into the secrets and where they are going to take our favorite characters, I wanted to look at a moment that took place at the very beginning of the episode.

Regina is trying to teach Emma how to really use the power she holds. We know from last season that Emma is extremely powerful but she doesn’t want to use it. Emma sees magic as only a problem, every time it shows up, someone gets hurt or something horrible happens.

Regina tells Emma she has to get angry to tap into that harder, darker side of herself. She can’t use her magic with just a happy thought. She has to get into that dark side, something she is very reluctant to do. She has seen the end results of going that far into yourself, and it never has turned out well.

Last episode, though, we saw that she let dark magic be used when it is useful for saving Henry. She crosses that line when she has no other option. So it will only be time before she sees Regina’s point. She will need her magic, that much is obvious. The question is going to be how far is she going to have to go to tap into that side of herself, and who will she be afterwards? Regina and Rumple gave into that moment of desperation and it has destroyed them. They are still trying to pick up the pieces of who they once were. Emma doesn’t want to fall but if it comes down to her or Henry, she will destroy herself to save him.

Regina deserts the group after they decide to take a detour in their mission to find and rescue Neil. Regina cares about no one but herself and Henry. She sees no point in their mission and finally leaves them. I saw this moment coming, I was just wondering what was taking her so long. Regina doesn’t want to be held down, she wants to find Henry, without the constant moral questions.

Regina rescues Rumple from Pan’s shadow who has been impersonating Belle this whole time. Yet again Pan has been manipulating someone. Pan sees and knows all on his island, we can’t trust anything or anyone. Every mirage or vision is a product of what Pan is up to.

Regina wants to get rid of Pan but Rumple keeps saying the only way for him to kill Pan is for him to die. I can’t remember if the reason for this has been given to us yet. I don’t remember any deal with Pan where this was the end result. Why does killing Pan end in Rumple’s death? Is it just his own death? Or is it anyone who kills Pan? If so this proves a major problem for the group. How are they going to contain Pan? Rumple has something but I can’t quite figure out what it could be. What could contain Pan, or be worse than death? Will it involve stripping him of magic and making him age?

While Regina is convincing Rumple to work with her, the rest of the group is rescuing Neil from The Cave of Echoes. This cave requires a person to tell their darkest secret to rescue whoever is inside. Secrets can break people, we all know this. Secrets can let someone live or destroy someone’s life. Secrets weigh on us, wanting to be said but always hiding from the light of day. Secrets are especially potent in this world.

Snow is reluctant at the beginning to keep Neil’s arrival a secret. She hates hiding information from those she loves. She has seen what secrets can do to people. She doesn’t keep the secret long, telling Emma Neil might be alive and on the island.

I want to make a point here about Pan. Everyone is wondering if Neil could really be in Neverland, wondering if it is a trick by Pan or not. Pan never lies though. Pan tells things exactly how they are. He told Hook about Dreamshade without hesitation. He told Emma what he is doing with Henry. Pan is who Pan is. He is dark and cruel but he is truthful. He plays his games fair, if he tells you something it is true. If you listen to his instructions you succeed. Yet again, we see how in control Pan is in Neverland.

To save Neil each character has to reveal a dark secret, one that can hurt them. Hook goes first. Hook tells Emma that he never thought he could love again. After he lost Milah, he never thought he could let his heart feel love again until he met Emma. His secret is that he is in love with Emma.

Emma is shocked somewhat. I am sure she saw this coming. We see how broken Hook is at this moment. He lays his heart out knowing that she is not going to give hers in return. Hook is hurt now, he let himself be vulnerable, something he hates doing. The question now is what happens from here? What will Hook do? Will he fight form Emma knowing it’s a losing battle? Or will he turn and leave her, leave the hurt and run back to being a pirate?

Snow is next to reveal her deepest secret. She loves Emma but she is very upset that she never saw her whole life. They missed everything about her growing up and Snow is not okay with that. She wants to have another baby, she wants to live the life she missed out on.

Snow only ever wanted a happy ending. She is the perfect fairytale character, wanting the world to be happy and perfect. She has seen the horrible parts of life now she wants the joyous parts. But she is never allowed these moments. As soon as she gets a minute of happiness the world comes crashing down around her. Snow has to see that a happy ending doesn’t exist. It isn’t about the ending it is about the journey, the life that leads to that ending.

David, Charming, goes next. He reveals that he is not leaving the island. He finally tells that he was dying from Dreamshade and that Hook saved him. He tries to explain that he was doing it for the group but he actually reveals how selfish he has been.

Snow is angry beyond words. She refuse to talk to him. In trying to save his family pain, Charming has created much more pain. Pain that might not be able to get around. He wanted to keep his problems to himself but as Hook continuously told him that was never a good idea. You can’t hold the world on your shoulders alone, you need help. Charming finally let it all go, but a little to late. Now he may stand alone.

Finally we get to Emma’s secret. She confesses to Neil that she had actually hoped Neil was dead and gone. She can’t take the pain and heartache that goes with loving Neil. Loving him is too hard, too many things break when she is with him. She doesn’t want to fall back into that broken girl.

Emma’s secret exposes her heart, something Emma is very reluctant to do. Revealing who she is, scares her. She has been hurt way too often, she wants to go back to being that weak woman. She has made a lot of effort to strengthen herself, to get back on top of her life. Having Neil back will put all that work into reverse. But Neil vows to fight for her. He knows he hurt her but she needs him. He showed her a different side of herself, one that helped her. He won’t walk away so easily.

In the end the secrets are out. Everyone has confessed things that can potentially destroy them. At the moment it looks like everyone is breaking, time will only tell how far they will all fall. And if they fall what does that mean for Henry?

“Secrets always seem to keep us from people we care about,”- Snow- The secrets are out, will they really destroy everyone or will they all grow closer?

“Happy endings always start with hope,”- Snow- Snow’s idealized idea. They all have hope but it look like that might not be enough anymore.

Why would Rumple die if he kills Pan?

What is in his shop that will help them?

-What is a fate worse than death for Pan?

What will happen with all the secrets revealed?

What will Hook do now?

When will Emma give into Neil?

Are Snow and Charming breaking apart?

What does this all mean for Henry?

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