Once Upon a Time Review- Episode 5- (Spoilers)

This episode dived into Hook’s character. I have spent this whole season trying to decide which side Hook was on. Is he here for himself or does he have another purpose? For the most part I saw him as Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, out to help himself and only himself. Jack Sparrow assisted whichever side kept him alive. I really thought Hook was going to be this type of character.

This episode pushed that idea to the side. Hook’s backstory is simple (at least this part is), he and his brother go on a mission to find a supposed magical plant that will cure anyone. Hook and his brother trust their king without question. They refuse to believe the king would do anything sinister or not right. Hook especially says the king has to have honor.

Honor is a trait we learn defines Hook. Hook doesn’t do anything or help anyone if he doesn’t believe there is honor in it. Though his definition of honor might be a bit twisted, he lives by the idea. He is a pirate, a profession we don’t generally associate with any type of honor. But he becomes a pirate because he is betrayed beyond what he can handle. His brother dies because the king is not an honorable man. Hook is set on revenge.

I think that Hook at one point lost himself, like every character in this show has done. No one on this show is a purely bad person, (I doubt even Pan is). They have all fallen because of outside circumstances that hit them too hard. Most of them are twisted because of a concentration on revenge, but all of them have forgotten who they used to be.

Regina lost the love of her life, causing her to follow a path of revenge and mistrust. Rumple is a man who no one believes in, causing him not to believe in anyone else. Even Snow lost herself when she killed Cora, she blackened her heart out of desperation. Yes, everyone has fallen but someone is always there to hang onto them and pull them back onto their feet. Charming is Snow’s anchor, Bae is Rumple’s and Henry is Regina’s. I think Hook’s anchor is Emma. Hook likes Emma, he see a better side of himself in her.

Emma has always seen another side of Hook. She trusts him more than anyone else. Hook lost hope for a minute, now he has it back. Hook wants to do what is honorable, get back to living life in that way. He needs to live the honorable life once again. He has someone to trust him and believe in him again.

Though the problem is going to be now that he knows Neil is alive, what will he do? Will he tell Emma, knowing he will lose her if he does? What is the honorable move? Hook is clinging to Emma, how will he behave if he loses her? Are we going to see the pirate, tough, and angry Hook again?

Hook pushes Charming to the cliff top because he wants him to live. Charming can’t leave his family, Hook will not let him. Hook will not see another family destroyed by this island. Though the cure of course has a side effect, Charming can never leave Neverland. Hook knows the consequences but he needs Charming to live. He needs Emma to see the good in him, to know he isn’t out just for himself. With this move he shows her that he is more than a pirate, even if she doesn’t actually know what he really did.

While Hook and Charming are saving Charming’s life; Emma, Snow and Regina are trying to find a way to get a message to Henry. Emma knows the longer Henry is a prisoner, the harder it is going to be for him to hold onto hope and fight Pan. Emma sees how Neil stopped counting the days until he could go home, same as she did in everyone of her foster homes. Both of them at one point gave up hope, Emma knows how much that can break someone. Emma and Neil are still trying to heal from that pain.

Emma’s fears aren’t unwarranted here. Henry injures a lost boy while sword fighting with him. First, the way he could turn that stick into a real sword is highly significant. Henry has power here and Pan is showing him how to tap into it. Is that a great idea on Pan’s part? Henry can turn against him. Though Pan doesn’t seem worried about that which makes me wonder if Pan somehow controls the power of the island no matter what.

Also it was nice to see that Henry felt bad for hurting the lost boy. Right after he didn’t seem all that upset but later he says he doesn’t want to hurt him again. Henry still holds that passive, peace loving side of himself. I think it is scaring him how much Pan is influencing him. He is going to have to start fighting harder if he is going to hold onto the person he once was.

Emma is not going to let Henry lose hope if she can help it. The length she goes to to give Henry hope is a little worrying though. Emma allows Regina to take a lost boy’s heart, letting her control him. Snow loses it, scared and upset by this moment. Emma sees it as necessary and of course Regina has no issue with it.

I understand Snow’s reaction. This isn’t tricking someone, this is dark magic. If Emma let’s this happen, what will she allow next? Snow has given into that darkness before, she knows what it does to your head and your heart. The last thing she wants is for Emma to lose herself, to fall under the dark influences. But Henry is her son and her strength and he is in danger and I don’t think there is any line that Emma won’t cross.

Emma cannot lose Henry. We have seen broken people but that will be nothing compared to Emma if Henry is lost. Emma needs Henry, she will not heal if she hasn’t done everything she can to save him. The thing will be what will Emma be like when this is all over? What type of person are we going to be left with?

Pan again has me questioning him as well. We still know very little about him. We know he could at one point leave the island and that he left to find companions. We know he is in complete control on the island. What we don’t know is anything about him as a person. We know the front he puts up but not the real person behind the mask.

In this episode we saw where he met Hook for the first time. He never hides from anyone. I think this aspect is very telling. Pan is not afraid of strangers. He knows he has the upper hand, always. He has no reason to hide in the shadows. Where did he get this confidence? Is it from years of tests and trials? Or is there sometime from his past that makes him so confident? Is confidence all that he was left with?

When he met Hook and his brother he warned them about Dreamshade. He told them right out how dangerous it was. Why? Why was he warning them? Did he know at one point that he would need Hook? Then he gives Hook the life saving water with a warning. Though in neither case does he ever tell him exactly what the consequence of the actions will be. He gives vague warnings and that is all. Pan wants people to listen, to understand that when you are warned of something, you need to listen. You might not have all the details but if you act without thinking, something negative is going to happen.

Pan wants Hook to be his puppet again. He wants him to do his dirty work for him. At one point this was an arrangement between the two. I think this is part of the deal that let Hook leave the first time. But Hook isn’t going to play that part anymore and I think Pan is getting scared. Pan has been in control from the very beginning, very carefully setting up this game. Now the pieces are starting to move on their own and I think that is going to really mess with Pan and how he operates.

“Second star to the right and straight onto morning”-Hook’s brother- I just love this quote.

“At least you got to say good-bye, most people don’t get that much”- Hook- Talking to Emma. He is telling her that she needs to start looking at situations with new eyes.

“I’ll fight my enemies but I’ll fight fair”- Hook- Again this is telling for Hook. He won’t be underhanded. He likes to fight in the fairest way possible

“The cost can’t be this family”-Snow- she will not watch Emma fall. She will not let her family collapses because of desperate decisions.


What type of person will Emma be at the end of this?

How fast is Henry falling?

Will Hook ever work with Pan again?

How long as Pan been in control of everyone’s lives?

What is Pan’s story?

Who is the other prisoner with Neil?

How is Charming going to get off Neverland?

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