Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- Episode 3- Forget me Knot (spoilers)

I was very excited about this episode for two major reasons. The first being that they are tying in characters from the original series. Robin Hood plays a big part in this episode, and we learn some things about his character as well as Will, Alice and the Red Queen. I love that we aren’t going to be completely detached from the original series. Sometimes these shows can reference their originals very little, but these worlds are much more intertwined so I hope they continue this trend of tying in different characters.

The other reason I loved this episode was because we got an awesome bit of backstory for Will, the Knave of Hearts. Not only do we learn more about what kind of guy he is, we get a twist that is going to make this series much more interesting.

The episode opened with us being taken to the Enchanted Forest where we find out that Will has joined Robin Hood and his Merry Men. At first I was trying to determine exactly what the point of Will being a Merry Man could mean. We know from stories and legends that Robin Hood steals from the rich to help the poor. Though he technically “steals,” he does it to help people in the end. He is actually a good guy, one with a strong moral compass.

Why is Will with them? Soon we find out exactly what his time with Robin Hood taught him. Will is with the group so that he can get into Maleficent’s castle to steal the looking glass. He is not interested in any of the good him and the Merry Men could do together, he is there for a purely selfish reason and that is all. The total opposite of what Robin Hood and his Merry Men were about.

Robin Hood refuses to let his work be known as thieving. He continuously tells Will that he is not a thief. A thief steals from himself, a thief operates on purely selfish reasons. Thieves don’t win, thieves can’t ever fully get everything they want. They are always, always searching for something more.

Robin Hood tells Will “That when you steal for personal gain the first thing you lose is yourself,” (Robin Hood). These words should hit Will hard, but they don’t until much, much later. The present Will understands these words now. Will has nothing left. He is willing to risk the horrid consequences of wishes gone wrong to get a new life. He has nothing left in the current life. But I don’t think this is the first time he has felt lost and hopeless.

Will stole the looking glass to take him and Anastasia (who is actually the Red Queen) to a new start. Here we had Will looking for a new life for the first time. Why? What happened to these two’s lives before? Why did they want to go to Wonderland, a place where anything is possible? Anastasia knew where they were going, it was her idea. I feel like she had some ulterior motive from the very beginning. I think she was just using Will. But why is Will so willing to follow her? What was so wrong with his life that he was willing to go into a completely new world to get a different one? What life does Will ultimately want?

Robin Hood also makes another interesting statement during the debate about going into Maleficent’s castle. He dests magic. He sees absolutely nothing good coming from using magic in any way. Now I wonder where we are going to see why this is. Is it going to be in this series or are we setting up something for the other series? Robin Hood I feel is going to play a bigger part in the original series so I think this point will be better explained in Once Upon a Time.

While we are learning more about Will, the present Will and Alice are on a mission. They want to find the forget me knot to see into the past and find out who stole Cyrus’s bottle. They find out from the caterpillar that the Grendel has the knot. They need to steal it back from him, a very dangerous task.

While this interaction is a way to show more of Will’s broken heart and that he needs to move on, we see another side of Alice. The Red Queen and Jafar need Alice to use her wishes. That way Jafar can get control of the bottle and Cyrus to somehow rewrite the laws of magic. They believe that putting her in danger will make her desperate enough to use her wishes.

What they don’t seem to understand is that Cyrus has taught Alice well. Alice was a scared girl when she met Cyrus. Cyrus taught her how to be strong. Not only can she physically fight but she is smart and resourceful. When they are tied up in the Grendel’s home she uses the rough edges of her wishes to free herself. When the Bandersnatch attacks she remembers how to defeat it with trickery. Alice is not going to be easy to manipulate. Cyrus taught her well, Jafar and the Red Queen are going to have to get creative to get what they want.

Alice might be strong and resourceful but betrayal still hurts her. She watches as the bottle is dug up by the White Rabbit, someone she trusted. Alice knows trusting people in Wonderland is dangerous yet she still holds a few people close. I think if Jafar and The Red Queen really want to hit Alice hard they are going to have to have someone close to her betray her, like Will? Physical attacks don’t phase her, she knows how to fight for herself. Cyrus taught her well. To really break Alice she has to feel isolated and alone, like she did in the asylum.

After Alice sees that she can’t trust the White Rabbit anymore her and Will go to take the forget me knot back to the caterpillar. Alice is hesitant because she knows the caterpillar is going to to use it to hurt more people. At first Will doesn’t care, he just wants his name cleared, one less person out for his head; but that changes after their ordeal.

Will doesn’t want to be a pawn or a thief anymore. He wants to be redeemed. He knows he screwed up. He finally understands Robin Hood’s words. He tells Alice that if he returns the forget me knot to the caterpillar he stole it for himself but if he doesn’t he stole it for Alice. This is a simple thought but a powerful turn for him. He wants to show that he still has some humanity left, he isn’t just a mindless thief who doesn’t care about anyone. All Will really wants is to redeem himself, to get his life back to something that will him proud.

This episode ends with Alice bent on find The Red Queen and confronting her. Will wants to get away from his past but will he be able to do that when he has to confront his past love? Anastasia hurt him, she completely shattered him. Now he is going to have to fight her. Can he do that? Who’s side is he going to choose in the end? Does their love from the past actually mean anything? Making Anastasia the Red Queen really opened a whole new area of story lines for Will, making him an extremely important character.

“What if you can get what you want if someone else gets hurt? (paraphrased)- Will- Alice is out to rescue Cyrus but what will she have to do to accomplish this task?

“Power is knowing what other people don’t”- Will- how much power does Will actually have then?

“Know what you’re up against”- Alice- she knows she has to know her surroundings, her enemies and her friends.

“There is no crime in doing something for a loved one”- Will- He is very resolute on this. What did he do for Anastasia?

Why did Will want a new life?

What was Anastasia’s actual motive for going to Wonderland?

Who’s side will, Will choose in the end?

Can Will face the Red Queen?

How much of the other enchanted forest land will come into play here?

What part does true love play in this show? How powerful is it?

What did the Red Queen do to Will?

What kind of life does Will actually want?

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